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The website of Shanghai dragon like fighting a brave man

ancient battlefield war between the execution of the team is often a far greater role than tactics, empty talk is impossible to win the war. This is the website of Shanghai dragon, empty optimization well, the three days of fishing, two days, or give up halfway, so the website optimization will have good rankings who do not believe. Making a good website optimization strategy, we must insist on the implementation of it, to achieve the ultimate detail, strict demands on themselves, I believe that no keywords cannot overcome.

with the Shanghai dragon industry gradually mature, industry competition is more and more like the drama inside the hand to hand combat, challenging optimization technology is more and more big, no more than 2 years of experience and excellent, it is difficult in the Shanghai dragon industry survival, is now able to survive in Shanghai dragon industry basically is elite. The whole news network XIAO will share to become Shanghai dragon master must have the spirit of quality:

ER Shanghai dragon has amazing willpower

The success of

in the rapid development of electronic commerce and network today, Shanghai dragon industry competition is self-evident, has been difficult to like two years ago, a week two weeks can put a lot of keywords sitting on the front page, now do a general word may need two months, March and even more than half a year, the survival pressure is more and Shanghai dragon industry outsourcing the company is bigger, have selective do keywords, keywords many strong competition simply give up.

during the domestic civil war, the Kuomintang’s defeat to the Communist Party, in addition to the above said execution and not enough unity, the most important is the willpower is too weak, often when war is close, the spirit of the party’s advance will collapse. Shanghai Longfeng keywords the truth I optimized a lot, do basically are the industry’s top keywords, most of them are able to succeed first. In the process of personal learning website in Shanghai Longfeng, encountered many setbacks, a helpless, have doubted themselves, but often the last stand has a good result. In summary from the person, actually Shanghai Longfeng not everyone thought so simple, is not what some training institutions declared 7 days of the church but a process of martial arts cheats, long-term accumulation, long-term exploration.

to become the Shanghai dragon master must be confident

website Shanghai dragon must have superior execution

war, the warring parties before the generals will inspire the morale of both sides, mainly play a role to enhance self-confidence, but also we often say that the sword, even if the disparity in strength to a desperate fight, Shanghai dragon ER should have this quality. I remember NBA the greatest basketball star Michael. Jordan said a word "I succeed, because I never doubted myself, because of this self-confidence, that he made such a great success in sports. Shanghai dragon industry a lot of people like this, the website is not started feeling sorry, feel yourself optimization technique.

Shanghai dragon is a life-long learning technology

Internet is one of the world’s fastest growing industry all the changes in the industry, especially the development of the search engine is very rapid in recent years. We chose Shanghai dragon in this industry, you have to keep the industry changes along, the slightest mistake could be left behind". Remember the last time I share with you the "Shanghai dragon is a never-ending road". So in this industry Shanghai dragon learning is a never-ending road. Remember the past, often with friends say, Shanghai dragon is a constantly changing technology. Is a technology live. Before the work is color, color is a dead, learned to never forget, never out of date. Today you use black and white grey will be transferred, after ten years of black and white or grey dead that is equal to, I said. But the search engine is not the case, a year ago and now the algorithm may have very different, not to mention ten years. I believe the future will change faster. I said so much just want to warn you of Shanghai dragon is a life-long learning technology, there may not be the day that you achieve success and win recognition as long as you are, in this industry, you have to keep learning. I see a lot of friends take a stand up optimization thought his practice into Shanghai dragon, then relax down. But lax is the biggest crisis. Since I do Shanghai dragon had a strong sense of urgency, and hope that we can have this kind of consciousness, that is to learn. May be some friends will ask how to learn

believes that there are some friends to reach a certain level in Shanghai Longfeng technical level this will form a bottleneck, do not know how to strive for further improvement, continue to go beyond their own yesterday. The beginning is also facing the same problem, how to go beyond the others, make Shanghai Dragon Technology strive for further improvement. Or at least to keep pace with the development of search engines, do not let yourself fall behind. I now to improve the level of Shanghai dragon. The first is a day to visit some celebrity blog, such as some first-tier cities of Shanghai dragon, the top ten of the general will visit again. If the author is writing style or technique is quite good, then I will generally of friend’s blog. For the next visit, look at other people’s blog can learn a lot of things, such as what people’s experience will be written in the blog. But some things, even basic things to see more, also can form a kind of experience. Now I feel really is not as good as the forum shopping blog, blog content is much higher than the quality of the forum, blog basically not what people irrigation it most is the beginning, technology is not good can not write what good technical articles. Now the Shanghai dragon forum too much water, ninety percent are directed to send the chain, basically no one to share experience, in which active people are basically some of Shanghai Longfeng novice. I occasionally go to the forum is to see what the Q & a section on the Shanghai dragon new problems. But I feel this time around the blog recently brought me the biggest advantage is greatly improved my.


What kind of chain is more conducive to the development of the website

, whether it is link exchange or buy advertising is a chain, to put the site selection, to find similar sites have launched the first close industry website put the best, if you can not find some high weight site delivery, placement, general link exchange, or other links the transaction sites are the site connection on the end of a page, please do not limit this way, if you are buying advertising and the best connection on the head, oh how people are willing to put in the column, or next to logo navigation.

the role of the chain as we all know, here I will introduce myself from experience to look, the chain is a kind of advertising, but it is more important to one of the most important means of search engine optimization, the corresponding keyword can improve the site in the search engine rankings, improve the site to search engines the weight, improve the site’s exposure rate, so that the site and healthy growth, but not what the chain has a corresponding effect, here we talk about what kind of the chain is more conducive to the development of the website:

assumes that the entire Internet has 100 websites which have a website is "outside the chain of sina" 10 "Sina keyword" and a website called "Sina 163" 90 "Sina 163" outside the chain, then there is a 60% chance to search for "Sina" and "Sina 163" will be in the "Sina, of course to exclude some factors outside.

> ?The


, the chain with the keyword


at the bottom of the site will have similar connection exchange words, why is this? On the one hand the chain optimization of the most important factors in the same site on the same keyword keyword weight is relatively heavy, if not the same as a keyword, but as long as it is the first related content has a subtle effect, of course the exchange of user experience is also a similar tour, page optimization and so on a number of factors, in order to do this and similar sites do link exchange, or related keywords and topics, the article put in, join the chain own keywords, can also achieve the desired effect.

chain high weight high inflow positionThis is especially useful for the new , the chain of similar properties page or web siteIn some

in the forum you will often see some reply directly to throw a WWW.XXXX贵族宝贝 as the chain in the chain that is not much effect, since you put it to do better, you can join the < keyword; a href=" 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝" title=" self help Links " > will search directory < /a keywords title tag > as long as it is necessary to put the site promises why? We all know about the role of a chain of Web site, improve the site corresponding keyword in the search engine rankings, what is the role of such

Individual stationmaster sees good, close

06 years time, just contact to do stand, at that time what all don’t understand, take someone else’s procedure, open a collector a crazy mining, a looks quite formal stand out, of course, the results can be imagined. Then continued to do a few stations are doing to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

slowly, I find that doing stand doesn’t really require you to have too many techniques. The current CMS system has made it possible for a person who can only type to make a very similar station. The most important thing is the heart, should the mind of the input, collection of articles, made a search of a large network, so the user does not have what use? Love, search engine is not love. In this way, I began to work hard to do the station, before the end of the year to do a clothing website, so that my short webmaster career reached a small peak. At that time, all the articles in the station were written carefully by themselves. Sometimes, for a brand which was not very familiar to them, a large amount of data was consulted. A vague picture was re processed with PS. Everything should be done for visitors. After a few months of hard work, the day IP finally reached 4000, and in fact is not too high, but PV is still considerable, because my articles, pictures, visitors like it.

in August, a strange QQ user added me, saying that he appreciated my station and was willing to pay 1W yuan to buy my station. Although it was very exciting, after all, this is my first income than ah, but a day to work hard to pay the station is about to do not belong to themselves, but still a little reluctant to part. Without this station, what can I do every day,


so I turned him down.

so, after two months, I began to regret my stubborn at the time. With the growing web site, when the amount of information is increasing, I feel really too hard, every day will be busy. Maybe this is called the bottleneck effect. Just dealing with pictures and writing articles every day is so busy that I don’t have time to optimize and anything else. Maybe it’s the limit I can handle. Finally, no way to release the sale of information, by the end of the year to 6500 yuan transfer.

personal website, after all, is a personal website, do not count on you to make a Tencent, Sina site like that. When you feel like you’re starting to lose your strength, do it as soon as possible. Of course, if you want to expand, that can be, but that does not belong to this article (personal webmaster) said category. Don’t write too many ways, just tell everyone I stubborn lesson. Now I’m starting to do it again, but I’m afraid I’ll try again, but I’ll have to work hard. Maybe I can form a team and make a bigger station later……

YAHOO statistics code, falling in love with you is a kind of hurt

06 years ago, I have been using the 51 statistics, then almost out of the "owners’ ranks without Statistics recently; follow the trend, built a place called the forum, home of Huidong, this time with YAHOO statistics. My trust in YAHOO’s statistics, however, has been hurt.

do you have any impression? Last October, December, Kabasiji used YAHOO statistics code as a virus trojan to call the police. Related information can be searched from the laggards or Baidu. I felt weird and exasperating at the time, and now there’s another thing that’s very annoying to me: YAHOO’s statistics code can’t open the site’s prime,


one, the discovery of the problem

these days, during the visit, the home of Huidong ( pops up a dialog box "Internet Explorer can’t open the site…"


two, troubleshooting process

At the beginning of the

, I didn’t care. I thought it was a casual accident. Then, still often encountered, so I think that is my own computer, unknown reason browser, then I a little care, search on Baidu, because almost all of the said computer with browser issues. Is it really my own computer and browser problem? If so, why do I visit other sites and have nothing to do with visiting Huidong home? At this point, members of the forum also respond to this question. Here, you can definitely rule out personal computer problems. I suspect it’s the server configuration problem.

however, when I open the local test site in Huidong’s home, it will have the same problem in localhost, as soon as it refreshes, it pops up. At this point, the server problem is over again,


then, there’s the last possibility. There’s a problem with the forum program! I’m using pw. PW’s official program is unlikely to have this problem, otherwise it would have been discovered long ago. There’s only one possibility. It’s my own code problem. At this time, I thought, since it is the code I add, it is no wonder who, only to find the reason of


this search, the problem came out: I’m on the local test site, the template inside foot.htm YAHOO statistical code removed. Refresh countless times, everything returned to normal. Then put YAHOO statistics on, refresh, the problem comes out again. Suddenly see, YAHOO statistics code is unable to open the site of the culprit! After countless tests, confirmed that is the reason.

three, the solution to the problem,

of course, the root solution can only be handled by YAHOO officials. I can only get rid of YAHOO’s statistical code and start using cnzz>

Looking at the miracle of Internet promotion from Jia Junpeng event

has a movie called "curiosity killed the cat". The plot of the movie is about curiosity and suspicion, which lead to many stories. Some things may not be seeing, believing that what is seen may not be true, but may be confused by appearances. But the use of human curiosity to do articles often can do wonders to, in the network promotion is better.

This is the two day of

, Baidu Post Bar and a popular post "Jia Junpeng your mother calling you home for dinner, this post did not seem exaggerated what ah, but because it is the most common natural characteristics, attracted a large number of hits. "Jia Junpeng" this could be a real name, "mother calling you home for dinner" is commonplace, it is like asking you "1+1=?" this issue, because too simple, people often dare not answer, and full of curiosity. If this is not interested in speculation, the post may not think this post will be so fire, because it can not imagine the curiosity of Internet users so strong.

from July 16th at 10:59 in the morning post so far, there have been more than 180 thousand replies, this number is still increasing, the content is all kinds of replies, "in other Jia Junpeng to ID the most funny, like Jia family drama.

17, who wrote of "world of Warcraft Post Bar Jia Junpeng is home to eat human flesh search meaning open service" the article said, a senior game player of Warcraft analysis, this sentence may have deeper meaning, "Jia Junpeng =" World of Warcraft, "your mother" = wow club now NetEase, appeared in the "Jia Junpeng thread" Dad Dad "Jia Junpeng lover" ID, respectively, and World of Warcraft’s former club Blizzard ninth city. As for the "Jia Junpeng the laws", is actually the other online games.

if this is intended to be speculation, there is no doubt that this is successful, but this analysis has not yet been accepted by the majority of the audience, the interpretation is rather farfetched. As for the "Jia Junpeng" this post who is the initiator of evil, it is not known, the judge can only wait for the time to identify the matter, waiting to come out one day.

we treat this post as a farce, but we should look at the essence through the phenomenon and draw inferences about this speculation. Adsense nets membership quickly wrote "lwbing": from Jia Junpeng ‘day popular network network promotion ", the article said that the promotion is very successful, the platform such as the Internet, created a miracle. I believe that the reason why this post fire up, take advantage of the three characteristics.

1 Internet users’ curiosity

this is the post is "the first to eat crabs", the first use of such a way to speculation, real name + the most common language, causing a sensation effect. Users often travel track on the Internet, the network has become accustomed to the funny novel, occasionally a homely, close to life post, all of a sudden can cause people’s curiosity. Hearing this sentence is like a neighbor

Website design brief discussion on the application of minimalist style in design

Hi Hello, I’m A Mu, and today I’m working on my actual project at micro-blog to share with you some of the minimalist design ideas. In modern urban life, we face noisy, congested streets and subways every day. We deal with various kinds of advertisements, dealing with various kinds of mail and information. We pursue an inner experience that is minimalist, like everyone known to every family brands such as: MUJI Muji, apple, IKEA Home Furnishing, is the style of carrying their products, and has achieved great success.


minimalist photography is a prominent subject to take Jane to the complex photography, in life is a relaxed attitude towards life, in the design is a simple design.

micro-blog’s design experience is the same, we removed the complex visual interference, and strive to give users a pleasant, relaxed visual experience.

1. micro-blog city project


talked about micro-blog city project, I had to thank some photographer for bringing me some inspiration.

German photographer JosefSchulz (1966 born in Holland)


city project requires users to log in to determine the login site ip. This requires a head to reflect the local conditions and customs to create an atmosphere. How to do that? How do you make users feel at home,


I stumbled upon the set of photography when I was thinking about food, scenery, and architecture. It doesn’t have extra light effects. The picture is clean and looks comfortable. But the seemingly simple things in the angle and composition than the ordinary photos pay attention to much, such as the following group photography is the pursuit of plane composition and perspective principle, the content seems very monotonous, but a strong sense of composition.

and I decide to use the city building to the performance, I began to search the city several major landmarks in the network, and then simplified and refined, the main characteristics of the building outline. In the case of Hongkong:

first looked for a representative night view of Hongkong


then painted the simple building skeleton and began to paint. "That’s interesting," I said. In Hayao Miyazaki’s studio, the little boys were responsible for drawing sketches and structural drawings, and then finished with the little girls group.


[final renderings]


So is the design process of

for the rest of the city, I will not repeat: < >)

Network very period, who will answer the grassroots webmaster fifty questions

Internet campaign has been carried out for more than a month’s time, this more than a month, did not see an immediate effect, but a lot of innocent sites are involved, but the site was closed. More than a month of network crackdown, leading to many grassroots Adsense unemployed, the site was closed, lost the main source of income, life into a hopeless situation, every day waiting for policy improvement.

A5 forum December 25th edition chat activity, invite a police and a number of grassroots webmaster to discuss "the grassroots webmaster how to survive in the face of adversity, and development" topic. This paper sorts out the main doubts of the grass roots webmaster and the existing state of survival, hoping to attract the attention of the relevant departments and get more multimedia and policy support.

asked: 1 mobile phone jurisprudence, jurisprudence site, national regulation, grassroots support, why are we who do regular station will get involved? The relevant departments can not explain the reason why


asked 2: network crackdown storm after a period of time, the real violation of the site is still operating, and many regular websites are innocent to be closed, this phenomenon, the relevant departments have considered before?


asked: "3 of the province to investigate internet piracy case 102, close the site 102, the confiscation of servers and other equipment 14, a fine of 414 thousand yuan, but the site was implicated in the number 102! How much damage a 414 thousand yuan? You do not know no statistics on


asked 4: I want to know about the BBS special record, will not be enforced? 1, 1 million, the existing personal webmaster, 99% is not taken out, small owners, like general workers, one thousand or two thousand yuan monthly income. 2, do not talk about politics, do not appear any illegal posts, but a group of people who have common interests and people to communicate with each other, this is not OK,


asked: "5 block behavior across the board", who is responsible for leading the grassroots webmaster loss? How to solve the problem of unemployment after the personal webmaster webmaster? Cannot do? This campaign has formal personal websites and small and medium-sized enterprise website by tens of thousands of innocent, their loss if people would stand up for


asked 6: now the status of the Internet, we all know, many innocent people have been affected by the webmaster, have the domain name, servers and other foreign countries, this approach can solve the problem?

asked 7: a website domain name I relates to the "online audiovisual content", by the Beijing network closed domain, what method. It, even for the opportunity is gone.

asked 8: because Anhui Yanhuang network access, resulting in tens of thousands of ordinary webmaster of the site was closed, but still unpunished, in this regard, Jiangsu police is how to treat the Anhui police network


Quasi user mind killer explicit demand and implicit demand!

In the previous article,

has explained how to locate the target crowd quickly and accurately, that is to say, we now know who we are selling things to. Then the next work is to for this part of the needs of the target population of the system listed, in other words, you have to pack your products from which, in order to impress your users! Is actually a word: where is the pain points the user’s needs, we went to that place at


here are two very important concepts, and we should first talk about: explicit demand and implicit demand! See the concept before, first on a more interesting scripts, and share with you:


"a rich wife, there are three candidates, the millionaire paid three girls one thousand yuan each, please fill the room with them. Girl A bought a lot of cotton and filled the room with 1/2. Girl B bought a lot of balloons and filled the room with 3/4. The girl C bought a candle and let the light fill the room. Finally…… The millionaire chose the biggest one in the chest ~

laugh to laugh, in fact, the above story itself reflects a very important signal, must know where the real needs of the user, or the end are in vain! I wanted to talk about the needs of the dominant and recessive demand is designed to help you to quickly analysis where the real needs of point target user


1, and what is explicit demand? – obviously, intuitive user requirements we collectively call "explicit requirements of users"


example: very simple, clothes have different sizes, different colors, different styles; mobile phones have different configurations, different screen; white wine has different taste, process, raw materials, cost-effective, etc.;

these are more intuitive customer concerns, these users demand we obviously known as user’s explicit demand! These are also many buddy in the packaging of their products and product promotion way of thinking about love


2, what is the implicit demand? – hidden demand, from the emotional aspects, to meet the emotional needs of users!



example: naobaijin advertising words: "no gifts for the holidays this year, also received gifts melatonin, caught the user demand gifts of liquor; soft, on behalf of the taste, on behalf of a friend confidant etc.. Such as the Yanghe River blue classics, men’s feelings, with wine to foil the taste of men, giving a feeling of drinking the Yanghe River blue classic, immediately taste up, and instantly let the user have a sense of self promotion!


again, millet mobile phone 4 advertising words: a steel plate Art Tour, not to mention the quality of the first kind, and gives the impression that tall, stainless steel can be so elegant, have to admire!


actually this >

How to open a tea shop to investigate the project

tea is a very popular casual drinks, open a tea shop, operating a small business, easy business. Now on the market to join the brand of milk tea after another, there are good and bad, then we choose a milk tea to join the brand need to pay attention to what? Xiaobian this will introduce you to a few strokes.

first guarantee the authenticity of the other party, to avoid being cheated. We want to see a business license this brand, see is not to have the formal company qualification "100 Fen cool tea tea shop to join, the join, one-stop service, training, location, decoration, allowing you to secure money. Here we should pay attention to the light to ask each other to see the business license is not good, because this can be false. We first have to ask each other’s company name, qualification, address, telephone, etc., and then to the local industry and Commerce Bureau website, to query the relevant information.

followed by field visits, to the other company headquarters to see the authenticity, look at the other company environment. Then it is best to have time for the other side to give some of the nearby franchisee address, in the past to see the authenticity, but also by the way to see their sales.

fourth is to select several franchise brand, price, service, choose the most suitable for their own.

the last point, it is a detail place, can be used to test this brand is not to take seriously its franchisees, that is the store location, store location if not hard, then the franchise contract with the only care about you, don’t care about your future business. If you do not hit the site to join the brand, then consider changing a bar.

open when the tea shop, we should pay more attention to the inspection, it is necessary to know more about the. In order to successfully open a tea shop, you need to grasp from every aspect. Before opening the tea shop to do a good job of preparation, the latter can operate more smoothly.


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