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Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, replacing the head of the menace from the rear

rapid increase keyword ranking

fast promotion website weight

Shanghai dragon

website after A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, can make your site more accord with search engine habits, outside the chain, allowing you to use less time and money, the rapid increase in the keyword ranking. We all know the importance of the chain for the website ranking, and the construction of the chain and require a lot of time, and time is money, but Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services can solve your concerns in this regard.

A5 webmasters when receiving Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, the first thing to do is to a full range of professional diagnostic analysis of your site within seven days, you provide a high level of "site diagnosis and optimization proposals", in which you can visually see the deposit on your own site, why solution analysis of these problems and problems. At the same time, in the "site diagnosis and optimization proposals" will give you a copy of the next working arrangements, how to do the work of advice.

diagnosis can solve the website included slow, no ranking, low weight of these defects, and can help you find the cause in the shortest time, to solve these problems from the root. And if your website which website structure is not reasonable, can also help you improve the structure of the site, the site to solve some disadvantages, a formal way to do, the weight of the website will quickly upgrade.

is the most important A5 solemn promise: if you follow our "site optimization proposal" diagnosis operation for two months. "

some of the enterprises and the boss wants to find some professional Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, but do not understand their own money to find a professional Shanghai dragon diagnosis team to the site to do a full diagnostic work-up, you can actually get what? Whether can the real website keywords to improve the website, such as slow, no ranking, low weight these problems can be resolved? If these problems are solved in the service period, later ranking and off site, and the emergence of the problem how to do? These questions are more concerned about the personal webmaster, it is here to It’s only human., A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services (www. Shanghai, zhenduan贵族宝贝) to talk about Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, you can actually get what? Could you remove the real menace from the rear.

The site diagnosis and optimization proposals "

high level"

a lot of people are worried about the effect of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service is only temporary, may not be over two days the site will appear such problems, worried that the Shanghai dragon diagnostic service personnel will not to solve this problem, nature also exist, any problems are more personnel in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis website Business Hours outside are not to ask, but the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services to provide 10 days of customer service medal tracking service, replacing the menace from the rear.


customer service medal tracking service

After the website home page is K, how to quickly restore rankings

1, website content: freehand some high quality original article, increase search engine friendly degrees, it must be pseudo original and reproduced is not enough, especially the new website article acquisition is not more. At the same time to pay attention to the site within the chain optimization, but also is not on the site is not stable during the replacement of the template, or spider need to grab, not good. We should make good use of robotr.txt and Nofollw tags, reduce the distribution of dead links and duplicate pages and weight value. We all love each other but also is the connection between, if this is a new word, the article is not to put too many links, especially the link to your home page.

server 3, impact: if there are a lot of gaming websites use the space with IP, or web site is down right or be K, are likely to affect your website with iP, the degree of influence I have said is not good, it can be noticed. One of the reasons for instability is also ranked server does not put up or down the right, the server is not stable, resulting in the search can not normally access, so the punishment for this problem can be considered for a IP space or ignore it.

2, keyword density problem: and be careful not to stack keywords, keyword density should be < 8%, this tool can be used to query, the keyword density, we have different views, I have a new website before, density is 12%, there is a time for ranking is good however, big update last July by K have no hair, so don’t take chances, but this is not a question of what the density of key issues, at least I think so, since this site is K, I do keyword density station in about 2%-3%, ranking is also good.

said the website optimization needs to go in front of the search engine, but it is undeniable that we have been behind the death defying chase, but also can be found, we don’t know what to do when the site will be K, because Shanghai dragon is really a very difficult thing, of course, also some people feel Shanghai dragon very simple, it’s easy to say, but if I tell you again, you will have a website optimization to love Shanghai home? I don’t think so, everything is not so simple! So this is to talk about the website home page is k, how fast recovery

ranking! The

4, using some means of cheating, which will lead to your site is down right or K stand. If you don’t do this, perhaps the competition with these means in thy station, it must pay attention to, often check the chain, if there is a chain of garbage over words, with love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools to shield it.

actually I do Shanghai dragon is not a short time, during several times the home page is k, but also two or three days back, except for a big update in July last year, of course, sharing here is not to say completely can solve the problem, are some of my experiences.

The details of the example on the user experience optimization method

said every day to improve the user experience, the website user experience is good. The webmaster really understand what is the user experience? The common methods are some original content, access speed and so on, actually these truth is the webmaster all understand, but for these it can really enhance the overall user experience? Original content and access speed is better for the user experience, but this it is just the surface. The user experience is important details, in many cases, users not to see you write very well, but the article gives users the inspiration. As the saying goes, the good method that others just someone else, only when you really have is a good way for themselves. Then the details of the user experience mainly what? Today I use examples to prove that not only the user experience and experience in content, there are a lot of small details easier to use good user experience:

two is a joke of type, and are generally choose green when they are users when viewing the contents in the background color that is not a kind of mind and body relax feeling, this is the user experience a subtle. This can be very good to let users easily browse and pleasant mood to visit the web site, and will not be tired of feeling. So, the site background color can also affect the user experience, the webmaster love according to their color preferences to adjust the color, can actually listen to the views of users, A bystander is always clear-minded., Those closely involved cannot see clearly. What is the interactive section, many websites are basically the lack of interaction with the user forum. This is a big problem. Browse others sites are not the only love a mood not sharing website, there are many methods for the interaction of the website, such as a two directory to open a forum, comments, comments, voting and so on are to improve the user experience, A5 for example, each article on A5 with a vote and comment, share function, as shown in figure

A friend to take the .


this is a method to enhance the user experience very fine many times, the article is well written by the user to decide, feel good no use, it’s your personal opinion, only users say this is a good article. Because the user through this article can effectively solve their own problems, many people say false original theoretical knowledge is not good, too bad. In fact, this is only your personal opinion only, than >


for example analysis of the details of what makes the first website user experience is good, the choice of colors, many users are particularly concerned about a website color, because if the color content with dissonant words, it will affect the overall image of the website, it is very for example, the author, friend of the station, he was made a joke of type, then the general see joke are recreational persons, natural color for more green or light color.

I love the mule Shanghai dragon ER in the end but also misguided long

a few simple examples, many small and medium-sized site footer are piled with home key link, is the so-called secondary navigation, the navigation is much, there is no effect, there is no reaction, not analysis, most people even thought of, a lot of people are see others do, he will follow. In the end there is no effect, stand in the angle of SE I think, ZAC is also mentioned in the book of the links in the footer of the stack keywords is the reason a lot of website drop right, I say no authoritative experts say enough authority.

estimates the title of this writing to be N many people criticize to fly out, but the current domestic situation is indeed a lower level of Shanghai dragon ER has been some so-called "master" to mislead.

there are many examples, here is not to say, after all this is not to say that what is misdirected, just want to say learning Shanghai dragon there is a better and more correct, not only for others to tell you that.

there are a lot of people say the new web page snapshot of the higher ranking, which I cannot understand, explain the new snapshot of your site update frequency fast, often update, spiders will every day to crawl, don’t say spiders more, also have an impact on the ranking? I know, just a spider responsible for the page crawl into the index library, ranking is analysis of other programs. So what are the benefits of the new snapshot ranking? What was not directly linked, but there is still a new snapshot of the indirect effects of, that are updated every day, more content, more chain in the website, the ranking is better, and the update of the contents, collection number, traffic will be more high. There are corresponding with photos, not long-term update sites will cause the site to drop right even by the K, this does not make sense to say don’t know is coming out from where, but this is really misleading a lot of people, a lot of people to your site will not be K not be right down, every day very hard to update website mentioned or, to observe, or change an angle to analysis object, such examples can be observed too much, I saw a lot of long-term not update the site still maintained a good ranking.

but there are too many training institutions in Shanghai Longfeng learning materials and more and more cheap, there are few people willing to analyze problems, basically all is the parrot, a veteran and novice combat experience, Shanghai dragon is all eyes and ears.

imagine, if not so much Shanghai, learning materials, training institutions not so much, then how to learn Shanghai dragon? We should all know, the easiest way is to observe the search rankings, then the amount of data for analysis. Or standing on the SE point of view to analyze the possible ranking rules, and then to verify the rules by observing their website or practice, if according to the ideas and methods to study Shanghai dragon, is certainly a very right way.

Norson said China 3G is expected to start the first year of up to 5 million 500 thousand usersJoin t


, there’s only one last move. My boss said, we use guest promotion. The boss said, "ah, yes, but still more cautious," the Commission was first set as a medium level in the industry on the line, there is a effect, and then gradually increase the Commission rate. According to the boss’s requirements set by the commission rate, the next guest promotion, half a month by Amoy sold a total of 17 single, total Commission expenditure of 140.42 yuan, the average Taobao off every sale of a commodity will receive a commission of more than 8 yuan.

in my opinion, the current through the shop Amoy promotion only achieve this volume is too low. The average transaction cost is far lower than the guest promotion marketing through-train promotional marketing costs, obviously should increase guest promotion efforts, so I decided to increase the guest promotion commission rate: the first step to the minimum commission this shop goods rate increased from 3% to 3.5%, the highest rate was increased from 5% 8%. With the promotion effect of Amoy and ready to gradually increase.

the car has to go slowly and slowly, so try it with adwords. As a result, the boss said Taobao platform outside the promotion method is not considered, because it is inaccurate. So, this way has to put on the shelf.

starts working, I’m going to pick out some of the best ways to promote yourself from several of the Internet marketing weapons. As a part-time job, forums and other communities in the post effect is limited, but also too much time, blog publicity is difficult to have much traffic, so these methods from the beginning was pass off. Want mass, that is, the need for special mass tools, but also the same network of non accurate dissemination of the sky, the efficiency is not high. So all kinds of mass means also dropped to pass. sh419 ranked bid threshold is too high, thousands of the initial installation fee, also not be considered. Finally think of more reliable, which is Taobao train, Amoy promotion, as well as the use of shlf1314’s Adwords so easy and easy several effective means.

Taobao through train is one of the main promotional methods on Taobao’s online shop. There are many articles on how to drive, and there are also many official teaching videos on Taobao. Not to mention, but just need to remind friends who haven’t driven yet, driving isn’t as easy as Taobao’s instructional videos say. Exactly according to the official Taobao video to engage in teaching, you will find your train will burn, train flow up, click rate up, but not necessarily turnover will rise, because this time due to the addition of too much accuracy is not high enough, the decline in the value of the train flow.

recently, I have nothing else to do so to the Internet to find part-time. Relying on their own university network marketing teacher qualifications, easily find a Taobao shop part-time work to help a seller in the Kinney Taobao mall store " to shop promotion.

according to Norson Telecom consulting recently released report predicts that Chinese 3G network construction development after the first year of the number of users is expected to reach 5 million 500 thousand, second to 29 million years, third years up to 84 million.

Norson said, the above data is obtained by calculating the penetration rate and the future users of China Mobile 2G to 3G migration rate. Previously, Chinese 3G forecast in 2006 is expected to reach 15 million users issued an advisory body to the controversial.

Norson believes that the favorable factors of mobile operators China in 3G service is developed as follows: 3G terminal styles, the performance has been greatly improved than before; the original good 2G network coverage, through the 3G-2G switch, can achieve rapid business full coverage.

Build a daily Ip station, in fact, you just have to hold three points

1. first of all, you are a new, good location, began to develop, the first step, if you want to develop IP on the twenty thousand station, must first have a server, because it can ensure your development station capacity, or you have a very good space, this is the premise, then the space, sponsored website in each big forum activities sponsored IP on more than 1K or 5K station, each of several G space, the exchange condition is pop ads (a lot of traffic, no capital owners would like), if he does not support the pop can, the pictures and text connection, try to put more advertising pictures better, the best advertising with GIF, because many IE are now blocked FLASH format, so you use advertising to let more people see advertising content, to attract people, must be enough Enough to attract them into your station, if your station is sponsored forum, then do image ads or the future, the future traffic is very large, the general IP two thousand or three thousand forum, the basic half will look at the future of your content, you can see behind, the future content of station or other large BBS posts, traffic is very huge, and the future of the webmaster, they are willing to accept advertising cooperation, the future as a regular change of advertising content, the content must be attractive, updates faster! So, keep your station in less than two within a month, IP can definitely over twenty thousand, do not believe you can try.

2 QQ group, and Post Bar Post Bar, you know, I am not here to talk nonsense, QQ group, to enter the more special QQ group in AD, AD content in the QQ group chat with, what is called talk? You don’t want to master identity and to send. They are ordinary people within the group, that is you stand the visitor’s identity, for example, the first one, you have not seen XX movie? Super good ah, good people, good horror, very excited, so basically everyone is attracted to you, this time people will ask you where see, you can be generous AD, even if you don’t have the content, but as far as possible, after all, stand to do is to have meaning. Can refer to the AD, or released blockbuster news, so you can attract a lot of IP, such as false news, Jay Chou Taiwan paparazzi chase, lead to an accident, this topic is very attractive, in group A, many people will ask you where to see, you send your address is this, that you see here, do not know the true and false, then don’t use this title appears content to your site, and to Jay Chou Taiwan paparazzi chase, causing an accident? Appeared in the form of a question mark, then the contents can be casually said, according to a report, what what, so what made, he will not be responsible for liability, and can change a lot of the IP station and other discussion, can let others on your station to produce a very strong interest, so your station is not only with the flow, and With a large number of regular customers. IP twenty thousand is simply too small. >

Open clothing store learn collocation skills

said we open a clothing store, there are a lot of the knowledge from the shop before the location, select the brand to the late operation including price and promotion are the important factors influencing the operating efficiency of clothing stores. For a clothing store operators, do their own clothing collocation, very easy to arouse customers desire to buy, then as a clothing how to pull together to reflect a suitable own style on


clothing join skills include three aspects:

clothing to join the first unified texture, do not think that a all-match is fashionable, remember that innovation is always arbitrary without transgressing, otherwise it will not be seen as being offbeat. In the choice of clothing, you need to pay attention to your own body stand in front of the body mirror, a model as a reference in the selection of different types of clothing such as knitted sweater, jeans etc. is texture uniform, pure linen coat with lacquer leather is not uniform.

clothing to join and form unified tone: clothing four colors include: blue black tone, including cold tone, brown (warm), colorful color (sportswear use), pale lines (spring and summer use). Clothing color should not be more than three kinds of colors, otherwise it will appear garish and vulgar. People who have no confidence and confidence in clothes can choose black and middle tones. What kind of clothes will meet what kind of forms, more or less clothes not too long, not too short long clothes. The final effect of all clothing on the body, is the outline of a person. China men appear most often in the form of error is the jacket bag bag trousers buttocks and belly. The trousers are hung on the hips, and is not wrapped in the stomach.

In addition to join

clothing dress requirements of different types are not the same; obese people should not wear light colored, wide, wear suit with hidden stripe fabric and the lattice, the best wear monochromatic and darker and darker clothes, men should not wear light colored clothing, skin color than white type people wear clothes more selective free collocation but remember not too much color, thin body men should not wear dark clothes, it is best to wear light color or with a plaid dress.

opened a clothing store, it seems that there is no technical content, everyone will do, in fact, which involves a lot of knowledge. Clothing to join the skills of clothing is a big school, the operator to understand some of the knowledge in order to enhance their image to get a good impression. The introduction of several aspects of the clothing store clothing matching skills, hoping to provide some reference and help for the operator.

How to choose an English Training Course

English is the world’s most common language, the language has a certain degree of difficulty, so many friends will be reported to the English training classes for counseling, so that we can get good English training. So, if you open an English training class, how to choose a better site? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

1, days of education and training to join

is a real, a formal and effective, the relevant departments of the certification institutions have legal procedures. English training courses, including the existence of the market, can be judged by the function of their products and advertising support. To choose a good project.

2, geography

select the training location, we must first clear their business scope and business positioning. If it is a large training institutions, a broad school address may be suitable for you; if it is art, training schools, some can meet the conditions of the residential areas or near the community will be better; different location, different types of management, selection is also different. Most of the English language training courses will also be directed against the nature of the school, to give a more reasonable choice of school address. It is convenient to park the car park or open space, which will be more convenient for customers.

with the rapid development of the city, the transformation of the old city is likely to be encountered in the operation, the first place to open a training site to investigate and understand the local urban planning, to avoid the demolition of the "dangerous" areas. In the rental housing, but also to investigate the understanding of the use of the housing, such as housing construction quality, whether the owners have property or other debt disputes, ignore these details often lead to store their mortality, brought huge losses.

3, man and

popular areas are basically conducive to the opening of the facade. Education is the same, the development of new city area, at the beginning, Xiling residents less population, if the lack of more floating population, is not suitable to open the. Although sometimes set up shop in the new area, of course, only a monopoly is not good, but around the consumption of resources, even if you have your own brand, will also be of no avail.

above is about how to open the English training class site selection, I believe we have a certain understanding of this, choose the right brand to join the investment, so as to get a good choice. The above three points of the proposal is to open the English training courses are the best summary of the site, as long as the investment to master these skills to ensure easy operation.