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Shanghai 2 after the release of love green baskets, how should we choose to release the soft

although the wolf has come, but we do not need to complete panic, after all this is soft release of the 5 typical examples in Shanghai love green baskets 2 algorithm given can be seen, you need to deal with seriously soft release. Honest, honest also love Shanghai, you only do the sincere love, Shanghai will naturally feel, now I make a analysis:

so that we do not need to panic love Shanghai luluo algorithm 2, just to be honest to the love of Shanghai will recognize you.

July 1st love Shanghai launched green baskets, algorithm 2, focus on the soft chain. Since the love of Shanghai shield forum signature, message forum outside the chain, the chain SNS community after a major move. We want to promote the website to find the chain resources have brought great challenges.

soft release has been English station promotion positions, according to the statistical analysis of the English Department, state news media practitioners because of the pressure of competition, to benefit enterprises to release the news media has been a significant market share, just follow the love Shanghai Google’s new algorithm.


A5 I saw a webmaster mentioned this initiative is to love Shanghai and, at the same time, in order to better to guide customers to the Shanghai phoenix nest to promote love, because the previous effective measures through the promotion of soft paper enterprises now work, in order to better promote the company had turned to love Shanghai promotion, and love Shanghai is the focus of the fight against health care, finance, training the three love Shanghai auction price is relatively high key industries. I admit that the webmaster must speak some truth, but do not fully agree.

see the picture below:

we can find you need to have a pair of eye to it provides readers with the art investment industry, the reader is of great value, and then compare the typical case of love for Shanghai, you find a different

understanding of the core of the search engine, look at the value of the soft, can only provide the core value to search articles to the Shanghai love’s eye, so we need to write an article to search useful articles, so leave a link to love Shanghai also acceptable.

we have a fundamental core search engine, search engine is to provide valuable information for us. Standing on the point of view of the search, as we enter "lose weight" of the word, we definitely want to know why you want to lose weight, how to lose weight, where the weight loss. If you open the web site to see all the enterprises in the promotion of slimming products, like every day you see TV ads are this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received only melatonin, you feel upset, of course, finally it can be sold and not for their own use, and most of them are for gifts and good-looking, core prices have changed the.

Love Shanghai promotion the same decryption keywords in different plans of different quality why

What is the reason for

the industry long tail word more, can bring a lot of traffic, so I recommend this bid:

has changed our bidding strategy.

this question reminds me of the time in Taobao, train training a big seller. He said, in fact, through the promotion plan is an overall quality score. That is to say, in addition to each of our plan has its own keyword quality score, in fact, the promotion plan has an overall quality score. This is an invisible index, Taobao official has never acknowledged its existence.


we initially put precise long tail word is to obtain relatively high click rate. To keep this plan for a period of time, in order to improve the performance of historical accounts. All of these steps are for the overall quality of the promotion plan divided up. What is the cause of a can only add up to 5 words? Do you want to, if a >

Shanghai have not found such a problem: the same keywords in different promotion plan quality is not the same. That is to say, as a keyword, quality in the A plan is 6 points, the quality of the B project was only 4 points. This is why

2. day monitoring promotion plan for each keyword click rate. The adjustment of creativity, and bid, until most of the words can get a higher click rate.

so, what are the factors that affect the overall quality score of the promotion plan? The answer, I think the two most important aspects: the historical performance of each keyword hits and plan.

If we

to do


5. add new words, starting from the long term, a don’t add too much personal advice once add up to more than 5 keywords.


3. the click rate is low, just delete word without effect. The click rate is low but the effect of the word out of this promotion plan, a new keyword promotion plan put click rate.

found on these factors, we love Shanghai what is the significance to promote

When you have sex in the promotion of

4. not anxious to add new words, to raise the plan for a period of time. Someone asked, how long should raise? It depends on our plans for each keyword quality. Keywords small, quality is good do not how to raise, but pay attention to when adding words not more than 3 words; plan more, quality and not too good, need to wait. Wait until this batch of the quality of the key words of almost all up, add keywords. Pay attention to the overall performance of the monitoring plan to raise the plan period.

1. new promotion plan, early on a number of precise long tail word for written, creative, on-line.

6. repeat 1-5, we will find that the quality of branch quickly rose up new words.

As of Shanghai dragon Er practitioners should possess basic qualities

two: as a Shanghai dragon Er, you need to have the spirit of innovation

we all know, optimizing a website is not one or two days, but a long arduous process. As we can’t just focus on ER Shanghai, today I want to achieve what I want to achieve the goal, place a few, we should continue to do the summary and evaluation of his work, when you complete a Shanghai Longfeng goal, you will find this is a good fortune. This is your Shanghai dragon road.

Shanghai dragon er the industry look the threshold is very low, but this is a superficial view, as a successful Shanghai dragon er you need is not only the excellent technology, the deeper you need is the basic quality for Shanghai dragon er. The following around this topic, the author expounds the basic qualities as the Shanghai dragon Er practitioners you need to have from several aspects.

: as a Shanghai dragon Er, you need to have a correct attitude towards

search engine optimization in this industry, our goal can not easily change, but the optimization method we have to change at any time. Because we want to continue to use the search engine algorithm update. This would involve your spirit of innovation, in the author’s point of view, for our Shanghai dragon Er, if you want to be dominant in the optimization of the competition status, then you have to continuous innovation, try to use some new optimization methods. Of course, here to test your site, because you don’t want to not get the exact results before makes the customer site risk being punished.

four: as Shanghai dragon Er, you have to constantly check and assess their work



When we first entered the Shanghai dragon

as a Shanghai dragon Er have a correct attitude is the most basic. A correct attitude is to create a prerequisite for high quality content in the same way, only to have a correct attitude to stand in the user’s point of view to think about how to improve the user friendly experience and so on, all of them sometimes to your search engine optimization has a direct impact. Secondly, as a search engine, it also requires you to correct attitude, because only you can correct your attitude in the correct way to the right direction to optimize your site.

ER in this industry, many people are very confused, do not know where to go in one direction, then we will indulge in some blogs and forums on the "experts" experience to share. In fact, Shanghai dragon did not have much real experience, because the industry is always changing, optimization technology yesterday maybe today no effect of the. So, if you want to truly become a Shanghai dragon Er, then you have to get to work, get out of my way.

three: as Shanghai dragon Er, you need to have a high degree of implementation of

Website optimization is a must to pay work


website of Xi’an cabinet online line has been more than three months, after the launch, every day insist on sending a high quality of the original article, without any chain operation of the first month after the line on the website, the first month of the content of the website is a collection of 7, second months of construction began gradually the outside of the chain, the main choice of soft article submissions, the forum outside the chain and industry classification information platform. Go to the building of the forum outside the chain of the first thought is to attract search engine spiders, but with the passage of time that more and more low effect forum signature, if the day of release of the signature chain is too much, no website website for second days will be right down to the back pages or even 100 within second days, then reduce the signature found website ranking back to page third. In this case, I think in the submission after thinking, authoritative web site, such as webmaster nets were submitted to the soft, high flow forum not only do BBS signature, the chain effect of the two modes is very obvious, but the contribution of difficulty is very big, soft quality is sure to master submitted to the soft, the cost is very high, think to write seriously every day, to be successful is approved. In order to make a number of still some B2B platform made some posts, with the link, I think we do classification information platform is a high value of the chain is very good, but the premise is not to repeat or be released platform manager to delete the product information, the number of the chain now reached nearly 700, but it did no, from the line of the tenth day began to collect 11 articles, until now only increased 2 is 13, I think three months before the assessment period is certainly love Shanghai to do their daily work from it.

is in 20 days or so, the site keywords ranking to second pages, because they do still have a lot of resources outside the chain of 3 years of Shanghai Longfeng work on hand, the site at the age of second months not included in up the case for a lot of construction site outside the chain BBS signature, soft article submission the classification of information, and so on, can not think of is not a week, the weight drop, ranking did not, during the period of my website has been updated, the chain has been done, and the quality of high and low, but very average. Through this website drop right I found in the website content included did not reach a certain degree of time, do not.


the author has been engaged in the Shanghai dragon website optimization, 2010 to join now for three years, as a Shanghai Longfeng operation and maintenance workers, especially the changes in the 2013 love Shanghai algorithm and its own website at present on the weight of love Shanghai, I believe that when there is no shortcut to website optimization, must work hard, small means before one has been like a river water rolling eastward, gone, so as a person I today and you open your heart to share the website optimization we must be realistic, step by step, so as to make the website ranking and get a good long-term weight, good gossip short, let’s enter the theme of today.

Lei Jun millet millet 10 billion secret 6 core tactics to sell is a sense of participationKingsoft c

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

cleanup experts spend Christmas with your respected users!


4. killing malware + Super kill Technology Bootclean

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

5. Internet trusted authentication

3. launches new version of historical trace Cleanup tool

software classification system optimization / plug-in cleanup

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

in Jinshan period, Lei Jun’s pet phrase is "you are on the way, are willing to suffer a little, in Millet period, Lei Jun’s pet phrase is" go". In addition to catching smartphones

but, in the interview, Lei Jun said, "these 6 are appearances," he said: "to speak frankly, millet sales is a sense of participation.". This is the real secret behind the secret of millet.

software name Kingsoft cleaning expert 2.2 Christmas Edition

recently, I and the "global business classics" a piece of cooperation, "millet secret" depth case, with Lei Jun has a deep chat.

2. malware library upgrade

7. system fixes and optimizes

1. permanent free

6. anti web function

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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2. free virus Trojan killing

Lei Jun is Millet’s largest product manager. He led millet style is: a line of staring at the product. If it is determined that a demand point is the user pain points, Sike down to it, micro innovation.

he will directly into the product line, Lei Jun found a sore point in an interview with reporters, many reporters with intelligent mobile phone call recording will encounter interruption, recording time is too long to interrupt, in MIUI V5, a large number of interviews and Lei himself and reporters to the exchange of experience, the product manager MIUI recorder, the recorder design products MIUI V5, very popular.

someone answered, "do not know how many users?". Lei Jun will be anxious to continue to torture: "then how do you mix with them? How do you know what they need,

one is the capital myth, and the other is the product myth.

Kingsoft cleaning expert features and features:

Lei often encountered in seeking weapon, he would torture each other two questions: 1, I want to ask what is your target customers that have nothing to do with his friends are the target customers who recommend your products? 2, do you know how many users of your product

! ?"

download address

? interface

Lei Jun millet summarized his half 10 billion secrets, there are six key factors, the play is also a core Internet mobile phone: 1, the power of electronic commerce; 2, the power of social media; 3, the mobile phone when the computer to do; 4, to mobilize the masses to do mobile phone; 5, fans economy; in 6, the China a Silicon Valley story.


3. health index comprehensive scoring system

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Lei Jun founded millet, had in the past Jinshan well ingrained reflection mode. One of the most important reflections is product thinking. China has long been a product of scarcity and extensive operation. Do a lot, but very tired. 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, the result is still not good, that the employees are not good enough, you have to do training, exercise, brainwashing. But never think about doing less. Internet era stresses single point cut, point by point amplification."

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Christmas Edition features:

recently released on the Internet, two digital bombs, one is sh419’s $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 radio, a millet half dry out last year’s performance, the first half of a total of 7 million 30 thousand units sold mobile phone, only the first half revenue on more than 12 billion 600 million last year, up to 13 billion 270 million

8. new history traces cleanup

Small team big dream Chengdu App Daren won Li Kaifu investmentSearching three months to create a mon

identified the product later, I began to prepare to do the site, the domain name is directly in the A5 Trading Forum to buy a good case, the space on my original one, the program I use dede. When it comes to this program, I personally feel that although Dede is good, but there is still a little complex, on the background of so many options to see me under the table had a big trouble to understand some of the basic functions, and the template cannot be visual editing, I used to use the shopex for the visual editing function of the people that is very tricky.

Liu Zhangbo is the founder and CEO of Chengdu to spend the interactive application software, the company launched the Master Hotel ", become the first domestic hotel application map query mode. IPhone version of the first week on the line, that is, on the AppStore tourism class application list first. Million users through the "Hotel Daren" in the global hotel reservations. In October 2011, because of this software, they won the Li Kaifu micro-blog Innovation workshop investment.

graduated from University of British Columbia with a master’s degree in computer science. He has had experience in short-term foreign invested project development, and the seeds of entrepreneurship have sprouted in Liu Zhangbo’s heart. In December 2009, 28 year old Liu Zhangbo teamed up with old classmates founded Chengdu flowers Interactive Technology Co. ltd..

test the water: Entrepreneurship for one year without financing, almost died

, like many after 80s, has downloaded a variety of applications on Liu Zhangbo’s iPhone mobile phone. "Hotel Daren" became a faithful companion for his business trip and was placed in the most prominent position on the front page of his home. No matter where you go, open the "Hotel Daren", a map marked with various grades of hotel information presented in front of him, so that he can easily book the hotel. In addition to using, he is more concerned about the number of downloads, user feedback and so on.

half a year in the past, the financing of the "fruitless" he got into trouble, he has prepared a retreat: continue to maintain their own products at the same time, through some outsourcing list to maintain life. At that time, the company has 3 full-time staff, part-time staff of six or seven people. However, the outsourcing of the list is not easy, the entire year, he received only a 100 thousand yuan outsourcing project, only enough to maintain food and clothing". In the confused night, a ray of hope came through: "Hotel Daren" came to him quietly.

The problem with

financing has become their biggest problem. As mobile phone applications become more competitive, investors are becoming more and more critical. In addition to good ideas, good teams, financial data and business plans are carefully reviewed. Half a year after the start of the business, he was busy looking for investment. Although the technical background of his introverted personality, but in order to start his dream, seek financing, he frequently search, participate in a variety of industry gatherings, hoping to meet investors. In the middle of 2010, an investor finally became interested in his project. Frequent contact for more than two months, Liu Zhangbo once thought that "there is drama", however, finally, investors said, do not understand their business model, is expected to not reach the potential market, decided not to vote. His financing hopes failed.

Hello, I’m searching, some time ago wrote an article with SEO way to do the Taobao article, are not interested in Taobao guest friends add me as friend, this let me know a lot of friends here, I wrote my ideas in some detail the operation process, and share with you, the article in my space, interested friends can see to my space. My is 271542542.

I do Taobao off, reason is that I have no intention of contact in the process of doing shop dealers in the way of feeling this money or good have some understanding, after the systematic study of the SEO thought to do Taobao off the way with SEO, when the idea of the think of this method should be useful! Just try holding the mentality to do, mainly is to validate my idea is not correct.

origin: ordering Hotel inconvenience design

in the eyes of Liu Zhangbo, "Master Hotel" is to save the flowers interactive "hero", prior to this, there is no financing, no income, his entrepreneurial path almost died.

remember that at the beginning of product selection, but also want to do those profits, to what weight loss products, but there are so many people doing that, he didn’t have much advantage, certainly not compete with the master, I just want to do a classification, in the choice of products it is also from the Ali Mama single product catalog to find, so many categories that really do not know how to choose it.

, July 2010 >

this time I think of the 28 law, the general law is quite accurate, used to find products should not be wrong, I put the product catalog statistics, to find out the 20% categories in the fire, to find out the most popular of the 20%. Most of the fire must have a lot of experts doing, we do not go to competition, the worst of those who do not do, in the middle of the 40% inside to find, it should not have many masters. Then for each category were investigated to find the most suitable for their own doing, I at that time to determine the first category is through the query under the category of products, the product commission is good, then go to sh419 search some relevant keywords, see this kind of products have people doing now, and keywords the intensity of competition. Through these investigations, some difficult categories were excluded, and a small category without competition was found.

has been solved, and I will say how to optimize this website. First of all, I am

How did I get Baidu to include 35 thousand pages in just three days

I’m a junior novice webmaster, do not know too much web knowledge, but I have a passion for learning, after more than a year after experience, I made several web sites and sell the source, do is the best site for me a few days before the sale of homes (, clove the maximum flow rate reached 3500, most of my promotion manual. Baidu is included in the 1150 of the time did not increase, I estimate to the Baidu audit period to the railway station, my site is all collected, so I quickly sold, if K cast into the money back. Finally, to 800 yuan transaction sold to a net friend, until now, Baidu is not very popular with this site, included has not increased.

After I went to the station to sell

forum to see a website (3G entertainment network, good, Baidu included 61500, GG included more than 7 thousand pages, backlinks is also good, is not what traffic, because his station did not do even the basic SEO optimization, Baidu included the title based not so common keywords. That included more than 60 thousand pages and included 600 pages is equal to the same. (I prefer the cloves home included 1100 to more than 200 IP) but I do not value his flow, but his name has been the Baidu audit period, and the domain name has a brief note, so I pay money to buy his website.

bought the station and I did the following steps:

first step: add Title keywords and bottom site profiles. The advantage of this is that people can match the title of the article in search of certain keywords and increase the amount of entry.

second step: website revision, revision can not be completed at one time, to step by step, I added four columns: body art, gender health, computer knowledge, entertainment fashion. Both body art and sexual health are what people like to read, so I have to add it. Computer knowledge and entertainment fashion are prepared to do keywords.

third step: select the content on the Internet, to choose the title in the search site to collect little or no, and you want to modify the title after the acquisition, adding some high search volume keywords, so that Baidu will be collected. Then add a lot of content.

fourth step: increase the good chain, and sometimes your site is not qualified, must be willing to spend money to buy, for example, I bought several Baidu, update the content of the website every day links.


did these four steps, I waited for Baidu’s collection. The first day of the second day included dozens of pages, contains more than 100 pages, third days I opened it frightens me, suddenly Baidu included page more than 30000, article 96500, from Baidu search to people is more and more each day, ha ha, is really beautiful. (today, my station, Baidu, to page 96600)

sum up: do a website to do, want to buy a good domain name, at least add you every day

Network security can not be ignored, Baidu search security auditorium dry whole secret!

Chinese website

security report according to the joint China Telecom and Scindapsus Anpeng with the release of the digital display, four hundred thousand site detection research to ninety million vulnerabilities. Moreover, the website attacks are also very much, the four hundred thousand site of the attack from 124 countries of the 1 billion 700 million attacks, many techniques including HTTP, access control, server information leakage and tampering with the contents are the mainstream methods of attack. Network security has become a common problem to be solved.

May 25, 2017, sponsored by the Baidu Baidu search Webmaster Platform security forum held in Zhongguancun science and Technology Park Innovation Center Internet Conference, expert group of experts, Baidu search from Baidu security labs senior engineers and senior engineers in Baidu cloud acceleration, giving hundreds of Internet sites for the network security problem has a wonderful training.


[Baidu search all site support HTTPS site, website "unsafe" will be punished [


from Baidu search engineer Lv Ming said: in order to provide a safe and reliable network environment, after enable HTTPS encryption, Baidu search once again announced the full support of the HTTPS page directly Webmaster Platform all included, Baidu webmaster tools will also support the use of HTTPS site. From the perspective of relevance; in addition, the Baidu search engine site that weights the same, using HTTPS protocol is more secure for the end user page, the search experience, not using the HTTPS protocol. The site may be suppressed because of security problems search.

[Baidu cloud acceleration site anti hijacking, simplify steps to reduce costs]

from Baidu cloud acceleration senior engineer said, just a few days ago to solve the problem of a case of network security, there is a flower business, originally in the flow of Baidu’s support, website order conversion is very good, the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, it suddenly found the website user when to open it the site, which was implanted ads relatively large scale, causing him to the whole site conversion rate becomes very low. After receiving this problem Baidu cloud acceleration project with the users to do the test, found that the site had been hijacked, according to the specific hijack problem, cloud acceleration project plans and guidance on the site is given to hijack phenomenon disappeared.

, a senior engineer from Baidu’s security lab, said that when it comes to network security issues, the site doesn’t have to be confused. In the login page and in the key data transmission place, I hope you’ll switch to HTTPS. Anyway, you should improve the safety awareness and safety concerns at the same time we check erroneous ideas at the outset, the dynamic access to information and see the latest attack to defense, colleagues can help all kinds of security products and tools to protect our network security.

[site during the transformation of HTTPS >

Olive oil ten brands list – the whole

olive oil’s nutritional value is similar to many products on the market can not match, and now people attach great importance to nutrition, so it will make olive oil products are increasingly popular. Of course, this market also has a lot of brands, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of olive oil, so that people can have a better understanding of the market.

olive oil ten brands list NO.1, Athena:

Beijing International Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2005, is a professional engaged in the Mediterranean countries, new, odd, special product development, import and domestic market development of international trading company. The company advocates and advocacy of "natural, environmental, health, and safety management idea of consumption concept", with "high quality" and "natural" two flags, the spirit of "pragmatic, service, integrity, excellence" for the purpose of development and expansion of enterprises, service to the society.

olive oil ten brands list NO.2, Bettis:

Bettis is a Spanish professional olive oil company Torres and Libeileisi company (TORRES Y RIBELLES, S.A) of the star brand. Founded in 1914, has a long history of olive oil production, ranked one of Spain’s ten largest exporter of olive oil.

olive oil ten brands list:

NO.3, Solon

Anhui Solon Trading Co. Ltd. was founded in early 2008, is a professional engaged in the import of Greece and other Mediterranean coastal countries and China specialty products market development international trade company. Mr. Luo, general manager of our company has long been engaged in trade in the Mediterranean countries, on the Mediterranean coast of the country’s customs and characteristics of products, in-depth and accurate understanding. With the rapid development of China’s economy, people’s consumption awareness and consumption concept has gradually changed, especially the edible oil consumption habits have gradually changed from traditional consumption to pure natural, environmentally friendly and healthy oil consumption.

olive oil ten brands list:

NO.4, Luhua

Shandong Luhua Group Co Ltd, is currently the largest professional China peanut oil production enterprises, national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the annual production capacity of 600 thousand tons of peanut oil, sunflower oil production capacity of 100 thousand tons. Now has a staff of more than 6 thousand people, under the jurisdiction of Laiyang Luhua peanut oil company, Laiyang Jiang Tuan Luhua peanut oil company, Shandong Dingtao Luhua peanut oil company and Henan Zhoukou, Hubei Xiangyang Luhua peanut oil company Ltd., Inner Mongolia Luhua Luhua peanut oil sunflower oil company 17 sub company.

olive oil ten brands list:

NO.5, Aqianya


Open a baby souvenir store earn no money

baby market is a huge market, and development still has enormous potential, investors are hoping to find a good way in this market for business, also hope investment cost is not too big. So how to open a baby souvenir shop

investment skills

by high quality and preferential services, in order to create the reputation effect, to win more customers, only the first to provide customers with more convenient. For example, the establishment of the region can provide free on-site service; cumulative consumption to a certain extent can provide a certain value of goods and services; also with the pediatric experts, to provide free counseling for the target customers…… These can improve the customer’s trust and loyalty to the product.

store location

such stores generally in large hospitals (especially women and children’s Hospital) side, preferably near a large community, so it is easy to centralized marketing. The way of publicity is one of one to one marketing. For example, the clerk in the baby to see the parents, not to talk about making souvenirs from "haircut" start, close and parents psychological distance; the best time to distribute information to the hospital at 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., when maternal dining and family visiting time, the success rate is high.