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Love Shanghai launched collective punishment against the domain name trading phenomenon


: first love Shanghai a move that what kind of attitude

algorithm 2 began on Scindapsus news site, the first step is to fight against the soft trading phenomenon, the second step is the two level domain name trading phenomenon, these news sites for the impact is relatively large, especially outstanding in many local news sites. I guess the big love Shanghai news site is not easily moved, for small and medium sized news sites, if pure trading in the two level domain name or directory, then Shanghai will set an example of love. Local news site is sure to face a reshuffle, as the news site operators, whether already has a psychological preparation, timely adjust to avoid the harm. Stop the sale of two level domain name, do not risk their lives, for those who intend to buy this link friends, presumably also should be some convergence, buy the same link risk is not small. Unless you have experience, otherwise I would advise you to be careful, not to joke about the customer’s site, of course, still can do experiments on

July 19th, love Shanghai official platform issued an announcement: the sale of two level domain name or directory for cheating will implicate the entire station statement this announcement means to combat the sale of the two level domain phenomenon, is the main target of some news sites, these sites often sell two domain name or directory, can be seen in the many webmaster forum, this phenomenon long-standing. In fact, this is a link, from version 2 to Scindapsus algorithm, love Shanghai combat link trading determination did not change. Recently, love Shanghai to spearhead the news sites, these sites sell soft, while sales of Links. Thought love Shanghai encounter this kind of situation may only be down right on the two level domain name or directory, or remove all included, but there is not much influence on the domain name, now love Shanghai launched a collective punishment. So the domain name will also agree to be punished, the punishment for this, I have some ideas, do not know if you have what view.

second: local news sites face a reshuffle of

for the love of Shanghai, hit the link trading phenomenon seems to have been urgent, love Shanghai’s move shows that such an attitude, Links sale, sale, all kinds of soft link hanging black chain phenomenon must be curbed, the formal industry website optimization time, want to cheat is tantamount to Dutch act. One type of Shanghai dragon thinking clearly cannot exist, practical starting from content, starting from the user is king, not much meaning of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum ranking website, don’t think about the love of Shanghai can’t catch me, this mentality is the lottery mentality, the risk is too great. Love Shanghai update algorithm, and the webmaster tools are constantly upgrading, love Shanghai to conduct a reshuffle of the webmaster or Shanghai dragon industry, cheating, spam links these will gradually vanish, the webmaster Shanghai had to rely on love life, pay more attention to the latest love Shanghai. In

The website snapshot remain in the analysis of No. 21

and others, need to take care of every day. The reason is the same. The website every day has a different user to view, they all want to see on the website you need text and pictures. The search engine spiders is the same. When she crawls into your website, or had seen before, it will be angry, disgusted, and left. So no matter how busy you are, every day will do is, the quality of the website to update some new content. Don’t be afraid of trouble, not only it is you, at the home of top five enterprises, are also in accordance with this step, every day to do, can do the ranking is not easy, since everyone knows this truth, so hurry up. Look at your website how long did not update the content, need to eat spiders.

today, Shanghai website production company station network integrated query about web search engines situation with love, find the snapshot every two days. So worry, is not the site violated some terms of love in Shanghai. This makes Shanghai website very puzzled by. Because on Sunday, attracting network rankings and snapshots or the latest ranking, is firmly in the first love Shanghai home, but now is still not before. After careful analysis, attracting Shanghai Longfeng obtained several essential reasons, here we talk about.

3 update

everyone is busy, all become lazy. Raise your hand is open a website, and even some of them don’t even open the same.


server is the basis of site stability. If the server is not stable, the problem that how the search engine every two or three days, will know that you exist, but also to talk about the website ranking? A successful web site, the first server need stability, can talk about the success of the Shanghai dragon. Why? If your server problems, love Shanghai search engine is not known, because it is just a piece of code, it is in accordance with the law to go climbing, if your site is not open, can not find you, then your website snapshot stalled, then is the content and page constantly reduced. To this end, the website before, need to consider the stability of the server.

Links problem


content of the same industry plagiarism

1 server,

recently in Shanghai dragon WHY, A5, Adsense helper saw several articles, is part of the people of integrity, and others exchange connection, delete not say hello. There is, because the connection site later will have some unfair means to do the work of Shanghai dragon. This time you will be affected by the station. The snapshot is inevitable. To this end, attracting network, we should develop a good habit, every day to open their own website, the first step is to check the website of the Links, as long as the inquiry on its website illegal, or drop right, by the K phenomenon, delete immediately, avoid the site affected and greater development.


Website ranking why down Using soft Wen promotion

second is the chain, check the chain address recently, whether or not waste too much the chain, whether by horse, to use webmaster tools to shield.

is the first chain, check if there is K website and website design of pornography, if found immediately chain, if not timely chain, then the result is right to be reduced, so this is one of the most important.

third is for the maximum.

, Shanghai dragon friends have experienced such a situation, ranking unchanged but dropped, and this situation is very worrying, in fact, when the decline of the quiet, analyze the reasons, is still very necessary, such as your content, chain, chain, and the recent server optimization means, Shanghai dragon to develop the habit of recording, easy problems to find the reasons and solve problems, to improve the ranking in the amount of hair some soft Wen, said the following points compare with heavy.

second, which is what we want to present to the user of the product or the name, with to be soft, not forced into, don’t exaggerate, so as not to let the user feel uncomfortable.

is generally in the face of personal webmaster, whether your site advertising too much and affect the user experience, love 14 years in Shanghai have made clear, if your site layout, advertising and other related content will affect the user experience, such as ranking drop, so people were to take control of a good.

The key point is the content of

said the following matters needing attention and the soft requirements:

Two years earlier, The

first is the quality of content, the content must be required by the user, the best to write their own, do not modify the copied articles, this is not what meaning.

has changed the site title, description and other content, if there is a change, right down is normal, do not worry.

soft Wen promotion effect is very good, but now, everyone on the network knows a lot, it’s easy to see whether there is a suspicion of advertising, although now soft, do it more and more difficult, but after all, still have the effect, the key is to see how you write.

is a soft published form is the most news source, although it is expensive, but if the content and the title let everyone interested in, or has a good effect, so if you want to publish the news source, the two must be done, otherwise click reading rate is very low, not to do no hard.

server is awesome, have appeared unable to access the phenomenon, if often appear, it will cause the ranking drop and drop right. We want to make sure that the search engine spiders can smoothly arrived at our site, a good way to entertain it, buy it, it will not have the letter.

third is the content, check whether the recently updated content quality is too low or too much anchor text, proposed to increase the original articles and delete some low quality chain.

Tracking a weapon to search spider achievement of Shanghai Dragon

of course, we should also learn to observe the spider crawling our site log to our site audit quality and the abnormal many K site are generally very obvious, yesterday and the day of the spider has a very different. At the same time on the day of love Shanghai big update we will find the spider crawling records of the site is very much, the general log size is about 2 times more than usual.

of Shanghai dragon is to follow the law, although we do not know the operating principle of search engines, but search engine traces is we study the important basis of Shanghai dragon. The search engine spiders before we do play a very important role in the process of Shanghai dragon, every day we are in the construction of the chain, update the content. The objective is to be able to make the search engine spiders can often pay attention to our website, and give a better ranking.

as a more powerful tool to attract spider crawling our website is the key, how to let the spider to visit our website and give our website a better ranking? Is the spider crawling records on our blog, we will find a lot of spider crawling IP. The weight of search engine website is a more obvious distinction in the IP section of the spider. 220.181 at the beginning of the IP section is a section of the relatively high weight of spiders, these spiders are difficult to be guided to a common site, if we regularly update our website content, and in the high weight site chain of these spiders will also follow the.


In fact,

our website for any change to the spider left a special mark, through different IP segment of spiders we can find out how the web site in the search engine’s performance. We can also find general rules of spider climb to the site through the site log, most are some time fixed heat regional spiders crawl up to the time interval, for we can regularly update our website content, in order to better grasp the spider, but not at the same time the influx of large amounts of content the search engine is regarded as cheating right down.

through the spider crawling log, we can not only observe the site in the performance of search engine, we can also identify whether the website is really a search engine K out, this is many of our practitioners are most concerned about the issue of Shanghai dragon. Many web sites are K only love Shanghai right down, but not the real love of Shanghai to K off, if it is found that the spider is still in the crawl, and may save. But found that even through the construction of many outside the chain, spiders do not crawl, website basic >

search engine is a very confused things for us, although we have been in Shanghai to study the dragon, but only through the surface phenomenon to weigh the performance of search engine. At present, many of the Shanghai Dragon Master mostly through long-term accumulation of Shanghai dragon combat experience, result.

Talking about Forum building and profit experience of University TownWithin 6 months, how many IP vi

1. university city forum site preliminary investigation

The promotion of the

forum of University City, there have been 3 large community website, hogye network, Chongqing college students and community college students. Take a closer look, although the 3 sites are relatively large, the function and coverage of the content is also very rich, but each has its own characteristics. Hogye university students network is more like a water platform, registered number is one of the earliest independent forum of University City; Chongqing college community is mainly in the news and part-time platform to do very well, provides college students part-time information very new, there are complete college students part-time service system, following the the forum activity is not high; college students play is supported by the business website, mainly from the establishment to provide students for the purpose of business consulting, similar to the reputation of the network, providing entertainment, catering, visit consultation.

One of the most important aspects of

3. forum initial promotion work

‘s preliminary investigation is competitor analysis. I do is Chongqing hogye University City Forum, there are currently 11 universities, Chongqing University, Chongqing Normal University and so on are, can be said that the number of objects is considerable. When the site was established, each school had its own forum, but the university town was separated from the old campus, so the students in the University were not very active in their own forums.


briefly analyzed the competitors, and then how our website is positioned. At first, I didn’t want to attack completely. Although I didn’t make several successful websites, the experience of many failed websites told me that the more I wanted to do it, the more difficult it was to keep. It’s important to do a website and stick to it.

forum has just been told, and it is mainly for members of the association. In this work, a lot of things to do, the best effect is, by way of cooperation forum moderators early recruitment. Let the backbone of members of the association of the rich and the activity of the forum is very interested students become a forum moderator. Let them join in, >

my website: xiaowaiwai in June last year, less than 10 months, the daily IP nearly 10 thousand, PV in 43000, the advertisement also has certain harvest this can


1, accurate positioning.

2, the development of the content of the website and later choose a location

The other is that some

on the website promotion again:

1, search engine

also must meet the search engine " ", for example; appetite; Web page title name. It can read the relevant knowledge of SEO. It can access the relevant search engine optimization knowledge.

2, spam promotion

this, I affirm that my own website is never used after going to use, ha ha,

‘s current resources, or resources easily available, are associations of schools in the University. They all have groups and can easily build a group of pre forum staff. Suggest that you are also in the station, is to think of their own hands can use what is the resources, in addition to their own, some resources can also be obtained through cooperation, and this is also your potential resources Oh, ~

2. University City Forum location

University City Forum is the market, doing business are very clear, the students are relatively easy to earn money, to have a good reputation and promotion effect among the students, the business nature is willing to spend money to advertising. That’s what I thought at the beginning of the station. After several months of efforts, and finally achieved a steady income of several thousand a month, but also a considerable number of fans become the backbone of the forum. It’s not difficult to feel like doing a student forum. Here to share their experience, hope that interested students can learn from.

As the comprehensive portal becomes saturated, the future of vertical portals will be considerable

with the portal site on the popularity of home life, people have small and large portal sites are closely connected, we live in a lot of first-hand information in addition to get through the press, TV media, media is mainly through the website. The comprehensive portal has been increasingly saturated, basically monopolized by Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other large integrated portal, is more obvious vertical local portal advantage is also very promising, even in the direct guiding resources has been more than some of the large comprehensive portal role.

Compared with the comprehensive gateway,

regional portal has its own specificity and uniqueness, which is largely divorced from the complexity and universality of the information of the integrated portal. To a great extent, we can call this kind of local web portal a vertical type of local portal. Mainly because of the focus of attention of the local portal website is relatively simple, mainly concentrated in one or several aspects, with stronger pertinence and effectiveness of large integrated information portal.

, and local portal also has regional characteristics that comprehensive portals do not have. Local portal website will according to the local economic and cultural characteristics, combining various elements closely related with people’s daily life, the website for the media, to carry out various kinds of unique online and offline activities, to the local economy and culture to other countries. And this is also a very promising and practical aspect of vertical portals. The comprehensive portal in the traditional sense in most cases is only as a medium, the other in various parts of the information integrated into the information show in front of the user, while the vertical local portal site in addition to the relevant information of the various regions of the integration of the push to local users, but also has a collection of local economy culture and tourism information push to the rest of the country in various parts of the function.

We can see the recent

ylmf’s officially launched (Dongguan area portal) is a type of vertical portals, economic characteristics and a great feature of the portal is based on local Dongguan and set up the type of industry portal, an example of this is the typical combination of economic the development of the local characteristics of Dongguan. If we look slightly and the development of Dongguan’s industrial structure, then the wind efforts to build local vertical industry portal that will be not at all surprising.

From the establishment of

for this point of view, we can directly see the prospects for the development of vertical portals and local space. The reason is very simple, ylmf are done, you can say no value? Of course, this is every company development strategy is different, not necessarily that other companies will pay attention to the local portal sites, which have been established in the local portal site, but we have reason to believe that the wind open this precedent >

Yantai Penglai taxi market multi – Business Disputes

in the scenic spots, many people need to use the car, but in Shandong, Penglai, the city’s scenic spots, a lot of rental market disputes, to bring trouble to people. In Shandong city of Penglai Province, some lawy obtained the right to operate a taxi owners can not find their names in the local micro transportation management platform; some owners in the replacement of vehicles "slaughtered"; some owners are required to pay the "safety margin" to do the transfer procedures.

Shandong province Yantai Penglai city because of Penglaige and other famous scenic spots, many tourists, passenger taxi industry developed, although only Sishijiwan household population, there are more than and 600 car passenger taxi active in the local high streets and back lanes.

, however, the city is behind the bustling passenger rental rental disputes.

recently, "Legal Daily" reporter from the Yantai taxi owners reflect, said the traffic administrative department of the city will be forced to transfer their right to operate a taxi to taxi companies, taxi owners have to pay high "safety margin", Department of transportation to transfer; traffic bureau jointly update the purchase of vehicles in the taxi company when the owners of illegal charges. Taxi owners asked the local transportation bureau and taxi companies to return to their original right to operate, the return of illegal fees charged.

Peng Peng, director of the Penglai taxi driver told reporters that in the early 90s of last century, Penglai tricycle, vans and other passenger operators have no operating permit. In late 90s, the local government began to issue warrants for their business, the business owners warrants to be called "little red", all is a private account.

since 2011 began to implement the "Shandong province road transport regulations" to encourage taxi to implement large-scale, intensive operation, and the Penglai City Department of transportation will take this opportunity to limit the scrap car owners "small cars to replace the red" to recover the scrap, not public hearings and other legal procedures will transport permit business name by the name of the owner to the company and personal name or personal name in the remark, dozens or even hundreds of people sharing a license. Let the owners worry is that later transport permits change, the owners name have been canceled, even launched in Yantai City micro transportation management platform, can not find the owner’s name information.

see the above text, we have to understand the rental market in Shandong, Penglai, Penglai taxi owners have the right to operate the right to be transferred to the company name? Zhou Li, lecturer of Qingdao University of Science & Technology law school believes that the road transport from Penglai to provide owners of the license, only the government departments of the taxi company’s administrative licensing and control, no government departments on the owners of the administrative licensing and control, so management right should belong to the taxi company.

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Starbucks Haagen Dazs success and accurate brand positioning is not unrelated

catering market continues to develop, at the same time, exotic taste has become the mainstream. Today, the Chinese market is indeed undergoing great changes. Previously, as long as it is a foreign brand, or dressed in a foreign brand coat fake foreign devils can be in the Chinese market, unlimited expansion.

"third space" on people’s living space, Starbucks seems to have research. Howard · Schultz has expressed the corresponding space of Starbucks: People’s space is divided into families, offices and other places. The first space is home, the second space is the office.

Seven princess nine flavor volume join money

delicious snacks to join the brand countless, want a better business for the choice of a good project, is also very important. Seven princess of the nine volumes? Delicious, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Join the seven princess of the volume of the project, the first choice of small businesses in the top nine!

seven princess of the nine volume?

seven princess of the taste of the volume is how much money? Do you want to make money, the princess of the nine volume is the traditional flavor of the food into the modern flavor of the characteristics of the snack – seven. Seven princess nine kinds of volume have joined the market? In the inheritance of Chinese traditional snacks boutique culture at the same time, more improved according to modern people’s eating habits, emphasis on health and nutrition collocation, with "ancient original, secret sauce" exclusive flavor snack, leading consumer fashion, has poured into the new vigor for Chinese snack, for the city to create a new leisure fashion delicacy life trend choice.

Egg rolls, crisp rolls, spiced halogen lotus 1000 rolls of meat was a dozen products, to meet the modern fashion taste rich delicacy enthusiasts demand. Seven princess taste of the volume of course, there are nine market.

joined the seven princess of the volume of the project, with the strength of the brand snacks to join the project nine. In fact, entrepreneurs choose to open their own seven princess of the volume of the volume of the nine stores, no doubt, is a very good choice. Successy set up shop, successful business, worthy of trust!