Expanded Dental Care for Young Nova Scotians

first_imgGovernment is expanding dental coverage for young Nova Scotians through the Children’s Oral Health Program. All children ages 14 and younger will now be eligible for molar sealants and an annual fluoride treatment. Children at high risk for developing cavities will be eligible for a second annual fluoride treatment. “Dental care is an important part of our overall health and should start at an early age,” said Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey. “The expanded services are focused on preventive care, to get ahead of dental issues before they start.” Previously, only children with cavities were eligible for an annual fluoride treatment and only those with deep molar grooves were eligible for sealants. The expanded services are part of an agreement between the province and the Nova Scotia Dental Association, which is retroactive to April 1, 2018. The new agreement also increases the fees dentists earn on Nova Scotia’s MSI dental programs, including the Children’s Oral Health Program, by five per cent. These changes will cost $921,000 a year. This is in addition to the $10.2 million being invested in these programs annually. “An increase in preventive services for children means more children will be eligible to receive more of the preventive dental care they need,” said Nova Scotia Dental Association President Dr. Nada Haidar. The Children’s Oral Health Program is a universal program that covers basic dental care. Children with private insurance coverage use that first, before government coverage is accessed. Last year, more than 56,000 children accessed the program.last_img read more

Traffic pollution caused asthma in 350K Indian kids

first_imgWashington DC: Traffic-related pollution caused asthma among 350,000 children in India in 2015, second only to China, according to a Lancet study unveiled Thursday that analysed 194 countries and 125 major cities worldwide. The first global estimates of their kind published in The Lancet Planetary Health journal suggest that more than one in ten childhood asthma cases could be linked to traffic-related air pollution every year. With 92 per cent of cases developing in areas that have traffic pollution levels below the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline level, the researcher suggest that this limit may need to be reviewed. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM'”Nitrogen dioxide pollution appears to be a substantial risk factor for childhood asthma incidence in both developed and developing countries, especially in urban areas,” said Susan Anenberg from George Washington University, US. “Our findings suggest that the World Health Organization guideline for annual average NO2 concentrations might need to be revisited, and that traffic emissions should be a target to mitigate exposure,” Anenberg said in a statement. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K”Our study indicates that policy initiatives to alleviate traffic-related air pollution can lead to improvements in children’s health and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said lead author Ploy Achakulwisut from George Washington University. Traffic-related air pollution may result in asthma development as pollutants may cause damage to the airways, leading to inflammation that triggers asthma in genetically predisposed children. The researchers used NO2 as a surrogate for the traffic pollution mixture to focus specifically on the effects of traffic pollution on childhood asthma development. NO2 is a pollutant formed mainly from fossil fuel combustion, and traffic emissions can contribute up to 80 per cent of ambient NO2 in cities. NO2 is just one component of air pollution, which is made up of many pollutants (including particulate matter, ozone, carbon monoxide), which are known to have numerous adverse effects on health. The researchers combined a global dataset of ambient NO2 — modelled from ground-level monitors, satellite data, and land use variables such as road networks — with data on population distribution and asthma incidence to estimate the number of new traffic pollution-related asthma cases in children aged 1-18 years. Globally, the estimates suggest that there are 170 new cases of traffic pollution-related asthma per 100,000 children every year, and 13 per cent of childhood asthma cases diagnosed each year are linked to traffic pollution. The country with the highest rate of traffic pollution-related childhood asthma was Kuwait (550 cases per 100,000 children each year), followed by the UAE (460 per 100,000), and Canada (450 per 100,000). The largest number of cases of traffic pollution-related asthma were estimated for China (760,000 cases), which is likely a result of China having the second largest population of children and the third highest concentrations of NO2, researchers said. Although less than half the size of China’s burden, India had the next largest number of cases (350,000) due to its large population of children, they said. The US (240,000), Indonesia (160,000) and Brazil (140,000) had the next largest burdens, with the US having the highest pollution levels of these three countries, while Indonesia had the highest underlying asthma rates. The country with the highest percentage of traffic pollution-attributable childhood asthma incidence was South Korea (31 per cent), followed Kuwait (30 per cent), Qatar (30 per cent), UAE (30 per cent), and Bahrain (26 per cent). The UK ranked 24th out of 194 countries, the US 25th, China 19th, and India 58th, researchers said. They explain that India ranks below other countries for this metric because, although levels of other pollutants — particularly PM2.5 — in India are among the highest in the world, NO2 levels from 2010-2012 in Indian cities appear to be lower than or comparable to levels in European and US cities. Two-thirds of traffic pollution-related asthma cases occurred in urban centres globally, and when suburbs were included this proportion increased to 90 per cent of cases. Of the ten cities with the highest proportion of traffic pollution-related asthma cases, eight were in China alongside Moscow, Russia, and Seoul, South Korea — all of which had high urban NO2 concentrations. Paris ranked 21st (33 per cent), New York ranked 29th (32 per cent), London 35th (29 per cent), and New Delhi 38th (28 per cent). The researchers note some limitations, including that studies linking traffic pollution and asthma, and NO2 monitoring data are largely from North America, Europe and east Asia, and NO2 ground-level monitors are mostly in urban areas, so could overestimate pollution levels in rural areas.last_img read more

Average US 30year mortgage rate rises to 354 per cent

by The Associated Press Posted Nov 3, 2016 8:14 am MDT Last Updated Nov 3, 2016 at 11:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Average US 30-year mortgage rate rises to 3.54 per cent FILE – In this Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, file photo, a home is listed for sale in Surfside, Fla. On Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016, Freddie Mac reports on the week’s average U.S. mortgage rates. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee, File) WASHINGTON – Long-term U.S. mortgage rates jumped this week, reaching their highest levels since late June amid indications of strength in the economy.Mortgage giant Freddie Mac said Thursday the average for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rose to 3.54 per cent from 3.47 per cent last week. Rates remain near historically low levels, however. The benchmark 30-year rate is down from 3.87 per cent a year ago. Its all-time low was 3.31 per cent in November 2012.The 15-year fixed-rate mortgage, popular with homeowners who are refinancing, increased to 2.84 per cent from 2.78 per cent.Government data issued Monday showed that consumers boosted their spending in September at the fastest pace in three months, while their incomes grew by a modest amount. The latest positive economic news added to the momentum behind an expected interest-rate increase by the Federal Reserve next month.Record-low interest rates this year have helped spur home purchases and boost the housing market. The Fed has been holding its key short-term rate at a record low near zero for seven years, since the onset of the financial crisis. At their meeting this week that concluded Wednesday, the Fed policymakers didn’t move on rates so close to Election Day. But the Fed hinted that it would raise rates soon, possibly next month.To calculate average mortgage rates, Freddie Mac surveys lenders across the country at the beginning of each week. The average doesn’t include extra fees, known as points, which most borrowers must pay to get the lowest rates. One point equals 1 per cent of the loan amount.The average fee for a 30-year mortgage fell to 0.5 point from 0.6 point last week. The fee for a 15-year loan was unchanged at 0.5 point.Rates on adjustable five-year mortgages averaged 2.87 per cent, up from 2.84 per cent last week. The fee held steady at 0.4 point. read more

Afghanistan UN concerned over appointment of new human rights commissioners

“The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, has asked her Office to carefully review the appointment process to assess whether it complies with the Paris Principles, the international standard governing national human rights institutions of this kind, and the AIHRC’s own statute,” said spokesperson for the Office, Rupert Colville, during a press briefing in Geneva.“These require, among other elements, that the process is transparent, that it includes broad consultation throughout, and that members are selected to serve in their own individual capacity rather than on behalf of any organization.”On 16 June, Mr. Karzai appointed five new commissioners, and asked four other commissioners to serve a further term. Mr. Colville said that Ms. Pillay believes “it is essential that the high calibre of its members be maintained and the AIHRC’s independence and integrity be upheld.”The Paris Principles list a number of responsibilities for national institutions. Among these is ensuring the institution’s independence and pluralism. Compliance with the Paris Principles is a requirement for national human rights institutions to gain access to the UN Human Rights Council and other bodies. Mr. Colville emphasized the importance of having the appointments follow the Principles, and said the Commission’s compliance will also be evaluated by the international accreditation body for national institutions in November this year, “at which point, the AIHRC risks having its current ‘A’ status accreditation downgraded if the appointment of new commissioners is viewed as not being in line with the Principles.”Out of almost 100 national human rights institutions around the world, 67 are accredited with “A” Status for compliance with the Paris Principles. Mr. Colville also noted that the appointment of new commissioners in line with the Paris Principles was a key human rights benchmark in the Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework agreed between the Government of Afghanistan and its international partners in July 2012. read more

Ohio State mens soccer coach John Bluem I dont see anybody thats

Despite the hardships its faced, there’s no quit in the Ohio State men’s soccer team. OSU coach John Bluem hasn’t seen evidence of that, anyway. It’s hard to deny the obstacles OSU has faced. Early in the season, it was injuries. Recently, it was the Buckeyes’ 3-2 overtime loss at Michigan that has set the team back. The loss also dropped the Buckeyes’ record to 4-6-1 on the year. With a week between games, OSU is using its time away from game action and on the practice field to right itself. OSU’s next Big Ten Conference test will come Sunday at home against Michigan State. “I’m satisfied with the work of most of the guys at practice,” Bluem said. “I don’t see anybody that’s quit. They all want to be successful still. They all want to win games and they’re all trying their best. This week will be very good for us, a little time off to catch up on some injuries that have been bothering us.” OSU senior co-captain and midfielder Austin McAnena agreed that time off will help the team rest up. “Everyone’s been working hard, and there have been a lot of guys in and out,” McAnena said. “We’re a deep team, and any guy that comes off the bench could be a starter one day.” Some OSU players have taken advantage of the injury problem, said junior co-captain defender Sage Gardner. “I think the guys injured at the beginning of the year are starting to improve their fitness, and that’s the key,” Gardner said. “I think they’ve all contributed pretty well.” With plenty of team depth, McAnena said he sees more players coming back as opportunities for players to get on the field remain. Gardner agreed, saying that the more healthy players there are, the better off everyone will be. “We need pretty much everybody now, everybody that we can have healthy because we’re starting to get into the real meat of the season, with the rest of the Big Ten coming up,” Gardner said. McAnena said having different players come back throughout the season is better for the team as a whole. “Every guy that comes off the bench gives us a spark,” he said. OSU’s match against the Spartans (3-6-1) is scheduled to kick off Sunday at noon at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. read more

BBC Autumnwatch presenter sidelined for being too white and middle class

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “Whatever I may think, it’s crucially important that high-profile shows like the Watches reflect diversity,” he said. “Chris, Michaela and I are all white and middle class, so a more diverse team must present some of the films that go out.”It’s hard for me because it’s my living, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought, ‘No, that’s the right decision, it has to be like that.’ ”The news comes weeks after the BBC was criticised for axeing comedian Jon Holmes from Radio 4’s The Now Show, when he claims he was told: “We’re recasting it with more women and diversity”.Holmes said he accepted the need for diversity but asked: “Should I, as a white man (through no fault of my own), be fired from my job because I am a white man?”In April this year, the BBC introduced “tough” new diversity targets including an aim to have half the faces on screen be women by 2020, 15 per cent be black or minority ethnic, eight per cent disabled and a further eight per cent LGBT. Martin Hughes-Games, who claims he will be sidelined by the BBC Martin Hughes-Games on Winterwatch Hughes-Games surprised fans in September by tweeting that: “The BBC commissioner Tom McDonald has decided my services no longer required on Springwatch etc. “Sad, but it’s been brilliant. Thank you.” The next day, the BBC issued a statement denying it, saying: “It is simply not true that Martin’s services are no longer required on the Watches. “As well as being contracted for Autumnwatch we have begun conversations with Martin about an evolution of his role for Winterwatch and beyond.”But Hughes-Games has now claimed he has officially been sidelined, telling the Radio Times: “It’s going to be completely different for me of course, and I will desperately miss Michaela and Chris, and in my heart of hearts I think we do have a wonderful relationship that works on screen, but I do see what Tom [McDonald] needs to try now.  Martin Hughes-Games, Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan “I won’t be going, I will still be a presence there, but we’ve yet to quite work out how that will be. We’ll see how it evolves.”Though sanguine, the broadcaster warned audiences would soon spot if a new presenter was there only for their appearance.“If somebody’s in there because they’re pretty and they don’t know what they’re talking about, the audience will soon let you know what they think, particularly in this era of social media,” he said.”So we have to do it, but we have to choose the right people as well.”Of his exit, he admitted the timing was “just bl—- awful”, leaving him wondering at the age of 60 how he would provide for his newborn son Sam.A spokesman for the BBC said last night: ” This is not a decision about diversity and was never described as such; Martin will be presenting Autumnwatch and conversations about his role after that are ongoing.” Martin Hughes-Games, Chris Packham, Michaela StrachanCredit:BBC Martin Hughes-Games on Winterwatch Martin Hughes-Games, who claims he will be sidelined by the BBC Martin Hughes-Games, the wildlife presenter, is to be sidelined from the BBC’s much-loved nature shows to make way for someone less white and middle class, he has suggested.Hughes-Games, who joined “the Watches” in 2009, said Autumnwatch and Springwatch  needed a “more diverse team” to suit the agenda of modern television as he claims he has been shifted from the main line-up.The broadcaster said he had been “genuinely sad and upset” to have learned his anchoring services may no longer required, just three weeks after the birth of his son.But the BBC insisted any future decisions about Hughes-Games’ role would be nothing to do with diversity, confirming he is due to take full part in the new series of Autumnwatch as planned before negotiating future shows.”Conversations about his role are ongoing,” a spokesman said.In an interview with the Radio Times, Hughes-Games said he understands the need for the BBC to try out new faces on screen.last_img read more

Licencefee payers support big salaries for stars like Gary Lineker BBC boss

Graham Norton remains one of the BBC’s highest earners, for his weekly Radio 2 show and other projects, although his fee for his BBC One chat show is not included in the figures due to a loophole that allows salaries to be hidden if they are from programmes made by independent production companies. Licence-fee payers support the BBC paying a seven-figure salary to Gary Lineker, the director-general has claimed, as he said the public wants the corporation to retain “talented and entertaining” stars.As the BBC publishes its annual report on Tuesday, Lord Hall of Birkenhead defended its high salaries. Lineker will head the list of top earners once again, with a salary of £1.75-1.76 million per year.“There’s a regular debate about whether we should pay what we do for the biggest stars like Gary Lineker, Graham Norton or Zoe Ball. I accept they get big salaries – in total around one per cent of our content spend.“But they also front some of the biggest shows on TV and radio: programmes that account for 40 per cent of viewing and listening to the BBC,” Lord Hall said.“They would earn significantly more elsewhere – and recent departures to commercial rivals show this argument isn’t hollow.” Lord Hall has defended the high salaries of some of the BBC talentCredit:PA Lord Hall said the amount spent on presenter salaries as a proportion of the BBC’s entire budget has come down this year but added: “More importantly, whenever we ask the public whether they want big stars on the BBC they say yes. They say yes because they are talented and entertaining. They also say yes as it means they are getting big value from the BBC.” Lineker is paid so highly despite the fact his contract is not exclusive and allows him to host Champions League coverage for one of the corporation’s rivals, BT Sport.His fee for last year covered around 30 editions of Match of the Day, FA Cup coverage, the Sports Personality of the Year Awards and the World Cup.A BBC source said: “Gary Lineker is both a former footballer of the highest pedigree and an outstanding broadcaster. The football market is incredibly competitive, not just for rights but for talent.”Lord Hall based his assertion about licence fee payers’ approval of high salaries on an Ipsos MORI survey it commissioned in July 2017, which said: “Getting the highest quality presenters, actors, actresses, directors and news reporters is competitive as these people are in demand from many broadcasters. If it means paying similar to what other broadcasters pay, what do you think the BBC should do?”It found that 78 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement: “The BBC should be able to try to get the highest quality presenters, actors and reporters for its programmes and services.” Zoe Ball enters the top 10 for the first time after taking over the Radio 2 breakfast show from Chris Evans.Lord Hall said it is a “myth” that the BBC is wasteful, claiming that the corporation made over £150 million of efficiency savings last year by cutting back office roles. He said a rise in head count is partly due to hiring people in-house to do jobs that were previously outsourced.He said: “I of course believe the BBC should always be under heavy scrutiny. That comes with accepting money from the public. Where we get things wrong we need to make changes and be better. We aren’t perfect. But I do think the BBC is part of what makes this country special.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Lord Hall read more

Geek deals 50 off McAfee 565 Mac Mini more

first_imgMaybe it’s a misconception that computers need no maintenance, perhaps plain ignorance, or maybe just apathy; whatever the cause, we all need to be better PC owners and treat our digital lifelines better. If it weren’t for Microsoft forcing Windows updates down our throats, a functionality necessitated by years of inattentive PC owners, many of our PCs would probably be more open than a U.S. citizen’s private conversations. (Bazinga!)Security software is one of those areas of PC maintenance that can be easy to overlook. Sure, your computer came with that trial or even short-term license for some service you’ve never heard of. By the way, did you ever get around to renewing that? Does it have real-time file scanning or integrate with your web browser?Our best deal of the day will get you up to spec with your PC maintenance and protection, all at 50% savings too. Right now you can get any of the McAfee 2013 software packages at 50% off, starting with the basic AntiVirus Plus package at $24.99. This is just what it sounds like, giving you real-time virus and malware scanning while alerting you to known security holes in your operating system and apps.There are a couple other versions available, priced at $39.99 and $44.99, but they don’t make a lot of sense when you consider the top-tier All Access version priced at $49.99. It includes all the features of the lesser versions, including email scanning, file encryption, firewall, short-link protection, and more, but lets you install it on any and all of your devices. This is the only version that includes support for your Mac and mobile devices, literally giving you end-to-end coverage for as many devices as you own.50% off McAfee 2013 packages starting at $24.99 (reg. $49.99 – $99.99)Our other top deals:Samsung BD-F7500 4K Upscaling 3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray Disc Player for $217.99 + free shipping (reg. $249.99)Dell U2713HM 27-inch UltraSharp 2560 x 1440 LED-backlit LCD Monitor for $611.99 + free shipping (reg. $799.99 | use BOTH coup codes $PX1BGTSZ3G635 and W7HWC5Q9S4V6VH)Apple Mac mini Core i5 Ivy Bridge (newest model) + Parallels Desktop 8 software for $565 + free shipping (reg. $599)last_img read more

Jack Kennedy The Kerry teenager set to make his mark on Cheltenham

first_img 7 Comments Mar 12th 2017, 7:00 AM http://the42.ie/3281203 By Steve O’Rourke JACK KENNEDY MADE a relatively anonymous Cheltenham festival debut last year when he managed ‘only’ fourth on Taglietelle in the Pertemps Network Final Handicap Chase before finishing seventh on Squouateur in the Martin Pipe Conditional Jockeys’ Handicap Hurdle with his two rides.For most 16-year-year old jockeys, it would be an achievement just to be there.But Kennedy was not like most 16-year-old jockeys.To put his youth into perspective, the same month he was born, Paul Carberry steered Bobbyjo to Aintree Grand National glory, becoming the first Irish-trained horse to win the famed race for nearly a quarter of a century.On his very first ride for Willie Mullins, in July 2015, he steered Clondaw Warrior to victory in the Guinness Handicap at the Galway Races.Four months later, the Dingle native recorded a treble at Navan for Gordon Elliott, including the Troytown Chase.And between 28 December 2016 and 22 January this year, he won two Grade 1s and two top handicaps for the same trainer — including the prestigious Lexus Chase on Outlander — scooping more than €210,000 in prize money for the owners. Jack Kennedy with Gordon Elliott. Source: Niall CarsonAnd the future looks even brighter.Despite being a month away from turning 18, Kennedy is second in the Irish Jump Jockeys Championship and his two Grade 1 wins over Christmas has cemented his relationship with Michael O’Leary’s Gigginstown House Stud, so expect to see a lot of him in the famous maroon silks at this year’s festival.Of course, Kennedy’s success over the past 18 months or so isn’t all that surprising when you consider that he was a three-time pony racing champion and was named Irish Field National Champion Jockey, as well as overall horse and pony champion in the southern region, at the age of 13.It was, perhaps, there that his handling skills were shaped, and they came in handy at Thurles earlier this year when he somehow managed to stay on his mount Bilko: Source: At The Races/Twitter Jack Kennedy – The Kerry teenager set to make his mark on Cheltenham The 17-year-old appears destined for greatness whatever happens this year at Prestbury Park. Share Tweet Email Image: Niall Carson Sunday 12 Mar 2017, 7:00 AM How about this from Jack Kennedy at @thurlesraces! pic.twitter.com/MhxkQN0ht8— At The Races (@AtTheRaces) January 19, 2017 Jack Kennedy rides Outlander to victory in the Lexus Chase. Image: Niall Carson 15,233 Views Short URL Last season, nearly 60 different trainers called on Kennedy’s services, but it is under the tutelage of Elliott that his career has really blossomed.And in 2016 the trainer heaped praise on his protege when talking to Midlands 103:“What he’s doing right now is amazing. He’s answered every single question I’ve thrown at him and he’ll continue to get plenty of chances here.”Gigginstown like using him, so does JP (McManus) and a lot of the owners are happy to have him riding their horses. He’s only 17 but you wouldn’t think it. He’s very laid-back and is a very hard worker.”In Irish racing, if you’re making O’Leary and McManus happy, you’re doing something right.However, if there is to be any caution about proclaiming Kennedy a future prince of Prestbury Park, there was a time not so long ago that similar praise was being heaped on Danny Mullins.After riding 126 winners in just two seasons on the pony racing circuit, he apprenticed with Jim Bolger and, just a few weeks after turning 16, rode four winners from his first six rides and was quickly the most in-demand apprentice in Ireland.But after his weight went up, he was forced to focus on jumps and the winners dried up. And while he’s certainly had a career that’s not to be sniffed at, Mullins is far from the future Champion Jockey he was once tipped to be.It’s a warning, but the Kennedy story feels like it will have a different ending.He has more than 100 wins in Ireland already, but next week represents a real opportunity for him to show an even bigger audience that he’s the natural successor to AP McCoy, Barry Geraghty and, of course Ruby Walsh.By the time Cheltenham 2020 rolls around — and if they’re still racing — Geraghty and Walsh will be 40, Kennedy just half that.In terms of Irish racing, it appears as if the future’s already here. Jack Kennedy rides Outlander to victory in the Lexus Chase. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Rhinocéros réglementer le commerce de la corne pour sauver les animaux

first_imgRhinocéros : réglementer le commerce de la corne pour sauver les animaux ?Trois scientifiques ont lancé hier une initiative de la dernière chance pour empêcher l’extinction programmée des rhinocéros. Ils proposent de réglementer le commerce de leur corne pour décourager le braconnage industriel qui les décime en Afrique.Selon trois éminents environnementalistes, dont Duan Biggs du Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED) et de l’Université de Queensland en Australie, l’interdiction du commerce de la corne du rhinocéros a échoué et, pire, a encouragé la chasse illégale. Selon M. Biggs, la 16ème conférence de la Convention sur le commerce international des espèces de faune et de flore sauvages menacées d’extinction (CITES) qui débutera le 3 mars “est ainsi une bonne occasion de commencer de sérieuses discussions sur la mise en place d’un commerce légal de la corne de rhinocéros”. “Les stratégies actuelles pour préserver ces animaux magnifiques ont clairement échoué et le temps est venu d’une réglementation très serrée du commerce de sa corne”, insiste Duan Biggs cité par l’AFP. Les deux autres co-signataires de cette mesure radicale sont Hugh Possingham, professeur de Biologie à l’Université de Queensland et Frank Courchamp, directeur de recherche au Centre national français de la recherche scientifique (CNRS). “En tant qu’environnementalistes engagés nous n’aimons pas l’idée d’un commerce légal [ … ], mais nous voyons bien qu’il faut faire quelque chose de radicalement différent pour préserver les rhinocéros en Afrique”, expliquent-ils.Ces scientifiques rappellent que si le rhinocéros noir occidental a été déclaré éteint en 2011, il ne reste plus que 5.000 rhinocéros noirs et 20.000 rhinocéros blancs dans le monde, la plupart en Afrique du Sud et en Namibie. “Le braconnage en Afrique du Sud a en moyenne plus que doublé chaque année depuis cinq ans, alors que le prix de détail de la corne de rhinocéros s’est envolé, passant d’environ 4.700 dollars le kilo en 1993 à 65.000 dollars en 2012 [ … ], soit plus que l’or”, selon les auteurs de cette initiative.Retirer les cornes des animaux vivants À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Cette explosion des prix est surtout attribuée à la demande croissante de riches consommateurs asiatiques pour fabriquer des médicaments traditionnels. Ainsi, bien qu’interdit depuis 1975 la réduction de l’offre a fait grimper les prix et encouragé le développement de l’industrie parallèle du braconnage qui a aujourd’hui recourt à des technologies sophistiquées, dont la chasse avec des hélicoptères.Les tentatives pour éduquer les consommateurs de médecines chinoises afin de les convaincre de cesser d’utiliser ces remèdes ont également échoué. En dernier recours, selon ces scientifiques, il serait même possible de répondre à la demande mondiale pour la corne de rhinocéros en la retirant de l’animal vivant sans aucun traumatisme comme ont déjà décidé de le faire certaines centres pour protéger leurs animaux. La corne du rhinocéros pousse d’environ 900 grammes chaque année. Autre possibilité : ces cornes pourraient aussi être prélevées sur des animaux morts de cause naturelle.Allant plus loin, les trois environnementalistes préconisent la création d’une centrale d’achat pour superviser mondialement la récolte et la vente des cornes, permettant aussi d’en vérifier l’origine et de mieux combattre le commerce illégal.Le 1 mars 2013 à 15:13 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

The Best WesternThemed Video Games Ever Released

first_img Westworld Welcomes the Samurai to the FightWestworld Goes Back in Time and Dolores Remembers Everything Yesterday, Rockstar Games finally released a new trailer for Red Dead Redemption II. Like the previous trailer, the new video didn’t have much in the way of details. Still, it was enough to get us excited about the upcoming Wild West adventure.With Red Dead Redemption II fresh on our minds, we thought it would be fun to look back at other Western-based video games. Though the genre hasn’t been as well-represented as it has in movies, there are some truly great titles set in the Wild West. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the best Western games ever released.Red Dead RedemptionWe need to start things off with the first Red Dead Redemption. This Rockstar Games title told the story of former outlaw John Marston as he attempted to atone for past sins. His was a poignant story about loss, regret, and of course, redemption. The game is unique since it is set at the very end of the “Wild West” era. This gives the entire thing a feeling of finality you don’t normally find in other Western games. There’s a good reason many consider Red Dead Redemption a masterpiece.Call of Juarez: Bound in BloodLike Red Dead Redemption II, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is a sequel/prequel. Released last gen, the game is highly praised for its shooting mechanics and genuine Wild West feel. There are four games total in the series, but Bound in Blood is easily the highlight of the franchise. If Ubisoft ever decides to make a new entry, let’s hope it isn’t set in contemporary times like The Cartel was.GunGun isn’t spoken about much these days. This is sad considering how great it was back when it was released in 2005. In fact, it had many aspects we’d eventually see in Red Dead Redemption such as an open world, a colorful cast of characters, and even multiplayer. Featuring the voice work of Thomas Jane, Kris Kristofferson, Tom Skerrit, Ron Perlman, and Lance Henriksen, the game certainly didn’t lack star power. This is a series that needs to come back.Oddworld: Stranger’s WrathOddworld: Stranger’s Wrath isn’t a traditional Western game since it isn’t set on Earth. Despite that, it is very much a Western in tone and style. As The Stranger, players are tasked with capturing outlaws and bringing them in dead or alive. One of the game’s most notable features is the ability to shoot a crossbow that uses live animals as ammunition. There are even small role-playing elements that allow players to upgrade equipment. This is definitely a unique game that has (rightly) been ported to many platforms over the years.Wild Arms (series)Very few Japanese Role Playing Games are set in the Wild West. Because of that, the Wild Arms series stands out among other games on this list. Wild Arms 3 is generally seen as the series’ highlight, but all of the games are fun in their own right. If you’re a fan of both Western and JRPG tropes there’s a lot to enjoy here.OutlawsOne highly overlooked Western-themed game is LucasArts’ Outlaws. Released in 1997 for PC, it was ahead of its time in several ways. It was among one of the very first FPS games set in the Wild West. It is also known as the first FPS to have sniper zoom. The game uses the Star Wars: Dark Forces engine, which meant it had great FPS controls for the time. Like a few games on this list, Outlaws is deserving of a remaster or sequel.Darkwatch: Curse of the WestDarkwatch: Curse of the West combines both horror and Western genres. Players take on the role of a vampire named Jericho Cross who is tasked with hunting down supernatural beings. Since he is a vampire, Jericho has an assortment of superpowers at his disposal. Based on his choices, Jericho gains different abilities throughout the game. When the sun comes up, Jericho loses his abilities and must fight as a normal human. Darkwatch was supposed to get a sequel and even a movie, but neither has ever manifested. Sad, given how original this game was.Oregon TrailI couldn’t make a list of Western-themed games without the mother of them all: Oregon Trail. Unlike every other game on this list, Oregon Trail is an educational title meant to teach school children about life in the Old West. Even now, people who played it as kids remember fording rivers to get their wagon across, and of course, having settlers die from dysentery. This is the definition of a classic.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Watch Koalas Fight Near Tree on Australian Island

first_img Cute Orphaned Baby Koala Gets Mini Arm Cast After Falling Out of TreeWatch: Koala Sneaks Into Man’s Car to ‘Chill’ in the AC on a Hot Day Stay on target Two koalas recently had a loud “disagreement” on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island and footage of the all-out brawl was far from cute.The male and female koala were caught fighting at the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary by Gaylene, one of the tour guides at Kangaroo Island Odysseys, on Wednesday, 7NEWS.com.au reported. A video of the incident shows the pair screeching and hitting each other, as they move from a tree to the ground.center_img As one of the koalas tries to climb up the tree and escape, another drags it to the ground. The fight then escalates as the pair rolls on the ground and continues “yelling” at each other. Finally, one koala flees the scene as the other one checks out its wounds.It’s unknown if the koalas were actually a couple or not, however, people poked fun at the incident on Facebook.“Love at first sight is not often the case,” one person wrote.Another commented, “They must be married,” with an eye-roll emoji.More on Geek.com:Cute Orphaned Baby Koala Gets Mini Arm Rest After Falling Out of Tree‘World’s Sexiest Koala’ Might Be the Hottest Internet SensationWatch: Koala Sneaks Into Man’s Car to ‘Chill’ in the AC on a Hot Daylast_img read more

Unpopular plant added costs

first_imgWoodland residents who were already opposed to a proposed explosives storage plant moving to their neighborhood may have to pay for road improvements associated with the project.Cowlitz County does not have a Growth Management Act that would require a company like Northwest Energetic Services to pay for improvements to Butte Hill Road, County Commissioner Mike Karnofski informed residents during a meeting last week at Woodland High School.Northwest Energetics general manager Ed Coulter has indicated that his company does not plan to bankroll improvements, which could cost between $234,000 and $4.3 million. So either the county or local landowners will pay.Residents of Butte Hill, four miles east of Woodland, have repeatedly raised concerns that a truck carrying ammonium nitrate from the proposed plant could crash on the steep, winding road, contaminating water or sparking a wildfire.Northwest Energetic Services, based in Seal Rock, Ore., purchased more than 80 acres of land on Butte Hill from Woodland-based logger Craig Chilton and two other landowners last year. It hopes to consolidate two existing plants into one storage facility there. The company is awaiting the green light from Cowlitz County to apply for a building permit for the plant, with plans for a fall opening.last_img read more

Anna Canteen workers meet Nara Lokesh

first_imgGuntur: The protesting Anna canteen workers have met with former minister and TDP MLC Nara Lokesh and submitted a request letter on Tuesday. On the occasion, the workers have expressed their anguish that with the shut down of the canteens their families are facing a hard time. The staff appealed Lokesh to fight against the government for justice. In this context, Lokesh suggested that all Anna canteen workers should get united.last_img

Shell company directors to be jailed for 10 years if caught siphoning

first_img[Representational image]Creative commonsDirectors and top management of deregistered companies who tried to siphon off money from the firms’ bank accounts can face up to 10 years’ imprisonment, the Central government said on Wednesday.The government further mandated that the directors of these shell companies who have failed to file tax returns for three or more years would be barred from holding positions in other companies, PTI reported.”In case the director or authorised signatory of any ‘struck off’ company tries to unauthorisedly siphon-off money from its bank account, he/she may attract punishment of imprisonment of not less than six months extendable to 10 years,” an official release said.The government said identification of more shell companies is in progress and efforts are on to find out the “actual beneficiaries and persons” behind such entities.Earlier on Tuesday the Finance Ministry confirmed that it had frozen the bank accounts of 2.09 lakh suspected shell companies as part of a crackdown on illegal transactions and tax evasion.Under the order, the owners and their nominated signatories will not be able to operate bank accounts until such companies are legally restored, the ministry said in a statement. “It is expected that as a result of this exercise, at least two to three lakh of such disqualified directors shall get debarred,” the release said.In an effort to identify the actual beneficiaries the government said the profiles of directors are being gathered by the agencies. Details such as background, antecedents and their role in the operations/functioning of shell companies are being compiled in collaboration with enforcement agencies, PTI reported.”The professionals, chartered accountants/ company secretaries/ cost accountants associated with such shell companies and involved in illegal activities have been identified in certain cases,” the agency quoted the release as saying.Tax officials say owners of shell companies create elaborate smokescreens, including naming personal servants and chauffeurs as board directors, to obscure the ultimate beneficiaries, conceal political investment, evade tax, commit fraud or manipulate tenders.The exercise of weeding out shell companies would not only help check the menace of black money but also promote an ecosystem of ease of doing business and enhancing investors’ confidence, said PP Chaudhary, Minister of State for Corporate Affairs.Financial status of the companies would be reflected in a true and fair manner which would minimise the possibility of frauds and tax evasion, the minister further added.More than 13,000 shell companies were identified in August by investigation agencies following the demonetisation process initiated by the government in November last year. This comprehensive list included the 331 companies that market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) had banned trading in.last_img read more

Longest living human dies in Indonesia

first_imgLongest living human dies in IndonesiaIANS . JakartaAn Indonesian man who claimed to be 146 years old — the longest living human ever — has died in his village in Central Java, the media reported on Monday.According to his papers, Sodimedjo, also known as Mbah Ghoto (grandpa Ghoto), was born in December 1870, the BBC reported.But Indonesia only started recording births in 1900 — and there have been mistakes before.Yet officials told the BBC on Monday that his papers were valid, based on documents he provided and interviews with him.He was taken to hospital on April 12 because of deteriorating health. Six days later he insisted on checking out to return home.”Since he came back from the hospital, he only ate spoonfuls of porridge and drank very little,” his grandson Suryanto told the BBC.”It only lasted a couple of days. From that moment on to his death, he refused to eat and drink.”When asked about the secret of his longevity, Mbah Ghoto told the BBC last year that patience was key and that he had “a long life because I have people that love me, looking after me”.A heavy smoker until the end, he outlived four wives, 10 siblings and all his children.Suryanto said his grandfather was laid to rest on Monday morning in a local cemetery plot he bought several years ago.If independently verified, his age would make Grandpa Ghoto older than French centenarian Jeanne Calment, who was 122 when she died, and is considered the longest living human in recorded history. An Indonesian man who claimed to be 146 years old — the longest living human ever — has died in his village in Central Java, the media reported on Monday. According to his papers, Sodimedjo, also known as Mbah Ghoto (grandpa Ghoto), was born in December 1870, the BBC reported.But Indonesia only started recording births in 1900 — and there have been mistakes before.Yet officials told the BBC on Monday that his papers were valid, based on documents he provided and interviews with him.He was taken to hospital on April 12 because of deteriorating health. Six days later he insisted on checking out to return home.”Since he came back from the hospital, he only ate spoonfuls of porridge and drank very little,” his grandson Suryanto told the BBC.”It only lasted a couple of days. From that moment on to his death, he refused to eat and drink.”When asked about the secret of his longevity, Mbah Ghoto told the BBC last year that patience was key and that he had “a long life because I have people that love me, looking after me”.A heavy smoker until the end, he outlived four wives, 10 siblings and all his children.Suryanto said his grandfather was laid to rest on Monday morning in a local cemetery plot he bought several years ago.If independently verified, his age would make Grandpa Ghoto older than French centenarian Jeanne Calment, who was 122 when she died, and is considered the longest living human in recorded history.last_img read more

Criteria to predict experimentally stable allotropes

first_img(A) “Willow tree” pattern of different C60 isomers, with the lower points of each vertical bar representing the calculated formation enthalpy relative to Ih-C60, and bar heights representing the calculated barrier to transformation. This shows that Ih-C60 is significantly more stable than other isomers and lies at the center of an “energetic funnel.” Adapted from ref. 7, with permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd.: Nature, copyright 1998. (B) Calculated formation enthalpies of B40, showing the D2d cage structure is significantly more stable than alternative isomers. Reproduced from ref. 12, with permission from Macmillan Publishers: Nature Chemistry, copyright 2014. Credit: (c) 2015 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1520402112 (Phys.org)—A group of researchers from France, the U.K. and Florida proposes criteria to determine whether an allotrope is experimentally feasible. They use theoretical carbon allotropes, penta-graphene and Haeckelites, as examples and demonstrate why penta-graphene, contrary to recent research, is not experimentally practical while Haeckelites could be isolated in the presence of charge transfer ions. Their study appears in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Christopher P. Ewels, Xavier Rocquefelte, Harold W. Kroto, Mark J. Rayson, Patrick R. Briddon, and Malcolm I. Heggie’s work responds to Zhang, et al.’s February 2015 article in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reporting that penta-graphene is a new allotrope of carbon based on calculations that confirm its dynamical, thermal, and mechanical stability. Ewels, et al. disagree that this is an experimentally possible allotrope and believe that, while penta-graphene may exhibit properties that place it within a local energy minimum, it will tend toward spontaneous formation of graphene.Graphene is made of a network of hexagonal carbon rings, characterized by carbon atoms that are sp2 hybridized. Fullerenes, C60, are a network of hexagonal and pentagonal carbons and are a mixture of sp2 and sp3 hybridized carbons. Zhang, et al. conducted molecular studies to demonstrate that carbon should also be able to form a network of pentagonal carbon rings in the form of Cairo pentagonal tiling. This structure consists of out-of-plane distorted ethylene units connected via sp3carbon linkers.However, Ewels, et al. show that while Cairo pentagonal tiling is geometrically enticing, it is not experimentally feasible to form a carbon allotrope due to several criteria that are based largely on the potential energy landscape of possible carbon allotropes. They summarize their criteria as: Stable allotropes must reside in a potential energy minimum; surrounding “wells” must be higher in energy such that a kind of “funneling” toward an energy minimum can occur; and theoretical carbon allotropes must have some kind of energy barrier to keep them from readily converting into a more stable structure. Penta-graphene, while it may sit in a relative energy minimum, is a high-energy structure. It is significantly less stable than graphene, amorphous carbon, most nanotubes, and C60.First, rather than being the center of a “funnel” in an energy landscape of isomers, penta-graphene is part of the “funnel” that leads to graphene as the most stable structure. Their studies showed that transformation from penta-graphene to graphene via bond rotations is thermodynamically favored at each step. Importantly, their studies of the energy landscapes for crystalline carbon allotropes predict these structures will “funnel” toward fully sp2 or sp3 hybridized carbons. Secondly, penta-graphene is not kinetically or chemically stable. Upon heating, notably in the presence of structural defects, penta-graphene does not maintain its structure for an appreciable timeframe. And, theoretical studies with O2 indicate that penta-graphene would likely undergo exothermic spontaneous oxidation upon exposure to air.Ewels, et al. then subjected another theoretical carbon structure, called Haeckelites, to their model. These carbon allotropes were proposed fifteen years ago, and while much research has been done on Haeckelites, they have never been experimentally isolated. They were proposed as a type of graphite-like planar sp2-carbon structure made predominantly of pentagonal and heptagonal carbons. Using their criteria for determining feasible carbon allotropes, Ewels, et al. found that three theoretical Haeckelite structures that would be less stable than graphene become more stable when doped with a metal cation. This is based on experimentally isolated structural analogs of metal borocarbides, and indicates that Haeckelites containing a charge transfer ion are experimentally feasible. This theoretical work calls into question some conclusions on whether penta-graphene is a viable candidate as a stable carbon allotrope and proposes criteria that could be generally applied to evaluate future isomeric structures. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Penta-graphene, a new structural variant of carbon, discovered More information: Christopher P. Ewels et al. Predicting experimentally stable allotropes: Instability of penta-graphene, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2015). DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1520402112AbstractIn recent years, a plethora of theoretical carbon allotropes have been proposed, none of which has been experimentally isolated. We discuss here criteria that should be met for a new phase to be potentially experimentally viable. We take as examples Haeckelites, 2D networks of sp2-carbon–containing pentagons and heptagons, and “penta-graphene,” consisting of a layer of pentagons constructed from a mixture of sp2- and sp3-coordinated carbon atoms. In 2D projection appearing as the “Cairo pattern,” penta-graphene is elegant and aesthetically pleasing. However, we dispute the author’s claims of its potential stability and experimental relevance. Explore furthercenter_img , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , Nature Chemistry © 2016 Phys.org Citation: Criteria to predict experimentally stable allotropes (2016, January 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2016-01-criteria-experimentally-stable-allotropes.html Journal information: Naturelast_img read more

27yearold youth drowns in Hooghly river

first_imgKolkata: The body of a 27-year-old youth from Belghoria was recovered from Hooghly River on early Sunday morning.He had gone to attend a picnic at Hooghly’s Balagarh and later drowned on Saturday afternoon. The incident triggered chaos in the locality after the body was recovered. Police said Jayanta Chouhan (27) along with his friends had gone to Milandwip area for a picnic on early Saturday morning. It was learnt that in the afternoon the victim along with one of his friends went for a bath in the river. According to the preliminary investigation, police suspect that the duo was competing with each other when Chouhan drowned. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe matter was immediately reported to the local police station. Cops reached the spot and divers were called in. After conducting a prolong search operation, the divers finally managed to recover the body. Police have sent the body to Imambara Sadar Hospital in Chinsurah for autopsy. As per the investigation, the police came to know that a team comprising 12 members went for the picnic on the day of Republic Day. It may be mentioned that a large number of people from various parts of the state visit the place for picnic throughout the year. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseA caretaker who looks after the picnic spot said they had taken the immediate step of reporting the matter to his family members and the police. He also said the youths should have been careful while going for a bath. A detailed probe into the incident has been initiated. According to the preliminary investigation, police suspect that there may not be any foul play behind his death. They are, however, looking into all possible reasons that might have led to the incident. The other members of the group who went to the picnic and the one who accompanied the victim for a bath are being interrogated in this connection. The investigating officers are waiting for the autopsy report of the deceased that might throw some light on the cause of the death.last_img read more

VIDEO Nick Faldo sinks clutch holeinone on Jim Nantzs amazing backyard Pebble

first_imgNick Faldo’s long past his days of winning majors, but the 6-time major champion still has plenty of game to show off at a party. At a get together at broadcasting partner Jim Nantz’s massive estate, Faldo ended a closest to the hole competition by draining a hole-in-one on a replica of Pebble Beach Par-3 7th Nantz has set up in the backyard.Faldo deserves credit for holing out, but not as much as Nantz for having a replica Pebble Beach Par 3 at the casa. Hello friends.A moment unlike any other @GolfonCBS #CasaNantz Yes, this his backyard ! #HoleInOne pic.twitter.com/7C1ghoJ5J3— Sir Nick Faldo (@NickFaldo006) February 10, 2018last_img read more

Costa Rica OKs genetically modified corn

first_imgNo related posts. Costa Rica’s National Biosecurity Technical Commission on Monday evening granted a local subsidiary of multinational biotechnology company Monsanto permission to grow genetically modified (GM) corn in the country.The weekly El Financiero reported that the permision was granted by a majority vote, which now allows Monsanto to plant one or two hectares of GM corn.The decision was confirmed by Alejandro Hernández, a member of the commission representing the Ministry of Science and Technology, and by the NGO Coecoceiba.The ruling allows Monsanto to grow corn for obtaining seeds or for research purposes, but not for consumption or marketing in the country, as all seed to be produced will be exported.The request was filed by the U.S. company Delta & Pine Land seed Ltda (D&PL) last November, which led to public protests and demonstrations by ecologist and university groups.Monsanto – also a U.S. company – bought D&PL in 2006, and keeps a local office in the northwestern province of Guanacaste.In addition to opposition from environmental groups, a letter against GMOs was sent by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and the Faculty of Biology at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), and the Costa Rican Agronomy Engineers’ Association.In December, Luis Felipe Arauz, dean of the UCR’s Agricultural Sciences Faculty spoke before the commision, stating that “there are risks involved in GM contamination of native corn.” He presented projections based on mathematical models that take into account aspects such as wind, pollen production, and others, to prove it.Currently there are 443.1 hectares of biotech crops in Costa Rica, of which 394.3 are of cotton, 44.6 are soybeans, 3.2 are pineapple and 1 is banana. They belong to Semillas Olson, D & PL Semillas, Bayer, Semillas del Trópico and Del Monte, according to data from the government Phytosanitary Service. Facebook Commentslast_img read more