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Heading label is also called the H label, the HTML language in a total of six kinds of size heading label is a label "HTML emphasizes on the text of the title, to tag < h1> < h2> < h3> < h6> definition header six different text size tags, the essence is to show the content structure. A total of six words, from big to small, which shows the importance of the decline, also is to reduce weight. The H tag directly tell the user, "that part is important, which is not so important. H tag guide search engine, "which is an important content. To search engines, < h> the main significance is to tell the search engine of the label is a text or title that is the subject, emphasize, weight h tag will be higher than Strong. The title tag (H1-H6) is an important place by the keywords, the label should include the most important keywords in the text, pointed out that the noble baby algorithm, < and < h> /h>; direct header text, some more than in other parts of the article have more important significance, but the main Title too easy to use adverse effects are used to modify the page, is the title of the page, the title of the article, < h1> Central Department of the main keywords. < h1> as close as possible to the in HTML < body> tag, the closer the better, so that the search engine’s fastest taste theme.

3. website

1. site code to the standard

Delete redundant code labels Each

2. focus, use the H

this is a WWW standard. Now the Web2.0 standard has been out in Henan last year the owners meeting, Shanghai engineers love to this problem once explained. Don’t write website code size (Web1.0 mixed mixed case), with all lowercase, according to the standard way to show the future search engine, search engine will be more and more strict, we write the code of the website should be standard.

website is built by the program, a web program is directly related to the promotion of the site later. General in the website before the parts design, how to design the website more perfect, more perfect site layout.

programmers have the habit of writing code, sometimes according to their willingness to write code, sometimes there will be some extra code, like this can the brief is simple, convenient spiders letter >


in the Web1.0 era, there are many websites on the writing is not very standard. When the site definition should pay attention to the standard, for example:

Shanghai dragon Handan blind imitation optimization eliminate is affected

: a blind imitation of tangible atheistic

every success must have this side of it or in millions of new in order to be different, such as how to torrent sites: hao123 year talent shows itself? The success comes from convenient, no one was on the field, he was successful. And later appeared in countless similar sites, but there are a few can really do it? Even do also need strong financial backing to do security.

on the other hand, some owners really make a stand in the heart, want to behave with high quality development in quantity, but not according to the impetuous heart. At the sight of others after the success they want to imitate to make a stand, but if can imitate and succeed, how will your turn? Even if the copy structure is still not the development of the core. Innovation is the mainstream of the times, not only to innovation by imitating to succeed, is always with the others behind, and how to appear vividly in

follow the phenomenon seems to have become some of the webmaster accustomed to things, the development of the Internet has become a difficult consensus, this will occur with a lot of "junk" station to imitate the phenomenon. The development of website quality, in the high elimination rate of results is also unknown, so some owners used to follow others successfully pace, the construction of a large number of garbage station. This makes the profit to the number of sites to achieve their own interests. But this result is also met soon, that is not long, the analysis from a long-term perspective, the long-term development of this imitation is not suitable for the owners, after all, the search engine technology in innovation. Until one day no "imitation" is not in a valid, then these stationmaster network career has come to an end.

two: imitation innovation and take advantage of


in truth we know everything, but the truth will be applied to actual life and work but there are still people can not recognize the situation. Take the website optimization, many webmaster see others after the success of the aura, so take a crazy imitation, even will ZhengZhan structure complete copy of the past, but the final result is often brought to the former "up", and their own interests or understood, or by the website owners still do not lose the future in a few. So I think, in the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization must not be blind to the similar "imitate" optimization, the fact that every site has a way to adapt to optimize itself, and its optimization is more appropriate to the steady development of the website.

we have to imitate how to imitate the success of the other ideas, this is a very valuable wealth. In this industry, although there are high attrition rate, but still under the high base of success. The author believes that innovation is always the first factor in this foundation with the success of others methods, in what circumstances "to the people" and "adaptation search engine" is so successful. "Now I bribe" is not such a model it.

Shanghai Dragon 3 era forum outside the chain of how to do

correlation forums, using code to find your own website and relevant forum, with the name of the site as a user name registration, the head set to the website logo. A lot of relevant forums are not directly linked, and some is also affected by the "impact" forum signature love Shanghai Lee on the quality of the chain can be cancelled, some related to the theme of the site quality posts and pictures, a picture of great domain watermarking;

Shanghai dragon

signature, the signature effect is not big, often helpless before use. But can’t connect with high weight forum, to increase the chain included the use of signature; promotion of soft paper cannot be sent, send your theme posts with signature;

4, fill in the personal data page links, set up personal information will be home in this column, fill in the URL, high quality posts to attract users, the user can click to view your personal information, it is possible for you to sites of interest, are likely to bring about the conversion rate.

2, not related forums, the individual is not recommended in the relevant forums or for the promotion, a small amount of. The blow blow algorithm that, I do not know in the forum to promote the case concerns how to. The original post links is normal, Scindapsus algorithm 2 announced, let the webmaster can not send soft promotion posts. For example, associated with the Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng forum post and link;

3 era, users.

3, the use of

chain promotion methods, such as soft, forum, blog etc.. Shanghai dragon 2 times also known as the chain for the emperor of the times, the webmaster as long as continue to increase the number of the chain can enhance the website ranking. Even some companies specialize in the recruitment to the Commissioner of the chain chain, external links into the more the better idea spread like wildfire, later played out a Shanghai dragon chain group tools. From the on-line Scindapsus algorithm, the chain hit low quality, the station temporarily at a loss. The forum with link reply, signature, post links effect is not great, leading to the owners feel the forum is to promote in vain, wasting time. The forum outside the chain effect is not significant but soft, high quality soft writing is difficult, and not all the webmaster can manage. Forum to promote not only simple, long post links to survive and influence.

?A lot of

forum chain is still adhere to the

How to do

Promotion ForumIn 1,

love Shanghai algorithm emerge in an endless stream update, many webmaster think Shanghai Longfeng has come to a dead end. In fact, the search engine optimization is not dead but has entered a new era: to improve the user experience as the goal of optimization. The original content and high quality of the chain is the most direct impact factors of the website rankings, but also an important reason for the increase of user experience. Many algorithms in combat, how to improve the quality of the website chain?? BBS promotion need to dig what new skills in order to double location, can please the search engine, and can meet the needs of users of


Shanghai dragon is not short of why experts say so

, will go to read Lu Songsong’s blog every day, read an article can write some experience, summarize some experience, but in the last two years more and less loose brother blog update, a daily habit of opening his blog, see is some Adsense cast manuscript, feel like watching the news every day as seen after it is turned, not what substantive things can be learned, Lu Songsong still imperceptibly into the blog webmasters to post promotion platform, unlike other platforms is the strict examination, the quality of soft soft, loose hope brother not to see these after I started.

from entry to now, every day we heard Shanghai dragon is more and more difficult to do, how to do no effect, didn’t release chain resources, website, keywords ranking is not stable, the site was K… Shanghai Dragon… Really hard to do? The answer is no, just remember that learning in Shanghai Dragon later, the teacher stressed that most of the sentence is "execution", but how many people really do this? It is almost no, insist for a long time, people are inert, once inert occupies the reason, it is difficult to delete.

success is not replicated, this sentence seems to have evaluation of the "Hamlett" who, in the eyes of one thousand individuals have one thousand ha.

With the diversification of social networking tools,

when writing this title, suddenly do not know how to write to write after the entry, so long, now has a lot of stationmaster began to engage in a personal blog, as Shanghai dragon industry experts, published opinions, share experiences, these things can really help to industry newcomers? At least one bull that day, visiting Shanghai Longfeng celebrities, great God, Master blog, harvest little, Shanghai dragon is no shortage of critics, the only missing is combat.

platform, Shanghai Dragon Quest from the original single keyword ranking, the transition to diversified development, regardless of the user to access the site through what ways, methods and tools, products, services and other information, see if it is effective flow and potential customers, only through the search engine to query keywords, enter the website, this method has been gradually withdraw from the mainstream. I remember an expert once said, Shanghai dragon is a transitional occupation, now think about it, it really is. As for the transition is still out, depends on the individual order.

I remember when I first joined

many companies to do the Internet, naive to think that as long as I hired a Shanghai dragon staff, my sales and reputation, brand will be greatly improved, the fact is that so? I want to answer you in the mind also. From the Shanghai dragon just from domestic rise to now, after the traffic wave, the chain era, content first, user experience and so on a series of development history, personal combat force in the continued development of the dominant position is less and less, the so-called lost four hands in fists, everyone is aware of Shanghai Dragon the importance of time is the decline of the Shanghai dragon team, the rise is inevitable.

Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, replacing the head of the menace from the rear

rapid increase keyword ranking

fast promotion website weight

Shanghai dragon

website after A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, can make your site more accord with search engine habits, outside the chain, allowing you to use less time and money, the rapid increase in the keyword ranking. We all know the importance of the chain for the website ranking, and the construction of the chain and require a lot of time, and time is money, but Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services can solve your concerns in this regard.

A5 webmasters when receiving Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, the first thing to do is to a full range of professional diagnostic analysis of your site within seven days, you provide a high level of "site diagnosis and optimization proposals", in which you can visually see the deposit on your own site, why solution analysis of these problems and problems. At the same time, in the "site diagnosis and optimization proposals" will give you a copy of the next working arrangements, how to do the work of advice.

diagnosis can solve the website included slow, no ranking, low weight of these defects, and can help you find the cause in the shortest time, to solve these problems from the root. And if your website which website structure is not reasonable, can also help you improve the structure of the site, the site to solve some disadvantages, a formal way to do, the weight of the website will quickly upgrade.

is the most important A5 solemn promise: if you follow our "site optimization proposal" diagnosis operation for two months. "

some of the enterprises and the boss wants to find some professional Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, but do not understand their own money to find a professional Shanghai dragon diagnosis team to the site to do a full diagnostic work-up, you can actually get what? Whether can the real website keywords to improve the website, such as slow, no ranking, low weight these problems can be resolved? If these problems are solved in the service period, later ranking and off site, and the emergence of the problem how to do? These questions are more concerned about the personal webmaster, it is here to It’s only human., A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services (www. Shanghai, zhenduan贵族宝贝) to talk about Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, you can actually get what? Could you remove the real menace from the rear.

The site diagnosis and optimization proposals "

high level"

a lot of people are worried about the effect of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service is only temporary, may not be over two days the site will appear such problems, worried that the Shanghai dragon diagnostic service personnel will not to solve this problem, nature also exist, any problems are more personnel in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis website Business Hours outside are not to ask, but the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services to provide 10 days of customer service medal tracking service, replacing the menace from the rear.


customer service medal tracking service

Some practical skills summary of Shanghai Longfeng station optimization


, using the HTML structure

two, spend more time on the Title label

We all know that

keyword appears in the page is better before

Three, the

Title tag is equivalent to writing our title, write the title of the article and the most important premise, the search engine is very important for the Title tag at present, and love Shanghai support Title length longer than ever before, can only display in front of the ellipsis text, it can also display the ellipsis. I suggest that the Title label should be put before the main keyword, followed by some long tail keywords used to assist the main keywords, keyword segmentation also suggested "|" symbol segmentation, for example: if the page is relevant and the beauty of knowledge, so the title as "| beauty beauty knowledge skills | how to learn the beauty –XXX beauty network".

programmer is born, so much emphasis on this code, a clear HTML structure not only can make the search engine to quickly read, but also can make the browser faster parsing speed, the so-called "clear HTML structure" is the code needs to be standardized, HTML structure is clear, and a set of corresponding H1~H6 page title, for example description: open the 贵族宝贝flagwind贵族宝贝/solutions/qiyexuanchuan.html you will find HTML by viewing the source code, the HTML structure of the page is relatively clear, as we write the Word copy, from the head to the tail code is a section. And the page title by H1, and corresponding Title tag keyword, use a H2 tag for a small explanation for H1 tags, use a H3 tag around the theme of the page description, each H tag contains topic keyword.

keyword normally placed in Head tags inside the Title, keywords, Description three tags, then in addition to the Head label, the author suggests that in the Body tag keyword appears more before, the proposed order is the first universal head, then H1 label, H2 label, H1 label the title, H2 label language written description, similar to the Description tag, Description tag inside the text but slightly more, because now search keywords >

said Shanghai Longfeng optimization, many of my friends know, generally in the station optimization and stood outside the station optimization optimization, popular point of view is that the construction of the chain, such as Links, favorites, blogs, forums, information classification and so on. I think Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the core station optimization, the station optimization involving a wide range of knowledge, I put my own website optimization summary of some station optimization experience to share with you today:

Shanghai 2 after the release of love green baskets, how should we choose to release the soft

although the wolf has come, but we do not need to complete panic, after all this is soft release of the 5 typical examples in Shanghai love green baskets 2 algorithm given can be seen, you need to deal with seriously soft release. Honest, honest also love Shanghai, you only do the sincere love, Shanghai will naturally feel, now I make a analysis:

so that we do not need to panic love Shanghai luluo algorithm 2, just to be honest to the love of Shanghai will recognize you.

July 1st love Shanghai launched green baskets, algorithm 2, focus on the soft chain. Since the love of Shanghai shield forum signature, message forum outside the chain, the chain SNS community after a major move. We want to promote the website to find the chain resources have brought great challenges.

soft release has been English station promotion positions, according to the statistical analysis of the English Department, state news media practitioners because of the pressure of competition, to benefit enterprises to release the news media has been a significant market share, just follow the love Shanghai Google’s new algorithm.


A5 I saw a webmaster mentioned this initiative is to love Shanghai and, at the same time, in order to better to guide customers to the Shanghai phoenix nest to promote love, because the previous effective measures through the promotion of soft paper enterprises now work, in order to better promote the company had turned to love Shanghai promotion, and love Shanghai is the focus of the fight against health care, finance, training the three love Shanghai auction price is relatively high key industries. I admit that the webmaster must speak some truth, but do not fully agree.

see the picture below:

we can find you need to have a pair of eye to it provides readers with the art investment industry, the reader is of great value, and then compare the typical case of love for Shanghai, you find a different

understanding of the core of the search engine, look at the value of the soft, can only provide the core value to search articles to the Shanghai love’s eye, so we need to write an article to search useful articles, so leave a link to love Shanghai also acceptable.

we have a fundamental core search engine, search engine is to provide valuable information for us. Standing on the point of view of the search, as we enter "lose weight" of the word, we definitely want to know why you want to lose weight, how to lose weight, where the weight loss. If you open the web site to see all the enterprises in the promotion of slimming products, like every day you see TV ads are this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received only melatonin, you feel upset, of course, finally it can be sold and not for their own use, and most of them are for gifts and good-looking, core prices have changed the.

Small and medium sized enterprises how to deal with the love of Shanghai bidding adjustment strategy

advertising is only four, the entrance flow competitive degree bigger, but the back transformed competitors are reduced. Because the original flow by more than 10 up, now only 4 home competition. Once in the flow entrance, results are likely to be better than before. So it’s important to concern at this time to enter the page keywords marketing force

: in the case of limited funds, instead of spending more money to promote a number of pages, average flow rate; as focusing on the promotion of a page. We can first focus on one category, a profit model, with a single page promotion, concentrate on open up the entire system.

> 1.

two, create each keyword link page marketing force

love Shanghai PPC after adjustment, many companies also made corresponding adjustments, some spend most of their energy to do Shanghai dragon; and most of the energy resources in 360, Sogou. You do these adjustments are correct? How to adjust the

want to say today is the adjustment of strategy. Because the bid to promote more competition and promotion costs even more; so now you need more money and experience, reasonable distribution of each link in the network marketing chain of nine, not only pay attention to one aspect and ignore other aspects (network marketing nine serial under detailed diagram). So today is to teach you to adjust strategies to achieve better results.

· focus;

, a quick

why focus? Is to quickly in a short period of time. Love Shanghai advertising reduction, promotion expenses promotion, enterprises can not be like before money "effect". Especially for many small and medium enterprises, funds or weak enterprises, long time not effective, enthusiasm is not only against the team, but also because of long time investment makes the capital chain rupture. So the enterprise should pay more attention to the short-term effect than in the past ".

: before we may be concerned about the website marketing force, from now on, as long as it is put in a keyword page should pay attention! In addition to attention to the transformation of the mobile terminal, so the mobile phone website marketing strength is very important! Check your advertising keywords links page, see whether they have the marketing force. How to enhance the marketing power of the

network marketing website is like fishing in the sea, fishing tools, ship; traffic is moving forward as support ship power, diesel and gasoline. Now your money, for some relatively tight financial enterprises, can not start to choose the fuel consumption of the big ships, and should start from the ship.

in order to make the enterprises avoid detours in the wrong way, will make the next 17 push Zhuifeng series of small and medium-sized enterprises how to deal with the "love Shanghai" for adjustment of this series of articles, a total of 4 papers, 4 aspects from the strategy, hardware, operation and management to adjust, we concern the sustainable learning.

? page? !

Sogou search super Tsuburi from the inside is more close to the people

account login system + WeChat public search platform, more down to earth

has more than 600 million users of WeChat is undoubtedly the biggest social platform, the most attractive to young people. Through the cooperation with the WeChat platform, WeChat Sogou search exclusive on-line public platform, success in the general search in the "breakthrough", becoming the only one full search platform. At the same time through the analysis of user needs, the relevant information be arranged one by one, to better meet the needs of diverse users search, Sogou search makes the difference advantage will further strengthen.

to home website as an example, from the perspective of the main interface to retain only the search box, before the vertical search classification is adjusted to the upper left corner of the page, the upper right corner is added to the skin, account settings, three buttons, the homepage interface is more concise and bright, and the trend is consistent. After login, the user can choose their own skin button, love wallpaper, skinnable. At present, Sogou search page is divided into skin Meimei Da, Meng Meng Da, Da, Da, cool sparkling soil Da several series, each series has massive cute skin available, Sogou search and target user groups of young style fit, fully meet the aesthetic needs of different users, while strengthening Sogou search young fashion brand image.

recently, Sogou search page for a comprehensive revision, the new skin, personalized card customization features, and with the QQ account opened, plus before the launch of the WeChat search platform to the public and celebrity endorsements, Sogou search is launching a campaign from the inside out "super Tsuburi!", from the face, turned to in, change the Almighty, give users more convenient, stylish, personalized search experience.

by WeChat public platform Sogou search, users do not need to subscribe to any public numbers, you can view the massive WeChat public information and articles, to meet young people interested in obtaining information at the same time, deep.

and skin + professor are struck, no limit

[TechWeb] reported on September 10th news, since Kim Su Hyon endorsement Sogou search TVC login two popular variety show "where" and "Daddy" since The Voice of China, Sogou search, Meng Da gave us a deep impression.

is worth mentioning, Sogou search page after the revision is also integrated into the Kim Su Hyon endorsement of the elements, from the emotional level to satisfy the needs of young user groups. From now on, "Professor" fans not only can choose a variety of Charming handsome Kim Su Hyon videos skinnable, appreciate every day God fashion style; you can also click on the settings button to open the Kim Su Hyon personalized card module, dynamic information timely access to idols, let oneself together with Kim Su Hyon every day, feel from South Korea’s fashion wave.

a series of super Tsuburi action not only let Sogou search more intimate, but also into the fashion element, the face turned more "Meimei Da", to provide more "intimate contact" for the user the opportunity.

Shanghai dragon is a life-long learning technology

Internet is one of the world’s fastest growing industry all the changes in the industry, especially the development of the search engine is very rapid in recent years. We chose Shanghai dragon in this industry, you have to keep the industry changes along, the slightest mistake could be left behind". Remember the last time I share with you the "Shanghai dragon is a never-ending road". So in this industry Shanghai dragon learning is a never-ending road. Remember the past, often with friends say, Shanghai dragon is a constantly changing technology. Is a technology live. Before the work is color, color is a dead, learned to never forget, never out of date. Today you use black and white grey will be transferred, after ten years of black and white or grey dead that is equal to, I said. But the search engine is not the case, a year ago and now the algorithm may have very different, not to mention ten years. I believe the future will change faster. I said so much just want to warn you of Shanghai dragon is a life-long learning technology, there may not be the day that you achieve success and win recognition as long as you are, in this industry, you have to keep learning. I see a lot of friends take a stand up optimization thought his practice into Shanghai dragon, then relax down. But lax is the biggest crisis. Since I do Shanghai dragon had a strong sense of urgency, and hope that we can have this kind of consciousness, that is to learn. May be some friends will ask how to learn

believes that there are some friends to reach a certain level in Shanghai Longfeng technical level this will form a bottleneck, do not know how to strive for further improvement, continue to go beyond their own yesterday. The beginning is also facing the same problem, how to go beyond the others, make Shanghai Dragon Technology strive for further improvement. Or at least to keep pace with the development of search engines, do not let yourself fall behind. I now to improve the level of Shanghai dragon. The first is a day to visit some celebrity blog, such as some first-tier cities of Shanghai dragon, the top ten of the general will visit again. If the author is writing style or technique is quite good, then I will generally of friend’s blog. For the next visit, look at other people’s blog can learn a lot of things, such as what people’s experience will be written in the blog. But some things, even basic things to see more, also can form a kind of experience. Now I feel really is not as good as the forum shopping blog, blog content is much higher than the quality of the forum, blog basically not what people irrigation it most is the beginning, technology is not good can not write what good technical articles. Now the Shanghai dragon forum too much water, ninety percent are directed to send the chain, basically no one to share experience, in which active people are basically some of Shanghai Longfeng novice. I occasionally go to the forum is to see what the Q & a section on the Shanghai dragon new problems. But I feel this time around the blog recently brought me the biggest advantage is greatly improved my.