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How to find the area of the target group

three, why am I so an idea.

for large range the target group, they find they often go to the forum, blog, micro-blog, WeChat there, but we set the area is small, can not form such a fixed population, and we go to the blog, micro-blog, WeChat to find the area of the target, so need to strong marketing ability, but we can’t do that. I think in the depression do not know what other methods can be close to the target group?

I in a square recently, do delivery service. I want to through the Internet, and it is a docking target group. Then I do not know how to do. According to the rules of the square within the office inside the staff, are my target customers through the network, how do I contact them? If the blog, micro-blog, WeChat, marketing ability is not so strong. Best of all, in the square inside people go to a place. That is the best situation, but there is no such a situation. Do not know if you have what merit?

is worth mentioning is that your content must be attractive, but also can retain them.

we can set a very fine area, such as a district office, CAD, Wanda Plaza, that there are a lot of local community group. Then use the keywords ranking, to find them. At this time, you need to have a carrier, or website or blog, or micro-blog. Keywords and optimization precision region. You can achieve this purpose.

keyword ranking ?We Conclusion:

now whether we do network promotion or, or to Shanghai Dragon Well, we know our target population where. For example, Sina, micro-blog, QQ is home to all the people. In 39, for example, health forum games have a place to attract attention to yourself. But a region of target groups, because the population is small, can not form their own scale, if we want to find them, their marketing than the country much easier. So, how do we find them?

two, in addition there are other methods in this

, Shanghai dragon to find their

is really a headache, have been thinking about this problem, hoping to get help. Please note: 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/dishitianwaimai

Shanghai dragon is not short of why experts say so

, will go to read Lu Songsong’s blog every day, read an article can write some experience, summarize some experience, but in the last two years more and less loose brother blog update, a daily habit of opening his blog, see is some Adsense cast manuscript, feel like watching the news every day as seen after it is turned, not what substantive things can be learned, Lu Songsong still imperceptibly into the blog webmasters to post promotion platform, unlike other platforms is the strict examination, the quality of soft soft, loose hope brother not to see these after I started.

from entry to now, every day we heard Shanghai dragon is more and more difficult to do, how to do no effect, didn’t release chain resources, website, keywords ranking is not stable, the site was K… Shanghai Dragon… Really hard to do? The answer is no, just remember that learning in Shanghai Dragon later, the teacher stressed that most of the sentence is "execution", but how many people really do this? It is almost no, insist for a long time, people are inert, once inert occupies the reason, it is difficult to delete.

success is not replicated, this sentence seems to have evaluation of the "Hamlett" who, in the eyes of one thousand individuals have one thousand ha.

With the diversification of social networking tools,

when writing this title, suddenly do not know how to write to write after the entry, so long, now has a lot of stationmaster began to engage in a personal blog, as Shanghai dragon industry experts, published opinions, share experiences, these things can really help to industry newcomers? At least one bull that day, visiting Shanghai Longfeng celebrities, great God, Master blog, harvest little, Shanghai dragon is no shortage of critics, the only missing is combat.

platform, Shanghai Dragon Quest from the original single keyword ranking, the transition to diversified development, regardless of the user to access the site through what ways, methods and tools, products, services and other information, see if it is effective flow and potential customers, only through the search engine to query keywords, enter the website, this method has been gradually withdraw from the mainstream. I remember an expert once said, Shanghai dragon is a transitional occupation, now think about it, it really is. As for the transition is still out, depends on the individual order.

I remember when I first joined

many companies to do the Internet, naive to think that as long as I hired a Shanghai dragon staff, my sales and reputation, brand will be greatly improved, the fact is that so? I want to answer you in the mind also. From the Shanghai dragon just from domestic rise to now, after the traffic wave, the chain era, content first, user experience and so on a series of development history, personal combat force in the continued development of the dominant position is less and less, the so-called lost four hands in fists, everyone is aware of Shanghai Dragon the importance of time is the decline of the Shanghai dragon team, the rise is inevitable.

Three goods Shanghai Longfeng Er the failure of personality

?Comparison of

pay for a few months, directly to what is not said, you know, is a monkey please, responsible for the teacher and to give money, money money is willful willful. People poor, natural and rich phase.


Original address: 贵族宝贝xin4jie贵族宝贝/sikao/2665.html

1. class Shanghai dragon

has the same three flow Shanghai Dragon technology, but the experience of success and failure, and use the skills to understand it, there have been successful cases, can get business, and can make achievements, Jane Shanghai Longfeng thought ability can let customers love this half alive, one hundred in a.

above only, of Shanghai Longfeng does not make the final explanation. For only thinking. Thanks for watching。

2. second Shanghai dragon

Shanghai Longfeng stream Why

of Shanghai dragon thought of a class, it is not the inflow of technology, has the ability, dare to play and dare to cross, dare to scold, see what is a not death, curse without dirty, listen to don’t believe, but still secretly learned, with the customer communication can take business, is not the result, finally he became Shanghai’s lowest level of dragon staff, but most have turned into offbeat experts, but still suffer from personality and ability.


said three flow of goods, meaning only say these Shanghai dragon Er cannot succeed, and get no results, but which means you probably understand a lot, but how to understand

is a set of Internet users, communication and dissemination, production and manufacture of an order of the interactive platform, as a Shanghai dragon Er, also became a kind of communication with the producer, today for Jane Shanghai Longfeng not talk good, just not good, the three goods flow characteristics of Shanghai dragon Er the.


Er unlike other industries Shanghai Longfeng single technology, learned a few months can quickly grasp, Shanghai dragon is a comprehensive technology, great flexibility, as to why say, you know, please do not understand the others thought the past of Shanghai dragon here don’t do too much explain.

Shanghai as a dragon Er, with a full range of knowledge and skills, do not recognize the three flow level, have a first-class technology, but in a second operation ability, let the customer once lost patience, and ultimately the customer to draw a line, and the other is money business a junction, then loaded to force into a money making skills.


The operator meow, in fact, you can also grow from a junior operating partner!

this article teaches you how to move from an operation specialist to success, from junior operations to advanced operations.


if you don’t know technology, you can’t design, and you don’t have any resources, what can you do in your startup team? Yes, at first it could be an operating meow. But there’s also spring, a good way for junior operators to become senior operators, then become operations managers, and then turn into operations director. This article from Bruce Lan know column, the author for the total network of big housekeeper, for many years engaged in the Internet industry, game master planning, product manager. Love games, crazy for entrepreneurship.

said that operators operating meow, may be a little bit damaged, and even a little disrespect operators, but this is the most ground gas statement. Because the operating personnel in the entrepreneurial team, especially the Internet business team, is at the bottom of the hard, but not everyone pay attention to the role, and even many people mistakenly believe that the operation is to send micro channel, synchronization about micro-blog.

then how do you become a partner from a junior operation? If you want to be a good operator, you can’t do it without being funny or shameless. Because you want to make people think you’re tough, you need to make people see cool things on you. At the very least, to make people look different, it makes people feel interesting. Gameplay should be new, content should be new, new to show.

users feel at several levels. The expressive layer, the content layer, the sense layer and the strategy layer. If you want to do information layer by layer infiltration, do not want to point out how to do. Mixing new ways, new content, new ways of presentation and information to create a chemical reaction is what we want to achieve.

[integrated planning]


from a business perspective, around a product is from the strategic layer, > > layer; feel; content layer > expression level, and often the user can see things is the order and operation is on the contrary, they are often from the expression layer > layer > content; feel the layer – > layer; strategy. And this is just the different stages of several levels of corresponding operations, such as the expression layer corresponding to the primary operation, the content layer corresponding to senior operations, feel the layer corresponding to the operation manager, strategic operation above corresponding operation director level positions.


[primary operations] – expression layer

has just become a part of the company, as a primary operation, the beginning can do only send micro-blog, send micro channel, every day to repeat the same work.

besides you can do is take the time and effort to get familiar with the operation of the product, to rack their brains to go in WeChat micro-blog to create the user wants to see.

How to improve the service quality of franchise chain hotels

almost everyone has the experience of staying in a hotel, do you have any requirements for service in the hotel? Only understand the requirements of the majority of consumers can successfully operate. Chain hotel franchise business should be improved from what? Let’s have a look!

first, safety and health is the top priority of the hotel. Safety in production is the most important task, we must put safety in the first place; there is no security there is nothing, not to mention economic benefits. Operators only pay attention to the restaurant decoration and grade, and sometimes ignore the health requirements. Food hygiene is also very important, the moment can not relax, to strictly abide by local laws and regulations of the state, and to the customer’s healthy diet for weight! Personal hygiene can not be ignored, employee tooling is our hotel window, but also establish the basis for the hotel internal image, a human health is also reflected a good occupation moral.

two, dishes and services is the vitality of the hotel. In the past, some operators believe that the quality of food first, quality of service second, and practice has proved that: service first, dishes.

three, hardware and software is the grade of the hotel. Hardware is the main structure and decoration of the hotel, location, facilities, tableware, tables and chairs, dishes, guests can see the touch of the. Software is the brand of the hotel, is the corporate culture, is the embodiment of the spirit of the quality of the staff, as well as the reception level, quality of service, the value of the dishes to the guests.

chain hotel franchisees can be more concerned about the above aspects of the consumer to do a good job in improving the work, and constantly improve the relevant services, so that franchisees can easily get market recognition, good investment management business. If you want to cooperate with the headquarters, then act quickly, you can not miss.

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The shop to do business should be of two minds

know now intense competition, business is not good to do, so many people have said, if you want to shop to do business, you need to do this, undivided attention, Xiao Bian emphasized is "of two minds", why is this so? Let’s look down. In our street, there is such a shop owner, she is a relative of mine, but also a cigarette retail. Her store is not large, but the location is very good. Recently because of a happy event, we meet at the banquet, through chat, learned that her business secret – "method of two minds".

The retailer

said the relatives of two minds, either of two minds, refers to the business to be careful and have patience and responsibility heart; to know their intentions, listen to the views of consumers. In this, we may wish to dedicate to learn from, improve retail performance.

careful. Careful is the foundation of the business, it is the law of the shop operation. As a shop owner, whether or not careful operation, can not be careful, it is essential. First of all, to store their own business name, specification, use, price, as well as Invoicing, always keep in mind, well aware. The image that is to know the real situation, not careless, muddleheaded. At the same time, you should always know the other shop in the same kind of goods purchase channels, quality and price, horizontal comparison, multi reference, and constantly improve the marketing strategy, to ensure the operation of food "the same quality of my best", "the same price lowest I", to attract more consumers into the store consumption.

persistence. A business must have perseverance, regardless of the business is light is flourishing, have to maintain a good peace and calm, the business mentality, to loneliness, Zuiji "three days of fishing, two days". First, we must adhere to the law does not shake. The rule of law needs law-abiding citizens. Similarly, the terminal market requires law-abiding retailers. Open shop business impossible every day long business, always the source of money, it is inevitable that there will be fewer customers, poor sales, inventory backlog, cash flow problems.

encountered these problems is not terrible. Is afraid of burning with impatience to sit". In practical operation, some shopkeepers to compensate for operating losses at the instigation of others, stand up and temptations, secretly purchased fake and shoddy goods, to deceive customers, resulting in trust to consumers, "the result of his own petard, when clear, is too late, too late for regrets suffered heavy losses.

two to adhere to the quality service does not reduce the standard. Customer is God, quality service is always the topic of fashion. In the business, customers are not men and women, both new and old, should be treated equally, enthusiastic service, regardless of our customers, what is the price of goods is critical, have any comments, what are grumbling, as the owner of the shop clerk to smile, greet and thoughtful, humbly listen to the views of customers, patience, reply in place.

Paris baguette bakery delicacy project support what – the whole

in addition to the daily need to do and we go to work to make money to feed their families, when these are met after what we really need is an enjoyment to leisure time, such as the enthusiastic pursuit of delicacy.

Paris baked sweet food items to support what

improvement of living conditions, so that people in the first three meals a day to chase and all kinds of food, baking food naturally in which there is a huge market demand. Join the Paris Bei sweet, in the face of a good market environment, business prospects are good natural. So, to join the brand, businesses can get the support of what?.

1, brand support. As an influential brand, Paris Bei sweet has its own appeal, it has a unified image is well known, can help businesses set up shop quickly accepted by the market. Investment in it, businesses can get the headquarters of the brand authorization, shop more secure operation.

2, product support. Paris Bei sweet is committed to take their own characteristics of the product line, it launched the product formula proprietary, advanced technology, with the characteristics of the food can not be copied, for people love and respected. Its products are popular, business shop business more secure.

3, R & D support. People’s tastes are constantly changing, a bakery brand wants to develop better, it is necessary to constantly innovate product taste. Paris Bei sweet R & D capability, it has its own R & D design team, strong product innovation capabilities, so that businesses can easily make money shop. Choose it, businesses can enjoy priority support.

4, training support. Investment in Paris Bei sweet, even zero experience of the business, but also can easily create a successful career. Headquarters will be arranged for each business professional training guidance, involving technology, management, marketing and other aspects, so that businesses can quickly get started.

5, build support. Business shop, location, decoration is not easy to fix the problem for any new stores, businesses are so. In order to ensure the smooth business start-up businesses, headquarters to provide site evaluation, decoration and other aspects of support, so that you worry more entrepreneurial

A macro casserole money fast food franchise

we all know the fast food market is a very popular choice wherever we go. How about a pot of rice? Brand strength, no worries. How to choose a small business to join a Hong Kong casserole fast food? The best choice to be trusted!

to ask fast food to join the brand which is good for you to recommend is a small pot of rice, fast food, a Hong Hong Hong Kong food fast food market is very high visibility. A large pot of rice and fast food restaurant headquarters with the name of business cooperation, the development of a unique pot of fragrant sauce, made out of the casserole is delicious and not greasy, whether it is men and women can safely eat. And it has a variety of products available for consumers to choose, so as to meet the different needs of different consumers. So attract a lot of consumers come to buy, can be said to be of traffic every day, so that operators do not want to make money is difficult.

how about a quick meal?

Hong Hong Hong Kong food market prospects are very broad, is a rare investment projects. It’s low cost of joining, only a few thousand dollars can join, is a good project to invest in low profits. And after joining the headquarters will have a lot of support policies, such as technical training, shop guidance, but also with regional protection, to ensure the interests of investors. See here, you now know that fast food to join the brand which is good, and quickly to join the Arab League, a pot of rice fast food!

brand fast food to join the project selection, has been a very good choice. How about a quick lunch in a casserole? Small business optimization. Through the above description, I believe we have chosen to join the Hong Kong pot of rice food items, is also a very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

A fee is how much – join Qingfei instrument whole

health has always been the basic goal of our lives, with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we gradually enhance the awareness of health care. The first step in a healthy life begins with the lungs. Hundreds of millions of home Qingfei instrument? The best choice for health!

a Qingfei instrument how much money? A 1 – 30 thousand yuan can Qingfei instrument, the instrument is mainly for a lung symptoms? A Qingfei gauge help sputum, sputum expectoration easy to make: do not cough up sputum, sputum is due to years of accumulation of phlegm, phlegm formed die old, attached to the respiratory tract. The ability to swing weakened cilia. A device to form negative pressure oscillation Qingfei airflow in the nasal cavity, vibration sputum loosening, stripping the respiratory tract, enhance the ability to swing cilia, with suction sputum can easily discharged.

joined hundreds of millions of home Qingfei instrument?

a Qingfei instrument how much? A Qingfei instrument is not expensive, so buy a thousand billion Qingfei instrument is to buy health, what are you waiting for? A clear airway Qingfei instrument, breath easier: shortness of breath, hold because of airway obstruction and stenosis, spasm, carbon dioxide retention in the lungs, then the amount of suction reduce hypoxia. Hundreds of millions of Qingfei instrument through the negative pressure pulsation oscillation airflow help exhaust sputum, completely remove inflammatory substances and accumulation of sputum, so that the airway can be cleared, pulmonary ventilation environment can be restored, and thus easier to exhale.

the choice of a good lifestyle is the first step in our successful business. Hundreds of millions of home Qingfei instrument? Not only to meet the needs of consumers for a healthy life, at the same time, joined hundreds of millions of Qingfei project, or a very strong choice. If you are also very exciting. So, what does the child hesitate? Hurry up!

Do you know what are the rules of convenience stores to join the shop

demand for convenience store is very large, in the convenience store to buy life need products, is really very good, now the convenience store big profits, many entrepreneurs see the convenience store market, choose their own also operates a convenience store, help yourself to a better business, so, the convenience store join the shop what the law is?


rule and choosing the appropriate location

some of the convenience store survey shows that there are 60% causes of business failure is due to poor location. So in the choice of shops is not hasty. As far as possible the few locations within the district preselected number of inhabitants, floating population, consumption level, consumption habits, vehicle line conditions and detailed list, in contrast, roughly estimated that the premise of the establishment of profit situation, let the convenience store development personnel to conduct field investigation and judgment, and finally determine the location the choice of.

rule two, comparative analysis of joining the policy

decided to invest in convenience stores, it takes a certain amount of time and effort to compare all the convenience store company launched the franchise policy. Although the brand effect needs to be considered, but the choice of the most suitable for their joining policy for the franchisee, more important.

rule three, positive attitude, to create a win-win

no matter whether the convenience store franchisee has no shop experience, should be in accordance with the franchisee to join the policy implementation. Avoid empirical errors of judgment and random process, cause a variety of consequences is not conducive to both sides to join, the franchisee should maintain good cooperation attitude, in strict accordance with the rules and regulate the operation of the franchisee, actively cooperate with the franchisee to carry out the operation. Both sides work together to achieve a win-win effect.

convenience store demand, it is worth considering people in the business of the industry, of course in the location when you need to pay more attention, when entrepreneurs in the convenience store, if able to firmly grasp the three principles, there is a suitable store address, supported by the headquarters policy attitude that can lay a good foundation for the normal operation of their own store!

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