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Sogou search super Tsuburi from the inside is more close to the people

account login system + WeChat public search platform, more down to earth

has more than 600 million users of WeChat is undoubtedly the biggest social platform, the most attractive to young people. Through the cooperation with the WeChat platform, WeChat Sogou search exclusive on-line public platform, success in the general search in the "breakthrough", becoming the only one full search platform. At the same time through the analysis of user needs, the relevant information be arranged one by one, to better meet the needs of diverse users search, Sogou search makes the difference advantage will further strengthen.

to home website as an example, from the perspective of the main interface to retain only the search box, before the vertical search classification is adjusted to the upper left corner of the page, the upper right corner is added to the skin, account settings, three buttons, the homepage interface is more concise and bright, and the trend is consistent. After login, the user can choose their own skin button, love wallpaper, skinnable. At present, Sogou search page is divided into skin Meimei Da, Meng Meng Da, Da, Da, cool sparkling soil Da several series, each series has massive cute skin available, Sogou search and target user groups of young style fit, fully meet the aesthetic needs of different users, while strengthening Sogou search young fashion brand image.

recently, Sogou search page for a comprehensive revision, the new skin, personalized card customization features, and with the QQ account opened, plus before the launch of the WeChat search platform to the public and celebrity endorsements, Sogou search is launching a campaign from the inside out "super Tsuburi!", from the face, turned to in, change the Almighty, give users more convenient, stylish, personalized search experience.

by WeChat public platform Sogou search, users do not need to subscribe to any public numbers, you can view the massive WeChat public information and articles, to meet young people interested in obtaining information at the same time, deep.

and skin + professor are struck, no limit

[TechWeb] reported on September 10th news, since Kim Su Hyon endorsement Sogou search TVC login two popular variety show "where" and "Daddy" since The Voice of China, Sogou search, Meng Da gave us a deep impression.

is worth mentioning, Sogou search page after the revision is also integrated into the Kim Su Hyon endorsement of the elements, from the emotional level to satisfy the needs of young user groups. From now on, "Professor" fans not only can choose a variety of Charming handsome Kim Su Hyon videos skinnable, appreciate every day God fashion style; you can also click on the settings button to open the Kim Su Hyon personalized card module, dynamic information timely access to idols, let oneself together with Kim Su Hyon every day, feel from South Korea’s fashion wave.

a series of super Tsuburi action not only let Sogou search more intimate, but also into the fashion element, the face turned more "Meimei Da", to provide more "intimate contact" for the user the opportunity.

Expand the effective method of keywords on the site in the process

is the enterprise station, through the association of Shanghai love options drop-down box at the bottom of the search keywords or love Shanghai enough to dig out the key words we need, you only need to copy and paste these words can be very simple, but for some of the relatively large size of the site, we need to use special means of acquisition, for example script language, to achieve the drop-down box to grab love Shanghai. On their own

5. data acquisition through collecting station keywords source mode

ranking China network of webmasters and love can check the website of Shanghai dragon, but few people use Webmaster Platform tools keywords expand access, to know that the acquisition Chinese stationmaster net platform is a good way to expand keywords.

method is similar to acquisition love Shanghai droplist, do not make too much explanation, the use of tools, locomotive collector can complete, simple and quick violence.

7. love Shanghai biddingkeywords extended complementary


2. collection love Shanghai search

Many people know that

1. collection love Shanghai drop-down box


is very fast and convenient way to collect keywords, but few people can live to love Shanghai API interface, the need to apply for, if not, the best way to get one, or by way of purchase, otherwise you can only use "love Shanghai collection, if you know the SOAP communication, can write a script will run out of key data, the effect is obvious.

keyword is a website of the soul, if you do not make reasonable keywords development work, a lot of words even have very good ranking, it is difficult to get a good flow, so the importance of keywords to expand it is self-evident. This practical experience of development for the individual’s keywords. Keywords mining for everyone is not difficult, but if you want to do keyword mining work, is not a simple matter, said that the first method under several keywords based mining.

4. love Shanghai / Google API

3. China acquisition station network, love station data

on Shanghai DragonThe development of a If

Keywords The

conditions for the enterprise, can do a keyword of the website, the background, comprehensive supervision flow, technical ability is weak for some enterprises, can choose to use love Shanghai webmaster tools or Google webmaster tools to obtain keywords sources, they need to get the keyword through these key words.

6. special search engine can help us get more keywords, such as Chinese (before the search Pangu and instantly merged results), Taobao search keywords and so on, a lot of industry agglomeration.

extension word is the more common way to use keywords love Shanghai for the background. "

The website Links this matter


does not agree with the owners of small claims, but it causes some disturbing thoughts, after all the small website optimization work is still in accordance with the conventional way of doing, the sites are in to a good development trend, and what did not appear abnormal, so short and ignore the so-called new love Shanghai algorithm. The webmaster reminder, let Xiaobian reflect the importance Links how much, is not really missing what love Shanghai algorithm does not know

as a webmaster, Links website is an indispensable part of the optimization work. Recently, a fellow small webmaster looking for a suitable site to contact the friends of the chain, the chain did not change, to such a word I stay "love Shanghai watch chain? No use, do content!" is the site of the Links this matter?

Links does not matter, what to do should continue to do. Although the content of the website and the user experience is the site optimization when the service is urgent, but the chain must not be ignored, but in this regard, the webmaster can exchange ideas about it can bring effect. Before the chain webmaster may just put it as the way to enhance the site weight and ranking, and now it really worth far more than these, or has risen to promote the conversion level. Especially in the mobile search are reflected in the more obvious, to promote the development of the mobile Internet, more and more users are accustomed to search in the mobile terminal to find the needed information, and the search precision is much higher than the PC end user search, O2O transformation and love Shanghai in the layout of the high-profile commercial search the future, more to optimize work not only in obtaining the purpose of ranking. Therefore, in the chain of.

In order to verify the

chain is important, small deliberately ventured a chain on the site right down signs of website content remains unchanged, after several days of observation, indeed, follow the site is down right, keywords ranking continuous down, seeing this, immediately removed the chain, a few days after the ranking actually restore. Therefore, Links power is strong, which will bring influence can not be ignored. On the contrary, although when a chain weight transfer quality when the site is not so obvious, but the effect is gradual, said it was not for action is wrong, at least to help the site is still worthy of recognition.

so, to re-examine the optimization of a website, website optimization undoubtedly always include the station outside the station, and one of the station optimization work still contains a chain this, although we all thought love Shanghai to cancel the referer function is a blow to foreign chain, but this does not mean that the site no longer need the chain but, this is a warning to the chain of garbage. When you cannot judge a chain is the chain of garbage, it is less as a wonderful, relative to the chain chain work, whether the quality is relatively easy to determine, obviously Links becomes the focus of the chain, how can we say Links not important?


Iron founder readme traditional booksellers industry counter attack of the road, with the content of

I horse note: traditional Booksellers in erosion and Internet appliances the reading to a groaning.after, but iron founder Shen Haobo think this is a good opportunity to upgrade the traditional booksellers, their content is likely to dominate more than 5 billion of the box office.

he created the motie book holding red in the moon, and many other popular writer Nanpai Sanshu, also has a "harem · such popular works" The Legend of Zhen Huan gains in the film market size. Now Haobo Shen intends to do a publisher in the offbeat, he was planning to make a movie, the first shot will be the current popular short stories "passing from your world" movie of the same name, is expected to be released next year — and this is just the beginning, the iron content industry into a diversified platform, only is Shen Haobo’s vision.

the following is "entrepreneurs" & I horse Shen Haobo finishing:

oral interview

good content, be patient, wait

publishing industry, ten years of gold, many people believe that the current publishing market is shrinking, I think the traditional publishing is far from shrinking time – good companies are living well, are still growing.

a total industry has done well, and has always done well, slow development, do not good will complain. But I did not see major changes, iron is also growing fast, this year is estimated to be about 10% increase over last year, and is lower in the number of varieties under the condition of publishing growth, so I don’t think what the publishing market atrophy.

although some factors will affect the industry, but also there will be other factors to offset this effect. For example, the development of the Internet, although eating your reading time, but the Internet publishing industry to provide a lot of content, numerous web writers began to be discovered, without the Internet is no "Ming Dynasty those things", "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "·"; stolen tomb notes "," Zhu Xian "these works, there is no when the moon, Yuan Tengfei, the writer Nanpai sanshu.

Internet took away some readers, and brought some readers. The same is true of the mobile Internet, such as WeChat, which erodes our reading time, but it also gives us new reading possibilities, and even fosters a lot of people’s reading habits. In the past, people who have read habits are certainly not as many as they are now. That is to say, everyone may have less time to read on average, but there are more people reading on the whole. These two factors are interactive, and it’s hard to say which side has the upper hand.

but the publishing industry has been slow in recent years. In recent years, the reason why there are so few as "Ming Dynasty those things" that tens of millions of best-selling books? I think that a number of best-selling books, the number of network great God, is concentrated in the past ten years, mainly in 2001 to 2010, this is the rapid development of the Internet in ten years, so a certain age. The creativity and imagination of countless young people

Is the web hosting project reliable

in such a complex social status quo, there are countless amazing business opportunities for us. However, if only by the investment department of the investment information is undoubtedly difficult to convince consumers, naturally we need a more detailed analysis. So, the network hosting center project reliable?

In recent years,

has emerged as a web site called the management center. It is similar to a community site, a large community near the store into the online shop, by attracting community residents access to the Internet, to help the store to expand sales channels. Community residents can view the site, ordering goods around the physical store.

web hosting center Merchants Merchants menacing, advertising. But a year later, I have not heard of any community to join the commercial website to make money.

rumored new model to fill the market gap

network management center to create a physical shop in the online shop, and by the corresponding service providers hosting services precedent. All the shop floor to the real name system in the form of graphic system to move to the Internet, strong will the shop product pictures and detailed quotation information website live show around the country hosting shop center for full service to all owners, so buyers can stay at home, see ordering products.

high yield

to join the network hosting center investment of only about 20 thousand yuan, the headquarters will assist in the construction of the site, and provide service support. There are currently 95% of the community store does not sell online. According to the market survey, the recognition of this service reached 83%. Annual profit of up to 100 thousand yuan, is a convenient, profitable, long-term entrepreneurial projects.

new business model is not the truth

network hosting center is actually a dead cell connection in 2007 to join the site deformation, are around the community to carry out network management. Network hosting center will only be connected to the cell site to provide a variety of life service information, replaced by the store’s merchandise information. Profit model or rely on corporate advertising on the site. There is no essential difference between the two. So the model is not new.

income difficult to protect

, according to the survey of zero survey company, network hosting center to join in a year, there are about more than and 200 franchisees, but less than 5% of earnings. The main reason is that there are few community residents browse the habit of community sites, which is the reason for the rapid collapse of the cell connection site. Today, consumer online shopping is mainly concentrated in Taobao, eBay and other large online trading platform, more secure

Open a tea shop to make money profit analysis

usually at home to the guests, to prepare some good tea to entertain guests is very necessary, the market demand for tea is also very fire, many entrepreneurs have played the idea to open a tea shop. Open a tea shop to make money? How to calculate profit? Today to introduce you.

tea large profit margins, entrepreneurs pay more attention to. General tea shop profits are good, but the specific circumstances, or according to the location of the tea shop and business skills to determine. If you open a tea shop, the friends of tea, while tea while doing business, is an endless enjoyment.


China’s catering industry internal operation of the information lag

with the development of economy, people have more demand for food, for the food and beverage industry brought infinite vitality, but at present, the catering industry informatization in China is in the primary stage, the level of information is obviously lagging behind, followed by a small series with everyone to see.

the office automation system is widely used in various industries. But the food and beverage industry for the application of OA system the proportion is less than half, and the system utilization level is not high, the most widely used file only file management, information release, e-mail etc. the most basic business functions, business tracking and monitoring, information process and information integration to discuss about the use of enterprise management and decision support the rate is generally low.

in the lobby of the restaurant operations management, POS / cashier order "penetration rate reached 95%, becoming an entry-level application catering information"". In addition, the food and beverage enterprises are still Invoicing, membership management, ordering and distribution system, as well as electronic recipes and other aspects of the introduction of information, but the utilization rate is not very high.

especially the application of information technology chain catering enterprises in the kitchen management and human resource management penetration in 4 as the following, and subject to funding or staffing issues, level of purchasing logistics information is relatively low.

A, there is no uniform standard. Due to the lack of unified information standards, resulting in the restaurant business often appear in the "information island" phenomenon. Many food and beverage enterprises in different sectors of the use of products from different suppliers, but the standard of each supplier is not uniform, resulting in internal information exchange is not smooth, to bring great inconvenience to the enterprise.

Nearly 90% students considered business – Business

is probably because of the success of cases around the envy of people, perhaps because of the national policy of a preferential business issued, in short, there are more and more college students interested in entrepreneurship. And in the morning of December 28th, Renmin University of China released the 2016 college students entrepreneurship report, which is the first report on entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship practice of college students in the panoramic report.

report shows that nearly 90% of college students in China have entrepreneurial intentions, more than 70% belong to the opportunity entrepreneurial, in order to achieve self-worth. Catering, IT, education and other industries to become the first choice of entrepreneurship.

this report covers 1763 universities in the country’s 434827 college students or college graduates, the status quo, achievements and challenges faced by college students conducted a comprehensive study.

survey results show that 89.8% of college students have considered entrepreneurship, and more than 18.2% of college students have a strong entrepreneurial intentions. In the survey, there are about 120 thousand college students are doing poineering work or have had entrepreneurial experience, accounting for 28% of the total number of students surveyed.

According to the

report, IT, catering, agriculture, transportation, education, culture and other industries to become the main field of entrepreneurship students, and enhance the virtual reality ten industry reality, health management, there are significant future business opportunities.

college students in the end how to choose their own life after the campus, which is the current number of college students need to consider the issue. Is the choice of employment, or choose to start? Almost every student I have a steelyard.

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Benko time drinks Merchants – area

to say now what to do better? You know in the continuous improvement of living standards of people’s purchasing needs are constantly changing, many food items has gradually get rid of the seasonal restrictions, such as cold store is not limited to the hot summer, the four seasons can operate. The water business premise is to find a good brand, the only way to have a powerful advantage and market competitiveness. Benko time is a both a product and brand advantage good investment projects, Benko time regional agency, a good way to get rich quick.

a good food and beverage project, there must be a strong headquarters to do backing support, so that the food and beverage market in order to reduce some unnecessary trouble. Benko time project headquarters is located in the bustling downtown, just reached the office area of thousands of square meters, looking at the numbers, you can learn to Benko time project headquarters powerful? Then we say that the technical personnel Benko time, Benko time every year hired dozens of experts in the industry of food guide so the technology is excellent.

Benko time drinks regional merchants

product line is a single food market competition is the most terrible weakness, only with a wealth of features to consumers greater choice of space, will be able to achieve sustained profitability. There are a lot of time Benko collocation products which have specific cross, garden spots, exploding big baked chicken, Qipai characteristics snacks and so on, these snacks and Benko time drinking together, is very reasonable, high nutritional value, edible collocation up feeling good.

investment Benko time regional agency, can enjoy the regional development in their own stores, reap the wealth of regional business opportunities. At the same time customer service service time Benko is very thoughtful, whether it is storefront location, decoration or design, the project headquarters will work contracted to households, for each investor across encountered the difficulties of business, allowing investors to succeed, reasonable suction gold.

Where to go to travel in winter in Urumqi Silk Road Festival – a of amorous feelings of ice

in the cold winter, a lot of people are wrapped in a thick coat, began his winter into the state of curling, in fact, the winter is also a good fun to go out! 2017 Urumqi silk road ice and snow festival will be opened next month, 10. This is the fourteenth ice and snow festival held in Urumqi. This ice and snow festival will be held theme concerts, ice and snow marathon and other 100 series of activities. Lu Zehai, director of the Urumqi Municipal Tourism Bureau to promote the introduction of the ice and Snow Festival, driven by the winter tourism income in Urumqi has accounted for 1/6 of the overall tourism industry revenue.

"this year’s ice and snow festival will speed up the integration of tourism sports and culture. Municipal government plans to use two or three years of the silk road ice and snow plot to create a domestic first-class, internationally influential brand of ice and snow tourism, accelerate the rapid development of ice and snow industry."

according to reports, in 2015, Urumqi winter tourism reception capacity of more than 3 million people. Driven by the ice and snow festival of the Silk Road, the city’s tourist reception in winter than in two years ago, an increase of 10 times, Urumqi has changed from the original cat winter now. Lu Zehai introduction: the public participation in the snow and ice have a major breakthrough. Each area in the park, institutions, squares and other outdoor venues to build skating rink, to attract more people to participate in winter snow and ice activities, thus promoting the development of the city’s ice and snow tourism."

in our daily life, because of China’s vast territory and abundant resources, creating a lot of different places of local customs and practices, attracted a large number of tourists to sightseeing, also an important role in promoting the local economic development. With the heat of ice and snow tourism, Urumqi increased investment in tourism hardware facilities. Urumqi Municipal Bureau of tourism planning office staff Sun Yufeng introduced: "in recent years, the scenic city infrastructure improvement. Among them, last year the city added 2 tourist signs, new travel toilet more than and 80, a total investment of $about 20000000."

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