• Xiangba Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang join is very reliable choice for all

    for the string of delicious food to join the project, has been very much concern. In fact, the choice of business to join the shangpa Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang, is very good. An open their own kingdom shangpa Chuanchuan Xiang stores, good market opportunities, entrepreneurs need not worry!

    shangpa Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang joined? Shangpa Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang is a virtue of word-of-mouth won wide known special snack shop. Xiangba Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang innovation launched its unique health and ecological health characteristics of delicacy, shangpa Kingdom string flavor have a unique style, its natural, green, nutrition, delicious food, a stop chopsticks praise. Now investors join the shangpa Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang naturally with its influence and reputation by rapid locking consumers recognized, to create more revenue. read more

  • Shenyang ndustrial and Commercial Bureau enterprises hope to complete the electronic registration w

    2016 June, the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry hopes to be able to complete the work of the electricity supplier registration, electricity providers to win the recognition of electronic work. Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau start "I promise you to supervise the activities, to open the whole of society to optimize the services window and promote open government, accelerate market access, encourage entrepreneurship, help the development of enterprises such as 9 commitments, and 117 social supervisors awarded. read more

  • The choice of business to join Govany ice painting business success is not

    how about Govany’s ice painting? With the continuous improvement of our living standards, our pursuit of quality of life has been very hot. Govany ice crystal painting to join the project choice, no doubt, is a very powerful choice. So, what are you hesitating about?

    before the formal operation of Govany ice painting workshop, I checked the project, and then they said the market application range in this study we look at the market, found that as they say is big difference is not bad, but there are no similar things in the local. So I’ll introduce the signing of the project, after coming back, a little skilled, they immediately. A number of exquisite products, see their products made no guidance, suddenly confident. read more

  • Lottery sales can provide clients with store

    any one of the shops in the sale of the time it is easy to encounter some of the downturn, this time in order to increase the store’s repeat customers, but the owner racked his brains. Here, Xiao Bian recommended a business strategy, which is the sale of prizes. For the issue of the sale of prizes, we have a lot of retail customers will think it is a way to engage in the sale of some hypermarkets. We have a canteen, do not need, there is no need to engage in ideas. If you think so, it can be wrong, there is a big supermarket hypermarkets bright spots, we also have a small store small boat U-turn advantage. So, how do we do small and medium-sized retail sales to win the old customers, win new customers? read more

  • The whole method clothing store business success

    clothing stores everywhere, there are a lot of people in the entrepreneurial time will consider this industry, is a very good business, and now open clothing store, is indeed a market, but also become a lot of entrepreneurs choice. However, the successful operation of the clothing store, but also requires a lot of skills, good management, and we can bring profits. In response to these problems, here we take a look at the success of the entrepreneurial clothing store skills.

    first, maintain the charm of the store read more

  • Green’s ice cream shop investment worry

    how about Green? As we all know, the cause of ice cream has always been a hot choice. How about Green ice cream? The best choice for small business. Simple way to join the success of entrepreneurship is just around the corner!

    what exactly is the strength of Green’s ice cream? I’m sure I can help you earn it. Green’s ice cream franchise policy awesome, joining Green is your reliable business’s ice cream, Green’s ice cream a professional device can be opened directly to supermarkets, food stores, beverage stores, department stores, wholesale and enjoy the company purchase rebate policy support and special offer. Green ice cream agent for the lack of funds but also value the food and beverage market entrepreneurs to provide support. You can easily get the first pot of life, is so simple! read more

  • Taiyuan City Entrepreneurs ready to receive warm heart red

    Spring Festival is coming soon, as young people, whether of confidence? For the majority of young people in the business, when equipped with the government’s preferential policies, will make young people more relaxed, the 2016 economic trend, Taiyuan city of Taiyuan province to the municipal government Small and micro businesses brought warm red, everyone understand?

    worry Red: vigorously implement the three list system

    Taiyuan will implement the power list, the list of responsibilities, the negative list system and the implementation of dynamic management. In the comprehensive arrangement, adjustment, check and optimize the cleaning process based on the items of government functions, legal basis, implementation of the main responsibilities, management process, supervision mode in the power list form to the public responsibility, and administrative power to clarify matters one by one corresponding to the main responsibility, responsibility. read more

  • The flower girl drinks shop investment Ma Health a good choice

    in our lives, there is always a need for drinks. How do you choose to join the young girl shop? The best choice to be trusted. If you join the girl drinks shop project, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

    drink is necessary to our life on the street, holding a cup of drink not only can quench the craving, it is also a symbol of fashion, but only with a special mark of flower girl drinks shop that Ma is a special kind of enjoyment. Take the flower girl Ma drinks shop specializes in the manufacture of glass has been the envy of passers-by, it is good to drink and face! Is favored by the vast number of consumers since Ma flower girl drinks shop opened, store yequipped small varieties are what taste, hemp flower girl beverage stores focus on a variety of new flavor drinks you deserve to have a read more

  • Xining built the base of Tibetan Medicine Museum over 100

    in Qinghai Province, if people are sick, there are some people of Tibetan medicine depends, this is our ancestors left us precious items, bring more advantages to people in Tibetan medicine will continue to promote the fit between the two exchanges, led to the development of local medical services, make more optimistic.

    is reported that, in recent years, Xining city vigorously in Tibetan medicine preventive health care and rehabilitation services capacity building, promotion of Tibetan medicine services at the grassroots level, Chinese traditional medicine health service system disease "to further improve the Qinghai province’s 100% community health service centers, 90.1% township hospitals, 84.8% community health service stations, 75.2% village clinics to provide medical services in tibet. Cumulative built 275 Tibetan Medicine Museum, coverage of up to 63%. read more

  • Join the Rose Queen ice cream is an all the year round to earn

    2017, how to choose the Rose Queen ice cream? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. In fact, open a Rose Queen’s own ice cream shop, the market is very good business opportunities, the best choice to trust! So, are you ready for the Rose Queen ice cream?

    joined the Rose Queen ice cream to do business all year round. Ice cream is everyone likes to eat some sweets, the market outlook is very gold, the business is very popular throughout the year. The Rose Queen ice cream gives everyone a good taste of ice cream. And can bring more customers to each franchisee. read more