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Our website every day how to update how many articles

we can see those little column website, updated daily site is very few, but it did very well, so the ranking is also very good. The website column number, but rarely updated daily column, so the ratio is also included very little love Shanghai. So we can infer that the website column every day as long as the regular updates, even a column every day just update an article, Shanghai love spiders also frequent, but also increase the chance to be included.

from the Jiujiang gynecology hospital 贵族宝贝0792fk贵族宝贝/ A5 started writing original, reproduced please indicate the source.



believe that Shanghai dragon will have a question, ask questions such as "how to update our website every day how many articles, can clearly tell you that one can also get very good included, ten can not be included, according to this is why? We have to define the number of columns, like a lot of selling single product website, you will find the website homepage almost no website update, or column rarely, can get good rankings, like diet pills, Viagra, training class of Shanghai dragon.

we mentioned above according to the number of websites, the number to update the site every day, we have to start with the talk now. We know that love Shanghai spiders to crawl each column according to our index, and the love of spiders in Shanghai the ultimate aim is to find the following your column update did not. Again we know if each column is updated daily, Shanghai every day to love the spider crawling. So we can see the love of spiders in Shanghai every day there is a pattern to crawl your column, column or a certain period of time if someday you do not update the article, I believe you love Shanghai spiders in the column of curiosity will be reduced, thereby reducing the number of crawling. As shown in Figure 1, Google included quantity has reached more than 10000, while Shanghai is only a few hundred love included.

summary: our website columns do not need too much, otherwise it will increase the workload of the spider love Shanghai, so as to increase their workload, may be a period of time you very hard every day to update the article, but the long term, you will keep each column more new article. So it should be considered in the establishment of the classified section, from the long-term plan, the ability of each column can have a new article every day.

The application of open platform and noble love Shanghai baby Base business is not open around

open platform and noble love Shanghai baby Base two application for this; whether it is for the most popular e-commerce site, or enterprise brand network propaganda can be said is a major promotion value. First of all we know about love Shanghai open platform, the official explanation is: love Shanghai open platform open platform is "love Shanghai love Shanghai" Box Computing "the most advanced information technology and service mechanism based on the demand for the user, open data sharing and docking platform for the majority of owners and developers to provide free. Thus, owners and developers can be structured data or specific applications submitted directly to the Shanghai love open the background, the synchronous operation in Shanghai in search of love, and to show the best form and optimal show style of search results, and hundreds of millions of users demand direct docking."

in 2011 before the Spring Festival, love Shanghai’s search results have appeared in the top five commodity information classification data, a year after the work again in search of some product information, love Shanghai open platform of commodity information also appears in the search results page before a few. After the examination, found that the current love of Shanghai open platform audit and show the resources information website is mostly in the industry before the five to ten large mature website and the official website of the enterprise information, basically no website resource information unknown, do not know because the audit in the testing stage is strict, I love Shanghai open platform and service only for big brands of these large sites, but one can say is that the future of the Internet will also appear in the strong will occupy more resources and growing trend.


love Shanghai open platform since September 1, 2010, has entered the stage of open operation. The love of Shanghai open platform resource information involved into customer service phone, download software, express check, TV programs, recruitment information, commodity information 6 classification, the 6 categories of information are relevant to the needs of the site to submit the relevant qualifications to love Shanghai, love Shanghai to open platform to submit a standard format and information resources through the audit, audited after the show in Shanghai love search results.

love Shanghai open platform support the classification of resource type

ZAC reading of the second chapter of the Shanghai dragon combat password search results format a day, try to write two articles of personal experience (search engine results diversification and features user experience effect on Shanghai Dragon (a) and the search results are displayed on the diversification of Shanghai Longfeng influence (two)), ZAC ignored the love Shanghai open platform and noble baby Base two applications, although the two application does not belong to this chapter related to the category, but the two used in the specific word search of the search results page display form also had a significant impact, is the most fire e-commerce website and resource website not open around the topic, so try to write an article on the open platform and noble love Shanghai baby Base introduction to supplement.

How much do you know about the ten ways to improve your website traffic

Hello, I’m Muzi in the boat. Now also wrote many articles, although the article writing is not very good, but still got a lot of friends of all ages, in the left on the QQ, there are a lot of people and I really thank you for supporting me! Cut the crap, directly into the


today, I’d like to share some of my experiences on how to improve website traffic. We all know that a website to profit, we must first flow, traffic must be, first of all to have a good ranking; to have a good ranking, we have to find a way. Well, what is a good way here, I summed up a little bit at present know some of the promotion of site traffic methods, mainly in the following 10 aspects, I hope we can like.

1, choose a good domain name for the website

domain name is very important, a.Com,.Org,.Net domain name weight than other.Info,.Biz domain name is much higher. Search engines give priority to such sites when giving rankings, and your web content pushes forward. I have the experience deeply, because I have several websites at present, several.Info domain name of the site is registered in a few months ago, the daily IP 10-20, and a.Org registered a month before the site actually daily traffic reached 70IP, and the ranking is quite good, just on the line has been in the home, has not fallen. It is worth noting that all of these sites are of a type, and their energies are similar. Everyone here can judge a good domain name on the flow of the role of it, I suggest you in the choice of domain name, select.Com,.Org,.Net, which for site rankings and traffic is very favorable!


2, website design should be simple and beautiful,

users when visiting our website will be very concerned about the experience of our website, the experience of high web sites are often very popular with everyone, but also will be given a high weight search engine. The website is designed to choose a simple scheme, especially the page code, as concise as possible, bloated pages will let the spider crawling when tired, do not want to come back, especially need to pay attention to is the JS code for the best use of export processing. Also, the layout should be simple and clever, so that users can quickly find their interest in the web site content, so that users will have a good experience. As for the beauty of the site is very important, I found a lot of sites, because of the beauty of the search engine has been given a high weight. But don’t use too much JS and flash for beauty, especially navigation. Don’t use flash to do it.

3, the keyword layout of the website is reasonable and clever,

keyword layout is a very worthy of research knowledge, I found in the seowhy keyword about the density of the website, but individuals still insist on their own

Only typing rookie, also built a web site

, I’m an absolute newbie. I didn’t even know the website, the backstage, the domain name a month ago. Don’t laugh, a month later, today I have established their own websites, which can really let the classmates envy the one! (here for my website: Joan seven entertainment network advertisement management here you can register for free lifetime membership in VIP published articles, show your talent or promote your website and so on I want to go. ) the website just started building and needs everybody’s support!


well, here to talk about my experience of the site. The old bird fly rookie,


site should have a domain name first, in December I registered a domain name, is CN, when the figure is cheap as long as 3 yuan. Who knows an Internet remediation action can put people miserable! Now Gesanchaiwu to submit the audit data, faint. Many webmaster friends have sold CN, so remind to when the webmaster friends, buy domain name, buy a COM on thirty or forty dollars is not expensive, also not all day governance worry. The best first want to buy a domain name site name, and then according to the website domain name or English like Larry, so easy to remember you.

then there must be a space, I began to spend 40 dollars to buy a 100M ASP space, began a few days later. More and more slowly, the site opened like a snail, sometimes even open! I realized that what is called " no good cheap goods " then a friend told! I just started to take the website: free space with a certain scale, and other sites to buy space, now I apply for a free space, the speed is not fast but very stable, very famous. Here is not to say which is, so as to avoid advertising too much, interested in my website to leave a message.

now the domain name of the website, space is done, just as you bought a rough room, the total visit some furniture. I use the laoY article management procedures, direct download, upload can be used, it is suitable for rookie like me. And I also added the official discussion groups, there are problems in the group of friends will support! Of course, the source code of the website a lot and now are free of charge, there are a lot of use Baidu Search


website, this is built, how to imagine than simple! This is just a little experience of the author, here and share with you, welcome everyone to exchange experience)

(original, by Joan seven entertainment network station A5 starting. Reprinted please indicate the source)

Local portal choose industry must remember willing two words

in the past three years, in the field of local portals, there will be a batch of pioneers who have exceeded the ten million mark. At present, the main means to break the ice profit local portal site is:

·: Media: the use of media operations to dispel customer "informal" concerns, using media platforms and media tactics to deter and service customers. Case: 19 floor, long lane.

·: E-commerce: the inaccurate community traffic into accurate e-commerce traffic, the value of the extraction and transformation. Case: on wedding treasure, car treasure, Xiamen small fish flower married mall.

·: vertical: select the most valuable industry for vertical operation, establish independent channels in the portal.

The vertical operation of

comes from vertical web sites. For a long time, vertical sites on the income scale are among the local portal. However, the vertical operation of the following bottlenecks: managers of the site’s energy, talent reserves, fund-raising and so on. As a result, no one can cover all areas of the industry at once, and one of the principles we must keep in mind is: willing.

is willing to have the following principles:

one, do familiar industry

Being familiar with

means having information, resources and connections, which means that you are familiar with the rules of the food chain in your industry, making it easier to succeed or easier to avoid losses. We must combine the great ideals with the realities of entrepreneurship. Portals are primarily a business, and we must be more business to succeed. Do not separate the Internet from traditional industries. The Internet serves traditional industries and must follow the laws of the service industry.

two, do space industry,

good business is very hard, nothing must be a hoax. Since all have to work hard, why not choose more space for the development of the industry? What is the space? Space is the industry’s future size, expected life, expected revenue.

is currently suitable for local portal industry, several major industries have regional, local custom, online access to information, several attributes of offline consumption. These industries are very different from Taobao’s industry. I have on many occasions to help webmasters analyze: real estate, Home Furnishing, wedding, the car is the major industry in the field of "the fat", and the Dragon Lane founder Qian Yu pointed out: "the big industry income, small industry content". Although these formulas are not comprehensive, but for the start-up, it has undoubtedly played the role of navigation lights. The most likely choice for an early webmaster is to be a local gourmet and want to start earning. And countless cases tell us that the food industry in the capital city’s possible income scale is 2 million yuan.

three, a profitable industry,

input-output ratio is an important part of commercial projects. And many people often >

Home lighting stores to do a good job of display

now, the home industry is very prosperous, especially lighting, a lot of families are very keen to dress up their homes. So, open a home lighting stores, know how to do a good job of product display? The following display methods are useful.

display natural performance can enhance the competitiveness of their products are generally display! Guide to complete, Home Furnishing lighting stores product exhibition should fully embody the brand design concept, from the overall shape of each product placement and other details, should reflect the characteristics of the product, and display their intentions.


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To make money easy to open beauty salons to pay attention to what

beauty of the hearts of all people, especially in the rapid economic development of the society, people are more so, which brings a huge market for beauty salons. But for entrepreneurs, how to open a beauty salon in order to easily make money? Xiao Bian now have to take everyone to see.

elements: beauty salon location. Beauty salon is a real service business shops, in the specified address and business district to start their own business. Therefore, the key to open beauty salon is the choice of address. First of all, to analyze their own beauty salons in the location of a variety of commercial factors.

two elements: business positioning beauty salon shop (target customer, product, price, service and scale positioning). 1 store size: according to its own funds; there should be a reception room and waiting room; the rational design of beauty, makeup, operation desk, bathroom and storage rooms equipped with 2 staff (or organization): a certain amount of beauty salons is strict and orderly in the staff should. Main operating beauty salons to consider the factors which have the wholesale and sales. According to the principle of less and fine to prepare staff. The main management personnel, technical personnel, logistics personnel (such as a manager, and several beautician personnel charges, cashier staff, cleaning staff, motor repair personnel, goods purchasing staff) 3 advertising planning: decoration colors, signs of writing, the appropriate media such as newspapers and radio stations.

three elements: what are the factors to be considered a beauty salon beauty salon mainly engaged in wholesale and sales?. According to the principle of less and fine to prepare staff. The main management personnel, technical personnel, logistics personnel, etc. (a manager, beautician, silver toll collection staff, consultants, health workers, electrical repair personnel, goods purchase and sale staff)


How to join the bone to pound the pelvis

Xiaobian before we talk about talk about the weight of bone, and today we talk about the bone to jin". Is also a big body, two different brands, you can make no mistake!

bone to pounds to pelvis? Xiaobian do the following simple introduction:

bone to Jin to pelvis, Peru are delicious snacks, bone to catty to choose superior Pork Chop, meat quality and fat ratio just tastes astringent without oil. After thousands of headquarters of the standardized process of making vertical belier, micro manipulation by Pro Engineer, process more unique, collocation secret sauce, the bone to pound to our outstanding pelvis. Go to the pelvis bone Jin how to join


bone to Jin to pelvis join policy:

1, with a certain economic strength and good personal reputation, have their own determination and perseverance to start a business!

2, brand identity and management model.

3, be able to strictly implement quality requirements and hygiene standards.

4, engaged in catering industry enthusiasm and toughness.

to Jin to join the pelvis bone process:

1, project consulting: free project information, information and franchise services.

2, project review: the intention to join customers to store the actual inspection operations and products, communicate.

3, join negotiations:

a, according to join the customer in the regional environment, it is recommended to join the model choice.

b, according to join the customer’s own situation, to join the partners to provide investment budget, investment return accounting professional guidance.

4, sign the contract: sign the contract, pay fees, provide relevant information and authorization.

5, operation training: provide free partner selection training, technical training and management training.

6, store location: according to the requirements of the headquarters training and site selection strategy for the local store location, and get the headquarters.

7, opening preparation: according to the store layout to provide store decoration, design and opening of the preparation and other guidance.

8, new store opening: providing opening live >

Ruzhou the idea of entrepreneurship on the ability to use the law enforcement investigators

provincial economic development needs is the leading role of government officials, therefore, in the "13th Five-Year" period, emphasizes the importance of the party building. Ruzhou city procuratorate stressed the need to focus on the business, the ability to use law enforcement investigators.

3 23, 2009, the Ruzhou municipal procuratorate held the annual meeting of the Party committee and clean government and anti-corruption work conference 2016. The school party secretary, the attorney general Liu Xinyi asked the hospital police officers closely linked to the economic development of Ruzhou new normal, concentrate on the general business, the ability to be used in law enforcement, the lower the effort to implement the plan, strive for new achievements.

the government and the people of one mind, the natural economic construction will become better and better in innovation and entrepreneurship at the same time, but also the need for strict management style construction.



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