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The site is K off after the restoration of love sea ranking manipulation analysis

second, the outreach. Every day before a flood of outreach, including signature and blog, classification of information and so on, after the site is down right, the author slightly convergence in the aspects of outreach, many people think that a large number of outreach can attract spiders and so on, but I beg to differ after the operation above views himself. The main aspects of outreach reduces the forum signature connection, regular update high quality external connections, including daily blog, connection and exchange platform for classified information platform, and the correlation in this process the author has always maintained a stable growth and the connection quality grasp connected to add, all the aspects of outreach.

third server. Contact space’s handling of Trojan, enhanced security space, the server must be kept stable, once found, will be the first time to contact the space business, its requirements to ensure the stability, said here, the author prompts you, you should always check the site once the problem was found to be linked in the first time and space. As far as possible to minimize the residence time of the fault, protect your FTP username and password space and so on, to strengthen the defense consciousness of their own.

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first of all, the author on his own website as an example, we can refer to, recovery techniques are actually very similar. The website is because hang trojan website can not access, cause the browser to prompt the poisoning, the last tragedy, was in love with the sea K page left, when memories of this experience all the pain of his own hard management website with deep hatred and resentment, it was unbearable to stay out in the cold. After processing and communication of Trojan off the space business, continue to walk alone, to dress, to run their own website. The author mainly discussed by K after the recovery method.

first, continuously updated content. Is mainly reflected in the fixed time every day to update the high quality of the article, the article try to prevent the anchor text keywords too much, the appropriate title reflect keywords, pay attention to the key words in the title and do not place too much, natural and proper in the article content, attention to good user experience, the content as far as possible around a clear the theme of writing, don’t put a lot of irrelevant keywords, avoid: anchor text and insert the user influence crudely made too much experience, this is the first in the adjustment process.

yesterday in the group where many groups of friends are the website by K, in their daily update, but also do outreach, snapshot and ranking is still not satisfactory, see many of my friends have a problem with this solution, I think they encounter such problems in the operation process of the website and everyone to share, I engaged in optimization work for a long time, in the face of the sea with K station, right down the encounter had also felt very confused, as of now there are also slightly below their views, the author has the problem to talk about is how to solve and study together to exchange.

The 10 method is the most effective WangzhuanFrom doing products to digging people, employing people

Many novice

four: blogging to make money. The principle of blogging is to advertise in popular blogs, or to write blogs about blogs, blogs, blogs, and blogs.

, born in 1976, Yao Jinbo is a legend, the 3 pioneering, 1 by giant acquiring company Yi Lan Network, 2 listed in the United States big and 58 city. Holding a large number of high-value domain names, and Cai Wensheng’s webmaster compared to the king, no less than color. The Internet, entrepreneurship, user experience, business systems, cognitive, have their own unique set.

two: the money transferred off mode. At present in the industry there is a Wangzhuan investigation on profitable occupation, is transferred off. Participate in the survey published by others to make money, potatoes done only on air traveler clear research through, nothing can play leisure.

ten: promoting money. There are already ways to promote money, such as Firefox promotion, online games >

want to make money online, start their own business on the Internet, however, many more unscrupulous Wangzhuan Laoniao market dragons and fishes jumbled together, engage in some useless Wangzhuan training unconscionable to cheat money to the novice novice, confused and disoriented fooled, Wangzhuan market has also been made in the training The atmosphere was foul., people must keep their eyes open, do not deceived, know Wangzhuan circles training master, make friends. Here the potatoes will introduce Wangzhuan types and methods 10 valid.

1: Witkey mode to make money. Do Witkey is a Wangzhuan mode now more popular, beginner friends can take a variety of tasks in Witkey online to make money, to the various design tasks, to help the post baby name, as long as enough hard, sweat like money, currently doing the biggest Witkey pig and task Chinese.

inspired by the Craigslist pattern, in July 2005, leaving the million net, created 58 city classifieds site. After 8 years of filing with the stick, in October 31, 2013, 58 on the New York stock exchange, on the first day of the opening price of $21.2, $17 higher than the issue price rose 23.5%. As of today, the market value reached $2 billion 400 million.

seven: operating websites to make money. Run a web site, you can hang on the website of various types of advertising, you can sell your website links, you can sell services, technology, etc. on the site. Is the very way to engage in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan head.

entrepreneurial direction, choices, ways of doing things and thinking

old Yao claiming to be programmer background, do not like dealing with people, write some code to do a site very happy. He just graduated from University, founder of the domain name, and later developed into the largest domestic trade and value-added service, and in September 2000 was the acquisition of network. Yao then as well as served as product manager, director of product planning, general manager of the Southern China area office, vice president of marketing etc..

1, choose the direction, see if it is the future direction, from when down to see, you engage in the field, the next five years, the symbol does not conform to the habits of the Chinese, if you can certainly insist.

talked about his experience, he talked about on the Internet, mobile Internet business understanding, old Yao shared his thoughts and conclusion some as I understand a little changed a statement, said to repost, not shorthand text haha, but remained original:

2 do the future and prepare for five to ten years’ struggle.

nine: domain name reselling profitable. Many people make money by reselling the domain name, domain name registration related immediately see new things or industry, hoarding in the hands of the domain name, wait for appreciation, is a rare commodity.

can’t start to early, Capitol venture, what mode of surging come, you do what. It’s much better to start early than a little later when you see a reliable direction. For example, he said, Internet banking should be done three years ago, O2O should be done two years ago, as early as possible to organize resources, such as talent, capital, operational experience accumulated. At the same time, he believes, should be from the United States, Japan and Europe. The shadow business must have a similar pattern, similar to the entrepreneurial team, see why why success fail, what what can learn from the reference. He said the United States will put all American newspapers and magazines have a record, later took what the company advertised, what is the company financing, at least in related fields how many listed companies, market capitalization is how to grasp.

three: write soft money. There are a lot of soft net, to the net for the soft soft Wen writers, to write text to earn royalties, of course also has soft, general online Witkey task, also can do.

eight: sh419 bid for money. This is the first discovered Wangzhuan understand, but also can do long term, as the principle to spend money to buy some popular sh419 ads, selection techniques rely on individual practice, customer and product sales as the ultimate goal.

six: online shop to make money. This method is the most reliable and steady. Taobao, sh419, ah, pat are relatively well-known online shop platform, many areas of our country and even appeared shop village, the entire village sales of goods on the network.

from the start to a larger scale, to be listed on average 7 years, 58 city spent 8 years. Entrepreneurs are advised to consider and grasp the business reference ice hockey. Ice hockey rolls on the ice. You must go in the direction of the puck, so we can only make it clear for 5 years

five: Taobao customers make money. This is one of the most popular online, Taobao alliance makes the number of domestic guest website surge, also gave birth to a large number of Amoy owners, do Taobao customers a monthly income of over a million There are plenty of people who master.

The implementation of on-site photo recording, but helpless behind the webmaster thinking

website filing problem in the calm for some time after another wave. After a lapse of 3 months, the site for the record owners concern must take pictures yesterday with the latest progress of verification. The afternoon of May 6th, to record information photos of medium and small owners worried the submission process have been expressed in the Ministry of industry and information announcement, and record management system of website published pictures of the record "original photo background map and photo background illustration in the use of information". Obviously, the Ministry of action gives a clear signal, the record photo will officially enter the implementation phase.

In fact,

as early as February of this year, the Ministry issued a "further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" notice, notice stressed the site responsible person shall I carry Id original materials, access to the service unit for the record for verification procedures, and provide color full faced photo. In fact, before the formal implementation of the requirements to check the information site for the record before the end of March, but the Ministry of the new deal has failed to timely implementation of obstacles encountered.

because of the tedious process of filing, it has been criticized. "In fact, some of the views on the record, not for the system itself, but the approval costs are too high, complex processes and other practical constraints." A webmaster said. Website stationmaster alleges, be in charge of the record that examine and approve, partial communication bureau audit speed is slower, because this also bred the "fast record" industry that collect fees.

"it’s obviously frustrating."." "The cost at home is too high," one stationmaster said in an interview." He believes that a really good IDC may not be in the province, according to the Ministry of industry announced the program, Guangzhou station if Beijing’s IDC must go to Beijing taking pictures for the record, and a person may have more than one website and IDC, is really implemented, you need to take a picture for the location of IDC site in this regard, many small and medium-sized website operators, downhearted, or give up, or transfer to overseas.

but one of the features of the Internet is that without borders, the "virtual space" needed to start a website has long been limited to local space. Through online payment, anyone can purchase the storage space on any server in the world, including the purchase of international space and domain names such as the United States, Canada and other countries. However, once the real implementation of the "site photo recording regulations", "helpless", the choice of overseas domain names and space, will be the most direct and effective way for small and medium-sized adsense.

May 6th, one called the "rat" in his blog said: "the space agency also began to vigorously promote foreign space, we can put the site transferred abroad in advance, otherwise when the domestic record began to realize, may also start a large number of foreign space prices." One remark, followed by the post should be gathered.

for the latest photos of the site for the record, the global e-commerce expert China Connaught network believes that the site for the record, the implementation of face to face photography requirements, it goes without saying that for illegal >

Open shop is not so simple, not so difficult

Taobao double 11

last year created a new record of 19 billion 100 million yuan, let people have a new definition for the online shopping market, and the market by increasing the impact of ground shop, many brand is also brewing in the ground into the network, in the hope that the broader market share. Therefore, the future of the shop space unlimited vast, also known as the future of the sunrise industry.

recently I saw a news, a school that students learn the professional e-commerce, in class I start Taobao shop business, one of the big 3 students monthly income reached 6 thousand yuan, this is less, a monthly income of over million students. I laughed to the news, because in my analysis of more than a year of experience, this news is obviously a little exaggeration, the so-called e-commerce professional students learn the theoretical knowledge, and think through part-time to complete the open shop process, can also achieve high incomes, must have the condition is: abundant capital, has a dedicated team, put more time. Electricity supplier is a very hard to force the industry, the work of more than ten hours a day is normal, and at the beginning of its establishment, there is no flow source as a support, it is difficult to start. If it’s a college student who spends one or two hours a day on a part-time job, the monthly income is over $10000, just outside the industry. Our shop recruit a professional e-commerce who is responsible for the operation in the last year, two months later, his boss ", the reason is very simple, the operating mode is not of great help for the operation of the shop.

so you want to do online, is not so easy, just look at others like to earn a lot, but in fact there are statistics show that in the open shop business, can make money only nearly 20% of the base, many people still pay tuition, if not prepared before in Taobao, failure is not in the minority. To put in a good state of mind, long-term plans, and gradually learn how to operate, it is not so difficult to do online shop.

our Tmall store has been operating since 2011, and it has been 2 years since, but as far as the current situation is concerned, we have not yet achieved the goal of profit. When it was the worst of last year, it was the hardest time to sell only one item a day. At that time, we held a marketing conference, and we all made our own opinions. Some people think that we should study the "seven" such a brand shop, take the price promotion war will hurt the brand effect, is not conducive to the development of the latter. Some people think that should start from localization marketing, after doing the local market, slowly radiation to the national market. At that time, a local online store seemed to have better sales figures than others, and some felt that we should learn from other people’s practices. But the boss insists on strategy is through the data in the short term, only a baby from zero data into 1 of the time, we can talk back from 1 to 10, no sales data as a support, the brand can only be a dream, a slogan. Because the store hasn’t been solved yet

Domestic and foreign websites rely on what profit

1, American website profit

, the 5 highest web browser users in the US, is AOL (AOL), Microsoft, YAHOO, Lycos (Lekas) and Excite@Home (happy home). At the same time, they are also one of the few profitable Internet companies in the United states. They have one thing in common: more than half of their income comes from advertising and e-commerce.

YAHOO began profitable in 1997, mainly from advertising. YAHOO’s business model can draw three circles: a circle is the media information, so as to attract more users; a circle is a personalized service, such as chat rooms, electronic mail, audio communication, so as to prolong the residence time of the user; another is the circle of e-commerce, such as shopping, small business information, auction, classification the sale of demand information, to facilitate online transactions. In this way, the Internet users to YAHOO up, both to see information, but also exchanges, but also the sale of things.

AOL for the acquisition of Time Warner and the world-famous AOL company, is the world’s largest Internet service providers and content providers. AOL’s content services are very rich, shopping, news, health, tourism, entertainment and so on. Because of this, the average online time for AOL users grew from 19 minutes per day in 1996 to 64 minutes per day in 2000. There is an absolute number of visitors in the United States and an absolute long online time, and AOL’s online advertising and e-commerce revenues are considerable.

Lycos is a merger and acquisition model that has acquired several web brands within two years, making it the fourth web browser in the country.

Excite@Home to provide a broadband Internet service company, which makes home users as fast Internet access, and network access services to the rich, such as online news, personalized home page, online greeting cards etc.. 60% of its revenue comes from advertising revenue, and 40% from the access service.

2, domestic website

popular professional services, the current direction can be considered. The website is to profit, it is the same as normal goods must have core products or services, and this kind of product or service is real, not imaginary, is to operate a highly specialized division of labor system, not the things of heaven mirage. Haier provides consumers with home appliance products, NOKIA offers consumers mobile phones, what websites offer consumers, content and all services are virtual, and can not constitute a profit body, the site can not make a profit. From the current situation in the domestic website, but also confirmed this. On the one hand, the site can not find its own core products or services; on the other hand, most Internet users are reluctant to pay for the information provided by the website.

requirements exist, and needs need to be developed. What kind of product or service can make money, can form a huge demand, Internet users are willing to spend money to buy

Shenzhen and Hong Kong government to support youth entrepreneurship Qianhai youth dream workshop vib

in the joint support of the Shenzhen Hong Kong policy, 129 young entrepreneurial team is striding forward towards the dream, in the efforts of these entrepreneurial team, but also to better promote the development of economic and cultural exchanges between the two places.

As a new platform for

largest entrepreneurial teamA

financing amounted to 700 million yuan

along the road into the bay is located in the south side of the FTA, the white buildings immediately greeted. The architectural style of buildings is new, spacious and clean road, swaying flowers bring vitality to this area. There, the young man carrying a bag between the buildings, the coffee shop built along the street from time to time to beat the sound of the keyboard.

"Qianhai lacks a natural environment for the industry, so we want to create a business atmosphere to the entrepreneurial team." December 7, 2013, Qianhai, Shenzhen, Hongkong Youth Authority launched to create "Hongkong outstanding youth" and "Youth" main elements of International Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship community — "Qianhai Shenzhen youth dream factory" (hereinafter referred to as the "dream factory"), and formally opened on December 7, 2014.

Vice Minister of

"Hongkong in basic scientific research done very well, the application of technology transfer and international comparison, so their international vision is wide, has a very good development in the cultural and creative and professional services." Zhang Ying said that the mobile Internet, intelligent hardware and cultural creativity is the dream of the three major industries involved in the workshop.

which introduced in the team, mobile Internet sector occupies a large proportion of. For young people in Hongkong, the field of professional services is generally favored entrepreneurial direction, recommend

Inventory of the most profitable areas of College Students Entrepreneurship

now the majority of college students have become the main force of the whole business, and in the future will be more entrepreneurial college students, while choosing a suitable road is also very important. Today, we have to focus on inventory of college students in the field of entrepreneurship?

: market analysis

stone engraving products, such as flat relief murals, road monument, monument, monuments, plaques and so on, are widely used in building decoration, commercial store signs, the original forest, cemetery and municipal construction etc.. For thousands of years, the original stone carving products is loved by the public, but because of the manual operation using a hammer, chisel, long processing time, high labor intensity, high skill requirements, can not meet the carving large quantity, fast speed, high quality, fine graphics, specification and many other requirements.

bonsai shop

investment conditions

that live in the area near the door to rent a facade of about 20 square meters. Since it is alternative food supermarket, you can not sell some of the popular goods, to have the characteristics of. The comprehensive characteristics of food major shopping malls and supermarkets, carefully in the food wholesale market, shops etc. choose their own variety of business purchase, and please travel frequently for relatives and friends around the distinctive food wholesale, buy back.

supermarket opened, suggested adding sugar, Kunming recommended cartoon

New venture to build brand

for a girl, now choose to start a lot of people, but if you embark on the road of entrepreneurship, will choose to do? I am afraid that most of the girls choose the cause should have a certain relationship with fashion, petty bourgeoisie, but this is not the case of the hero. "Licorice, Radix Isatidis are more common Chinese herbal medicine, a lot of traditional Chinese medicine will join the licorice, licorice is a kind of medicine. Burnet can enrich the blood, especially good for female body. In fact, many Chinese herbal medicine also need to develop, to more people know."

See Bai

new, neat in her long hair, wearing a leisure suit, about Chinese herbal medicine to closely reasoned and well argued. The girl who grew up in the city, do not love shopping, beauty, just fell in love with squatting in herbal medicine of good friend exposed to the weather, often joked: "I want to play with you, because you will find you, in general, can not play together."

2014 years old, 23 year old girl from Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University, graduated from the College of horticulture college graduate students. In the second year, she was engaged in the study of Chinese herbal medicine and became a member of the female college students’ self – employment team.

entrepreneurship is not a whim

The new research topic of

is the investigation of Daqing local ornamental and medicinal wild plants

"when I was young, parents often take me to the village in the field to play, I love playing in the field, meadow, forest. Digging wild vegetables, picking mushrooms, watching the stars at night, particularly interesting, nature makes me feel kind." Bo Xin bai. When she grew up, with her schoolwork increased, she had little contact with nature.

did not expect to go to graduate school to regain her childhood happiness. "When I was an undergraduate majoring in economics and management, I was not interested in it. I was interested in nature." This time, she did not hesitate to cross the professional choice of horticulture. After hard work, in 2014, the new class in the class of the first class to get a good grade on the graduate student, also got a new scholarship 5000 yuan.

after admission, she chose the Daqing local ornamental, medicinal herbs and wild plant investigation, the subject of research, specializing in the study of wild Chinese herbal medicines.

early, Bai new parents in my city Chunlei farm package under a piece of land, only have some sheep, crops, in the protection of native vegetation, which contains a small amount of Chinese herbal medicine. This is the beginning of the new research. Different from the academic and experimental research, the new graduate students do not bubble lab daily, do not stay in the greenhouse and greenhouse, but in the field around the investigation.

This year’s most profitable venture

want to be rich, we can, as long as find a suitable project, the broader market prospects. The whole network Xiaobian recommend a join rich project, I hope to help you quickly, we go to see it.

Magic, as a kind of interactive performance, outstanding characteristics of the art form, can not only satisfy people’s curiosity, the magic effect in some places can play. For example, in social networking, a small magic will make you close to the people around you. A strange magic theme store owner did a statistics, 90% of the customers through the shop will stop to watch, of which 20% – 30% customers into the store consumers.   "funny toys, plastic toys, funny toys, magic props, new exotic products…… Readily available, more bizarre magic teacher in the "I want to Spring Festival evening show" Henan satellite TV "Magic also Youdao" and other live show.



1. school gathered a large number of students, students in their spare time always buy some gadgets.

2. bus station is the crowd distribution center, conveniently buy some small toys to take home a few people.

3. pedestrian street gathered in the sales of student supplies, small magic props relatively easy, there are profits, money is relatively easy.

4. is a special cultural tourist attractions, in addition to the supply of people to visit the nearby attractions, but also can do magic props wholesale, business is better to do.


This is a small

the rich market Unlimited Business Opportunities, bring about a better career prospects for you, a better future.

Rice cake selling point is not enough investment potential

delicious cake diners are hard to resist, and to win the rice cake features will set off a new upsurge of investment in the food and beverage industry. Both young and old love to eat, high nutritional value, on-site production, 100% fresh, suction eye bright points endless.


directly with rice made the birthday cake, can improve the practice of Japanese sushi to steamed rice, also can be directly mixed in ordinary glutinous rice steamed rice inside, increase the viscosity. Then add the ham, dried meat floss, peanuts and other materials used to Steamed Rice sandwich, die pressed into cake shape. You can choose decorative exquisite material Mashed Potato, egg yolk etc.. Small cake is fresh Penglai rice after soaking into rice milk, milk, tea, etc. in taro flavor steamed, taste very elastic.

market prospectsMaking

operational recommendations

features is always the focus delicacy, consumers and entrepreneurs focus on selling rice cake, taste enough, innovation, customers love, market sales. Entrepreneurs choose this new food and beverage project, must have earned.


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