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A million dollar web site plansh419 alliance amnesty, shlf1314’s gate on

the world may be getting smaller; if Geni succeeds, it will make the world a little smaller.

      according to Shandong webmaster network chief Li Xin introduced the current shlf1314 domestic price is relatively low, he also joined the sh419 alliance, he also said that "Shandong station network will try to guide the novice webmaster to legally use sh419 union account, keep his money bag"

    another guess for Liu Huafang is the continental plan for sh419. sh419’s entry into Japan was basically a success. It’s still early to enter Europe, at least not this year. The language of Europe is also very miscellaneous, mainly three major language families, can not solve language problems, so it is unlikely. My prediction is that sh419’s first foray into Europe is sh419, Britain or Germany. The two countries are similar to Japan, but the local forces are better than Japan’s.. However, in contrast, sh419 should be the advanced army, Asia, Vietnam and other countries, the countries of these big Chinese cultural circle is relatively good to do.

Geni focuses more on the existing family members network so that they can interact via a friendly user interface, which lets you drag family trees everywhere on the screen, just as you do with shlf1314 Map. Once you’ve made an entry for your relatives see the screenshot below, Geni lets you send email to the relatives to invite them to join, so they can make the entries. So, it’s viral.

Geni just started, and we found it very convenient to use. The company was led by CO creator David Sacks, a former chief operating officer of PayPal, who recently launched Room9 entertainment, a product company that provides funding for the film’s thank you for smoking. Geni has already secured the first $1 million in funds from the Founders fund. The Founders foundation is led by Peter Thiel, a former chief executive of Paypal.

      I used to promote accounts because I didn’t understand the rules. Now I’m alive.

Geni at the genealogy station

please check the code again and put the correct, when the last 7 days of the search business daily search number + theme promotion + daily show the amount of wireless business daily show an amount greater than 15, the status of your valid membership will be automatically restored.


 :     I was surprised at the start, so I wrote a letter to the sh419 alliance administrator, and the union replied, "let me see a related note:

      sh419 is undoubtedly on shlf1314’s amnesty Mingmen, pride of shlf1314 advertising system is no more than six months big crowning calamity, sh419 this time finally resorted to the killer. sh419 has done so, I guess the main source of their confidence in the market and advertising team, of course, the title is also the hearts of shlf1314 forever pain. The amnesty for shlf1314 combat is certainly great, plus the sh419 alliance to facilitate timely remittance, most owners will give shlf1314 or only shlf1314 Advertising English station, was used as the use of shlf1314 is usually found at English.

invalid state, you will not be able to participate in the split effect report without displaying revenue"."

Geni has been testing it privately for weeks.

the following is translated, but the plan fell on the real strength and the idea of network company,
admin5 will dedicate more valuable foreign network models, if you have feelings. Thank, please
about family website architecture and ideas extended to the family website. Chinese is a family concept of national
Geni, a new venture company in Losangeles, to achieve business contact site LinkedIn Home Edition: the creation of a huge tree structure to show you who have relationship.

      the latest news, shlf1314 recently because of the Adsense title by a large number of webmaster public condemnation and contempt, but this is not what shlf1314 really let can’t sleep is contrary to their ban, sh419 is in the internal implementation of the amnesty policy alliance.

During the

"if your site recently 30 days average daily number of search search + daily show the amount subject + business to show the amount of daily radio service is less than or equal to 3, the system will automatically determine your username is invalid.

How to put the website ranking optimization to the first page – a detailed and systematic explanatio

2), the description of the

3, add keywords within the chain

we do Shanghai Longfeng the purpose is to attract traffic. This is the main purpose. To flow so keywords you website ranking up front. As we all know, the keyword ranking in the second page basically is not what traffic, so love Shanghai to return to the top ten most, three more important. So, how can we make our site optimization to the first page? I’ll give you a detailed explanation of the


1, the layout of its guiding core has a capacity. First please remember this, I’ll give you back in detail, the capacity is included in the amount to be big, said the vernacular is, through a lot of original content, increase the capacity of the site, (also called included) is the best way to let the user generated content to us, these are original and valuable.

, a server – based optimization

two, keywords layout

I’m here to tell you clearly, server selection is the foundation of all. This is not a firm foundation behind the 0. server must be stable, which is the foundation for all, and in consideration of the service price etc..

3) the number of keywords in the article appeared in the position, as well as other relevant keywords

we know that the above four points, then we know how to layout the keywords. On the website, the title of the article, the words trademark trademark search, query, add keywords appear appropriate number of trademark search in the article described in

in the interior to trademark the query to add anchor text.

keywords cloth

1) website, the title of the article

2, on the site, columns, articles to

we can imagine, our website has one hundred thousand pages, five thousand words, then we have to have this one hundred thousand ", the five thousand words, each link, the formation of a developed network. This is the highest form of chain. If you do not understand. So please refer to love Shanghai encyclopedia, see his inner chain is how to do it within the chain method, > analysis

anchor text in the article As for the


we love Shanghai spiders crawl only a web link address, how they know our address and link to our website links content, for example, our website for trademark search keywords. To contact mainly through the four aspects of


how to turn to the home page, with the website ranking optimization system to explain the steps of

domain name selection, the choice of these procedures are not essential, not in detail, entered directly below.


Using Post Bar text chain to improve keyword rankings

The title of

?First of all you have to do the created Post Bar

created Post Bar, can write the content. The first is the title, if it is to optimize the post title must be included in the main keywords, keyword frequency control in less than 3, the length is generally 72 bytes (36 characters), for example: the Dragon Boat Festival greetings -2011 latest festival greetings. Key number and title length have a good grasp, effectively improve the relevance, highlight the theme of the page, and the main and auxiliary key to "," separator separation, search engine is easy to judge.

!Please note: This paper reproduced

input text chain links in Post Bar: press the Enter key, this mouse hand shape will display on the link, you can click on the link in the show, in the above or below the input you want to do in the key words such as: Xuzhou recruitment, here emphasize that the text must be you want to optimize the keywords, and then select the text, press ctrl+x, and then select the link, hold down the ctrl+v, so that it will be displayed in the form of text links. Released OK.

The content of

source: Xuzhou network (www.caihao贵族宝贝)

Post Bar promotion promotion has become the hands of a piece of "fat" right now, make good use of it, can earn huge traffic to the site, and Post Bar strict management system, to delete, account closure, IP, let’s post ash fly out, we need to understand Post Bar management system, in compliance with the Post Bar under the principle of clever to get around the rules for promotion, recently discovered a little secret: Post Bar is in Post Bar inside the text chain, which not only can keep the post, but also can improve keyword rankings, did not achieve promotion effect of shooting two birds with one stone, and, below we analyze the specific steps of:

is the leading role, like blog, want to let this article have good rankings, will be appropriate to add keywords, usually at the beginning of time, insert the key word, such as: Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival to launch a special network of blessing, blessing of "Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival in 2011 SMS content! The primary key and secondary key, here is the most important how to add text chain

              webmaster network thirteenth Shanghai dragon training for 贵族宝贝adm>

if you are a webmaster or enterprise, can set up their own Post Bar, with their own business name, a station named after the establishment of good Post Bar, you can apply for it, this post and management are more convenient.

introduces how to send text chain in the Post Bar inside, of course the Post Bar love Shanghai more stringent management system, please use

Effect of the 301 jump to love Shanghai ranking

for example, www.abc贵族宝贝 do 301 jump to the www.def贵族宝贝 domain name in the address bar, then we enter www.abc贵族宝贝 then will jump directly as a result of www.def贵族宝贝. If the same in Shanghai to search www.abc贵族宝贝 related domain name records, such as www.abc贵族宝贝/xyz.html, so also will jump to www.def.>

second, the 301 jump between different domains, the contrast, the first case is more complicated, when some sites and K or need to change the time domain name is for cheating, in order to avoid the loss of the original users so we need to do a 301 redirect between different domain name. The result is that the time domain search, jump directly to a web site in addition to the above, between different domain name domain name 301 redirect must ensure that the point is the two site architecture is the same, that is to say the domain structure can be displayed in the Shanghai in search of love to the query can jump after the domain name, so that the original old domain user access can automatically jump to the existing structure of the domain name to.

first, simple two level domain name and domain name of a jump, when this jump is the result of the direct input of two level domain name, the page will jump to the top level domain name. For example: xx贵族宝贝 redirect to www.xx贵族宝贝, then we enter xx贵族宝贝 when a direct jump to the address www.xx贵族宝贝. This role is to give the user a hint that www.xx贵族宝贝 is the web page, if xx贵族宝贝 and www.xx贵族宝贝 are bound to the same site above, in Shanghai love the search results will appear in the two address, whether or not to do a 301 redirect is the same search results, not the 301 redirect the weights assigned to the www.xx贵族宝贝 above xx贵族宝贝.

we will meet the 301 jump in the rankings site of the Shanghai dragon of the problem, there are a lot of people are not clear 301 jump represents what it means for a website, that is to say when we search for a domain name to jump directly to a domain name in the. And the jump is different, just jump the jump page, which is more than 301 and jump and the weights of the transfer, directly after the jump to 301 domain names above by weight assignment before the domain name 301.

is an explanation of the 301 theories above, and many of the so-called Shanghai Longfeng professionals also think transfer can help the weight of the website, but in practical application, 301 can play the role of the transfer of real weight? 301 redirect is divided into several cases, played in the following the role is not the same.

To find the effective method of high quality of the chain platform

in the face of more and more people understand some knowledge, Shanghai dragon face towards the classified information platform more and more charging mode. The construction of the chain is more and more difficult, we share about some of the chain method since today I hand the chain long time up to, hope can learn from each other.

, a Shanghai love that platform. Now most people know that love Shanghai platform is very difficult to do outside the chain, so the product quality from the chain of love Shanghai’s needless to say, everyone knows. Method for treatment of Shanghai love platform to do the chain, in fact it is not difficult to. First we need a three grade love Shanghai know account, how to reach level three? There are two methods, the first to answer a question, increase experience. Second, I love the Shanghai library, a level Four account a few days can be realized by sex in Shanghai library. At this time we have to answer a question you can directly add URL, it should be noted, regardless of how much an account to do a website within 24 hours can only do 2 chain. One will not work, otherwise will be blocked. Perhaps the early discovery can send a lot, but a few days, you will find your site how fat are not made out, there must be paid attention to. Although the day two is not much, but think about a year later, the more than 700 love Shanghai know the chain, what effect will not say.


forum. Now the BBS and forum moderators, know the Shanghai dragon this thing, whether we invented the chain, or anchor text, as long as they see the post on this forum outside of a chain brought a lot of trouble. Here I explain my practice, according to its website search type love Shanghai. For example, I was kind of women’s health website, I search in the love of Shanghai: Women’s health by phpwind or by phpwind health home. Find the corresponding plate as the anchor text of the chain, such as the general section of the chain of small, quality is no doubt. Not recommended discuz forum, why? Because of the PHPwind forum to do the anchor text of the chain like discuz with obvious underline, hidden very well. Do you know the anchor text chain in the forum non advertising area is very easy to delete, for the PHPwind forum, we add a [color=#333333] attribute in the anchor text of the chain, after the release of the article, if not checked is hard to see the chain, which also has a little need to pay attention to matters is an account day also cannot too much, too much. "

website optimization, we all know the words "content is king, the chain for the emperor". The content of the site and add this optimization done to us, to grasp the basic knowledge of the search engine, this is not what is difficult. However, a website to grow up the most important part of another: the construction of the chain, we will optimize the level of staff is divided into various grades and ranks.

The United States occupied the domestic market first host virtual host


virtual host

complexAfter the

China virtual host market experienced much confusion, eventually settling down, in a stable China virtual host market, foreign host the United States have occupied a large share of the market, why the United States stationed in the Chinese host virtual host market is not a long time but it can get the most users? Here is summarized for several reasons:

China America market, virtual host price is its biggest advantage, like the WebHostingPad host to the lowest monthly $1.99, using coupon code greatchina15 but also the basic re $15 discount, equivalent to RMB is very small, and in April sales of Godaddy host, 100G based host program official discount of 50% on the use of preferential purchase link www.gd30off贵族宝贝 host can get 30%, takes only $25 a year, equivalent to RMB is more than 100, more than 100 dollars to buy a home in this 100G space was inconceivable, the U.S. Chamber of commerce continue to launch a virtual host substantial promotional activities, to a large extent user experience to the benefits.

the virtual host in the market can China such attention, and this preferential measures to promote their product performance and greatly is not divided.

domestic virtual host service provider to host space generally have the capacity and flow of strict access restrictions, not to mention the domestic virtual host in the flow by M. According to the size of your space to limit the size of a web site just to meet traffic, some unscrupulous hosting providers limit flow not normal use, you need to buy traffic, the user is not satisfied, where there will be possible to use? The virtual host is different, and now many United States host space is unlimited, like IXWebhosting, WebhostingPad, Lunarpages of the American host, is large in space, traffic, compared to the hundreds of megabytes space, very competitive.

Since the presence of

ministry to strengthen the record management of the site, the site is not free, many webmaster wandering in the record of Oliver, around the clock, more webmaster is not just a record management station, many websites will bring more trouble to the webmaster, not only a waste of time but also a waste of energy. At this point, the majority of domestic host has produced a sense of fatigue. Just the virtual host, greatly solve the Chinese webmaster problem, not in breach of laws and regulations under the condition of free website, and for the record, on the one hand, there is no need to consider the virtual host, you can immediately open site use, absolutely convenient, more American host information:

advantage in cost

station free

No original, do not stand from the garbage dump talking about

in October, is the season of harvest, but some garbage station ranking and the harvest is not PR, but K is relentless, from the Baidu algorithm adjustment can be seen, for Baidu included standard is more inclined to Google, that is, the original inspection content more strictly, even some acquisition the original article is false, also tend to be abandoned for heart blood with original articles to enrich their own website webmaster, this is undoubtedly a good news.

is the original article is needed between long, perhaps about an hour, did not write a decent, and the use of acquisition, acquisition of an hour, if you write the matching rules are accurate enough, there may have been two thousand articles lying in your database. Some owners in order to save time, will choose the acquisition, in fact, these owners do not know is that the choice of acquisition, is a result of a short period of time, often out of beautiful flowers, but until the harvest season, only the original, will bear rich fruit, "but there are pine and cypress, have ceased to live, and some country is weightier than Mount Tai, imperishable noble spirit! Jiehaoying, Renjiedeling, capable person, his clock pin is silent, thoroughly tempered, such as iron!" with this poem to describe the original article again appropriate, even if you spend a day time to the original article, it is worth to believe you! Only, after thoroughly tempered, can be successful, capable person so we do stand refining the sword, it should be so.

said that many people ask, I spend a lot of time in the original, collected by others, my station weight is too low, I collect the stand weight high, Baidu included the first acquisition station, I this is not futile. This is actually a way to let others do not worry, you can not stand the online collection, also provides some methods to prevent the acquisition, like what the use of random template, install anti acquisition plug-in what, in fact, these methods can only deal with some low level acquisition, once you have to write regular expressions to master these methods, then will be clouds, the mining or mining, below I share a way to do one hundred percent will not be collected, any regular expressions you use also take my stand reach the acme of perfection,.

This method is the

URL encryption, we know that the regular expression will match your hyperlink list page, and then through the hyperlink address for your article pages, but once you put the hyperlink list page is encrypted, so cut off from the source of the road collection. The encryption function is as follows:

, function, uc_authcode ($string, $operation =’DECODE’, $key =’, $expiry = 0) {

$ckey_length = 4; //note random key length 0-32;

//note + >

The winter of the independent blog is coming. Are you ready

since the incident involving Google, I have a hunch that China’s independent blog site will be ready for the early winter. Recently, the Cixi vocational high school called "touch milk door" incident, in a short period of time, "touch milk door video download" and so on, posted around the text. Think of what happened before, "pornographic door", "cucumber door", "sea woman" what, are obviously involved in the restricted area of bad information. Today, as the country has stepped up its crackdown on Internet pornography, as a special case of lone community, I am now convinced that the winter of an independent blog site will come early.

Internet pornography bad information has been flooding the situation, and out of control. Whether it is foreign websites or domestic websites, there is a great deal of yellow information in varying degrees. Increase the crackdown on these bad information, and make great efforts to punish the Internet ecological environment, but also the children a clean, pollution-free network environment, is the aspiration of every ordinary chinese. However, the current situation in the country to punish Internet pornography bad information, in fact, has formed a "cat and mouse" hide and seek game. You’re forbidden to search for "son" here, and I’m searching for "mother" again. Today, Google is banned from overseas web search in China, and tomorrow everyone will go to to search for the information they want. The cat and mouse game pattern, independent blog because of relatively loose environmental audit, the objective being can escape regulatory gaps, if coupled with the blog author’s subjective intent, then, a large number of bad information will miraculously appeared in the independent blog site.

in the Internet ‘s "gate" incident, although Google, China and Baidu have adopted obvious manual intervention policies on these sensitive words, but still can not avoid the spread of such pornographic information. Therefore, if not their own independent bloggers do stand behavior of the strict requirements, carry out regular criticism and self-criticism, will put herself in danger: the state will pay more attention to this group, at the appropriate time at that time, will be the most independent blog site of the cold winter, no temperature.

so I remind the independent blogger to be ready for this time. For independent bloggers, this is not necessarily a bad thing, because even in a real world, we have to follow the law and morality. It would be a very wrong practice, if only to hide behind the screen, to show contempt and luck for the dignity of the law, and the consequences would be serious.

this article originates from ALENG’s Blog

A female webmaster site of sad history

from the beginning of the website construction, as part of the construction of the site, I have been in China Station diving, learning about website construction, website maintenance, website promotion and so on.

has learned so much and knows more about it, and has created the idea of building a website. At first, I just wanted to make a website that I liked. It was entirely my own opinion. I didn’t draw the page according to the customer’s idea. What style do you like? What do you like to do? I like to use that module and move all over the website. (because the girl is love flower of the cute little things, I also very love wedding dress, wedding dress, love photography, so I made a wedding website, this style is a kind of tender, he is quite willing to do. After) is a regular production program, registered the domain name space, uploaded to the Internet, start your own website completely pleased with oneself, and regarded him as a child care, but also very beautiful girl to my satisfaction, heart unspeakable. Pass the article, send pictures, gradually, I found the problem, and very serious.

website column too much and complex, some classification is too detailed, some classification is too general, lead to my article pass very disorderly, oneself don’t know where to put. A lot of favorite articles can not be put up, or find the wrong column. Because I am not very proficient in the background, some functions also do the site was unable to let me neither fish nor fowl, from.

on the website, learning experience, summing up the reasons for failure. Found that they just started doing the idea of the site is too simple, just according to hobbies is not good, but also a good consideration of the site’s target market, positioning the crowd, and after the development of the site planning. The layout of the site should be reasonable, too feminine, too many decorative patterns, it seems that the website is not like the industry website, but like personal homepage. Failed to come to the new, design, modification, production… Spent a month, finally put the neutral site to create (or neutral,), the content of the site for re planning, positioning crowd and businesses (only for Anshan wedding services related industries, from their familiar local development, slowly, to eat into a fat is not possible), also set a preliminary plan for future development. Upload and expect my children to grow up healthily. Or every day of the article, looking for links, do publicity, advertising, website PR value reached 3 (the beginning was very excited, so that a multiple several articles, several advertising), also know to do it slowly, the site can not be rushed, but over the past 3 months. That flow has been get up, always hovering around 40 IP.

discouraged, think the website this line is not suitable for women to do, female Adsense also less poor, plus oneself and work to busy, there is a long time no pass article, advertising. When I think of the website, I found that the PR value has already been 0. At that time, my heart was cold, and my hard work website was overwhelmed. It was really a shock

Some opinions about doing non mailbox from Baidu

put things for a long time, suddenly it was mentioned, probably because the electronic commerce Baidu soon launched on Baidu’s investment is still relatively hot, at this time, there are many businesses began in Baidu space, you may feel the same, and the space will be Baidu mall the seamless, from ID general can also be seen. Space is also the trend in the business of commercial applications, hang products and guide consumption. There are many related.

e-commerce, Baidu want to do? And chat, I am very firm on this, I said I do not do is the user, Baidu mail, users say. Although not every user expectations of things will go to production, but when the demand becomes " all hope that to " when the product has become behoove appear in everyone’s sight. As for observation Baidu users search behavior and determine the creation of e-commerce. As a commercial service mailbox is a necessary support, Baidu will join the list of the work plan under consideration.

Baidu has been advocating a concept, Simple and Reliable, for most users, the development of a product can also be simple dependence is not easy, it will naturally introduced some basic simple elements. With a simple idea to discipline, to guide, the products and services to users. Baidu wants to do a mailbox, but how to be Simple and Reliable? Don’t want to IM in the same pre Lun as some people head 3 flow software.

continuous 3 products, IM, e-commerce, mail should do? Would like Google to do the same as is, few people use? The seamless connection between products, and.

related support is indispensable

what is Simple and Reliable? Is always do a very simple product? Of course not, I do not think so, the so-called simple is relative to their users, we make a product, a deep network involving people can according to the guide, easy to set up their own space then, open applications, training users to learn something new, is defined as a slightly more advanced application, when the application has been mature and was recognized as a simple time, I added more complex applications. To ensure that the user has an orderly and progressive lead. Training users of long-term use, and the formation of dependent.

data mining will do a lot of things, one thing is the product of mining application behavior. Whether it is a function or a connection location, a text description of the way the focus orientation can be adjusted and corrected from the user behavior. Most users are accustomed to act up gradually defined Simple and Reliable the application of.

and rules

Baidu finance outsourcing, the most talked about is Baidu portal failure, return to search engine thing, I don’t want to evaluate this, involving some internal development orientation, but I personally compare