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How to analyze the visitors to the site of the heat from the cold data



to see a website user experience is friendly, one of the most direct indicator is the user to stay on your site, assuming you are a visitor, if you go to a user friendly experience of the poor site, you can’t stop it. We can apply this method to the user to our site. As shown below:

every day we have to view the site in the statistical information flow of information and PV, but many owners just stay in the figures are rising, while ignoring another problem which reflected the. We can be reflected from these values in the site’s user friendly experience. First, our statistical tools generally be classified as an independent visitor flow data and new independent visitor data, we can use the two data check to check the number of users see the value of the two visit to our site, also can show the visitors to the site.

analysis of the difference from the old and new visitors

: a

three: from the site of the user retention rate of

analysis of data from the site may be one of the one thing many optimization personnel headache, because most people do not love the face of a bunch of numbers, but only our in-depth analysis of our data, we can truly understand the site conditions, the existing problems and find solutions. For example, independent visitors every site, source domain and so on are crucial information for the development of the site. Only some data analysis of this optimization strategy can make better. At the same time also can analyze the data analysis of site user friendly experience, visitors to the site and heat analysis. Then I will take three data on how to analyze user and heat on site.

can be found in our site today in total independent visitors is 7981, the number of new independent visitors is 3999. Two numerical difference not many 4000 values, that is to say our site has more than 4000 two return. We can say that visitors have a certain degree of heat to the site of our.

we can view the pages of the site visits, from the above we can see the site in a friendly user experience is still possible, because the residence time and some have had more than two minutes, of course, this is just individual pages, we need to analyze the average time to better comprehensive analysis of site users.

there is one of the most accessible to users and the site is the site of the back heat data rate. This data will directly reflect the site’s user friendly experience. If a site of the return rate is very high, then you can explain this site can be very good to attract users, let >

two: visitors stay in our site


Small and medium sized enterprises how to deal with the love of Shanghai bidding adjustment strategy

advertising is only four, the entrance flow competitive degree bigger, but the back transformed competitors are reduced. Because the original flow by more than 10 up, now only 4 home competition. Once in the flow entrance, results are likely to be better than before. So it’s important to concern at this time to enter the page keywords marketing force

: in the case of limited funds, instead of spending more money to promote a number of pages, average flow rate; as focusing on the promotion of a page. We can first focus on one category, a profit model, with a single page promotion, concentrate on open up the entire system.

> 1.

two, create each keyword link page marketing force

love Shanghai PPC after adjustment, many companies also made corresponding adjustments, some spend most of their energy to do Shanghai dragon; and most of the energy resources in 360, Sogou. You do these adjustments are correct? How to adjust the

want to say today is the adjustment of strategy. Because the bid to promote more competition and promotion costs even more; so now you need more money and experience, reasonable distribution of each link in the network marketing chain of nine, not only pay attention to one aspect and ignore other aspects (network marketing nine serial under detailed diagram). So today is to teach you to adjust strategies to achieve better results.

· focus;

, a quick

why focus? Is to quickly in a short period of time. Love Shanghai advertising reduction, promotion expenses promotion, enterprises can not be like before money "effect". Especially for many small and medium enterprises, funds or weak enterprises, long time not effective, enthusiasm is not only against the team, but also because of long time investment makes the capital chain rupture. So the enterprise should pay more attention to the short-term effect than in the past ".

: before we may be concerned about the website marketing force, from now on, as long as it is put in a keyword page should pay attention! In addition to attention to the transformation of the mobile terminal, so the mobile phone website marketing strength is very important! Check your advertising keywords links page, see whether they have the marketing force. How to enhance the marketing power of the

network marketing website is like fishing in the sea, fishing tools, ship; traffic is moving forward as support ship power, diesel and gasoline. Now your money, for some relatively tight financial enterprises, can not start to choose the fuel consumption of the big ships, and should start from the ship.

in order to make the enterprises avoid detours in the wrong way, will make the next 17 push Zhuifeng series of small and medium-sized enterprises how to deal with the "love Shanghai" for adjustment of this series of articles, a total of 4 papers, 4 aspects from the strategy, hardware, operation and management to adjust, we concern the sustainable learning.

? page? !

Shanghai dragon combat share 302 will cause the website from Shanghai love right down

we can draw a conclusion: the website inside a lot of 302 steering will lead to the site suffered love Shanghai right down at the station; so when the choice to try to use 301.

302 status code is HTTP code 302 is one of the common state, temporary redirect means, is a web page was temporarily moved to another page. In practical application, it should be divided into two types: internal temporary redirection, namely A domain from one page to another page of the domain A; external temporary redirect from one page to a page of the domain A domain B. The browser when interpreting the 302 redirect always follow its definition (both for internal and external). However, at present most of the search engines (including Yahoo and noble baby!) just treat it as an internal 302 redirection service. So, for an internal 302 redirect, search engines do not cache redirection results, and will continue in the SERP domain of A. This is consistent with the definition of. 302 redirect is a complex external. Noble baby Matt Cuffs claims that more than 99% of the time, the noble baby results will list the target, namely B domain rather than the domain A. This is contrary to the standard, and the noble baby is doing so in order to reduce the "302 hijacking" attacks. "The 302 hijacking (hijacking) refers to the use of a page on the A domain are cited in the domain B high quality content update. Based on this, from the domain B "stolen" updates, this page will have good rankings.



external temporary redirection is generally used for station advertising, so the overall number will not be too high; and the temporary jump inside, when it comes to the content page, the overall data are generally very high. Because the website program caused the same content of repeated calls, causing the site to produce a repetitive content, the 302 jump to solve recurring problems. When the search engine spiders crawl led to the emergence of a large number of the 302 status code.

Second days

from the Wuhan decoration Forum 贵族宝贝 actual original share, please indicate! Thank you

tragedy occurred, resulting in a number of Web site keywords from 180 to 93. After aware of the problem, second days to remove the 302 to third day, the number of Web site keywords by 93 rose to 190.


The use of Google search Shanghai know love jump

?Here we focus on the

2: www.贵族宝贝/url sa=D%q=, this noble baby? A, is a fixed value, just in front of my blog tag for a fixed 贵族宝贝xxx.贵族宝贝/catalog.asp? Tags=, the meaning is the same, there is not much talked about.

: "baidu贵族宝贝/", this is just a prefix is to prevent love Shanghai filter, believe that a lot of love Shanghai to know friends all know, here is not to say.


first open love Shanghai, enter the WWW.贵族宝贝/url sa=D& q=; noble baby? Site:zhidao.baidu贵族宝贝, are as follows:


3: 贵族宝贝, a web site, is a shortened URL, for example, I landed in 贵族宝贝rdcnzz贵族宝贝/, enter my domain name 贵族宝贝xxx.c>

link, do a detailed analysis, see how Google’s hyperlink structure,

we open a link to pictures:

formula, we construct on these links, so that we can construct the same link.

link: baidu贵族宝贝/www.贵族宝贝/url sa=D& q=贵族宝贝17931.kfbio贵族宝贝& noble baby; usg=AFQjCNFz99bOOHDCNM0b4cl0Vh55mf028A

love ShanghaiAfter the

some time ago in view of love Shanghai know, inadvertently discovered an interesting thing, a lot of people with noble baby search jump leave a link in Shanghai know love. As we all know, Shanghai love to love Shanghai know very high weight, but just to love Shanghai from Google’s website is not filtered, so some people love Shanghai caught that said big, say small holes, the love of Shanghai know do keyword ranking batch. When we first saw this link, will think it is Google’s page, but a mouse click this link, will be the first to visit Google, then Google jump to a short URL, and then through the short URL, the final jump to Taobao off the target site, it sounds a bit around a bit dizzy. Don’t worry, we reverse thinking, can be summed up in the following formula:

address (to promote your website to convert short URL) to obtain the USG parameter, Google jump to know

The original

Shanghai love again right down, way to who

1. old site right down to the majority, a large number of snapshots returned, such as Kazakhstan Kecun is k only 2 page

of course, is not only bad news, love Shanghai there over the K station, hope that the majority of owners can not have excessive worry, wait, don’t make too much change to the website, their noses can be.

4. click software website is k serious, before someone says to home in 3 hours, all rely on the click software, the hardest hit is this kind of website.

this is the affected sites except for some small sites, the most concern is that a large number of high weight website, Google PR over 2-6 website was directly pull hair. But if a careful analysis will find a very strange question, the hair is pulled out the website at least 6 is a high degree of acquisition station repeat or some original content less than 30% of the site (such as micro-blog station, station joke content change station).


draft with unprecedented absolutely not exaggerated, many have high weight website have collapsed, including sesame ha Kecun also cut the remaining 2 included.

K is a comprehensive analysis found that the site is mainly two types: micro-blog acquisition station station and click on the ranking of cheating site. It can be judged that the love Shanghai adjustment is certainly targeted. But do not rule out the possibility of technology failure or algorithm adjust the travel problems. Because there are 4 websites are really innocent. For example, the blog has been K, but all the contents of this blog are original, and there is no cheating, but still love Shanghai K off, can be said that there is no reason to.

2. single page K is more serious for spam recognition more accurate

this is the effect of a kind of website is the biggest click ranking station, for example: the keyword advertising task network web site under one of the most frequent keywords for the employee click, after the shuffle, the first 3 three page web site is k off more than half, obviously love the sea is to adjust to the.

analysis of K site type:

click on the ranking station influence:

3. joint liability is serious, a lot of original formal website just because with some collection station outside the chain, leading to the collection station K at the same time, participate in the Links website have dropped


, the site owners do not need excessive worry, love Shanghai eventually to service for customers, website or.

really really hope is exhausting, but these days even this has not come and write down the right, is in check this is because in the end what? I really hope that was an accident, but the current situation is not great.

the update and other changes:

Innovation workshop listing three new board approved, entrepreneurial services will become the main

early years, I remember a very impressive story about an old lady who called DELL and said the tray for coffee on the computer was broken. DELL’s customer service is very puzzled, asked after a long time to clear up, the original old woman to pop the drive when the coffee tray. Say, if you are a product manager, you will encounter the problem how to do the old lady? Just take her as a silly old lady laughed? Another case, we had made a product called 360 compact discs, a failure. We take it for granted that a virtual X disk will be created for the user. Since the X disk is virtual and encrypted, you need to have a place on your hard disk, such as a D disk in the form of large files. But many users put the files in the X disk, and they feel that the large files in the D disk occupy too much space, so they do not hesitate to delete them. After deleting the document, I thought I had lost the document in the compact disk, so I started calling us names.

in January 6th this year, in a "Innovation workshop Beijing enterprise management Limited by Share Ltd listing application documents of the two feedback", innovation works sponsored by Guoxin Securities Broker on the company’s current and future business planning in the existence of private equity fund managers or risk investment business "responded to.

November 2015, the innovative workshop in the stock transfer system of public transfer instructions outward flow, sprint three new board news officially known to the outside world. In the November public transfer prospectus, the main sources of revenue for innovation workshops were the income from start-up services and the outsourcing of fund management services. This also means that this well-known investment and entrepreneurship services founded by Li Kaifu is the overall way to achieve the new three board listing.

however, a month later, regulators halted private equity investment institutions before the rumors of "listed on the new board, by the Commission Commission Vice Chairman Fang Xinghai at a news briefing held by the State Council Information Office will confirm. Private equity firms, including innovation workshops, have blocked the process of listing new ones. The Innovation workshop did not speak up on the issue at the time.

we do products tend to have three assumptions: the first layer is assumed, assuming the function of user need; second layer hypothesis is that, assuming the user must know the existence of function; third layer assumption is that users will use the product according to the assumption that you design way.

The latest

responded by saying: Innovation workshop main business services and fund management outsourcing services. As of the date of signing the opening prospectus, the Innovation workshop and its subsidiaries are not engaged in private equity fund management or venture investment business. The future, innovation works will rely on the new three financing advantages, to provide business services and support more diversified development, incubation of the stock exchange mode, through cooperation, joint venture and equity and other ways to integrate entrepreneurial service resources and project financing channels, help the entrepreneurial team to achieve the entrepreneurial dream; provide outsourcing services for the risk investment fund management; Innovation workshop type business counseling and training system construction plan, continue to contribute commercial value and social value of entrepreneurial ecology.

Innovation workshop main business service schematic

Sina Before

these are typical user behavior, and >

we did 360 cloud disk, but found that many users can not understand the concept of synchronization. For example, many users complained that I want to send the photos stored in the cloud disk, how are we lost?! the first reaction was: the background is a problem! Just know, users see "uploaded", that is to the Internet, then the cloud disk directory delete all the files.

technology news February 1st evening news, Innovation workshop today officially listed on the new board, but won the "national share transfer system company consent letter listed" does not mean that the both investment and business services in the form of PE to complete the listing of three new board. Innovation workshop said that the listing is the business services, rather than the main investment business. From the public information, this investment and entrepreneurial services known institutions, is gradually complete the withdrawal of investment, and the entrepreneurial services as the main business.

user behavior is not what we imagine, which requires us to find a way to understand the real meaning of user behavior. Today at 360, maybe I’m the easiest person to get into the normal user mode. I often brush micro-blog to see how users scold us. He used 360 of the products, with a very comfortable, 360 to solve his N many problems, but also for life free, but may be one day his computer out of the situation, and even not 360 of the problem, he came up to scold, said 360 rotten home. I see this very angry, but I thought, what kind of product manager is the most cattle? Is the product manager products do allow users to scold not out of the most cattle. I suggest that product managers listen to the "user Tucao", which is really dealing with users, so you’ll find something useful.

today began to tell a little story. Some time ago, a company for 360 to talk about cooperation, that is a simple software, that function is like you to see neighbors, neighbors see nice shoes, you take a photo on the Internet of a contrast, shoes the information on it, you will buy it a pair of shoes. I said, "it’s not that troublesome. Just ask your neighbor where he can buy it.".

in the public transfer instructions, innovation works said: "during the reporting period, the company fund management business income accounted for the decline, due to the company’s business focus is gradually adjusted to business service outsourcing services and fund management, fund management business is no longer for the main business of the company. Taking into account the Future Ltd development strategy and better highlighting the business model of a full range of entrepreneurial services, in June 2015, the company subscribed to the general partner of the Beijing Innovation workshop investment centre limited partnership

On Wang Wang’s analysis of the prospects of personal websites in 2007Sohu alliance and CCTV internat

: the dating site   penny good money, bigger is also difficult

      CCTV CCTV International Network Co. Ltd and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games announced the Internet content service sponsor sohu both sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, together for the first time this is the national key news website and domestic business portal, the two sides on the brand, content, channel resource sharing expand comprehensive cooperation.


      Sohu chairman of the board and chief executive officer Zhang Zhaoyang said, two new media platform, technical standards, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will bring a variety of opportunities, hitherto unknown viewing experience for the majority of Internet users and TV audience. In addition, from the current trend, the internationalization of media development, interdisciplinary cooperation has become the trend, CCTV and Sohu signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the Sohu will share the new Sohu in 3 and the CCTV network platform.

  graph king when at the beginning of the month in the laggards forum and Admin5 station published 2007 "personal website" topic scanning prospect analysis, analysis the production of all kinds of sites in the prospect of 2007. I am a young man, I do not have the strength to dare to comment on the article of Wang Da’s brother. I just want to say something personal. It is for reference only. If there is something wrong, welcome to comment.

      personal feelings: indeed, the site is no future, but it is undeniable that the web site is very good, especially now in either Asp or various Php platform program site are relatively perfect, good upload file, a Logo, a site stand out, without like the other site spends a lot of time gathering or artificial regeneration, which is currently the site for personal Adsense is the biggest advantage. Although want to do a big web site is almost impossible, but because the site is easy to link natural and convenient maintenance, so make it a station in the form of other site service, is the best choice. I’m doing the two web site, although the flow is not much, but within three months time, respectively, PR made 3 and 4, and the daily maintenance time is less than 10 minutes, not to mention is picked up a big cheap. Later, I want to promote other sites, as long as in these two sites to do a link, at least for shlf1314 can improve a lot of weight.


      personal feelings: the forum has been on the user’s viscosity is known, but unless you have a very good direction or has a certain scale, or the best way to the forum or stand behind the traditional Web1.0, do better than in the forum page basis, such as Admin5, empty the forum is not to come. The development of the forum has been in need of innovation, people all look out DZ! And PW on the new version of the upgrade is to copy each other point, the forum is not flexible enough plate division is also flawed, was later "Post Bar" to seize a lot of market.

      personal feelings: in China, do make friends site has several difficulties before: 1. the traditional character of the East and west of the subtle and introverted, open, so how many people are willing to make friends online or problems. >

      figure Wang: the future of the URL station will undoubtedly die

      King Wang: Forum Community class of future   pain and development

Baidu teach you how to update and collect more websites every day

recently done a non mainstream Tutorial Station:, from which to experience the experience of a little Baidu, today I’ll talk to you!

always sees a lot of people standing there and says, "how many pages are there in my station today? How long has my station been updated?"…… So, in the end Baidu is how to update included? How do you get Baidu to update your station and incorporate your latest content? I have not yet formed a systematic theory about it. I will discuss the concrete measures first. For your reference, I would like to welcome your discussion!

first, make a stand, at least to have a certain website content, then your site submitted to the Baidu, I recently observed, baidu included faster than the speed of the railway station than before, generally 1 days, 3 days can be included, so if you have to check the conditions, long Baidu your station is included.

              included after, we began to regularly update my door – to ensure that the second step: at that time, I was second days found was collected, probably included more than 30 articles, they immediately update the website content, and update the more than 10 articles, second day, check, ha ha, and the more than 10 update of the 8 update! From the date of the collection, I basically updated every day, included articles are more than a day, baidu update, my station is updated day after day.

is the third step flow trip, in fact, every update you, if your keywords do not, in vain, to you, no benefits, or no power, but if every day to update your station, then do some keyword is not what to do. What are popular keywords? How do I find hot keywords? We’ll discuss them later.

example: I recently made a garbage station, that is, using the keywords, from the submission of success, to be Baidu plucked, spent a total of 2 days, traffic statistics using CNZZ, a total of more than 1800 IP.

3 ways to rapidly upgrade web traffic

I worked as a WWW.QQHAO.NET in the first half of 2007, and kept IP 1000-2000 before I quit my job in Shaoxing. After I quit my job, I concentrated on my own website. With less than a month’s traffic, you can do 2WIP from 2000IP. I would like to share with you the experience of my website.

1: publicity promotion:

because I’m an integrated TV station, I go online every day to collect many of the most popular TV shows on my website. Then go to the relevant forums for overwhelming publicity.

forum publicity is the most difficult way for me to advertise in many websites, and it is also the fastest. I want to send dozens of themes and hundreds of Posts every day on those big forums outside. But in those big forum to have a lot of Ma3 jia3 reply to it, otherwise the advertisement effect is very poor. In one of my main advocacy forums, one of the forums has 40, a few ID numbers.

online there are many sites to promote the way, all about the BBS post promotion method, but most people are a generation, so many people use this method, the effect is not obvious. In fact, a forum is the biggest Essentials: choose good material (must be very popular kind) and then go to a very popular version (version I often go to the area are hundreds of thousands of people online the clock) post publicity. To use more vests, take the trouble to put their own down propaganda posts up. I am using this simple forum posting method, most of the time, from a forum to bring about IP 1W.

2: search engine optimization

I’m here to declare that I won’t search for SEO technology. Previously from Baidu search to my small station to flow only a few hundred, but one day from hundreds into thousands. I found through the flow statistics tool that one of the key words came in particularly high. It was by another manager of mine that I accidentally appeared in the TV series that added Harry Potter 4. At that time, Harry, Potter, 4, there are very few places to see, my station, of course, can not see. But in Baidu search, Harry, Potter, I added that TV series on the first page of the search results. So a lot of people from Baidu into my station, rely on this keyword, I search from Baidu every day to get 2000-3000 of the traffic. Through their own investigation for a period of time, some of the upcoming performances, but not popular fluorescent movie, the effect is the best. There was a good example of this. No, when it came out, the movie wasn’t playing yet, and it couldn’t have been on the internet. But I added the film to the station first, and made a false false address. Through the movie, and later from Baidu search brought a few W IP.

3: traffic interchange

, I had >

It’s easy to make money, but it’s hard to make money for a long time

I just graduated from

, is an office worker, but I always have a hobby is like a website, the site also has several years of it, because I am poor have a computer now, always do is static, is completely loving, no experience, slowly contact ASP PHP. web browsing around related articles. Also can do a dumpster


not long ago, the international domain name 1 yuan, I applied for a, spent one hundred yuan to buy a cheap space, volcanic 2G web space, in fact, the speed can also, but then it brought me a disaster,.

the thing is, do stand, I don’t know how to promote, just QQ to be publicity, publicity on the forum, IP is very low, the change has to start with my girlfriend, her love to play dance, I play it is rubbish, so I use the plug-in. (actually I play what games are hanging), suddenly found an external plug is very good to use, dancing king, I put him on the website,

think over a period of time that day thousands of downloads, fitness and PHP168 express Cooperation (I use 168 procedures), I have added a special express chain, that has brought me great gains, the highest time can have 100 yuan / day, for the novice like me, this is a big surprise. During that time, I was busy every day. The website updated in a few days to earn about 1000.

is the key of my good times don’t last long, hanging on the drop, IP is now much lower than before, the income of.

said the volcano, looking back now, because of downloads, site was suspended may be a direct cause of the accident, so I rented from the new server. As long as I insist every day update, I believe that my efforts will not be wasted.