Londoners riding the tube have only a few more mon

first_imgLondoners riding the tube have only a few more months to feast their eyes on cheesy, greasy burger ads and other high-calorie treats on promotional posters. As of February, the city will ban junk food advertising across all of London’s public transportation network, the mayor’s office announced on Friday. It is part of the city’s larger plan to stem rising childhood obesity rates. “Child obesity is putting the lives of young Londoners at risk and placing huge pressure on our already strained health service,” Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a statement. “It is absolutely imperative that we take tough action against this ticking timebomb now, and reducing exposure to junk food advertising has a role to play in this — not just for children, but parents, families and carers who buy food and prepare meals,” Khan said.As of Feb. 25, advertisements for foods high in fat, salt and sugar will be prohibited from the Transport for London network. That means companies will no longer be allowed to tempt commuters with their sugary drinks, cheeseburgers or chocolate bars, among other tasty but unhealthy products. According to city officials, “food and drink brands, restaurants, takeaways and delivery services will only be able to place adverts which promote their healthier products, rather than simply publicising brands.” The ban applies to all modes of transport controlled by the the TfL, including the Underground, Overground, London buses, trams and taxis. “It’s clear that advertising plays a huge part in the choices we make, whether we realize it or not, and Londoners have shown overwhelming support for a ban,” the mayor said. Khan first proposed the impending restrictions in May and city officials say the public overwhelming supports the ban. “It’s completely unacceptable that in a city as prosperous as London, where you live and the amount you earn can have a massive impact on whether you have access to healthy, nutritious food. I’m determined to change this,” Khan added.Last month, Public Health England revealed that more than 37 percent of 10-and 11 year-olds in London are overweight or obese. The data also showed obesity rates in the poorest areas are more than double that of the wealthiest areas. Advertising Association Chief Executive Stephen Woodford opposed the new marketing rules, arguing they would have little impact on public health. “There is no clear evidence that a ban on high fat, salt and sugar advertising on the TfL out-of-home estate will have a positive effect on reducing childhood obesity rates in London,” Woodford said in an email statement to NPR. “Not only will this measure fail to achieve the end goal of reducing childhood obesity, it will also damage businesses in our capital and reduce TfL’s income from advertising, with the potential of putting increased pressure on commuters through higher fares,” he added. Woodford has been critical of Khan’s plan from the start and has accused the mayor of rejecting opportunities of “using advertising’s support to solve the problem in a more effective way.””There has been little interest to date from the Mayor’s office in working together with industry to proactively tackle this important issue; however, we remain ready to work with the Mayor’s office in a constructive way,” he remarked. The junk food advertising ban is one part of Khan’s London Food Strategy, which includes establishing a Child Obesity Taskforce set on cutting by half “the percentage of London’s children who are overweight at the start of primary school and obese at the end of primary school by 2030, and to reduce the gap between child obesity rates in the richest and poorest areas in London.” Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit read more

One November afternoon inside a raised ranch in Rh

first_imgOne November afternoon inside a raised ranch in Rhode Island, Kristal and Chris’ 13-year-old son was just getting home from school.”How’s school?” Chris says.”Bad!” Dylan says. He’s a skinny kid with glasses – still small enough for his mom to wrap him in a bear hug if he gets out of control.He’s had a lot of bad days. Dylan’s parents review the daily reports his school sends home.”So on this particularly day, he had 27 instances of property destruction,” Kristal says. “He had 25 incidences of aggression. He had only one self-injurious behavior, so that’s pretty low.”Their son, Dylan, has an autism spectrum disorder. And his symptoms seem to defy treatment with traditional medicine. (To protect their son’s privacy, we’re not using the family’s last name.)”You would think a lot of the medications he’s been on would tranquilize a horse,” Kristal says, ticking off a list of 16 different drugs he’s tried, including Ritalin, Klonopin and Abilify.They have also tried special diets: gluten-free and dairy-free.Last winter, Dylan’s behavior became so out of control he was hospitalized for nearly five weeks.So a week before Thanksgiving — with the permission of Rhode Island health officials and the support of Dylan’s psychiatrist — Kristal and Chris began experimenting with giving Dylan medical marijuana.Rhode Island is one of a small but growing number of states that allow medical marijuana for treating severe forms of autism.The decision is raising hopes for some parents of autistic children. But there’s scant scientific evidence about the benefits — and risks — of marijuana use in these children.”The research basis for a lot of the hopes for using medical marijuana for autism – it’s really minimal,” says David G. Amaral, a psychologist and research director of the M.I.N.D. Institute at University of California, Davis. (M.I.N.D. stands for Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders.) “I mean there’s very meager clinical evidence for effectiveness.”Meager evidence because there have been no large clinical trials to determine whether marijuana or its compounds are effective — or safe — in treating children with autism.”Unless there’s a clinical trial done in the right way and showing the safety, No. 1, of the drug,” Amaral says, “and then the benefit of it … it may be that families are wasting their time — and maybe exposing their family members to a potentially dangerous situation.”That’s not to say that marijuana doesn’t hold promise for autism treatment. In fact, the first large-scale clinical trial in the U.S. to test the idea is just getting underway at Montefiore Medical Center in New York.The trial, funded with a $1.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense, will examine the effectiveness of a cannabis-based compound known as CBDV (which stands for cannabidivarin) on irritability and repetitive behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorders.The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Eric Hollander, directs the Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Program at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The trial is expected to enroll about 100 patients and be completed in 2021.But parents like Kristal and Chris aren’t waiting.They’ve been poring over online posts from other parents of autistic children about their experiences with medical marijuana. Kristal reads aloud from another mother’s post:”Had to share this behavior chart …The high marks are from last summer – crazy, awful behaviors. He always regresses in the summer. The circled area highlights the major drop in behaviors. The difference between then and every single summer in the past and now: medical marijuana.””In some ways I think about it like cancer care,” says Dr. Todd Levine, a psychiatrist who specializes in working with children with autism at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island in Providence. “If your kid has cancer and you’re failing chemotherapy and someone at NIH says we have an experimental drug, you’ll go.”Levine, who treats Dylan, is supporting his parents’ decision to see if medical marijuana can help their son.In their kitchen, Kristal shakes a medicine bottle filled with homemade marijuana oil.”Do your medicine real quick?” she says to Dylan.He screams, “No!” and swears.His parents have learned to ignore these outbursts. Dylan paces and then settles down.Kristal uses a plastic dosing syringe to draw out 25 milligrams of homemade cannabis-infused olive oil and squirts it into Dylan’s open mouth.And already Chris, says, they feel like it’s working.”I notice in the morning he’s been a little easier to get along with,” Chris says. “He’s not as angry. He’s not waking up angry, he’s waking up and, and you know, just getting ready and doing his thing, and asking to get dressed and asking for breakfast.”These reports from parents – along with input from local doctors and a review of the medical literature — helped persuade Rhode Island health officials to add autism as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana.”Severe autism in particular is not a curable disease, and there are very few treatment options,” says Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, director of Rhode Island’s health department. “So there’s a compassionate-care element to this.”Rhode Island’s new regulations require doctors to first try the medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration — and consult with a child psychiatrist or pediatric neurologist — before approving children for medical marijuana.Besides Rhode Island, at least six other states have added autism to the list debilitating conditions that can qualify patients – including children – for medical marijuana. Copyright 2018 The Public’s Radio. To see more, visit The Public’s Radio.last_img read more

Tune in on Thursdays to view our featured neighbo

first_imgTune in on Thursday’s to view our featured neighborhood photo from back in the day! Submit your historical photos using our Submit a Post form or tag @northend.waterfront on Instagram. Please include a caption or story telling about your photo.See past historic neighborhood photo posts.While you’re here …we have a small favor to ask. More people than ever are reading but we need your help making ends meet. Advertising doesn’t bring in enough to pay for reporting or editorial work. Keeping this website going takes a lot of time, money and hard work. But we do it because we believe community news is important – and we think you do too. If everyone who reads this site, who likes it, puts in a bit to pay for it, then our future would be much more secure. Checks can be made out to North End Boston LLC, 343 Commercial St. #508, Boston 02109 or contribute online using the following links:*Make a One-Time Contribution* or *Become a Patron* Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.This week’s photograph captures a group of men sitting on benches in the North End Prado, sometime around 1954. The space was formerly a narrow public way in the tenement district of Boston, but it was rebuilt in 1933 to increase sunlight in the neighborhood. The new prado design concept was originally inspired by the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain.Today’s popular landmark, the Paul Revere sculpture, was not installed in the Prado until 1940. Today, the area is formally known as the Paul Revere Mall.Recently, Boston Parks & Recreation Department received funds to restore the area and are discussing ways to further enhance the space. Check out our coverage on the new project here, or learn more about the history of the original Prado here.*Advertisement*last_img read more

Is SFs Valencia St Too Expensive for Its Own Good

first_imgWith the exit of Chocolatier Blue Parlor at a site going for $10 a square foot and the appearance of other empty storefronts, it’s beginning to seem to some that Valencia Street has become unsustainable for the independent artisans that it has long attracted.Instead, the street has started to attract retailers and restaurants that are not chains — a formula retail law ensures that any business with more than 11 locations must get a special permit — but already have several locations. They aren’t homegrown in the Mission, but imported from elsewhere in San Francisco or the world.These include the more recent stores to open — Chrome, DSPTCH, Balm and Veo Optics.For some of those long on the street, higher rents are changing its once special vibe. Tags: valencia street Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% “I have friends who don’t walk down Valencia Street because they don’t recognize it anymore,” said Dema Grim, owner of Dema, a vintage clothing boutique that she has operated on Valencia Street for 18 years. “I’m not even sure that I fit in anymore as a unique business owner – I just don’t think that the customer for what I do is still in the city.”An extremely low retail vacancy rate throughout the city’s commercial districts has put pressure on several commercial spaces throughout the city. But making the rent — even when the product would be considered expensive by many — is not always easy.The $10 a square foot for 500 square feet that Chocolatier Blue Parlor left behind is more than double the $2 to $4 per square foot that business owners paid in 2009 and considerably higher than the $5 to $7 a square foot leases of 2014 or the $6 to $8 per square foot many businesses are paying now.The location at 904 Valencia Street was the highest per square foot retail space in the street’s history, according to Jefferson McCarley, general manager of the Mission Bicycle Company and spokesperson for the Valencia Corridor Merchants Associations (VCMA). McCarley, though acknowledging that rent increases are inevitable, describes this pricing as ‘vulgar.’“I would say that is not normal – that rental is not market-rate,” said McCarley, who was shocked when the chocolate manufacturer first approached him, willing to pay up. “I asked them how they expected to do business like that. It was insane.”And unsustainable. After 16 months, the chocolate shop is now closed. 0%center_img Fighting to keep Valencia Street independent In an effort to keep rents relatively reasonable and to preserve Valencia Street’s artsy, independent character, McCarley and other merchants members of the VCMA have fought hard to keep formula retail, or chain stores, out. The latter require a conditional use permit and a public hearing before being able to settle into the corridor.Jack Spade, American Apparel and Aesop all failed to win the community’s approval or backed out before even trying.But even without chain stores easily moving in, recent tenants remain decidedly more upscale than many of the longterm shops. It’s unclear how much the Italian automaker Pagani is paying for the lease at 461 Valencia Street — a lease it is expected to leave because of the cost of upgrading the space. Nevertheless, it is the sort of retailer — one that makes cars that sell for more than $1 million a piece — that can afford the corridor.It is still uncertain who will move into the 904 Valencia Street space Chocolatier Blue left, but developer Chris Homs said that his firm, Lockehouse Realtors, is looking for “an exciting, retail apparel-type tenant — someone that adds to the neighborhood.”The adjacent space at 908 Valencia Street, which was also acquired by Chocolatier Blue and currently stands empty, will temporarily serve as a pop-up for L.A.-based designer label Skingraft. Online, it sells hoodies for $345 and $408 (on sale), prices that are steeper than those of old-line businesses like Dema.New pop-up SkinGraft plans to stay for a month or so. Photo by Lydia ChávezHow much an independent business can realistically afford to pay is unclear. And some of those are already gone. Julia Trujillo,  the manager of Aldea Home on Valencia Street, said a rent increase at its children’s store on Valencia means it will  soon reconfigure the space at 890 to include Aldea Niños.Luna Park, a popular restaurant located at 694 Valencia Street, along with the Lexington Club at 19th and Valencia Streets — a well-known Lesbian bar with nearly two decades of history in the community — was recently bought by Gavin Newsom’s PlumpJack Group. The firm could not be reached for comment about the acquisition.While the PlumpJack Group is headquartered in San Francisco, it operates more than a dozen wineries, luxury resorts, restaurants and retail establishments throughout the state, as well as a development company.On the same block, the Elbo Room will be converted into condos by the building’s owners once the lease expires in November. Immediately next door, a 2,000 square foot space at 657 Valencia has been sitting empty for years.“I’ve had that listing forever,” said real estate broker Mark Kaplan. An organic grocery store had signed a lease in 2012, but the building’s owner opted to build condos instead. “It’s a waste – the grocery store would have been an important resource to the community,” said Kaplan.McCarley said the changes are just a sign of the times and the city’s heated economy.“The normal person can’t afford to live anywhere in the city — that’s not unique to the Mission. But the change is really pronounced here on Valencia Street,” he said. “I think that there is still a lot of soul here, and that it’s still the most interesting neighborhood in the world. We take action by doing what we can to preserve the character of the neighborhood.”There are few places as soulful as Laku at 1089 Valencia.Amidst mountains of yarn, Yaeko Yamashita sits next to a sewing machine at the back of her boutique, pensively overlooking embellished hats, colorful fabrics that resemble art, and shelves lined with vintage jewelry — some of the unique creations that fill her handmade haven.Classical music plays in the background, but the store she settled into in 1993 is devoid of customers. More than two decades later, Yamashita notes the changes that the commercial corridor has experienced.Photo by Laura Waxmann“I used to have relationships with my longtime customers — but with the new people, I don’t really have that,” now, she said.Silicon Valley and the nation’s highest job-market has meant an influx of young, affluent residents with little attachment to the neighborhood. Yamashita said they often overlook her little store.“There are more people in the area — but it doesn’t make a big difference in business. People come but they don’t buy. It’s a different kind of customer now,” said Yamashita, with a defeated smile. “Commercial things make money, but stuff like this… People are not interested in handmade products. They come and want to spend money, but they don’t appreciate specialities. It makes me very tired.”Despite hard times, Yamashita considers herself “lucky.” Her five-year lease is up for renewal next year, and she is looking at an increase that will peg her rent at $3,500. For a space on Valencia Street that spans approximately 1,000 square feet, that is cheap.Just a block over from Laku, Jose and Arturo Ibarra are scrambling to tend to the needs of their customers. A pale-ish yellow sign that advertises the printing business, Ibarra Brothers Printing Services, may easily go unnoticed among the street’s vibrant and creative new storefronts.“The problems is with the rents,” said Jose Ibarra, explaining that they have been operating out of their 22nd and Valencia Street location for more than 20 years. “The owner of the building can raise our rent however he wants, and unfortunately we have no other options at the moment but to pay.”The Ibarra brothers renewed their five-year lease last month, and were shocked to find that their rent had tripled —from $3,000 to $9,000 per month.“That was big for us – especially because people don’t come to this street for printing. They are here to shop and have fun,” said Jose. “Now we work extra hours because we have employees to pay, we have bills. Luckily, we always treated our customers as our friends, and we have regulars that come back.”Aldea Niños will combine with Aldea Home. Next door, Ibarra Bros. Printing’s rent shot up. Photo by Lydia Chávez For survival, business owners should understand what the market wantsOn the other end of Valencia Street, ‘space jackets’ that cost $265.50 and ‘dress pant’ yoga pants for $78 line the racks of the warehouse-style Betabrand store — an online crowd-funded clothing store that moved onto the corridor in the summer of 2013.“Products with a story behind them are a conversation starter, and that alone can lead to people becoming interested in a product,” said Harrison Roberts, who works for the company. “We never want to be high-end or intimidating… As soon as you start to bring in that exclusion factor, you see the divide between customer base and who lives here.”Businesses, no matter how small, can survive with the right product, according to Philip Lesser, a business consultant and president of the Mission Merchants Association.He believes that the future of Valencia Street businesses – new and old – depends on their adaptability and the ability to move forward and evolve with the customer.“There are more opportunities than ever with all the social marketing and being able to reach people. Even little businesses now can make themselves seem so much bigger than they ever could before,” said Lesser. “It’s about being able to use the tools that are at your disposal, being able to correctly gauge what the market wants, and then being able to provide those goods and services.” last_img read more

Maps Mission Playgrounds

first_imgWe’re publishing a new My Mission Zine in a few weeks – a sort of guide to the neighborhood, filled with thoughts from those who live here as well as maps of resources and local haunts.We’re asking for your help to crowd source our maps!Today map: Playgrounds in the Mission. Know any good sites we’ve left out? Let us know in the comments and we will add them.Many thanks! Click here to see the full map.Click here to see a full list of the maps. Tags: Maps – Printable to Guide You Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%center_img 0%last_img read more

LIVERPOOL FCS Academy youngsters will take on Ast

first_imgLIVERPOOL FC’S Academy youngsters will take on Aston Villa in the FA Youth Cup fourth round on Wednesday, January 15 at Langtree Park (7pm).Neil Critchley’s side beat Blackpool in the third round on penalties to earn the right to host Villa who edged out Plymouth 4-3 at Villa Park.Tickets are now on sale at Langtree Park and here for £5 adults and £3 kids.You will also be able to pay on the day.last_img

ENGLAND coach Steve McNamara has told the players

first_imgENGLAND coach Steve McNamara has told the players who played in Rugby League World Cup 2013 that they have the ability to determine whether they will be involved in this year’s Four Nations tournament.McNamara has also thrown down the gauntlet to every English player in the First Utility Super League to play their way into his plans for the tournament in Australia and New Zealand this autumn, details of which were announced today (Thursday).The 2014 Four Nations kicks off with England facing Samoa or Fiji in Brisbane on Saturday October 25 in their first match since the heart-breaking World Cup semi-final defeat by New Zealand at Wembley Stadium last November.The pain of that 20-18 reverse was felt by the whole nation, not least the England squad, and McNamara has challenged those players to prove they deserve another shot at the world’s best this autumn.“The World Cup squad was a group of players who were young enough and talented enough to all be considered for selection for the Four Nations,” said McNamara.“I know the qualities they have, both as players and people, but that doesn’t mean any of them are guaranteed to make the squad, because they also need to have form.“The start of Super League has thrown up a few surprises with some clubs pushing hard for honours and some individuals in outstanding form. If they keep playing like they have been, it’s going to be impossible to ignore them.“Clearly the backbone of the Four Nations squad will come from the World Cup but there are plenty of exciting opportunities for players who have been in form in Super League.”McNamara now works in Australia as assistant coach of Sydney Roosters and is keeping up-to-date with the events in Super League as well as maintaining close contact with the England players in the NRL.He will return to the UK in June for a three-day training camp with the Elite Training Squad that will be the last opportunity for the England players to get together before they fly out to Australia in early October.The identity of England’s opening opponents will be determined on May 3 when Fiji and Samoa, the best performing Pacific nations from RLWC2013, meet in a qualifier in Penrith. England’s first game forms part of a double header at Suncorp Stadium with Australia facing New Zealand in a repeat of the World Cup final.England then head for Melbourne to play Australia on Sunday November 2 before flying across the Tasman Sea to take on New Zealand in Dunedin.The Four Nations concludes with the final at Westpac Stadium, Wellington, on Saturday November 15.Whilst many people will inevitably dwell on the events at Wembley Stadium last year, McNamara insists England’s preparations and approach will not be shaped by thoughts of revenge or redemption.“We spoke as a squad immediately after the semi-final about the disappointment we felt at missing out on the chance to have a crack at Australia in the final; we have spoken about it since then and for us it’s all in the past now,” he said.“Rather than dwell on what we didn’t achieve, we want to put ourselves in the best position to do well in the Four Nations.“I’m genuinely excited by what the tournament holds: they are going to be three very tough games and the schedule features a number of challenges for us but I have no doubts that come the Four Nations we will be as well prepared as we can be.”The 2014 Four Nations schedule in full is as follows:Saturday October 25 – England v Fiji or Samoa (Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane)Saturday October 25 – Australia v New Zealand (Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane) Saturday November 1 – New Zealand v Fiji or Samoa (Toll Stadium, Whangarei)Sunday November 2 – Australia v England (AAMI Park, Melbourne)Saturday November 8 – New Zealand v England (Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin)Sunday November 9 – Australia v Fiji or Samoa (WIN Stadium, Wollongong)Saturday November 15 – Final (Westpac Stadium, Wellington)last_img read more

Could it be a Magic Weekend for you and a mate Wi

first_imgCould it be a Magic Weekend for you and a mate? Win a money can’t buy experience at St James Park!Win the chance to deliver the match ball for the Saints game at St James Park live on Sky Sports.Prostate Cancer UK and Rugby League Cares have joined forces to give one lucky Saints fan the chance to present the ball at kick off, watch the game with a mate and receive a signed match ball by the players. All money raised will help beat prostate cancer and support the rugby league family.Both charities will have a presence at Magic Weekend and they look forward to seeing you there!Simply click here to find out more!last_img read more

The new club will begin in the Community Zone of t

first_imgThe new club will begin in the Community Zone of the Totally Wicked Stadium on Monday July 3 from 7pm.Running the club on the Foundation’s behalf will be its own Armed Forces Ambassador Andy Reid.Andy said: “I have been hosting Andy’s Man Clubs for quite a while now and have seen how big a part it plays within communities.“We need to be giving people as much help as we can give and if this new club goes on to change one life it will be well worth it.”Foundation Manager Steve Leonard added: “Andy (Reid) was very adamant that Saints Foundation should be involved and run a club in our town. He has seen the good work and the changes it brings and the benefits to communities.“As I have said since I came into this role, the club is the hub of the community and the people of St Helens will be the driver of the Foundation’s work. This is another step in the direction of where we are trying to get to.“Andy will be hosting the club on a Monday evening and it will be clearly signposted. There is no need to go through the main entrance of the club and everything is of a confidential nature.“Anyone who feels they would benefit from Andy’s Man Club please come long for a brew and introduce yourself.“The new Foundation is now beginning to take shape with new ventures and more good people coming on board. The ambassadors we have already announced are working tirelessly to promote our Foundation and to put us back where we should be, standing proudly side by side with the club.“There will be more announcements shortly with new ambassadors coming on board so things are looking brighter. I am on the lookout for some volunteers for roles within the Foundation. Roles that vary but are very important to the continued growth of our Foundation.“Anyone wishing to volunteer or find out more about the roles please email me at for more details of this exciting opportunity.”last_img read more

Here are numbers four to six4 Ryan Horne – Half

first_imgHere are numbers four to six.4. Ryan Horne – Half Back from Leigh EastHe is sponsored by Trueflow Commissioning Services Ltd, John Earps Driving Instructor, A & M Jones, EM & J Horne, J & L Horne and Sam Horne.Previous Number 4s: 2004 – Paul Clough (Blackbrook) 2006 – Phil Baines (Chorley Panthers) 2009 – Joe Bate (Blackbrook) 2011 – Alex Clare (Halton Farnworth Hornets) 2013 – Tom Calland (Widnes Moorfield and West Bank Bears) 2015 – Adam Causey (Orrell St James)5. Kian Horridge – Prop Forward from Shevington SharksHe is sponsored by C& C Baseline, AliEN, Quality Build, SGP Transport, JPK Haulage, and S Horridge Concrete.Previous Number 5s: 2004 – Chris Donnelly (Blackbrook) 2006 – Jack Bradbury (Saddleworth Rangers) 2009 – Jordan Case (Blackbrook) 2011 – Jack Connor (Saddleworth Rangers) 2013 – Liam Cooper (Blackbrook) 2015 – Harry Coleman (Leigh Miners Rangers)6. John Hutchings – Winger from Orrell St JamesHe is sponsored by Unite Healthcare, Compfeed Group, St Helens Tyres, Co-op Food Primary Logistics, Castillo Wealth Management, ESC Sun beds, Livesey Spottiswood, St Peters School and Michelle Atherton.Previous Number 6s: 2004 – Ashley Elsley (Hensingham) 2006 – Matthew Clarke (Pilkington Recs) 2009 – Liam Fishwick (Bold Miners) 2011 – Mike Fields (Bold Miners) 2013 – Jonah Cunningham (Blackbrook) 2015 – Matthew Costello (Orrell St James)last_img read more

Lawmakers divided on teacher rally in Raleigh

first_imgSOUTHEAST, NC (WWAY) — It’s two sides to the coin. Representatives are divided on the issues teachers are bringing forward but are all welcoming to listen to their concerns.“We’re going to do what is necessary to propel North Carolina to the top of education,” Representative Deb Butler said.- Advertisement – “That’s their right to not teach Wednesday and their right to express what they want,” Representative Frank Iler said.As thousands of teachers get ready to march in Raleigh local lawmakers prepare to hear their concerns. The North Carolina Association of Educators says teachers will be fighting for things like more money spent per-pupil and better teacher pay. When it comes to textbooks and new technology, Iler says lawmakers have worked on that.“We’ve allocated plenty of money to have technology in every classroom and that’s on the way. It’s also been a lot of gains in the urban areas, now we’re trying to get to the rural areas,” Iler said.Related Article: Parents want answers after ‘Columbine-style’ plot uncovered at NC schoolHowever, Butler says a recent visit to a school showed more needs to be done.“Someone said, ‘Well we don’t need textbooks because they have computers.’ No they don’t. They don’t have computers, they don’t have the resources they need. They don’t have textbooks,” Butler said.Iler also believes this rally is just a forced effort by the NCAE.“Their membership is hurting. I think they need to do something to try to get some attention and I think this is the NCAE trying to get attention and getting it at the expense of our children not being taught,” Iler said.But Butler says Iler’s comments are part of the problem.“Teachers are not politicians. They don’t care about politics. They care about their students. They care about classrooms. They care about teaching. And so, to demean their opinion like that is regrettable,” Butler said.WWAY reached out to Representatives Ted Davis, Holly Grange and Michael Lee. Davis and Grange were unable to comment on the matter and Davis could not be reached.last_img read more

Whiteville man accused of shooting woman in head arrested

first_imgPrentis McDuffie (Photo: Columbus Co. Sheriff’s Office) COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Whiteville man faces several charges related to the shooting of a woman in Tabor City last month.The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says on May 16, Prentis McDuffie, 28, was inside a vehicle with a 26-year-old woman when he shot her in the head.- Advertisement – The woman was taken to the hospital.McDuffie was arrested on Friday.He is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill and was was served a warrant for an outstanding failure to appear charge.Related Article: Man found in New Hanover Co. indicted on illegal reentry chargesOn Monday, he was also charged with possession of firearm by a felon.According to the NC Department of Public Safety, McDuffie was previously convicted of assault and battery and kidnapping.His bond is set at $142,500.last_img read more

Businesses bracing for bridge closure pleased with holiday weekend patronage

first_img00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) –  Businesses in Oak Island and Southport are hoping this holiday week is bringing in much-needed revenue.In May, we told you about an effort by small businesses to promote local patronage in anticipation of the G.V. Barbee Bridge closure.- Advertisement – Work is slowly getting underway that will eventually lead to the bridge being completely closed this October.All summer more than 40 Oak Island and Southport businesses are teaming up to sell these shirts to remind people of the bridge closure. Folks at Nancy Joe’s Bakery say the effort has helped bring their regular customers back more often.A majority of these stores rely on that constant local patronage, but say these holidays can help give them a comfortable cushion.Related Article: Water conservation urged for Memorial Day throughout Brunswick County“Beach day was a good success for us and everyone around us as well,” said baker Megan Glenn. “This week has been pretty much the same as we always do. We always do a good turnout for the summer.”last_img read more

Break out your best cosplay costume for Cape Fear Fandom Faire

first_img(Photo: Cape Fear Fandom Faire) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A weapons demonstration, costume contest and book signings are all in store for people at this weekend’s Cape Fear Fandom Faire.The event is happening at 10 a.m. Saturday at the New Hanover County Library Northeast branch on Military Cutoff Road.- Advertisement – The event is totally free and fun for the whole family.last_img

2019 Azalea Festival Home Tour Sullivan Home

first_img Sullivan says she and her husband have done some aesthetic improvements to the home, but it still retains its original character.It has the original pocket doors, the original staircase, and much more. Sullivan says they were asked to be a part of the festival this year and decided to go for it.“We like to do a lot of antiquing, and a lot of architectural salvage also, so you’ll see a mix of new with a mix of old,” Sullivan said. “Each piece tells its own story of where we bought it. We travel a lot together, and we always say on each of our trips that we’re going to bring something home.”Related Article: 2019 Azalea Garden Tour: Robison GardenSullivan says her favorite part of the house is the welcoming southern front porch, where you can invite neighbors over for a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day.The home is located at 1807 Princess Street.Get your tickets here. The Sullivan Home at 1807 Princess Street is featured in the 2019 Azalea Festival.(Photo: Matt Bennett/WWAY) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Holly Sullivan is a newcomer to the Azalea Festival, and she is excited to show off her home: the historic Allen-Collier House.The house was built in 1909 and is located in the Carolina Heights neighborhood in Wilmington.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Service dog vs emotional support dog Incident leaves one dog injured another

first_img An incident at a Wilmington restaurant earlier this year shows why, after a service dog ended up injured and another dog was labeled dangerous.Now, the victims are speaking out in hopes of keeping this from happening again.“She just gave me the sense of safety that I could be there by myself,” service dog owner Melissa Franklin saidRelated Article: No more babies: April the Giraffe is going on birth controlFranklin’s service dog Grace is her partner through life, helping her navigate the world while dealing with the impacts of autism. But now, Melissa is afraid to take Grace anywhere.In February, another dog attacked Grace a Wilmington restaurant. Franklin and her mother were shaken and upset after finding out the other dog was not actually a service dog, which is a very specific designation that is legally defined and protected.“Service dogs are trained to help their people, and they’ve gone through a certification process,” Samantha Cleary, who works with paws4people said. “They’re able to help their clients with different types of disabilities. So they’re able to perform tasks.”Wilmington’s paws4people is an accredited assistance dog organization.Cleary says that contrary to what you may have heard or believe, you or a business can ask specific questions to find out if an animal brought into a business really is a protected service animal.“The two questions per Americans with Disabilities Act are ‘Is that a service dog?’ and if the person says ‘Yes, this is my service dog,’ then the follow up question is, ‘What task does the dog perform for you?’”Those tasks include serving as a seeing-eye dog, identifying an impending seizure or performing other tasks for a human. That’s how Grace serves Melissa.“A big thing that autism service dogs provide is safety,” Melissa’s mother, Jeri Wentworth said. “If you’re going to go walking, she knows where the traffic is, and knows when you should stop and wait for the light.”In addition to helping Melissa cross the street, Grace also helps Melissa understand social cues like personal space.Wentworth says Grace helps Melissa perform those daily tasks safely.Cleary says another difference between service dogs and emotional support dogs is that emotional support dogs do not have public access.“That means that they’re able to be in your home with you, but they cannot go to general public areas, as in restaurants or stores that are non-dog friendly,” Cleary said. “They’re able to go anywhere a dog can go to. A dog park. Dog-friendly restaurants.”Wentworth says that when Grace was attacked, the other dog’s owner said it was an emotional support dog. That dog’s owner did not want to go on camera, but she says she has brought her dog to the restaurant before and nobody has ever asked questions.Now, Wentworth is speaking out in hopes of educating people on how to identify a true service dog. But looks can be deceiving.Cleary says there is no official paperwork or certification an owner needs to carry for their service dog.To make things even more confusing, you can go online to sites like Amazon and buy any dog a marked vest that legally means nothing.Cleary says paws4people hopes certification will become a requirement, as it is in Europe.“We’re hopeful, in the future, that that’s what the United States will turn to, is legal service dogs,” Cleary said. “If you want a service dog, you have to get it through an accredited organization for it to be recognized, and to bring it into public places and fly with it.”Wentworth says that the whole situation that led to Grace getting hurt, could have been avoided with one thing.“More education,” Wentworth said. “Even just locally in Wilmington, to every single public facility, that a service dog is allowed in and an emotional support dog is not.”Cleary says a business is allowed to ask someone with an emotional support dog to leave.Under the Americans with Disability’s Act, the only other animal other than a dog that can be a legally-recognized service animal is a miniature horse.The Federal Fair Housing Act also includes a broader definition of “assistance animal.”The Air Carrier Access Act, which applies to U.S. Airlines, also has a broader definition. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — How many times have you been in a store or a restaurant and seen a dog inside? Some, of course, may be legitimate service dogs.More people just seem to be taking their pets wherever they please nowadays, or trying to claim it as an emotional support animal. But there’s a big difference.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Man charged with murder after Wilmington native found fatally shot in car

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Raleigh teen is accused of shooting and killing a popular drum major from Wilmington.The body of 34-year-old Keonte Gause was found Sunday in Raleigh.- Advertisement – 1 of 2 19-year-old Samojeh Miley is charged with first degree murder in the death of Gause. Miley made his first court appearance Tuesday. On Sunday, Gause was found dead inside a car parked at a Denny’s in Raleigh.Gause grew up in Wilmington. Friends here say he means so much to the community.Related Article: New Hanover baseball back-to-back Class 3A State ChampionsBetween being a New Hanover High School graduate, to his involvement in the boys and girls club, to his time as a drum major, friends of Keonte Gause say he was a role model.“We just have always known him as Duke,” Gause’s friend Brandon Hickman said. “Drum Major Duke.”Gause was better known to his family and friends as ‘Duke.’“It’s like losing a brother,” Hickman said. “Like losing your brother. To some, he’s a big brother. To some, he’s a younger brother. It’s like losing a piece of history because a lot of kids grew up with him.”Hickman says Gause was many things to the community of Wilmington. He says he watched Gause grow up through The Community Boys and Girls Club.“When we talk about Keonte, we talk about the spirit,” Hickman said. “We talk about his willingness to succeed, regardless of the hand he’s been dealt. Regardless of where he’s from.”Close friends say Gause’s heart was always in Wilmington.“Duke knew hundreds of people, and it wasn’t just like he knew them,” Gause’s friend Kwanishia Nelson said. “They were like brothers and sisters. They were like close relationships. He never met a stranger.”Nelson and Gause had been friends since they were kids in The Community Boys and Girls Club Drum Drill Team.Nelson says Gause grew to become not only her close friend, but a mentor to her daughter.“He had so much life in him, so he would really want everybody to be happy right now, and instead of crying, have a good time and celebrate,” Nelson said.“People have referred to him as a legend,” Hickman said.Friends say Gause’s funeral will be held in Wilmington.Miley is being held without bond.center_img Police say Keonte Lamar Gause was found dead in a vehicle in the 3200 block of Wake Forest Road on May 5, 2019. (Photo: WTVD) Samojeh Lamont Miley (Photo: CCBI)last_img read more

Massive investments in the next months – Muscat

first_imgPrime Minister, Joseph Muscat announced that new foreign investment initiative agreements will soon be concluded and that such will generate mighty results for Malta.During a political activity in Ħamrun, The Prime minister Partit Labursta leader said that SR technics and Toly Products have announced an expansion in their operations. He added that SR Technics will be investing €40 million and provide 350 job vacancies, whilst Toly Products will be investing €20 million.Muscat stated that there were 5,500 unemployed persons in December of 2018, less than half the number of persons registered as unemployed in 2012, were the figures stood at 12,000.The Prime Minister also said that no major has ever complained on the road management of their locality being passed to central government and added that the conditions of the streets in St.Paul’s Bay were never at the current level and that the Burmarrad administrative committee had never taken any action. He added that in many instances work which is done by the central government is credited to the local councils. <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrintcenter_img WhatsApplast_img read more

Maltas highs and lows in education

first_img <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> Malta is one of the sixteen Member States of the European Union that have already met or exceeded their 2020 national target for persons aged 30-34 with tertiary education. On the other hand Malta is one of the three states with the highest share of ‘early school leavers’. This information was given in the latest publication of Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In this publication included the most recent data for the EU and its Member States on achievement against the two Europe 2020 education headline targets.30-40 year old in tertiary educationThe Europe 2020 strategy’s target is that at least 40% of 30-34-year-olds in the European Union (EU) should have completed tertiary education by 2020. Reaching the level of 40.7%, the EU crossed this threshold in 2018. This growth pattern was even more significant for women (from 24.5% in 2002 to 45.8% in 2018) than for men (from 22.6% to 35.7%), meaning  women are above and men still below the overall Europe 2020 target.Highest share of those aged 30-34 with tertiary education in Lithuania and Cyprus, lowest in Romania and ItalySixteen Member States have already met or exceeded their 2020 national target for this indicator: Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Finland and Sweden.In 2018, the share of persons aged 30 to 34 who have completed tertiary education is higher for women than men in all Member States.Early school leaversMeanwhile, the share of early leavers from education and training (aged 18-24) has steadily decreased in the EU, from 17.0% in 2002 to 10.6% in 2018. Young women (8.9%) are less affected than young men (12.2%). The Europe 2020 target is to reduce the rates of early school leaving in the EU to below 10% by 2020.Lowest share of ‘early school leavers’ is in Croatia, and the highest in Spain, Malta and Romania.In 2018, the lowest proportions of ‘early school leavers’ were observed in Croatia (3.3%), Slovenia (4.2%), Lithuania (4.6%), Greece (4.7%), Poland (4.8%) and Ireland (5.0%), while the highest shares were recorded in Spain (17.9%), Malta (17.5%) and Romania (16.4%).Thirteen Member States have already fulfilled their 2020 national target for this indicator: Belgium, Ireland, Greece, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Slovenia. In 2018, the share of early leavers from education and training was lower for women than men in every EU Member State, except Bulgaria and Slovakia.WhatsApp SharePrintlast_img read more

1930s engine room omitted from DB Group assessment report

first_img SharePrint Plans showing the existence of an underground Cold War bunker and an engine room underneath the proposed DB Group project at St. George’s Barracks were omitted from the studies presented to the public.The underground Cold War bunker was created in the 1950s, used to house a sub-station, while the engine room dates back to the 1930s. Moviment Graffiti and other NGOs described these buildings as being of considerable significance, both as an industrial heritage as well as a military point of view. However, it was noted that they were not mentioned in the heritage assessment reports commissioned by the developer. Both features would be totally obliterated if the project is allowed to go ahead, along with the earliest example of British period barrack blocks in Malta.Since these cultural features were overlooked during the planning application process, which was supposed to be thorough and extensive, the NGOs are requesting the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage to issue an Emergency Conservation Order on the heritage features on site and to carry out a proper assessment.WhatsApp <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more