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Shanghai dragon Handan blind imitation optimization eliminate is affected

: a blind imitation of tangible atheistic

every success must have this side of it or in millions of new in order to be different, such as how to torrent sites: hao123 year talent shows itself? The success comes from convenient, no one was on the field, he was successful. And later appeared in countless similar sites, but there are a few can really do it? Even do also need strong financial backing to do security.

on the other hand, some owners really make a stand in the heart, want to behave with high quality development in quantity, but not according to the impetuous heart. At the sight of others after the success they want to imitate to make a stand, but if can imitate and succeed, how will your turn? Even if the copy structure is still not the development of the core. Innovation is the mainstream of the times, not only to innovation by imitating to succeed, is always with the others behind, and how to appear vividly in

follow the phenomenon seems to have become some of the webmaster accustomed to things, the development of the Internet has become a difficult consensus, this will occur with a lot of "junk" station to imitate the phenomenon. The development of website quality, in the high elimination rate of results is also unknown, so some owners used to follow others successfully pace, the construction of a large number of garbage station. This makes the profit to the number of sites to achieve their own interests. But this result is also met soon, that is not long, the analysis from a long-term perspective, the long-term development of this imitation is not suitable for the owners, after all, the search engine technology in innovation. Until one day no "imitation" is not in a valid, then these stationmaster network career has come to an end.

two: imitation innovation and take advantage of


in truth we know everything, but the truth will be applied to actual life and work but there are still people can not recognize the situation. Take the website optimization, many webmaster see others after the success of the aura, so take a crazy imitation, even will ZhengZhan structure complete copy of the past, but the final result is often brought to the former "up", and their own interests or understood, or by the website owners still do not lose the future in a few. So I think, in the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization must not be blind to the similar "imitate" optimization, the fact that every site has a way to adapt to optimize itself, and its optimization is more appropriate to the steady development of the website.

we have to imitate how to imitate the success of the other ideas, this is a very valuable wealth. In this industry, although there are high attrition rate, but still under the high base of success. The author believes that innovation is always the first factor in this foundation with the success of others methods, in what circumstances "to the people" and "adaptation search engine" is so successful. "Now I bribe" is not such a model it.

Love Shanghai launched a website message to remind the webmaster to bring what tools

began to love Shanghai kept updating algorithm from last year, Shanghai dragon industry general feeling is difficult to do some optimization, be rather baffling website K, then it is difficult to recover. Many people can not find their own Shanghai dragon is the real reason of K, in fact we can according to their own experience to judge, what is the problem of the chain or content, a variety of factors too much, now website message reminder tool can accurately guide us to do this in the Shanghai dragon? Not good to guess, if you fall in love with the sea can really make a reminder tool accuracy high, then the Shanghai dragon than before did some good. We like these can also engage in Shanghai dragon rookie to clear what problems, not to consult the old veteran. Compared with Google this tool to love Shanghai or to some late, in fact has long been a reminder of this tool, love Shanghai optimization guide write something too broad and specific when doing optimization met will encounter a lot of questions, we are eager to have the official statement, only the official is the most authoritative.

this day Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially launched the website message reminder, some time ago the Lu Songsong blog saw love Shanghai will soon launch the tool article, did not expect the love of Shanghai speed is very fast, has issued a notice today officially launched the website message reminder tools are a bit like Google shadow. But no matter how this tool launched very helpful for those of us in Shanghai dragon, should have very good guidance function, which will remind the specific news? According to the announcement that the first stage is a reminder to grab abnormal, second stage is a reminder of abnormal data. Remind is the meaning of these two aspects, we do Shanghai dragon more direction, may start optimization easier. At least this is love Shanghai official to give us advice or warning, for example: to be down the right site, or K sites are justified.


: the first can make it easier for us to do site optimization

second: can we totally believe that love Shanghai website reminder tool

love is based on the website of Shanghai reminder tool love Shanghai algorithm, since it is love Shanghai algorithm, then holes can hardly be avoided, so I think we can’t believe this reminder, moreover this reminder tools currently just on the line. Certainly there is a need for improvement, love Shanghai official also test this tool to encourage webmasters, regardless of Scindapsus algorithm or pomegranate algorithm, actually injure is certainly there. So when we receive the best website in question, first ask yourself, what is there a way to use cheat the operation of Shanghai Longfeng, according to their own experience and information to remind the judgement under. This tool not only the information can be sent to the mailbox, you can send to mobile phone via SMS, which I feel very good, convenient webmaster timely know site without problems.

third: guess.

Webmaster experience single page game website on how to make Shanghai Longfeng

third, as far as possible with comments: a multi page web site allows users to trust this is not an easy thing, but the single page would be even more. The objective evaluation so we must try to add third party, although sometimes the evaluation is not completely objective truth, but better than nothing. Many customers are vulnerable to comment on the influence of some products, temporarily do not want to buy, if there are a lot of praise, so users may also purchase. For single page game stand, want the user to download, also need to work on the user comment

Since !Flash images and

is a single page, or game site, then there will be three obvious characteristics. The first is not regularly updated articles; then there will be a long tail, means must rely on target keywords; finally the characteristics of the more favorable, is the goal of many users. For these three characteristics, I from three aspects of their own ideas.

fourth, have to say: the single page website are usually larger, often also can use pictures and flash, so we should consider the web page open speed. Try to picture processing and optimization, flash can be better not to use. These are not friendly to search engine. Pictures to add ALT attribute. Some of the pictures link without words nofollow attributes, help to improve the overall weight.

first, reasonable positioning target keywords: because it is a single page, so there will only be a key for us to use 2~3. These words can be a little hot, also can be the degree of competition is not big but has a long tail word search volume. The website is a web page, according to a two keyword or keywords to flow, in addition to a large number of long tail keywords. But a lot of single page of the game but can’t stand, the target word selection is particularly important.

some time ago, a friend asked me a single page web site should be how to promote the game, the first impression in my mind think of Taobao, because a lot of Taobao is the guest single page, but the promotion game website and Taobao of the guest was different. Today is a share and all their games for a single page station should do some thinking of Shanghai dragon, we hope to help. If have a wrong place, also hope.

fifth, the construction of the external links: single page game station is usually not easy to do Links, we can be achieved through the purchase link. Although we do not push.

page second, reasonable layout: we see a lot of single page sales website are long, but also more beautiful, because a lot of pictures and words into, so the layout should be particularly clear, the product features to explain. The general layout is divided into three parts, it is the product of some media reports, the middle part is the detailed product function, the lower part is the user order information. A very popular L-carnitine, many are single page, page layout is very beautiful, we can learn a lot from.

China’s love and marriage website is facing a profit problem, foreign competition for the 600 millio

        our team was established in 2003, the team captain, including technology, art, editing and so on 5 people, founded Xi hip-hop comedy entertainment network in 04 years www.xixiha < xixiha>, in our business can be with the network of a network, and in the meantime to develop and the issue of the journal "not" the title of his joke column, talent network named and CCTV reported the joke bar, ranked 16 on the Internet by the users selected the national 30 big joke website, has made gratifying achievements in July 2006 due to hacker website intrusion and other hackers in the site as a FLASH tutorial crack was forced to shut down, is currently making modifications. We have extensive experience in Internet operation, and if we can get enough financial support, we believe it will create an Internet miracle.

in July 31st, Chinese bridge will be the traditional "the Qixi Festival". A marriage dating website called "honey net" from Europe was officially opened in Beijing. The audience of this website is hundreds of thousands of struggling to find "the other half" of China

"Helen of Troy" Queqiao Online

The latest survey shows that

Jiayuan site of CEO Gong Haiyan, the dragon, the nickname "Helen of Troy online". She was once a popular member of the Peking University and Fudan BBS dating board. Gong Haiyan’s home in rural Hunan, my grandmother and my mother is a famous matchmaker hundreds of miles, the friends around to her quite erudite through paternal teaching and influence of matchmaking".

"in September 2002 I came to graduate from Beijing University of Fudan, October.

two. Market analysis
        first of all, the financing of the project is www.bieku, in the current internet almost capsule

Which brand of children’s furniture

children, after all, are different from adults, they are very low immunity, therefore, in the purchase of furniture for children, we need to be careful to deal with. Therefore, the purchase of furniture for children to be very cautious, children’s furniture is good or bad for the children’s health is closely related to the children most of the time after school will spend in children room, therefore, children’s furniture, environmental protection is very important. So, children’s furniture which brand is good? The next Xiaobian to introduce children’s furniture brand Daquan and children’s furniture shopping methods.

children’s furniture which brand is good? Love

Dongguan City Hengda Matson Mei Industrial Co., ten children’s furniture brands, well-known life furniture brands, well-known children’s mattress brand, Chinese furniture famous brand influence, China furniture industry excellent brand, professional manufacturer of Chinese children’s furniture industry.

children’s furniture which brand is good? Pine Castle Kingdom

Shenzhen Luxembourg Furniture Co. Ltd., ten children’s furniture brands, well-known brand of pine furniture, a member of Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, China green products brand, one of the most distinctive Chinese private furniture enterprises, one of the largest children’s China pine furniture production enterprises, products all over the country and exported to overseas.

children’s furniture which brand is good? ABC

Xuzhou Hui Hui furniture Co., Ltd., ten children’s furniture brands, green environmental protection children’s children’s furniture brand, set design, manufacture and sale of young solid wood furniture strength of enterprises. Specializing in the manufacture of young children’s furniture, combined with the characteristics of adolescent growth, fully meet the requirements of structural mechanics, ergonomics.

children’s furniture which brand is good? Colorful life

colorful life Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in modern color furniture R & D, manufacturing, sales of enterprises. Chinese, production base is located in Shenzhen, Longgang (formerly Shenzhen Co. Ltd), covers an area of nearly more than 100 thousand square meters, has 6 international most advanced color furniture production line, is currently the largest domestic color furniture R & D and production base. At present, the world can provide the most personalized furniture manufacturers.

children’s furniture which brand is good? Brother Lumbini

brother Lumbini (Chinese), ten children’s furniture brands, Italy famous brand, famous brand, through the international quality management system certification, has 40 years of experience in manufacturing Home Furnishing furniture group, one of Italy’s largest furniture group.

How to master the way to break through the bottleneck of female entrepreneurs

is now no longer a female entrepreneurship is something strange, many women have begun to try a lot of projects. But action is only the first step, how to ensure success? Only grasp the method can be more comfortable.

: rational thinking

sense of adventure

is to insist on victoryThe process of

small for large

may be born, women care about most likely a small profit, the lack of a broad mind, a pick sesame and watermelon throwing suspect. Do business to invest first, no pay no gain, vision needs to be put in the long run, the pursuit of the overall maximum benefit rather than the interests of a certain stage to maximize. In order to grow steadily for a long period of time, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice temporary interests. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, sometimes covet small profits but bring greater losses.

In fact, these

Open a clothing store investment budget

clothing sales market has always been a very hot market, high demand, so join the investment market is also very good, today the whole network Xiaobian for everyone a budget to open a clothing store amount to much, so that investors do several things.

clothes for everyone to wear, and the 08 in the first quarter of shop statistics, clothing sales in other industries are way ahead. So as long as someone’s place, should have a business to do. The first shop every step, see their economic ability to choose Dianzhi funds: Dazu, should be to do some low-end clothing, then choose to open clothing store locations may be the industrial zone, to the general workers for the consumer, you can also choose the students in the school district, near the place, take the student as the consumer subject.

can also choose some economically underdeveloped areas, with low income groups for the consumer. Choose a place, the following is to find sources, now clothing market, it is very easy to get the goods, but it can get good quality and relatively cheap goods, the best should be to design their own production companies, without wholesalers. Because wholesalers have to earn some profits, so the price will be more expensive than the manufacturers of goods.

you in the shortage of funds, how to open clothing store with the least money. Here’s the question. Generally low quality but also good goods, the factory’s wholesale price is about 20-25 yuan. In the beginning, you do not understand that a local clothing clothing market will sell it to reduce the backlog, that is to say a not too many goods, should be the best one in three yards, about 5.

started as a garment, there may be some people do not understand the clothing. How to solve this? I don’t think there is one step to learn. The whole network suggest that you can find some before the exchange, the clothes of course, it is best to find some clothing designer, because of their knowledge of clothing is the most professional. You can also look for the company to purchase more exchanges, I think it is possible, because you get the goods in him, he is also want you to make money, in order to achieve a win-win situation, I think this is not a big problem.

How to invest in Chongqing to provide visibility

do profitable food business, Chongqing small side to join the small investors. We say that the food and beverage business to do, repeat customers is important, but if only the new customers do not repeat the new customers are also competing with the fabric of the market competition and survival. For such a situation, it is necessary to think about how to improve the visibility of the store.

to create the ultimate product of the regional market. Do Chongqing small noodles to join the food items, the taste is the core, the main points to be clear, should not blindly amplified dishes, is the so-called "greedy chew", originally simple food items, turn sets the rate and operation of the project is to make money is the reason, in addition to "eat everything", some to strengthen the quality of the dishes.

do Chongqing small noodles to join the brand must first put the regional market stores the location of the well, the quality of the products after getting all approved before the start of promotional advertising, simply make sure the return rate, then promotion. There are five reasons. A taste of the product is not good, to promote more easily smashing signs; second, the store staff is not enough, the more consumers, the quality is not guaranteed, the more easily lost people; third, snack store service to keep up, be enthusiastic customers, no rigid face back to head off; fourth, health and environment to ensure clean sanitation, health and safety so that consumers can feel, will have a reputation; fifth, not your taste, not only to save the cost required to process food, standardized management, to avoid the unstable taste.

will join the Chongqing small brands to make a symbol of the local food and beverage market. A good food and beverage stores to strive to improve their brand awareness, the pursuit of a more benign development model, it is necessary to upgrade from these aspects. First, let the store turnover rate is more impressive. Turn over rate means that the profit doubled, which is such a fast food snack king of money, but also the best embodiment of standardization.

followed by Chongqing small join the brand must be the pursuit of taste in the local area to do the first segment of the industry. Be good at cultivating the needs of the community, school district and work area, rather than blindly promote and publicize.

third, grasp the pain points, the first person can help create regional stores as a symbol of the region, for example: consumers that meal places, restaurants, shops, migrant workers and students preferred exotic feast dining places and working dinner places, so is the success.

Chongqing small stores to join the brand awareness needs to start, the role of old customers is very important. Old customers most likely to do publicity for the store, a symbol of the old customer is back rate, a good customer that you will definitely help you speak, this group of people to give him concessions, give him to care is very important, the old customer referrals, the formation of word of mouth is the best. In the operation, improve the marketing process of WeChat is very important. WeChat on your recommendation

Yunnan assessed by the highest one million

is now all over the country to take some good policies to promote people’s entrepreneurship, recently, in order to promote entrepreneurship and employment in Yunnan Province, for some of the entrepreneurial park provides a high one-time subsidies.

assessed business park can get a one-time subsidy of 1 million, public record space 800 thousand of subsidies, subsidies of 500 thousand campus business platform; encourage students for entrepreneurship, and the maximum amount of 50 thousand grant…… Yesterday, the Yunnan provincial government information disclosure "published on the website of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government on further improving the implementation of the views of the employment work under the new situation" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), a big wave of employment and entrepreneurship policies pumianerlai.



Beauty cosmetics store success stories to share

today, people’s living standards continue to improve, the level of consumption is also increasing year by year, some of the most difficult to go to the expense of the project began to slowly appear in the cause of the people. Today, the beauty industry is now developing rapidly, the market demand for cosmetics is growing. It attracted the attention of many investors, many people choose the cosmetics store monopoly, Chen Jiang also opened his own cosmetics store, we are going to listen to his beauty cosmetics store owners camp what kind of products, how to create special products and selling products.

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