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The liquor business website how to do well in the station optimization line (a)

and the general liquor site title site title, the title of the site to the wine and wine brands, and as simple as possible, because the wine website only need to upgrade the visibility of a keyword can be, so wine site title is very simple. For example, the Lai Yongchu wine website title is: Lai Yongchu wine _ Chinese Lai Yongchu group welcome you, this is what I undertake the website title, look very simple actually will be the site of the theme and theme are summarized out, can be said that this is the wine class enterprise website optimization formal title.

wine Website Title Optimization

< >

website description tag will also play a role in the qualitative description of optimization, tag should be good liquor website we must first understand what is your own website. For example, I undertake the wine website Lai Yongchu the main purpose is to promote the brand, let more users to understand the brand, so we describe the label is not mainly to sales, but in the service content, we can look at my website description tags: "source Huang Lai Yong trade tenth years aged ten years, five years, Lai Heng, Heng Lai, Lai Mao wine, Lai Yong fifth ten year old Lai Yong, fifth year, third ten year Lai permanent wine, fifteen years old Lai Yongchu wine!", this website is to promote the description tag, rather than to sell mainly through this simple description tag allows more users to feel the brand value, but also indirectly to the corporate objective of.

wine description optimization

The development of


There is a big difference between the

the Internet makes more and more enterprises are involved in access to the Internet, these enterprises to enter the Internet the most distinctive is the liquor business website, website has its own liquor liquor business name, product name, the liquor business information and so on different comparison, the author recently received a Lai Yongchu wine website optimization the first wine website optimization was also connected to feel uneasy, worried about their ability to win the championship in the liquor business, but after a period of time I found that as long as the grip of quasi optimization strategies of the liquor business website, then the optimization of the site is also very good wine. Below I will by your wine station optimization experience to talk about how to use to achieve the purpose of segmentation method of website optimization.

The optimization of website

segmentation methods a website optimization is divided into four sections, the first section is for the site title and keyword optimization, the second section is on the site of the overall framework of the optimization, the third separated section is the fourth section is link optimization, integration and optimization. The dividing line optimizing method to a web site to the four block, and optimize the four blocks to jointly promote the constituting a complete optimization strategy, and finally achieve the purpose of optimization, we now look at the first section: separation of title and keyword optimization wine website.

The website must want to win a full range of competitors

(2) site

blindly follow the crowd is a stupid behavior, many owners will step into the misunderstanding, seen this type of Web site to make money, on the heart, then I don’t want to go to a same site, thanks to the bankrupt. Therefore, in the construction site before the first to understand the competition is a very necessary strategy. The first step is to "Avatar" ordinary users to browse the competitor’s website. For example, we want to do online booking a website, you can fall in love with words related to maritime search and online booking, reservation booking, and then select the top five websites in the browser, of course, do not use Adsense view website, but the website for ordinary users of the vision, that is to observe competitors web interface layout is beautiful, is able to meet the user needs, the user experience is excellent and other details. Do this job well, will make you more website development direction, grasp more later.


second: focus on the competition website structure and content of the advantages of

: the first "Avatar" ordinary users to browse the opponent’s website

social reality is full of challenges, whether we are engaged in an industry which will be faced with the competition of every hue is also so, a website operator. As we all know, Shanghai love to give us the home page ranking only ten, it means that we want to become the top ten to the same site to obtain the real flow. However, if we encounter very strong competitors, we want to win is not easy to get, only do full of competitors can really win. So, to go beyond the opponent, how do we fully from all the details of the competition? Here by the author with the problem and discuss.

this shows that we must further strengthen the internal chain of our site, and write related articles, can really beat the opponent.

(1) the content of the website. Content is king, only good content can really be called this website is a good website, therefore, in the study of outstanding rival web content, we can focus on the content of the original web site and the chain of. Five or six articles we can through a random opponent website released the latest copy, a part of Shanghai to love the search box, if there are many duplicate records, the intensity of the original website not, we can strengthen our original web content to beat the opponent; but for the website of the internal links, if the internal links website well as below:

we through the "Avatar" ordinary users to understand some of the excellent competitors website, we should research the understand that the site within a deeper. Study on the internal site but also on our day after the construction site content and structure is very helpful, the author thinks that the research content of the website is mainly divided into two aspects: the content of the website and the website structure.

After hatching unicorn like Airbnb, YC says it will focus on ChinaZhang Xiangdong’s interview with e

pictured storm Feng Xin

AbstractYC, a partner who has been in China for half a year, is looking for a company in China that has the potential to become a market capitalisation of $1 billion.

Zhang Xiangdong as co-founder of digital jiubang, had the media reporters, he presided over the 3G portal technology channel "entrepreneurs entrepreneurs dialogue" column, and published a Book of the same name. He has interviewed many entrepreneurs, and how he sees entrepreneurship as well as the experiences of other entrepreneurs, is also interesting. The following are some of the works he has provided to the start-up countries, which are arranged as follows.

of course, apart from American start-ups, many entrepreneurs from Europe and India will also apply for entry into YC. YC has a long term project of global incubation, which is divided into two periods of spring and winter. Adora told Tencent technology that a total of more than 200 start-ups had joined the YC last year, including 136 in the winter. This summer, YC plans to recruit more potential start-ups.

get up early in the morning, Adora Cheung will go through the "Wall Street journal" recently about the news of the day, and then the United States Y Combinator YC headquarters to call, there are hatching start-up companies to provide some advice for the afternoon usually to meet the technology industry in the field of entrepreneurs and investors. Of course, she will spend a lot of time learning cutting-edge technologies in AI, VR, robotics and other fields of science and technology. In her view, these are likely to become the future opening of the field of entrepreneurship.

Li Xiang defines his business as a three stream business, a portal is a second rate business, and a platform is a first-class business. Bubble net is his first venture, he chose the "three flow" model; car home is the 2005 decision, he still chose the three stream. "The days are not worth asking for."."

The first round of venture Chinese

Li Xiang has been labeled as "80". It’s not clear how many magazine titles and how many TV programs have been shown. He did not hide, and began to be a marketing premeditated, when this premeditated let him get as popular entertainment star as the rate of appearance, this seems to be concealed from the original intention, Li Xiang is not evasive. He openly worked with the media on the "conspiracy": the media had a topic, the bubble network and the car home became famous.

car home Li Xiang: – no poetic business,

we explore the direction of life in various ways, constantly reflecting, questioning, promoting, and forcing ourselves. But Li Xiang is constantly self affirming – that’s what I am, and that’s what I want.

is not superior or inferior, nor is the gap. Their own tolerance has been able to accommodate other values.

according to the exact news, jiubang digital upcoming November 22nd Nasdaq, 13 this month, its founder Zhang Xiangdong went to Hongkong to participate in the roadshow, the subscription has greatly exceeded expectations.

pictured car home Li Xiang

in the Internet crowd, all doing platform dream, trying to, arduous, unwilling in a simple business model, to toss to an endless imagination to.

back in 2005, "Silicon Valley venture called the" the father of Paul Graham founded the start-up business incubator YC, rewriting the old order between entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley, creating a new model of venture capital. Famous Dropbox, Airbnb and other companies is YC masterpiece. It is understood that the total value of enterprises hatched YC has exceeded $65 billion.

spotlight, had not heard Li Xiang how sensational, great goal. He only said he wanted to do these things, for his own value. He is a public figure, but he represents himself and his business.

According to the

Feng Xin: the entrepreneur is to deal with difficult

data released recently estimated that last year China economic growth contribution to global economic growth rate reached 26.1%, boosting global economic growth rate of 0.625 percentage points, ranking first in the world; according to the mobile data service provider QuestMobile released a report, as of December 2015, in China >

Tencent technology reported on March 19th,

other companies for investment, as far as possible to let the public imagination figure a little, Li Xiang would say, not so much; he is to see a large number of magazines, information, his book too much nonsense, basically do not see.



, a part-time partner in Silicon Valley’s famous start-up incubator, Adora, has spent six months in China since September, and this is her basic work every day in YC.


and now the incubator is starting to focus more on the Chinese market. "This is the first time we’ve taken the time to focus on a country." In an interview with Tencent technology, Adora said.


in order to better observe and understand the Chinese market and entrepreneurial environment, Adora in the past six months, respectively, visited Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other entrepreneurial boom emerging cities. Her goal is only one, "would like to spend more time to help those who want to enter the YC incubator founder, so that more Chinese founders can apply for YC?"."


Free access to the value of $100000 HopHunt PPC ad feesEngaged in foreign trade in umbrellas online,

11: if you fill in correctly, the following page appears. Click on "View Your Sites" to see the ad sites you’ve added.

6: enter your mailbox and click activate link as shown in the following picture.

5: then you are called into the mailbox and click on the link to activate the account

3: click on the link in the first step and enter the registration page as shown below. Register under the following picture. After you fill it out, click the "Submit" button.

4: after the following page, fill in your registration ID and login password, and accept the activation of the account link mail address and your website. When you’re done, click "Signup"".

2: first look at the effect of the ad you added, as shown below. The ads show the "sponsor" region above the search results, much like sh419 and shlf1314.

8: login with the newly registered account ID.

, Jiang Zhuoyu every day through the network and customer contact.

products too failed.

re start

this time choose to sell umbrellas

with previous failures, design of product "Jiang Zhuoyu very seriously, he took out the savings of 50 thousand yuan, from the Alibaba website for a web page, pictures and information umbrella elaborate after put up, add the fax machines and other office supplies, the next day to sit in front of the computer to wait contact with their customers.

"at the beginning of the customer inquiry is not much, only four or five per day." Jiang Zhuoyu said, many customers often ask the price, there will be no response. 3 months have passed and nothing has been done.

3 months with the first single

1: turn on hophunt, which is a comprehensive search engine for foreign freshmen. Click the "Advertise Free" link below the page as follows.

7: clicking on the activation link will prompt you to activate your account successfully. Click the link in the red box below to sign up for the ad system.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

9: This is after landing the account. See below for details. You can see that your account balance is USD 100000, which is the free amount of advertising that this site gives you. Click the link in the red box below to add the site in fact, add ad.

10: set your ad name, click the website address of the advertisement after the netizen, advertisement keyword divide each keyword in order to. If you set Training, then when users search Training will display the advertisement, advertising you describe the descriptive text that appears in the advertising name below, Bid per click is consumption, click on price, advertising effective time, advertising the film map. It’s easy to understand if you’ve seen the shlf1314 Adsense ad, or you’ve used shlf1314 Adwords. Fill out the form, click the "Add New Site" to add advertising station.

12: added ads >

Three points about network marketing

sees an article in the world Manager: " three points of Internet marketing; ".

thinks: website construction, network promotion, network sale is three dot of network sale.

I put forward my views on some of the views of the article,.

1. misunderstanding one: the future may be " the rise of " the field is vertical field, in fact, not only vertical areas, perhaps there are regional sites; in addition, the development trend of the network is: community websites;

2. misunderstanding two: network marketing platform access group and access traffic to big

through the Internet marketing is not necessarily the traffic must be large. For example: enterprise website, in fact, traffic is not large, it is ranging from hundreds to thousands, tens of thousands of small, but does not affect it through the network brings more and more customers.

, if the enterprise website positioning is better, promotion precision, come to is the guest, every day to hundreds of potential customers, this is already very big flow,.

because enterprises through a big exhibition, in fact, can not come to such a customer’s.

The problem raised in

3. is actually a solution,.

A. metering effect

authors worry that Internet marketing is hard to measure.

in fact, this is a misunderstanding, contrary to traditional marketing methods: such as media, its measurement effect is more difficult,.

and the network is different, as long as a traffic statistics system can be accurate to achieve the effect of detection,.

potential customers from where, what content in the website, download what information, stay in what "for a long time, what items are more interested in what way to find the entrance website URL, URL, export is what and so on, will know precisely. This is the traditional media can not match the place.

B. requires targeted traffic rather than simply displaying the amount of

The author of the

argues that the Internet’s customers are more diverse. This is also a misunderstanding of.

in fact, the traditional media is more diverse. For example: TV advertising is very miscellaneous.

and the network is different, just can do accurate advertising. For example: Google, Adwords, or Baidu PPC, etc., can be very accurate positioning of Internet users.

in addition, the enterprise website if is from the network marketing angle localization is quite good, then comes the website the human, basically also can be the potential customer.

C. pays by effect

this kind of paid promotion method has long ago. The enterprise can choose according to the need. In fact, the advertisement effect is not the only one. Sometimes, the bidding is done well, and it is better than paying by effect

Domain name binding or alias analysis is better

in domain name binding, basically can be divided into IP analysis and do alias resolution of these two. IP parsing is to add the IP address of your space on the A record. Alias resolution is to add the domain name bound by your space on the name record. Some space traders often change IP, and when you do IP, the domain name parsing fails, and you have to manually modify it. And you are an alias, then you do not have to worry about this problem, you are bound by alias: that is, your space bound domain name, is the space quotient modified. No matter how the IP of the space quotient changes, they always attach aliases to the new IP.

What is the

domain name, domain name refers to the domain name and host (assuming a server) space associated with binding, is actually in the virtual server settings or set on the WEB server, so that a domain name is guided to a certain space on the server (between a particular site, visitors) visit your name when you open your store in the space on the web page, simply is actually the DNS server to IP, and then set on the server, the domain name has access to the process. The general virtual host has a control panel to bind the domain name. If there is no panel, you need to set it yourself on the server’s IIS. Understand these, then we bound space providers to provide us with aliases or three level domain name, we do not have to manage. Space dealers always modify their alias points, and if IP, you have to check your website regularly. One day you can’t open it or you can’t access it. Please check your domain name. So domain name binding or alias resolution is better,

because the author’s cultural level is limited. It is unavoidable that there are some shortcomings in the article. Please excuse me. Author: Hubei Xiantao Mao Xinhong original address: Hubei station network welcome to reprint, please retain the copyright and reprint this link! Thank you! Also welcome everyone to join Hubei Adsense group: 96594677 and I QQ1067289670 to communicate with me and teach. Thank you very much!


Chinese webmaster see 100 abstruse Cereal Contest

yesterday evening a night without sleep, to under two at midnight he accidentally went to the wrong door, into the China webmaster website, in their home I saw an article, a graph king held the second SEO contest, suddenly caught my attention, I this person usually love is a lively, careful not to let me to see this article, feel very interesting, especially mentioned in the first session of the SEO contest, the degree of valley in the name of time is fifty day period, I estimate a figured, now is ten, the article published yesterday, also that is to say I missed twenty-six hours of time to register the domain name, but no difference in a month’s time, the game has just begun, I go online to find the domain name, ah, in the era of Internet searching for a long time without a good rice, how can this do, good rice of BAIAOGU international, China The people to demand, ha ha, then see the people home BAIAOGU123 I think of BAIAOGU163, although the meters long, but I still love, but.COM.CN is not registered Oh, if you want to register to register it quickly, just to check the domain name is not registered on me go to Alipay, which shocked..

         支付宝里没有钱,银行卡也没有钱,这可咋办呢,左一思右一想,看了看手里的万网免费域名注册券,本以为没有过期还可以用,结果一注册的时候竟然出现该注册券已经过期,一口气之下我试了六七个,因为手里有十几个,所以才试那么多,一气之下不试了,算了,后来自己又去申请了一个注册券,呵呵这下注册了, 注册完之后又不好了,手里没有空间,咱个办呢,咱办,农村人只有凉拌,上落伍发贴求助去,夜深了发了个贴,回的人不多,回贴的朋友只给我提供静态页面的,动态的不给我开,没折,只有另想办法,因为有个朋友给我开了一个空间,我不敢用 The middle of the night, his server did not shut, I believe we all know, the general spider to railway station most of the time during the day at night to patronize, patronize less, because they all went to the station, so I did not dare to use, I think later on his hands and a double space, is due in May 4th, regardless of his program go up, the domain name into the network background, the results of this network parsing speed is really a strong slow ah, usually one or two hours on OK, today do not know ye, even seven or eight hours to fix, may be this free domain name out of the ghost, with so many people, let’s queue up go to the back row, and is now nine points, what are the other night only fix, the spider to visit my name.

if you have the time, you can also visit my station, or you can make friends

Salon business secrets which

in the broad market, there are a lot of industries because of our lives are closely related, so there is a staggering number of brands, the same hair salon industry. For many people the hairdressing industry is not strange, because it can be seen everywhere in our life, although it is not like some people understand the profits, the profit is only 20% to 30%, but a year to recover the cost is enough to prove that its input and output. Xiaobian for everyone to list some of the success of the salon business cheats, I hope to invest and manage hair salon who help.

salon business cheats

tips: reasonable location

on the first floor of the street shops or shopping malls, but for their own businesses may wish to choose the community in the residential area of shops, both convenient rent is relatively cheap. The beauty of the surrounding environment, cleanliness and beauty is very important, if the grocery stores, restaurants, machinery repair shop business will be sharply reduced.

two: good software

· service friendly, good attitude

· hair salon superb technology, leading fashion

· brand image credit reliable

· customer friendly relationship, the customer as a friend

· hair salon can provide a wealth of professional information

· service fast, do not have to wait too long

· and commuting time does not conflict

· the systematic process of hair salon, personalized

· reasonable price reasonable

three: reliable hardware

storefront appearance: the modern and bright storefront image that is equivalent to the hair salon, let a person have a kind of popular, fashionable feeling.

·: doorway: clean, easy to go in and out, the price is clearly marked, with photos, posters, deepen the impression.

·: counter: salon guests are patient, considerate, and properly keep the customer’s deposit items, checkout quickly and accurately.

· waiting area: comfortable seats, magazines, newspapers

Huaxi City College Students Entrepreneurial incubation base selected municipal base list

With the further advance of double

activities, regional business incubator function has also been improved. Guizhou District of Huaxi in the days before the students in Business Incubator in municipal incubation base, in the future will be more entrepreneurs to provide reasonable assistance.

Entrepreneurial base with

related recommendations

Baxiang love let you enjoy a rinse to bake Hot pot.

      now baxiang love rinse to bake popular with consumers, many consumers have come to the store to taste his Hot pot roast mutton baxiang love features, baxiang love rinse to bake a good selection of the Hot pot soup pot, ensure baxiang love rinse to bake for consumers to taste, consumers can enjoy a taste of the baxiang love Hot pot rinse to bake shop each kind of taste, let the myriads of changes, investors also want to eat, and now I take a look at the investors baxiang love rinse to bake is not really popular with the customers, or resort to deceit.

rinse roast