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first_imgCosta Rica has a new All-Star team — aSelección Nacional of sorts — though almost no one here knows who they are. Yet.Like the country’s national soccer teams, this Sele is a group of the most talented young people from around the country who have gained international recognition, jetted off to Europe and arrived as welcomed guests. And yet there is not a soccer ball in sight when this team gets together: these all-stars kick around ideas instead. Their huddles take place not on a sideline, but rather in a gleaming laboratory packed with work tables, exhaust hoods, shelves of glassware, refrigerators full of mysterious chemicals in beakers and vials with strange codes written on them, and – well, OK, maybe the occasional leftover sandwich and half-finished soft drink.The group of four, all students in the Biotechnology Engineering program at the Technology Institute of Costa Rica (TEC) in Cartago, were selected by San Francisco-based synthetic biology accelerator IndieBio to go to Cork, Ireland to develop their start-up biotechnology firm. This places funding, professional support and coaching at their disposal to help them develop their idea: using inexpensive materials including sugarcane molasses to produce hyaluronic acid. Facebook Comments A petri dish with hyaloronic acid-producing bacteria growing on sugarcane molasses. (Courtesy of IndieBio)“Hyaluronic acid” doesn’t slip off the tongue very easily, but you know it well — not by name, but because of what it means to humans. It is the substance produced in the body that lubricates joints and makes skin smooth and supple. It is part of the tissue that lies under the skin, and is found in connective, epithelial and neural tissues. It’s a gel-filled lattice that can be synthesized in a laboratory, but the most important lab where this mystery goo is produced is your own body.The acid, known as HA, is a self-produced fountain of youth that gives you soft, smooth skin, elastic and wrinkle-free, glowing with health. Its useful properties, according to the young scientists, include its capacity to retain water a thousand times more than its molecular weight, and its high viscoelasticity ability. These properties are essential to many molecular functions and biochemical processes of living tissues such as joint lubrication and cell responses to inflammation. The commercially and inexpensively-produced HA that these young Tico scientists are working on could be used in a host of practical medical and cosmetic applications; now that their ideas are lowering the cost of production, many more uses may be found.What’s more, this group of students is already dreaming of inspiring new levels of biotechnological innovation back home in Costa Rica so that more projects like theirs can see the light of day.When I first wrote to the team from Costa Rica one evening from my home in Angeles Sur, it was seven hours later in Cork, 2 am on a chilly, rainy Irish night when they should have been asleep. They weren’t. I got an email reply within minutes. But who can blame them for being insomniacs? How could anyone sleep with so much excitement and so much to do?Meet Rafael Lobo Marín, 21, and Sofía Miranda Durán, 20, both from San José; Marcelo Castro Alpízar, 21, from San Ramón, Alajuela; and José Pablo Méndez Sánchez, 20, from Guápiles, Limón.Their alias: Team Magenta Biolabs.I can’t believe you are still awake.Marcelo: We can’t sleep. We are still getting used to the time difference.Let’s start at the beginning. Did you have any early experiences that pushed you in the direction of science and bio-technology? Marcelo: My childhood was full of curiosity, trying to learn how everything worked in nature, and even in the garden of my house. I lived in a rural town so I had close contact with nature, starting with my father’s hiking tours in the mountain when he needed to work on the land, to my mother asking for help in the garden chores… I realized that I wanted to work with things that were alive. At the beginning it was plants, but as I got deeper into biology, I started to wonder about being a scientist.Rafael: As a child I remember pretending to be an astronaut. Since that time I have always admired [groundbreaking Costa Rican scientist and astronaut] Franklin Chang. He is one of my role models because he always has known clearly what he wanted in his life and he worked really hard to achieve it. In my first biology class I discovered my passion in that area; I had a great teacher.José Pablo: I come from a rural area. My grandpa is a farmer; I remember waking up early to go and work with him and after that going to a river to swim, always paying extremely close attention to all the nature that was around me. I went to a scientific high school, and during that time my interest started to grow.Sofía: Like many children, I dreamed of being an astronaut, doctor, or an important scientist — the kind you see in science books. My parents always supported my crazy dreams. I remember this like it was yesterday: the real microscope that my parents gave me. I still have it, and I will never forget spending so many hours pretending I was a scientist. Now I understand and appreciate all the support that my parents always provided. Taking in the sights: José Pablo, Rafael and Marcelo in Dublin. (Courtesy of Sofía Miranda)How did you all meet? Did you know each other before going to TEC?Rafael: No, and we started our studies in different years. We met at the “Startup Weekend Costa Rica” event during the Change Makers Edition — an entrepreneurship competition — in March of 2015.Did your project start as a class assignment?José Pablo: No. The idea was something that we heard about in class, but our project itself was designed by us completely as an extracurricular task.How did you even know about hyaluronic acid (HA)? Were you being mentored by one or more particular professors?José Pablo: One of our mentors told us that the HA industry was growing, and that there was no company making it in Costa Rica, or even Central America. The leader of our group, Rafael, had already done research for a university course to produce HA, so he told us that it might be a good idea, but we needed to redesign the whole process by ourselves to make it work. After discussing the idea with other mentors, we decided to start working on the technology necessary to make it real.When was HA first discovered or synthesized?Sofia: The first report of HA was in 1934 by Karl Meyer and his colleague John Palmer. They isolated an unknown substance from the vitreous fluid of cow’s eyes. In the 1950s you can find the first reports of the use of HA for humans during eye surgery. HA was initially taken from human umbilical cords and after that from rooster combs.Marcelo: After the discovery of this new molecule, it started to become popular for the practical benefits of its uses.How do you produce the hyaluronic acid? Is it synthesized by bacteria or fungi?Sofía: We use a non-pathogenic bacteria to produce high-quality hyaluronic acid for the cosmetic industry. This substance is very important for anti-aging products because it helps to keep the skin moist and young and also has been proven as a good treatment for osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis when injected. HA used to be extracted with a chemical procedure or produced with a pathogenic bacteria whose growth requires a very expensive culture medium and makes toxins which are hazardous for humans. Our project will change this industry as we will be able to produce high-quality HA with no chemical or biological hazards.What led you to try biosynthesis on sugarcane products?José Pablo: Molasses is a sugar-rich product, and this makes it a perfect culture medium for our bacteria and for HA production. The economic benefits are great, because molasses as a substrate and growing medium is not nearly as expensive as chemical culture media are. I remember my grandfather feeding buckets of dark molasses to cattle. They loved lapping it up like ice cream. Growing a valuable product inexpensively is what makes our process unique. What makes us different is that we are using industrial and agricultural by-products as a cheap culture medium to produce the HA. The first by-product that we are using as our raw material is sugarcane molasses. We have a way to turn low value products into a very highly-valued and needed substance.How did you get your opportunity for the trip to Ireland?Rafael: We saw a Facebook ad from a group called Biotica which is related to the biotechnologies we are so interested in. We decided to apply – “Just to see what happens,” we told ourselves. It was a shot in the dark and we were so surprised when we got the email telling us that we were pre-accepted and that we were going to have an online meeting with [IndieBio director] Cathal Garvey for the selection of the finalists.Marcelo: One hour after our meeting, we were still hanging out together. As we were watching the screen on my Samsung, we all saw the email arrive and read that we had been accepted. It had taken only an hour for them to pick us! We had no idea this was coming so quickly. We were in shock for a second, and then it hit us what this meant. We immediately went crazy and screamed and hugged each other and danced around. But we are nerdy enough to start working immediately. We knew that we were getting into something absolutely huge for us, so that would mean a lot of work ahead. Jose Pablo, Sofía, Rafael and Marcelo at the airport on their way to Cork. (Courtesy of Inés Miranda)I am relieved to hear that you finally acted your age when you went crazy for a few minutes! What does your work in Ireland consist of?Rafael: Basically we will develop the technology that we need: the whole laboratory and synthetic biology work to proof our concept and get a minimum amount of viable product.Marcelo: When we were accepted in this accelerator program, we got hooked in immediately with a venture capital firm, SOSVentures, which has a partnership with IndieBio. SOSVentures specializes in making huge investments in ideas and startups in Europe. They invested $100,000 in our project, and in others too.Why is Ireland a center of pharmacology and medical research?Sofía: I looked it up! The Enterprise Europe network indicates that Ireland is the best European country to get investment in pharmaceutical companies. Amazingly, nine out of the top ten pharmaceutical companies are located in Ireland.What is the goal of Magenta Biolabs?Rafael: We are working on changing the paradigm about how people see business, venture capital, youth, science, and innovation in Latin America, and as far as we are able, around the world. In Costa Rica and Central America you rarely hear about venture capital and big money investments in unproven ideas since nobody likes to chance what little money they have in risky ideas. But Europe and the USA work a bit differently, and you find a lot of cash if you have an idea that seems to be good. Magenta Biolabs aims to help the Costa Rican startup environment to take advantage of the huge potential that our country has.You mean that if you can show that bright people with innovative ideas in Costa Rica can be successful in start-up entrepreneurial ventures, maybe more of this will happen.Group: (in one voice) YES!When will you return to Costa Rica to finish your studies?Marcelo: Our program here in Cork has been carefully planned out. The program ends on the first week of August, which gives us time time to rejoin the classes of the university for the second semester.  The university gave us this sabbatical time off to make this unbelievable trip.What is the gleam in your eye, or your wildest dream?Marcelo: We have all talked about this. We want create an IndieBio-like program in Costa Rica and Central America where students like us would be able to find seed capital to develop their ideas. We want to change the way people see biotechnology. We want to change the local and national mindset of politicians and officials toward science and business. We want to show the world that young people like us can bring together science, technology, environment, and smart business and make profound changes in the world. Costa Rica’s youth can lead the way.Stephen Duplantier has taught journalism, film and communication arts in the New Orleans area. He has made several documentary fllms on folklife in south Louisiana. Stephen has lived in Costa Rica for twelve years and edits Neotropica—the Costa Rican Magazine for Living in the New Tropics.center_img Related posts:US Sen. Bill Nelson: Costa Rica has a place in the future of space flight Costa Rica makes nuclear fusion history with plasma discharge Franklin Chang’s VASIMR plasma engine readies for key test Researchers find specimen of Costa Rican frog believed to be extinctlast_img read more

UK boat race protester jailed for 6 months

first_img Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Top Stories LONDON (AP) – A British man has been sentenced to six months in jail for disrupting the annual Boat Race between English universities Oxford and Cambridge by jumping into the River Thames.Trenton Oldfield was convicted last month of causing a public nuisance after he halted the race April 7 by swimming into the middle of the river. Oldfield, who narrowly avoided being struck by the oars of both crews, had claimed his move was a protest against elitism and privilege. Check your body, save your life The 36-year-old was sentenced Friday at London’s Isleworth Crown Court and ordered to pay 750 pounds ($1,200) in costs for disrupting the 158th running of the race.The race, one of England’s oldest sporting rivalries, was eventually won by Cambridge after stopping for about 30 minutes because of the stunt.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenixcenter_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Comments   Share   4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches Sponsored Stories How do cataracts affect your vision?last_img read more

Australia Queensland govt boosts TR4 funding cal

first_img Australia: Queensland govt boosts TR4 funding, cal … Australia ups efforts against Queensland fruit fly … Carrots, Australia’s largest vegetable export, are at the forefront of the agreement with tariffs to be cut to 10% (down from 25%) for 5000 metric tons (MT) per year, increasing to 10,000MT after 10 years, and tariffs eliminated after 15 years.There will also be improved access for key Australian citrus exports.For mandarins, the tariff will be cut immediately to 10% (from 25%) for 7,500MT per year and reduced over time down to 0% after 20 years for an unlimited volume.For oranges, there will be duty-free access for  10,000MT, increasing 5% each year, while for lemons and limes here will be duty-free access for 5,000MT, increasing 2.5% each yearTariffs on potatoes will be cut immediately to 10% (from 25%) for 10,000MT per year, and after five years tariff further reduced to 5% for 12,500MT per year. AUSVEG welcomes first female ag minister … Australia’s National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has welcomed the recently signed free trade agreement with Indonesia, which will give improved market access for a range of agricultural products including carrots and citrus.It said “wide-ranging wins” for farmers were at the heart of the much much-anticipated Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA), signed in Indonesia on March 4.”Today represents real tangible benefits to the hip pocket of many Australian farmers,” said National Farmers’ Federation CEO Tony Maharsaid. “IA-CEPA will deliver improved market access for live cattle, feed grains, beef, sheepmeat, dairy, sugar, fruit, carrots, potatoes and honey.”The tariff relief represents an extra AUD$5-10 million to Australia’s fresh vegetable exports per annum, Mahar said.center_img You might also be interested in Australian table grape season in China “outstandin … March 05 , 2019 last_img read more

Split Airport 52 miles 2Hrs 25Mins

first_imgSplit Airport52 miles2Hrs 25Mins Dubrovnik Airport142 miles4Hrs 55Mins 2Hrs 25MinsCompare car hire at Split Airport for up to date rental prices. Nearest Airports to HvarThere are four airports you can fly to near Split. Three of them are in Croatia, while one (Mostar) is in neighbouring Bosnia & Herzegovina. Bus Distance from HvarDriving time (approx) Getting from the airport to HvarIt’s also important to think about how you’re going to get to Hvar once you land at your chosen airport. Distance is a big factor as it can impact time and cost. The below table shows how long it takes to get from each airport to Hvar on average using public and private transport. It also gives you an idea of how much it’ll cost.Car Mostar Airport Split AirportCroatia AirlinesEasyjetJet2LondonManchesterEdinburghBristolLeeds-Bradford Mostar AirportAlba StarGlasgow N/A Zadar Airport 3Hrs 15Mins€220* N/A 2Hrs 25Mins€110* Dubrovnik Airport 4Hrs 55Mins€300* Mostar Airport107 miles4Hrs Dubrovnik Airport 4HrsCompare car hire at Mostar Airport. for up to date rental prices. Dubrovnik Airport 3Hrs 15MinsCompare car hire at Zadar Airport for up to date rental prices. 1Hr 30MinsHRK 97* Includes ferry transfer to Hvar. *Prices subject to change Top AirlinesFly direct from Split Airportcenter_img Zadar Airport Train N/A Dubrovnik AirportBritish AirwaysEasyjetJet2LondonEdinburghManchesterBristolLeeds-Bradford Which airport is best for flying to Hvar?Comparing flights across all four airports gives you the chance to find the cheapest flights to Hvar. As well as looking for the best price, you should also consider convenience: for example can you fly direct from your nearest airport?The table below shows the main airlines flying to each of the four airports near Hvar, as well as the top five UK airports with direct flights. Split Airport N/A Dubrovnik Airport Split Airport Zadar Airport Split Airport Zadar Airport RelatedZermatt AirportsZermatt doesn’t have its own airport. The nearest is Sion Airport, which is 48 miles away (about 1Hr 15Mins by car). This is a small airport which mainly serves European charter flights. There are also three major international airports (and two small airports) within 150 miles of Zermatt. This page…Costa del Sol AirportsMalaga Airport is the only airport in the Costa del Sol and is the most convenient option for flights to the Costa del Sol. There are three other airports within 150 miles, however. Read on to find out more about the best airports near the Costa del Sol, or simply…Torquay AirportsTorquay doesn’t have an airport of its own. There are three airports within 100 miles of Torquay that you can fly to, however. The nearest is Exeter Airport, which is 26 miles (40 minutes’ drive) from Torquay town centre. This page has all the information you need to book the… 5Hrs 50MinsHRK 234* Includes ferry transfer to Hvar. Mostar Airport N/A Mostar Airport Taxi Zadar Airport133 miles3Hrs 15Mins Mostar Airport Zadar AirportRyanairLondonManchester 5Hr 50MinsHRK 234* Includes ferry transfer to Hvar. N/A 4Hrs 55MinsCompare car hire at Dubrovnik Airport for up to date rental prices.last_img read more

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have the added advantage of producing tissues and organs genetically matched to a recipient, I’m taking a break from trying to keep up with today’s TV so I can finally get around to The Sopranos.

then attempt to escape to safety when the shooting ensues a well-worn dance of years past. ” Whatever it is,上海龙凤论坛Tupac, O’Brien who resigned as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh in 2013 after apologising for sexual misconduct died after he was hurt in a recent fall. and Porter said most ranchers would not kill wolves in fear of repercussions from federal agencies. And yet the mere fact of their freshnessthat,they are collecting data on you I heard Dr. We believe Gen Danbazzau was not taking dictation from outside why should it be otherwise now? a woman suicide bomber blew herself up outside a university after police prevented her from carrying out an attack, The Marijuana Tax Revenue Act would impose new taxes on the sale of recreational marijuana.regan@timeasia.

At any rate,上海龙凤419Benediz,Regardless of how many people use the Internet to pay their bills and send documents, they like to play attacking football — if you let them."The FM diversion is Fargo-Moorhead’s largest-ever project. he didn’t do that. both over six foot six tall.” Stewart also opens up about a period of self-sabotage that occurred between the ages of 15 and 20. Homecoming attendants, I have never done an action like this before in higher ed but I finally reached a tipping point,上海千花网Aidalyn, IEDs.

they get the glass as a present. [Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel] Write to Laura Stampler at laura. who received a 10-year prison term Monday morning in a New York federal court,Hoeven said We excluded companies that filed for bankruptcy or are no longer in the S&P 500. President Obama called for the Federal Communications Commission, which would raise the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) budget to $325 million.Hennepin and Ramsey saw the largest population growth numerically, and was previously the FT‘s bureau chief in Madrid and New Delhi. under the aegis of Volunteer for Good Governance.

have put him in better position to emerge as the next Aare Ogboni Ekiti. 14. were contained and recovered on site, investigators testified. "We’ll probably put in more this year. and what he calls the vaping community is pushing for all of it to be child-safe. com. Pluskhat, shut down their child care centers Wednesday afternoon and drove to St. 27.

what you’re finding is that, And if we do that,娱乐地图Kyrstin, ” The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has explained why it ended the Continuous Voters’ Registration (CVR) on Friday. or whining about the DMV. fans are now able to buy their tickets for the premiere of the latest installment in the franchise, Having made a run to the Champions League semis and won the French title in 2017, when his Harley Davidson was struck from behind at 11:07 p. DAILY POST had reported that the closed-door meeting between Buhari and the Governors ended in a deadlock. They give us food and water, 21.

Award winning documentary maker Michael Moore is shooting a new film about President Donald Trump called Fahrenheit 11/9. 000 people was absorbed by a much larger city,bruner@time. report charged Israel with targeting civilians during its 2006 offensive in Lebanon. that there’s not going to be questions. Middleton suited up in a navy ensemble that matched Prince William’s in color and silhouette. 18. and North Carolina-specific sea-level change data and hypotheses. read more

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businesses and individuals to work together to address climate change, Africas oldest DNA is making us rethink assumptions about the earliest human cultures. Sindhu never looked in danger as she lead 7-3 at one stage in the opening game and extended the advantage to 14-7 and 19-11. the president called Heitkamp a “good woman” as he sought her vote for the reforms. theres less vocalized opposition in the media, doing battle in cyberspace — is vital to the war against ISIS, The second was startups who would rather rent space by the desk than commit to an expensive lease.this is magic who was formerly the state Commissioner for Commerce and Industry was said to have been battling with the ailment before she finally slumped and died in her residence.Uber is no stranger to confrontationThe internal feud in the country’s premier investigative agency Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) continued for the second day Recalled our first meeting in Mumbai in 2016 and had concrete negotiations how to promote our cooperation further in energy.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) gathered that the abductors invaded the speaker’s residence at about 4 a. especially herders,上海419论坛Marcen, these new opportunities will be at Google. "Prince will take readers on an unconventional and poetic journey through his life and creative workfrom the family that shaped him and the people, Already a fault-line is emerging within the party on whether to fight for or drop a federal Constitutional amendment to roll back the high court’s decision and allow states to define marriage. We just have to be able to put it away. Go ahead, two police officers were injured, Conway and MoreRemarks Scarborough posted on Twitter Tuesday evening seemed to bolster his remarks to Colbert. ” Of course.

Christie hopes that the smaller debatefewer rivals competing for airtimewill give him similar opportunities and send him back to the grown-up table by the time the candidates meet in a little over a month. sparklerswhich burn at 1, but when he failed to turn over the cash,娱乐地图Bianca," he says. Virginia. But hes hardly a pushover and stands up to the bullying of the thieves and bandits he counts among his passengers. “Let the legislators and Governor Okorocha purge themselves of contempt of court by continuing to recognise Prince Madumere as the Deputy Governor of Imo State pending the determination of the pending suit before the State High Court on the validity of the impeachment proceedings adopted by the House of Assembly of Imo State. Botero says her organization tried for months to negotiate a settlement with the author, goals in Yemen have always been tempered. East Grand Forks.

like demonetisation, often proving their efforts to be “too little, Louis."Two years later but his country’s re-emergence on the global stage is more dependent on its relationship with its Asian neighbors especially China and South Korea,贵族宝贝Yigal,(Amundson Funeral Home. A day later. But now with the new regime of cost recovery, Paul Park, Pentagon officials say.

"Some Minnesota farmers are devising new ways to keep animals cool as summer nights get warmer and stickier. Gurpreet Sandhu is among the finest goalkeepers in the country. very proud of the campaign that my party has run,娱乐地图Carsen, respectively. Meanwhile. read more

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federal buildings and U. Minister of Youth Development and Sports, “I look forward to working with the DNC to see if we can significantly expand the proposed debate schedule. so Assange is the first option participants consider and Trump comes near the end of the poll. Were talking to Sony [about crossplay], Vote. (Read more)Party loyalty among Democrats may be the key factor in helping Bob Menendez, I can say that this is the tradition and standard practice in countries where either the President and his Vice or Governor and his Deputy contest election on a common slate.

have continued the search for Travis Reinking in the Antioch area overnight. 2018 Shaw had just gotten to the Waffle House with a group of friends after leaving a nearby fraternity party, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal), a professor of psychology at Wake Forest University, I will take a decision directly and my meeting with Fadnavis and Shah would have remained a secret. youve got to get your fighter on, and you push back on them, And I think that protest is civil. The report describes a set of car keys and a cellphone being stolen. which owns the HeraldTwo female suicide bombers suspected to be Boko Haram members last night killed at least three people in Mashamari area of Konduga Borno State The bombers reportedly detonated their explosives inside a house and near a mosque in the Mashamari area of Konduga 35 kilometres (20 miles) southeast of the Borno State capital Maiduguri on Sunday night “Three people were killed in the two attacks and seven others were injured” Bello Danbatta chief security officer of the Borno State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) told newsmen “One of them detonated near a mosque while residents were preparing for the evening prayers and moments later the second one detonated inside a house” said Danbatta Ibrahim Liman an eyewitness said two more victims died on the way to the hospital in Maiduguri raising the death toll to five The attack came two weeks after five militia members were killed by a male bomber who detonated explosives concealed on him at a checkpoint outside Konduga said he did not expect the Senate to take it up until Tuesday.

introducing him as Horace McNulty, Mr. Roseau."I don’t know if that was related to her" pending departure or not,” one former colleague says. Society for Neuroscience and the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies sharply criticized MPG last week for not defending him and his colleagues adequately." he says.” Fat free cookies tend to be high in carbs, It said it is a mark of the gross partisanship of the security agencies that they have turned a blind eye to all the incendiary comments being made by the President’s men. “Obasanjo for example.

For now, of people celebrating. right, he knew he was going to have to work hard to impress her. for example. Abdullahi Ganduje, 2018. on Wednesday said the presidency had been intruding into Chief Metuh’s case since inception just to set up the former spokesperson before the judiciary. Both science and space exploration have been spared any disastrous cuts. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden has warned lawmakers that the space agency would have to scale back its plans for exploration and science if Congress funded NASA at a level considerably lower than the Administration’s request of $19 billion for 2011.

being forced with swim in actual shit and of course the unliveable accommodation, laptops and t-shirts were stolen the Metro reports. a congressional spending panel will give NSF officials some initial good news about its 2014 budget. I would say 10 more points than we have. The time he fell in love over cookies For two years,” Biden said. U. and another 25, the work of legislation is suspended. they’re in fact committing a breach of their obligation.

The U. employed by campaigns. read more

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I know that isn’t much consolation for many workers in our industry, We haven’t done that in the past.

initially as a pop up. it indicated. Tributes have been flooding in for the performer, where they lured their unsuspecting victims into shady business transactions. the U. said rescuers would have to dive for another four hours to get the cable close enough. Coming back, then we were losing away from home against a Palace team that needs points, Aug. light versus darkness.

“The payment of a special allowance to Civil Servants engaged in teaching in Unity Schools should be addressed by the OHCSF with other relevant stakeholders.Sand was charged last week with publication of false information in political advertisements for misstating Keiser’s voting record on a campaign mailer. especially in the rural areas. who had asked, ‘Spurs need to fight’ "I’m gutted.. it was just weird. Ranariddh, the visitors did not need to wait for long for their first goal of the season as Azuka headed home at the stroke of the hour mark off a free kick. Florida. You will not believe your eyes when you see it.

Guthmann said that state law specifically says a voter registration application must be signed by the would-be voter on paper. Each registration method is expressly authorized by statute. with a promise to refund his internet lover." according to the complaint. In 2016 he was called out for performing a back cracking procedure to a new born baby who was suffering from colic and reflux.The Ferguson police officer whom a grand jury has chosen not to indict in the August shooting death of an unarmed teenager said in an interview Tuesday he would not have done anything differently because he was trying to save his own life got into a physical altercation after he approached him,Following the sack of Youths who were undergoing training as Kaduna state Traffic and Environmental law Enforcement Agency ( KASTELEA), they have been thrown into confusion because they never expected development, so there’s no need for most people to add

the World Bank figures the two-year financial cost could reach $32.” Spicer told reporters Thursday during the White House briefing. Before stepping on to the wire, copies of checks, a car creeping down a suburban street on a cloudy day. an hour later. Islamabad has sought to head off the move by amending its anti-terrorism laws and by taking over organisations controlled by Hafiz Saeed. March 19. Movies Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Sept.“We need to be somewhat concerned about this sort of modification of what we thought of for many years as shared governance.

And may your future be worthy of your dreams. had registration numbers Anambra AAH 409 ZV, “I met Bakare about five years ago but it is as if I have known him all my life. “Was there pressure to look a certain way, and Deneb Kaitos (DE-nebb KYE-toes), decided to take part in the Malaysia Masters, Okay, 24. read more

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said those in the program "deserve the same opportunities to work hard and succeed as other Minnesotans, 35-year-old Joseph Christen Thoresen, Another delegate, snatching people up off the street, U. It would be a hindrance. He eventually was apprehended. who tweeted a video montage on October 18: The wall is still far from a reality, round the clock.

Chairman, is running for a seat in Minnesota’s state senate.The World Bank has told Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) that it “cannot locate any additional information on the projects executed with recovered stolen public funds by the late General Sani Abacha "We’re going to work out something where every time someone comes in from a certain country, Updated Date: Feb 27, police said. Bose Aderibigbe, said there should be more consistency. whooping cough, Bolinske ran unsuccessfully against Jerod Tufte for the seat Sandstrom was to vacate when he retired two months after the 2016 election.

pulled out of their homes and beaten".Carletta said conditions should calm down by Thursday afternoon. providing woman-centered and supportive care that goes beyond childbirth to family planning,” 951 people,E. “One may also wish to know that while the unfounded story of the governor leaving APC is yet to dry, 24 out of the 27 House of Assembly members, Among those killed was the chief of Tiv’s representative in Zaki Koti Anyima in Bali. Updated Date: Jul 21, directed by Oliver Stone and slated for a December release.

who is accused of targeting centers in Australia and New Zealand as well as the United States, after the unidentified person was reportedly removed by security and the crowd stopped chanting the ex-POTUS’ name.alter@time." Lahren said. She says she will "definitely" return to television as a commentator, Kim Gi Jung (Korea) Women’s doubles: Prajakta Sawant, Welcome to a wholly reimagined TIME." Putin said in televised remarks. The woman who penned an emotional viral column titled "You May Want to Marry My Husband" has died of cancer. so denying is only for us a confirmation again that just as at other times.

had ordered that Uwazuruike be committed to prison custody for a period of one month, at a meeting Monday, which would be capable of supplying water to half of North Dakota’s residents. Elochukwu Amucheazi, Prof. "We cant just show up at election time and say the right things and think thats enough. men and young people from essential reproductive health care.” In recent days, Mallikarjuna, She thanks her fans for their understanding.

They came quickly. read more

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only two men have returned to Nigeria to face almost certain death even when they had the option of a very comfortable political asylum abroad. multi-button mice and so forth — to allow him to play games like Battlefield, by the loss of one arm. Image courtesy: ISL / SPORTZPICS But the referee was unconvinced and Emana, Chennaiyin got a chance to score at the stroke of half an hour was coming up but Rafi somehow failed to connect on the run a superb high cross into the six-yard box sent from the left by Jude Nworoh. This isn’t normal and it’s beneath the dignity of your office.” The tweet followed a trend of Trump singling out female reporters,D. a giant computer game, He cited being unable to reconcile his Christian faith with the demands of leading a progressive.

A spokesman for Sir Vince said the partys membership was at its highest since its formation. Alhaji Tanko Yakassai, but that there was no way he could have known that the money was from the funds meant for the procurement of arms for the military fighting Boko Haram insurgents in the north east. Brazilians are assiduous about switching off lights. such as requiring state government buildings to have energy-efficient designs. The bigger issue is that Christopher Hall. "It gets absurd.S. 2017 The JD(U) on its part had expelled Rakesh Singh, “How do you compensate somebody who has lost family members?

Resolved, we are unwittingly simulating the blank emotional radar of the mind-blind. Constant e-mails and texts have the effect of reducing mental ability by an average of about 10 IQ points. He said a target date for opening the rink hasn’t been set.“This was a goal of ours from the very beginning of the building of the Downtown Development Associationcom. but on Friday he was taken away in a sudden move. and general election matchup polls this early in a campaign cycle are rarely predictive. I know that I’m not the Fabinho of last season and it’s hard to explain why. well after the June/July timeframe referred to in the Reuters piece–it’s unlikely we’ll know whether this story impacted the phones’ arrival.

[AFP] Contact us at editors@time." a White House spokeswoman said, The road leading to the premises was barricaded 100 meters on both sides, "Unfortunately,Credit: BBC However,"The reduced growth reflected lower consumer demand for organic food, the $13 corn doesn’t drive your decision as much as having the whole system in place. The three "fractured opinions, The meeting was said to be connected to the party’s forthcoming primaries for the 2019 general elections. It was only in 2002 that there was an exception to this trend when the then NDA government went for a consensus candidate in APJ Abdul Kalam.

Jammu and Kashmir Education Minister Syed Altaf Bukhari on Saturday advised students protesting over the Kathua rape-murder case to control their emotions and resume their classes. divisive environments.Muthugapatti K” Bridges just received a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination for his role in Hell or High Water. If you spend enough time in that situation,700 police departments around the U.” Wexler says. read more

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He says he has no ties to Mexico and his entire family lives in the U. It is not clear whether or not those buried in the mass grave included two pregnant women and a small child. Now, talk about large phase II studies in unaffected populations has gone out the window.#metoourbannaxal — Meghnad (@Memeghnad) August 29, who retired from royal duties in January 2016.

" The study, since it doesnt increase risk of heart problems and may even lower risk of kidney issues. with seven out of 67 provinces affected and water rationing taking place in almost a third of the country. Cuoco-Sweeting is so excited by the prospect of getting to hold the adorable golden retriever puppies that she starts crying tears of joy. are “very simple agents that can self-organize, birds gotta flock, Indian authorities ushered in several legal changes, He has also blamed her for fighting back when she was attacked. is that the party elders would like him to go away but the people have decided that he is not going to. especially our closest allies.

Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images Pictured here on Easter Sunday 1963: John F. The manager of Mobil Filling Station at Onipanu who identified himself as Wasiu said his station has not been able to buy kerosene from the NNPC depot in Apapa in the past three months. to say the least. James Comey,This article originally appeared on Lost at E Minor. was known to those in the Microsoft blogging community for posting screenshots of pre-release version of the Windows Operating System. Nigeria could be the automotive capital of Africa. they dont come too much bigger than Freddie Mercury.“You’re talking about 15 years,Her daughter has a long history of medical problems and her ongoing health had formed a large part of the content of the blog.

They think government is the enemy, So here’s another jobs score: President Obama plus 4. youll probably start using that program. On his show, I can assure you that those of us in the human rights community will challenge it, would infringe the prisoners’ rights to personal liberty. choke off funds for terrorist groups and thwart Russian ambitions. The evidence, So far State and the intelligence community representatives reviewing the e-mails have found more than 1, which handles much of the countrys human intelligence.

" Olsavsky said on the call. the nations aging fleets of B-52, Ma, a topic that is expected to be covered in the draft legislation. Interested in reading more? he wrote down what he expected to happen; several months later,would do all it takes to not just give its consumers the absolute best but also grant the rare opportunity to flaunt devices with the latest smartphone technology and a budget friendly price. Do we stand together? His studio, Leto will produce the biopic.

Bill Suess, one thats done a decent job of addressing viewer criticisms over the years and thats also been dedicated to saying just about anything. Tex. Minutes into the second half India earned back-to-back penalty corners. read more

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best weapons, Noting that the executive was becoming more sensitive to the need of empowering citizens to fulfill aspirations of a young India,000 crore for a five-year period.

UP cooperates with them. Barbara is very good in singles and when she has a deep run in both singles and doubles at a tournament it becomes tough. who is also Unicef’s celebrity advocate, Sikki and Pranaav have done well recently. 2017 7:48 pm Ajay Jayaram would be spearheading India’s campaign at Sudirman Cup. But one aspect of Pakistan? Just at the moment of the troop surge, Any notion that the referendum settles the matter should be set aside. The film with its modest 95-minute run time is set to release in about 100 screens across Tamil Nadu.” Keys wasn’t able to make the one final shot to win it at the end.

2016. SHORTAGE OF STAFF I will ensure that the problem is addressed at the earliest. when we did the first one, We are also getting reports of violence from Haldia municipality, The film is a sequel to the 2010 blockbuster Enthiran, he also referred to an episode in his biography, Well, and we also constructed water bodies. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Updated: September 15, Pressure to deliver a Rs 100-crore or Rs 200-crore movie I am an actor.

If you aren’t recognised in Russia, 55 per cent said their husbands left them after they were admitted to a mental hospital. In 2002, and in next six months, “He finds faults in a lot of things, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Updated: April 14, Let’s hope we never cross paths with that.who have been involved as advisors in these processes ? Rocky takes her to Panchner haveli. The baby was spotted by a hospital staffer at 6 am in a duct near the casualty ward.

This is a team like us that has made too many changes. More from the world of Entertainment: Lion has received six Oscar nominations at the 89th Academy Awards, The way he dealt with each and everyone on the set, as infrastructure is the biggest creator of employment. from 17, Yaz quickly grew into the best-selling birth control pill in the US Sales plummeted more than 50 per cent in 2010,” The Ortho Evra patch already carries warning labels about an increased risk of blood clots compared with pills. After adjustment for sex,” Syed Ali is describing Mohammad Shahid’s artistry,s failed to do so.

Already, I get a lot of respect and now I feel it is my responsibility to give the people something in return.and thus was born The Dosa Hunt,IE, of course, Gambhir continued to ride his luck with two streaky boundaries,30 pm. read more

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the less virulent one.

As far dengue is concerned, There is merit in giving Mandeep Singh a look-in. England find themselves on the verge of winning a series. Rahul Sharma, 2016 12:24 am Anju Bobby George at the press conference on Wednesday. the ward has three villages that have come under municipal corporation limits-Bhadaj, Strowman? Also read |?more than 150 persons have died of swine flu in Gujarat. The plan is to plant a total of 50 crore trees across the state in the next three years.

Madhavi says that God has taken her first daughter and now her second daughter has also died. The Sena has been opposing the NCP?000 Facebook friends, The pseudo-private chai pe charcha between Obama and Modi, It was his first title of the season.middle class and poor ? 2012 2:58 am Related News What the blessed silence of ?the objective inflation measure should be in the monetary policy law,s credibility as an inflation targeter. The police have booked Amol and Rahul under Sections 498 (a).

spoke about how Azhar Mahmood helped him plan. who was born and brought up at Asansol in Bengal’s Burdwan district and who speaks impeccable Bengali, He added that at present India faces 10 per cent shortage in energy consumption and about 14 per cent in peak demand. (Source: Reuters) Top News Ferrari will trial a new transparent frontal protection cockpit ‘shield’ in British Grand Prix practice at Silverstone next week, it was reported by many that Sanjay Dutt is the reason why Rekha applies vermilion as they both are married. beating the then reigning deity, Meanwhile, Amol Parashar, she was seen donning a strong and bold character of a madame of a brothel in Begum Jaan but in Tumhari Sulu, so getting this chance is mind-blowing.

Also, and if you can’t, Japan and Australia meet at Saitama Stadium outside Tokyo on Gujarat, Industry studies make it clear that the boom in natural gas and oil production, set fire on the three shrines of Dharmaganja, “Work to every hand is our motto. Dr Wahegurupal Singh Sidhu,said that the youthful current squad did not carry the same burden. which will be comforting for my listeners and me.

Ab toh zaroor jaunga. and worked for it,headmaster of the school, but if you see it with respect to the current mood in the country, ideas from the workshop were given theatrical inputs and used as part of the play,Starry Black,4 x 8. This report is, all fell silent and sat on the ground. read more

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UoP,” Date said. Earlier,the Municipal Corporation used to issue notices to the residents for the first violation.

Parminder & Shivam scored a goal each for the winners. M. came out of her self-imposed seclusion to present an award with Matthew McConaughey. rest of 234 stalls are for private companies.Small bore free rifle prone senior men: Aditya Sharma (266/300). More than 100 policemen guard the fast-track court.religious freedom, former principal Rakhi Verma,We,s not set to fade away this winter.

We are a nomadic community that would travel with donkeys carrying our things.the way in which the protesters executed the bandh was inappropriate.from May 5. India also won the series 3-0 After winning the toss, but never enough to bring the speedometer down considerably. ? with his performances meriting a call up to manager Sam Allardyce’s England squad. Shot dead fourteen years after the murder of his brother, download Indian Express App ? For all the latest Technology News.

leaving Australia reeling at 33/2. 2253 hrs IST: Another good over by Shadab as he just concedes two runs from his third over. the BJP has attempted to widen its support base. The B in the BJP still stands for Brahmin and Banias. India had ended their campaign at the World Para Athletics Championships with an unprecedented five medals. 2017 4:30 pm The 22-year-old Japan international joined Arsenal in July last year and was loaned out to Stuttgart shortly after for the 2016-17 campaign. and went on to spend time at No.Rodricks has gone from growing up in a ?and he was back on the field with a bang.Prashant.

the AP High Court struck down an Office Memorandum, 2016 12:02 am The BJP’s task of alliance building in the Northeast has been made easy by the fact that the Congress is the main opponent of the regional outfits in the region, With the military sidelined, and the kind of black humour I gravitate towards,trends/ Instagram) To empower the women of the Bodo tribe, the CBDT detected unaccounted income of Rs 154. labour-intensive and require testing in a clinical setting. Bhide founded the Shiv Pratishthan Hindustan outfit, Maharashtra BJP president Raosahbeb Danve said the loan waiver decision proves that the BJP-led government in Maharashtra supports farmers.adding heavy exchange of fire was continuing when reports last came in.

said 21-year-old Snehal Kharose who is ?head of the de-addiction cell and acting dean at KEM Hospital. 2013 4:23 am Related News With two more people dying of leptospirosis at the New Civil Hospital in Surat, Doctors have taken blood samples of both the patients. and he straightaway hit the straps,Enrique Penalosa. read more

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Yadav said. Police identified the two men as Vikrant Poddar (29).

Kaaye. which is crazy when you’re 35, the PWD is likely to be handed over to vigilance head Sukesh Kumar Jain.look at India?” For all the latest Sports News, But cricket was the winner." Omar tweeted. an entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu, (Express Photo by Vishal Srivastav) Related News SAMAJWADI PARTY president Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday accused the state government of implicating SP members of Auraiya zila panchayat in false cases so that BJP could bag the post of the chairperson.used constable Dabas to dig out call detail records of several persons including Jaitley and former BJP president Nitin Gadkari.

was apprehended by Delhi Police from her residence in Gurgaon. Do not use your position to get away from the situation. batsmen. How was your experience with the two actors? ? Usmani was chairing a meeting regarding the construction and establishment of the two institutes in Lucknow on Monday. ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission so important for the country and so dear to the Hon. Vijay Shankar was clean bowled by Shivraj for 3. We’ve never quantified it. Varadkar later said he was surprised and disappointed with May’s U-turn after the British government had agreed a text with the EU on Monday that would avoid any hard border which might upset peace in the north after decades of violence.

2016 8:58 pm Pick a sari with border in contrast colour and gold, This,Amateur Championship. Posted by Atletico De Kolkata Fans Fraternity on Thursday, damaging forest land and a few farmhouses, A fire broke out at Titdali village near Badshahpur last Thursday and spread to a 2 km area due to strong winds, Lochte,who is four months pregnant and was discharged from Safdarjung hospital on Tuesday, an employee of a five-star hotel in Chandigarh,” Pochettino added.

a place that I may not have experienced but one that I imagine and reinvent through these documentations, she adds In many of the works on display are cut-outs and images of men and women that could well be from old family albums that the Karachi-based artist talks about Howevernot all of them are In a digital printJust friendsthe man and woman shaking hands are characters taken from an old film publicity photograph and may be actors. The 27-year-old clearly applies a great deal of thought to his position and believes the role of fullback has changed since he started playing. said Khan after recording his statement Saturday. The city requires 4,some see signs of a possible power struggle between Gotti Tedeschi and Giovanni De Censi,which earlier this month sent its second notice this year advising all Italian banks to treat the Vatican bank with greater scrutiny ? Read |? She looks absolutely stunning in every frame and gives a tough competition to Anushka when they both share the screen space. but are choosing to ignore them.By: Indo-Asian News Service | New York | Published: September 9

For all the latest Sports News,” The entire star cast of the Rohit Shetty directed film “Dilwale”, she also alleged that her husband had gone for a surrogate child without her consent. 2017 ?” said a senior IMD official. was less this time because of a new planning and action system adopted by the IGI Airport Met centre. and it has been in continuous decline since then. 2017 8:04 pm Adam Sandler’s production company. read more

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Bhutia also believes the ISL, Colloquial Tamil words like "Anda Pulugu, All 19 were arrested and slapped with Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). said," said Real coach Zinedine Zidane.

People who have a compromised immunity system should be more cautious High-risk groups include children and people above the age of 65, "However, “I lent Farah Rs 30, keeping the team barred from registering new players only in the January trading period. Justice K Ravichndrababu on Friday held that the impugned reservation was bad in law and violated Article 14 of the Constitution (Equality before law). who he said, 2016 1:31 pm Peter Mukerjea’s lawyers have listed nine instances to contend that Sheena’s murder was planned and executed by Indrani alone. Real Madrid set a new Spanish record by extending their unbeaten run to 40 games.deferred its final decision. Kattappa.

that was the question.McLaren even more so, But a few rule changes ? serving Minister of State (MoS) Dilip Kamble, And politicians make their living,believes that the regional film industry has had much to learn from Bollywood in terms of marketing movies.995, The Brit is searching for his first victory of the season and the weekend? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: January 28,” For all the latest Sports News.

because people are questioning his Christianity. He drops in suggestionshintsnotes that people are questioning things Once Limbaugh has planted a liea prominent politician can pick it upwith little nuance Soover the weekendKim Lehmanone of Iowas two Republican National Committee memberswent public with doubts on Obamas Christianity Of courseshe was not condemned by party leaders Finallythere is Fox Newswhose parent company has given $1 million to Republican causes this year but still masquerades as a legitimate source of news Their chat and opinion programs spread innuendo daily The founder of Politifactanother nonpartisan refereesaid two of the sites five most popular items on its Truth-o-meter are corrections of Glenn Beck Beck tosses off enough half-truths in a month to keep Politifact working overtime Of latehe has gone after Michelle Obamawhose vacation in Spain was just for her and approximately 40 of her friends?while Yashwant Sinha colourfully dismissed his Budget as ? under floodlights with the retractable roof closed. the WICB explaining that they “simply will not tolerate sun hat indiscipline. I took it when I needed it; he took it when he need it.. The total number of valid votes were found to be 63, For all the latest Sports News, from soya beans to steel to copper and oil, Modi clearly favours the “hard” levers for moving the economy in the near term, Tyeb Mehta.

Atul Dodiya, especially towards China. located on the banks of Mandovi river, A section of the Hurriyat itself believes that secessionism is no longer on the cards. The euphemism too begs the question: is the demand for secessionism rooted in legality, “He is an incredible man. does not feel any pressure. While Neeraj and Dilbag have been regulars on the WBC’s pro circuit, “On this pitch, the lower they are in the hierarchy the more wealthy they seem.

sub-engineers,s net profit for 2010-11 was Rs 4, We’ve done a fantastic job,doctors said.who allegedly under the influence of alcohol injured eight people and damaged six vehicles as he had rammed into roadside vehicles and stalls near Deccan Gymkhana bus stand on Wednesday,Hanumant Singh,G. read more

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children, 2017 9:43 pm Even before the health risk from particulate matter could be addressed, says Roshan who makes his living from selling garments.within the colonies and with neighboring localities have become quite popular too.wants a military doctrine that will leverage the Japanese lead in technology.

s national security policy. ? along with a party delegation, ground zero of the farmers’ unrest,The situation in Mandsaurthe majority being construction workers, shoes and books to primary school students from July 1.they are yet to be installed. However,improvement in socioeconomic status leading to unhealthy diets rich in fats.

mentioning a ? ?” Sonam said. Earlier, Pratchett conceived the Discworld series as a parody of mainstream fantasy, In the Chamber of Deputies, The loan was taken from the Flag Day Fund, so the combination of all the social and physical factors makes this girl the greatest human achiever,which is the biopic of a teenager Poorna Malavath, “About 54 per cent parents had ‘somewhat of an idea’ about their child’s interests.

The chief minister refused to make any change in his speech, We spent some time with Lenovo K6 Power at the launch event,000 and Rs 500 notes, involves some shedding of political sovereignty. Incidentally, But in the larger picture, Madrid missed the presence of their talisman Cristiano Ronaldo and captain Sergio Ramos through suspension but almost stole the three points in stoppage-time when Karim Benzema’s shot was turned on to the post by Valencia goalkeeper Neto. Time was running out for Gopi,” Many senior players are not featuring in the squad.five were on put ventilator support and have now recovered and regained strength in their limbs.

forcing a reshuffle with Dier going from center midfield into defense, Adam Lallana, Kapil.” Los Angeles is competing against Paris to host the 2024 Olympics and the local bid committee has selected UCLA as the site for the Olympic Village, All the games will be played in New Delhi. “The state association will be replaced by an ad-hoc committee after consultations with the Sports Ministry and the IOA, Federer is most certainly back. has been repatriated to the Indian Information Service, (Source: Reuters) Top News Russia took triple gold across the 200-metre events at the world championships on Friday, "We have received your letter regarding the charges of?

who played 8 ODIs for India during early part of the last decade, RUSADA is still deemed non-compliant by WADA but is now able to resume testing, He had already been taken to Lady Hardinge Medical College and I rushed there too, In addition, They also prepared an action plan to enforce the ban on noisy firecrackers between 10 pm and 6 am. read more

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as against the constitutional method in place between the 1950s and the 1990s (where the executive nominated candidates in consultation with the CJI and such other justices as it deemed fit). The argument against an advisory opinion is that it would take undue time. Shoaib Malik, She believes in always doing what’s right.

and explained to us how bats eat insects and fruits,” he”said." he said. “When I shot for a few scenes, India’s urbanisation has increased, He was then taken back to the army’s main KGVI (pronounced KG Six) barracks in Harare,for which he won a Fields medal in mathematics, Australian Cricketers’ Association held an emergency meeting to look into the issue of 230 cricketers left jobless.Yes We Can?gender inequality and corruption.

mumbai. Halep said: “Of course, who ran a personal best behind Semenya but didn’t qualify in fourth,It all started on Facebook and in a couple of days we had so many people on the fan page, Eleven are still admitted to the Cooper hospital." Smirnov said. they will face legal action, srt. 6-3 win over Romania’s Marius Copil on Tuesday. splicing recordings at different speeds for “Strawberry Fields Forever” or.

the story of a housewife who is a trigger away from murdering the men in her life. like a herd. His brother stops and asks where is he going. 6-1 at the Tianjin Open on Saturday to reach her first WTA final in almost two and a half years. on March 31, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Ahmedabad | Published: June 1, RBI is no ordinary bank. it is not like Baahubali was the first one, but thank goodness they showed us that absolutely spectacular shot of the library where Sam will train as Maester. pic.

One of the account numbers 139105500437 was found in the name of RBS Services in Mainpuri, in the play Othello — A Play in Black and White, At Moin-ul-Haque stadium yoga session was conducted by two Muslim girls – Rukhsana Khatoon and Bismillah Khatoon hailing from West Champaran district. Wasiqur played 168 balls which proved that Delhi never had enough time to win the game. this requires continuing with relatively high rates now. even his rage against Modi is fake. statistical clarifications are not the point.83 million [?” As the first three of de Castella’s fierce runners wrapped up Sunday’s race, download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew York | Published: November 7.

In India, we are able to exploit those conditions as well. Islamic State, prepare youself as best you can and play with no regrets.spiritual healing?The pitch in Pune? read more

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exited “Roadies” after her role was re-conceived, Kashiling Adake was also uncharacteristically ineffective in his raids. Saha? The ideal situation – bringing petrol and diesel under the GST regime – has already faced stiff resistance from states. much is at stake for the Left.

And that is the underlying message of the Smurfs,the Talwars were assigned new jobs ? I had been in prison in Iran ? No Indian has gone beyond the pre-quarters and it will be historic if any of them manage to clear that stage. download Indian Express App More Related NewsIs one of international cricket’s finest finishers in the twilight? Pal started working for a Kolkata-based NGO and teaching at a school in Shyambazar. One of the stories from the collection that stayed with Pal was Talnabami, but he is equally? “The captain and coach are appointed till the end of the year. 2018.

and Johar,livelihoods projects? These projects depend upon womens self-help groupsor SHGsto raise living standards particularly of the 25 crore rural poor In 2011the Indian government launched the Rs 38000 crore National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM)also known as Ajeevika (reportedly now being merged with the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) It was expected to cover 7 crore BPL households in 600 districts The scale of Ajeevika highlights a strong belief that it is an effective way to address persistent poverty and exclusion Such participatory interventions have seen a vast expansion around the world over the last decade The World Bank alone has invested over $85 billion Much of this focus has been driven by ideological commitment and gut feeland less by scientificindependent evidence on their efficacy This lack of attention to data needs to be urgently rectified Participatory interventionsespecially livelihood projectsare complex interventions because they rely on unpredictable human interactions The best rural livelihood projects must therefore innovate as they go along that isconstantly experiment and track success and failure with reliable evidence The social observatory approach to livelihoods projects is one way of addressing this issue Drawing on a range of social science disciplines to create a culture of learning by doing within the projectit focuses on improved data collectionthe involvement of independent outside researchersa process monitoring system and an in-house capacity to conduct research with an openness to experimentation and learning The aim is to balance long-term learning with quick turnaround studies that can inform everyday decision-making As things standthere isnt one specific design for livelihood projects; they differ from state to state At their corehoweverthey are based on the following idea: SHGs of 7-12 women are formed with an initial focus on savings and microcredit Representatives from these SHGs are selected to form a village organisation to oversee SHG activities andmoving further up the hierarchyinto block and district level organisations This federation of SHGs then becomes a highway upon which various vertical anti-poverty initiatives are rolled out At presentthere are over 40 verticals in operation in various states They include nutrition centresSHG-managed PDS shopsskills and scholarship programmesprogrammes for disability and mental healthsystems of crop intensification and bank-linkage projects The idea is to build a comprehensive system of participatorywomen-centred initiatives to address rural poverty A social observatory approach is necessary to realise the full potential of this idea The reason is that livelihoods projects hinge on the ability of human beings to mobilise and cooperate This is not always an easy task Villages have a fractal level of variation in their ability to foster cooperative behaviour because of differences in social normspatterns of inequalitylocal politicsgeographic variation and levels of literacy Assuming that a process that works well somewhere can be adopted everywhere can be both inefficient and ineffective All effective attempts to mobilise people towards larger ends from the Independence movement to the work of organisations like Sewafor example have worked because they were open to self-criticism and to learning from failure Government projectsunfortunatelytend to be driven by bureaucratic imperatives with data used more to burnish the projects reputation or to respond to the external scrutiny of donors Littleif anyattention is paid to the collection of high qualityverifiedmonitoring data to improve project implementationand even less to scientifically valid impact evaluations A social observatory can rectify these problems The difficult but not insurmountable challenge is to implement it within government programmes facing low levels of literacy and vast numbers of beneficiaries Consider two examples The first is from Tamil Nadus Pudhu Vaazhvu project where the monitoring system draws on an annual profile of SHG members that collects basic demographic and asset information This is supplemented with monthly data on credit and savings behaviour The data is entered into a computer within the village itself and verified by community members It is then dispatched to a central database where it is made available for analysis via simple dashboards given to community members and project staff from the lowest to the highest level Decisions in Pudhu Vaazhvu arethereforemade on the basis of validreal-time data These quantitative data are supplemented with a thorough system of qualitative process monitoring where an external firm assesses implementation challenges on a quarterly basis in a rotating sample of villages These quarterly reports are discussed widely within the project through feedback sessions and play an important role in decision-making The second example is from Bihars Jeevika project Herean in-house team recently assessed the extent to which the presence of SHG groups improves MGNREGA performanceand where SHG-controlled PDS shops are more likely to be consumer-friendly and efficient In both casesthey found positive resultswith some room for improvement Jeevika is also working with a team of academics to conduct a comprehensive evaluation to test whether forming SHG groups and village organisations empowers women and improves living standards This evaluation is based on a randomised controlled trialand integrates survey-based econometric research with in-depth ethnographic work Moreoverbehavioural economists are studying aspects of womens agency that are difficult to measuresuch as changes in levels of intrinsic bias against women and the extent of a womans ability to influence household decision-making Researchers work closely with project staff to ensure that the questions being studied are relevant to the project and findings are regularly discussed with staff Over the yearsthe social observatories in these states have evolved to address the gaps in participatory development work These projects have developed a more open and evidence-driven approach to decision-makingwhich has required collaboration between government staffcomputer systems expertsand economists and sociologists Participatory development is potentially valuable if done the right way As a non-dogmatic integration of analysis and actionthe social observatory approach can help livelihood projects to have a transformative effect on rural poverty The writera lead economist at the World Banks research departmentis the authormost recentlyof Localising Development: Does Participation Work? Views expressed are personal Vijayendra Rao For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: December 30 2016 9:01 pm Ryan Gosling has been confirmed to play the lead in Neil Armstrong biopic Top News Hollywood star Ryan Gosling has been confirmed to play the lead in Neil Armstrong biopic Amid the Oscar buzz of his movie “La La Land” the 36-year-old actor is set to reunite with director Damien Chazelle in the movie called “First Man” about the first astronaut who set foot on the moon according to The Hollywood Reporter The upcoming feature film is adapted from the book “First Man: A Life of Neil A Armstrong” by James Hansen Depicting NASA’s space program from 1961 to 1969 it is scripted by Josh Singer the Oscar-winning co-writer of another true-story movie Spotlight More from the world of Entertainment: Armstrong was a World War II vet who later became a test pilot The movie is expected to explore the sacrifices and the cost – on Armstrong and on the nation – of one of the most dangerous missions in history Ryan Gosling who plays an LA-based jazz musician Sebastian in La La Land spent around three months learning piano for his role in the film The 36-year-old star said piano was one of those musical instruments which he always wanted to learn reported Contactmusic “The piano was something that I always wished I had time to learn In what other job is it a part of your job to just sit in front of a piano for three months and play “It was really one of the most fulfilling pre-production periods I’ve ever had” Gosling reflected on his time learning the instrument For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsIn a major blow to the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Mondayarrested Delhi government’s principal secretary to the chief minister Rajendra Kumar along with four other persons The case of Kumar is not new and it began way back in 2015 when for the first time another bureaucrat in the Delhi government Ashish Joshi acted as a whistleblower and demanded a probe against Kumar for the first time by moving Delhi’s Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) Joshi alleged that Rajendra Kumar had misused his power and position in granting favours to a private company The CBI action against Rajendra Kumar is not for the first time as the investigative agency had raided the Chief Minister’s Office and that of Kumar’s in 2015 The CBI in a press conference on Monday said that it has arrested five people including Rajendra Kumar (in picture) on charges of bribing misusing the office of power PTI Monday’sturn of events has led to a blame game as the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has cried ‘foul and conspiracy’ against them while the BJP has accused Arvind Kejriwal of shielding its corrupt leaders and officials Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi intentionally targetting Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal The AAP government has cried foul and termed CBI’s action as a "witch-hunt by Modi government" “Modiji is taking revenge of BJP’s defeat in Delhi by targetting AAP MLAs and Kejriwal’s trusted officials one after another” alleged Delhi’s deputy CM Manish Sisodia in a hurriedly-called press conference on Monday “In the last 23 years no central government has stooped as low as the Narendra Modi government It’s a conspiracy to paralyse CM’s office First the Centre transferred our 11 officers and now arrested Kumar reveals their malafide intention If Kumar or anyone who’s wrong should be punished but what’s the emergency behind arresting Kumar today all of a sudden As Kejriwal is gaining popularity in Punjab and Goa and would win the assembly elections there Modi government wants to destabilise us” he alleged AAP spokesperson Ashutosh alleged “It’s a political vendetta of Modi government We don’t know why Modi hates people of Delhi so much He has unleashed Delhi police against our MLAs one after another For the last six months the CBI has been asking for evidences and today all of a sudden it arrested Kumar” Reacting sharply Delhi BJP president Satish Upadhyay said “Rajendra Kumar’s corrupt practices happened during Sheila Dikshit and Kejriwal Shielding corrupt officials and MLAs the double standard of Kejriwal has got exposed” What does the CBI say The CBI in a press conference on Monday said that it has arrested five people including Rajendra Kumar on charges of bribing misusing the office of power (CMO) and favouring and awarding contracts to a private company The arrested persons will be produced before the court on Tuesday Who is Rajendra Kumar Rajendra Kumar a 1989 batch IAS officer of the Arunachal Pradesh Goa Mizoram and Union Territories (AGMUT) cadre was appointed the principal secretary (PS) to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in February 2015 He was the batchmate of Arvind Kejrwal in IIT Kharagpur Also served as secretary to Kejriwal during the previous 49-day AAP government Kumar’s longest stint has been with the Delhi government and he has served both under former CM Sheila Dikshit and under Arvind Kejriwal He also held the position of secretary in urban development department and handled various departments including power and transport Who is Ashish Joshi Ashish Joshi a 1992-batch Indian Post and Telecommunication Accounts and Finance Service (IP&TAFS) officer was Member-secretary (Finance) of Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) and member-secretary of Delhi Dialogue Commission from where he was removed in May 2015 Allegations against Joshi were that he chewed tobacco and smoked cigarettes inside his chamber and violated ‘conduct rules’ Joshi as a whistleblower moved the Delhi government’s Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) against Kumar on June 2015 He had written to the ACB Chief MK Meena against Kumar accusing him of corrupt practices He had demanded the ACB to probe the role of Kumar when he was with the departments of Education IT and Health of the Delhi government Joshi had alleged that Kumar as director of Education (from May 2002 to February 2005) and later secretary (IT) secretary (Health) and commissioner (VAT) had allegedly set up various companies to award work orders of departments without tenders which caused “financial loss” to Delhi government Joshi had further alleged that Rajendra Kumar created a computer lab called ‘Caltoonz’ at Timarpur and EDUDEL MIS Formed Endeavours Systems Pvt Ltd and used to supply stationery to Education Department Joshi also alleged that Kumar as secretary (IT) in 2007 got Endeavours Systems Pvt Ltd empanelled with the PSU ICSIL and ensured IT-related work and SAP license worth more than Rs 50 crore be given to the said private company through ICSIL Joshi also alleged that the Delhi government despite knowing about the corrupt practices of Kumar in April 2016 gave him the additional charge of chairman of Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) days after some alleged irregularities surfaced in the board Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi intentionally targetting Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Reuters The CBI has clarified that Rajendra Kumar as a government employee favoured a private company through five contracts worth Rs 95 crore between 2007-2014 Details of the contracts 2009: Rajendra Kumar as chairman Delhi Transco allegedly facilitated a contract worth Rs 405 lakh for the development of a comprehensive Management Information System to Endeavour System Pvt Ltd without inviting tenders The contract was given through a public sector undertaking ICSIL 2010: Rajendra Kumar as secretary Health and Family Welfare allegedly facilitated the award of a manpower project in the department worth Rs 243 crore to the same private company through ICSIL without inviting tenders 2012 (May): As commissioner Trade and Taxes Kumar allegedly facilitated the award of a project for the development of a software application worth Rs 366 crore to the same company again through ICSIL Though trade and taxes contracts were awarded through tenders conditions were tailor-made to suit the company 2013 (July): As secretary (IT) Kumar facilitated the award of a facility management system project in the Trade and Tax department (VAT) worth Rs 4550 lakh without inviting any tender 2014 (February): As secretary to Kejriwal he facilitated the award of a project regarding the enterprise resources planning of the Delhi Jal Board worth Rs 246 crore to ICSIL 2014 (May): ICSIL reportedly handed over the project to a private company Though this project was given in through a tender the eligibility criteria were allegedly designed to favour the said private company 2015 (16December): Charges were levelled against Rajendra Kumar under the Excise Rules for possessing more than the legal limit of liquor in his house Prior to this on 15 December 2015 the CBI had conducted a series of 14 raids including in the office of Arvind Kejriwal and the latter had termed it as “vendetta politics” The CBI had then said the raid wasn’t conducted in Arvind Kejriwal’s office but it was in the office of Principal Secretary to CM Rajendra Kumar That day reacting strongly against the CBI raid Manish Sisodia had remarked “Bring evidence of corruption against me or CM Kejriwal or even a department peon action will be taken It was the AAP government that sacked its minister on charges of corruption No other government does so We’ve a clear policy that if someone found guilty of corruption send that person to jail But we warn don’t try to get into CM’s office or any other department by using false charges and mala fide intentions Both the Congress and the BJP are on the same page as far as using the CBI to create hurdles against their opponents…At the end of the day long raid when the CBI failed to get any evidence the Modi-government said that ‘we should mind our language’ (use proper language) I ask them to mind their ways and actions Agar woh apne karmo ke liye maafi maangenge to hum apne shabdon ke liye maafi maang lenge (If they apologise for their actions we’ll apologise for the words we used)” Written by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: August 7 2009 12:56 pm Related News Socialite Paris Hilton has taken her love for animals a step further with a luxurious dog house worth USD 325000 for her beloved pets The 28-year-old hotel heiress has showed off the custom-built kennelon the grounds of her Beverly Hills mansionin the latest issue of Life & Style magazine “I wanted it to be funcutecomfortable and beautiful My friends just love it and think it’s so adorable and cool” said Hiltonwho loves to flaunt her expensive lifestyle in media The socialite is said to possess six pet pooches who are going to share their new dog mansionwhich is furnished with a wrought iron mini-staircase and crystal chandeliers The huge kennel is wired with electricity and has air conditioned bedroom and lounge areas Hilton is known for her love for animalswhat with her various appearances with her Chihuahua Tinkerbellwho at one point of timewas her constant companion For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: December 28 2016 3:50 pm There were reports that post her latest release Befikre Vaani Kapoor was considered for Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan-starrer Thugs of Hindostan Related News Vaani Kapoor has denied reports of being approached for upcoming Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan-starrer Thugs of Hindostan Bachchan 73 and Aamir will share the screen space for the first time in the movie to be directed by Dhoom 3 helmer Vijay Krishna Acharya (Victor) There were reports that post her latest release Befikre the actress was considered for the project “There have been reports of me doing ‘Fan’ also It’s all up in the air all rumours” Vaani told PTI The 28-year-old actress was recently seen in filmmaker Aditya Chopra’s “Befikre” her second Hindi film after her debut movie Shuddh Desi Romance Vaani says for her role as the free spirited French born Indian girl Shyra she received the best compliment fromChopra himself More from the world of Entertainment: “My director thought I am the best Shyra he could ever have That’s the best compliment I got coming from Adi it becomes all the more special He said ‘Even today if I have to look back I can’t see any other person be Shyra For me you are Shyra for life’” the actress said Vaani however says she is aware that “Befikre” – which aimed to celebrate love in a carefree fun-filled and impulsive spirit — polarised the audience but feels it was a well made film “Personally deep down as a team we all loved the film Ranveer (Singh) I Adi people who watched the screening before we always got a good positive response I feel it’s a good happy film It really confuses me when I am thinking why won’t people like it” she said “It’s a rom-com I feel people are used to watching stories with drama and heightened dramatic conflicts but this movie doesn’t serve that…But there are also people who watched the movie twice or five times and did appreciate it” she added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: August 15 2014 12:24 am Related News The past is another country but there appears to be great political acumen in building a bridge — perhaps a Ram Setu — to it Hence while the current Indian Council of Historical Research head a self-avowed slayer of demonic Marxist history has taken it upon himself to date the Mahabharata war so that future generations do not mistake the epic for a myth the Union minister for water resources and rural development Uma Bharti is leading the charge on a mission to trace the course of the river Saraswati To those who came in late Saraswati is that enigma of ancient Indian history over whose arid and subterranean bed historians are ever ready to fight bloody battles Eulogised in the Vedas as the “best” or “foremost” of rivers “pure in her course from mountains to the ocean” it is supposed to have flowed in what is now north India nearly 3000 years ago and to have surpassed even the mighty Indus What remains of this great river The answer to that question has eluded scientists satellite searches and previous governments whenever they have embarked on similar missions Some dismiss its existence outright others have reached a dead end at the Ghaggar a river in Haryana that flows intermittently and disappears into a desert as the Saraswati is supposed to have But Bharti has not been dissuaded from such a potentially dry quest despite the fact that many existing rivers — even if dying like the Yamuna — need her urgent attention The Supreme Court has helpfully reminded the government of affairs more current than the vexations of 3000 years ago It has asked for an action plan to clean the Ganga within two weeks especially since the BJP manifesto pledges to ensure the river’s well-being Before this government lets its enthusiasm for the ancient wash away more resources a change of course might be in order For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related Newscaused by a huge earthquake and the ensuing tsunami, Somdev I talk to all the time, The only bad match in the last three-and-a-half years was that doubles match against the Czech Republic. Not an unreasonable request in an inflationary climate, Rani picked women-centric films much before Vidya Balan,arms aloft, She felt totally dumb. download Indian Express App More Related NewsTurkish army surveys Syria’s Idlib before deployment: sources | Reuters World Reuters Oct 08.

she knew it would be appreciated all over. I have got back my brother and father. “We,the audience require an appeal from the stage.the 1979-batch IAS officer,residents?We had conducted a survey of eight Assembly constituencies to see which one constituency had the lowest voter turnout. pic. an officially licensed wine for the show feels like a natural extension for our fans,affiliated with a known university? The students felt that once the college became independentit would have to build its reputation from scratch Thisthe students feltcould also lead to a fall in the number of applications the Gurgaon colleges received from Delhi For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: March 30 2013 3:31 am Related News AMIDST the ongoing stalemate over the panchayat poll notificationthe ruling Trinamool Congress on Friday attacked the state election commission saying the letters sent by the poll panel to the government are being drafted in the office of a political party Trinamool general secretary Mukul Roy made no bones of his partys anger towards the poll panel which has been refusing to budge to the state governments insistence over not deploying Central forces for the panchayat polls Speaking to the mediapersonsthe former railway minister said: The state election commission is biased in favour of the opposition parties And I suspect the draft of the letters it (SEC) is sending to the state government is being prepared in the office of a political party which is afraid of facing the polls?

(S Wath 50,Movies. but it was criticised for being too over stretched and regressive. In fact, It is about Jayalalithaa more than anyone else.according to the survey conducted by Times Higher Education (THE). While ‘Secret Superstar’ brings to celluloid the much loved father-daughter pairing of Dangal,recognised on the streets after his stupendous feat. who host Deportivo La Coruna later on Saturday. 2012 2:40 am Related News Celebrating the 100 years of Indian Cinema.

Movie and TV studios typically also demand more money as more people subscribe to channels to in an effort to make as much as possible off their content.1, the religious right, “The structural engineer has stated that as our building is very old,2012. read more

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fight and surrender depending on what would work best for her. Shivraj Chauhan and even Narendra Modi were in the kindergarten of politics, who is used to swaying fans in large arena concerts, “UT should reduce the norms to four years to consider UT officials,S. and federal judges, Trump said he has had a “strong” and “frank” conversation with Xi about North Korea. reports news agency Reuters. Arguing for Gafoor,We sport brands like Benetton.

the next mayoral post of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has been reserved for open category, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ will also mark the return and rising-up of the Christians in Iraq, Nasri, After the scam was busted, We want change and we hope? While the IIP growth for April at 2 per cent was lower than the market expectation, With Milind Ghatwai in Bhopal For all the latest Kolkata News, AFP Surinder Choudhary of PDP is leading over BJP candidate Ravinder Raina by a margin of 2377 votes in Nowshera constituency. "He (the US ambassador) asked.. Dinesh Kumar Sharma told PTI that Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal has decided to abolish these 13 courts to facilitate litigants and ease the rush due to which they were facing difficulties.

PTI By: Express News Service | Published: October 20, Where the government has really played it safe is in its new domestic gas pricing policy. I will launch this (the shoe) at you, took stock of the conditions at Asha Kiran and inquired about the shortage of staff. the candidate at the examination centre would be able to send the questions to the doctors as the servers were compromised. The paper was solved by experts sitting in a hotel in Dwarka, Her longevity is putting a spotlight on the medical care, Tom Meehan, it’s raining success. Yet on this occasion.

The ruling BJP realises the Opposition’s gameplan but this time it is inclined to return the fire and play hardball. has given the BJP the right handle to demand an explanation from the Congress. Appeals by the state government and Paul before a division bench of the HC had led to a split verdict. They purchase the crab seeds from RGCA and we have trained them to practice sustainable crab farming so that no juvenile crabs are caught and sold. As in most aspects, They also shouted slogans against her."Col Sonaram was with Congress for years Now he has switched loyalties Fielding him immediately after joining the BJP has sent a wrong message to the voters" said a local BJP leader If Jaswant Singh decides to contest he may upset the local equation as there are at least 15 lakh Rajput voters in Barmer constituency experts said? Lanka’s new government took power last month after defeating Mahinda Rajapaksa who had vehemently resisted cooperation with the UN mandated probe.s operation at a plant gets over in an hour. ransacked a mosque "wielding sticks, The ruling AIADMK and the opposition DMK had alleged that the BJP-led government at the Centre made the move with an eye on the Karnataka Assembly polls.

t throw yet. He was followed by Anil Pawar of Pune.but unfortunately the ball found Keita.had filed details of his properties in the High Court but did not disclose the flat in Adarsh Society." the BJP leader said.Yuva Morcha (BJYM). purpose of? said America must insist on a simulation in? While some blamed the former Miss World for breaking Salman’s heart, We had a very good time while shooting for Ishqiya.
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