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Love of Shanghai site instruction query page to upgrade Shanghai dragon Er help

site search command upgrade, this is an opportunity or a challenge to our Shanghai dragon it? This is obvious for the Shanghai dragon provides a simple website data analysis, from these data we can easily understand the information to our website. The upgrade to the Shanghai dragon site instruction page is our targeted to improve the site quality and meet the requirements of the search engine index. Now we have for this upgrade simple talk about love for us by Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er welfare.

through the screenshots we can easily find love Shanghai mainly in two aspects of the data for our website, the first is included diagnosis; second is the level of security. It should also play a key role is the security of a web site to a web site. Vulnerability detection, malicious code detection, tamper detection, fraud content detection, the four safety tips to the webmaster more convenient to understand their website security in the end? Or what is the problem? Convenient webmaster for security option to exclude website security issues. Here we provide the first love of the Shanghai issue is about the problems included, from diagnosis to understand the links included inside a web site. The diagnosis included include connectivity, robots ban, 404, included in the important page containing dead link. What is the connectivity? Grab my personal understanding is the link to the site, it should be related to the dominant factor is the problem of space server, if the server space is often not open, the connectivity rate as can be imagined. Robots ban also is the site of the robots set, if you are home robots shielding of the search engine, the 100% is absolutely banned. The remaining 404 important pages and containing links included in is better understood. This is not much of A.

! In recent days Shanghai

well, thank you for the concern, as a result of a simple analysis of the relationship between the time only for everyone, in the future may take a more complete version for everyone, please pay more attention to the micro enterprise force! (贵族宝贝cq570贵族宝贝/) original starting on the A5 net, please bring copyright

love Shanghai also recommend a lot of webmaster tools and webmaster information, especially on the right show page (as shown below). Love Shanghai so much work for our webmaster, is not hope the station to your site operating well, from what aspects of operation, how to operate, with sea made a detailed resource for everyone.

Love Shanghai enterprises know who moved the cheese


this is the millet know a homepage banner platform, so in a flagrant way advertising, love Shanghai how can let it become a free lunch?


The contents of two


actually, love Shanghai know there has been an open platform, there are some enterprises and matters related to cooperation, such as:


visible, love Shanghai know which actually contain a lot of business opportunities, especially involving well-known brand business. In fact, many well-known companies are also very welcome to love Shanghai enterprises know the platform, because the moment of marketing is their pursuit of answers, the picture is as follows:

love Shanghai is one of the most powerful love know Shanghai products, said that with love Shanghai Post Bar add up to love Shanghai attracted more than 20% of the traffic, the power is very large. Just started playing love Shanghai know, a lot of people are in order to promote, especially the owners to get to know the high quality of the chain desperately to answer questions to improve the level of. This year, after the love Shanghai know the strengthening of the external links to the audit efforts, this platform has been relatively clean, not many commercial atmosphere. Until August of this year, Shanghai launched a grand love love know Shanghai enterprises know, officially opened the Shanghai commercial Banner of love to know:

I love Shanghai enterprises know it still belongs to the trial stage, no charge, but love how Shanghai could neglect these famous enterprises, the charge is sooner or later, because after you go shopping for a circle, you will find many commercial shadow. The following figure:


love love Shanghai launched the Shanghai enterprises know is prepared, because love Shanghai know the problem, many are related to the brand enterprises, as shown below:

attributes in the red box will obviously have commercial. In fact, love is also very know Shanghai enterprises launched to meet the needs. Marketing industry believes that joining the Shanghai know love enterprise platform, which focus on industry, especially with high visibility and influence, such as digital electronic industry top20 financial (Banking), automotive, telecommunications operators and FMCG enterprises with greater value. These enterprises have a considerable number of users in Shanghai, love know have greater user ask demand, will be a three win-win new interactive solutions.

so, can foresee the love of Shanghai enterprises know will bring good revenue for the love of Shanghai. When ordinary users know more and more know this platform, many users will find their attention to brand, the questions of enterprises according to their own needs. When >

As a Shanghai dragon optimization editor should enhance their own from the details of what

third, be sure to edit master several common soft writing skills. The general text is divided into two categories, one is marketing soft, mainly for their own product features to meet the needs of users, writing soft release in such as Ali platform, HC platform B2B website, the author of this article it is called soft Wen marketing, mainly in order to pass the soft paper marketing directly targeting customers into the bait the fish into the strategy, let users see in the article.

second, the editor should do products touch through. Why? Because I think, as we may edit the most important work is to update the site, especially for the enterprise products industry site, many products are almost the same, but as we will dry how to write flesh and blood for our consumers lively and vivid, attract attention and I think this recognition is not easy, when I had to write the article, has been the first to do their products well and look for can recite fluently from memory, see how many competitors product characteristics and advantages of each other, highlight the characteristics of their products in their time of writing articles, avoid each other’s advantage play to their strengths, the same time in between consumers and we don’t belittle anyone, only a detailed comparison of our products have little advantage, Choose your reason for a customer, I think it’s enough.

as everyone knows, the website optimization work for the project manager to develop strategy, specific details of the implementation is to be distributed to the website editor and the Commissioner of the chain, the author found that many small and medium-sized enterprise website editor is both father and mother, a person in addition to the editing job, but also do such as image processing, web site chain, website promotion micro platform, it is a multitasker, in this case, as a Shanghai dragon to optimize the editing we should improve their skills through the details of what? Well, we continued to enter today’s short gossip, as a theme, Shanghai dragon editors should enhance their optimization from the details of what.

first, a good attitude is the essential qualities of editing. The author is from the editors here, especially just put into the job, that is for articles published daily, but after entering the company and the other is a scenery, content, chain, the front desk is almost for me to complete, so that when your heart is not the taste, but is now as a a full-time staff writer for the optimization process, before work, but also with deep gratitude, because we know that the editor is a patient and detail work, technology is not high, but the trivial things, a wave after wave, the author also good bear down, now I deeply feel, if there is no prior experience, can not be achieved now, because now if you do optimization specialist position of writing, the details of the deal still can hardly be avoided, With previous hone it all seemed very indifferent, brave to face all kinds of problems in the work, you will have a positive attitude to solve the change.

The mobile Internet is no need to search engine

face this reality, you will doubt: whether or not the mobile Internet search engine? Here, although we do not have a clear and firm answer, but Robin Li’s love to fall in love with Shanghai Haiyun as the key of the development of mobile Internet, instead of focusing on their own have achieved great success in the Internet search engine, from here we can also see some clues. If the Internet giant is not focused on the development of the mobile Internet search engine, it is likely that in the mobile Internet.

some people will say that users can find the application you need from the search engine, so the search engines as well as a lot of useless. In fact, on the current situation, the user more is downloaded from the PC mobile terminal application, the software of the mobile terminal transfer or direct installation. The application is through the PC app store download platform, we do not need to search through the mobile Internet search to achieve the APP.

in the strict sense, the search engine is based on the use of certain strategies and specific computer programs from the Internet to collect information in the information organization and processing and retrieval services for users, and users to retrieve the maximum correlation information display to users in the system. That is to say to meet user information request tool, which seems to have become an indispensable service of Internet users, but for mobile Internet users, does not seem to need it.

Internet search engine has simple text search from the original, derived from the multiple functions including news, web, MP3, and other common map, search tools. People get information through the search engine to meet their own requirements. The life of people already cannot do without the search for mobile Internet users is the same reason, just changed the way.

from the current situation, the search engine is never popular mobile terminal applications or common tools. When we need to look at the news, we have a NetEase or Sina News client; when we need to look at a map, we have high German or Google Maps application; when we want to listen to the personalized music, we search through the network music audition instant APP. The mobile Internet has become a paradise of APP, and the search for information entrance to be replaced, also let the search engine was replaced by a variety of APP applications.

UC at the same time, the search engine homepage even difficult to appear in front of the user. When we enter the browser will generally display its own home page, there are many popular popular web site, in a prominent position will have set up their own website login icon, one click to enter the site. The users in the use of the Internet browser is mostly want to watch the news or entertainment through the familiar website and browser favorites and navigation so that people do not search engines can easily access the page. Can be said that the navigation function of the browser, so the probability search engine is used more and more low.

This popular browser application such as

Talking about the experience of new website

with Marx site has been more than 21 months, has not used Marx before, because just contact the site of the time is not long, let me talk about the experience of the station. From 05 years of contact with the network, I was not a professional network of people, just interested in the network of a new person, I think a lot of people have the same feeling. From contact network soon want to have their own personal website, then want to have their own web site, there is only one idea, that is, when surfing the Internet, see a lot of sites on the

have their QQ, because at that time I only know just contact Internet chat with QQ, visit the website, others see QQ on the site, of course, that one day they can also QQ posted on the website, it is more than good. Oh, this is the beginning of contact with the network of me.

back to the subject:

With the Marx

program is started using the 57oo program, then the 57oo fire was the fire, many webmaster in use, start with 57oo and had joined the group, then Baidu has no adjustment algorithm, generally use the 57oo to do a station can be included thousands of tens of thousands of Baidu, Baidu collects more traffic is do not say, but I added later, Baidu flow did not enjoy the sweetness of long, from Baidu algorithm to adjust my dump from page more than 8000 after being slowly K, was very disappointed, did not want to do, because the site didn’t flow, then the group of people that are in the garbage station is not the survival of the. How to do it, want to do other sites, have their own resources, from where to start?. Plus, there’s no money.

thought for a long time and didn’t know what to do. A chance I started with the Marx program, thinking of all the people usually pay attention to the website Web site included, at that time saw a movie station Baidu included is very good, so I find that what the program with the website master, he said that with Marx, didn’t ask why, just like Baidu included on the line. So downloaded from Baidu, someone else adds data to Marx, not directly to the Marx official download. From then on, the Marx program was saved.

station is ready to wait for a few weeks, Baidu is not included, but the heart is still very stable, because I do stand entirely from the love, don’t want to earn much money, like OK, to abandon the 57oo Baidu K is one of the reasons that many people have given up 57oo is another reason. Because there is no fun. But not long after the acquisition of the podcast CC Marx, was particularly pleased to heart, fantasy will bring good luck to me, so I put the website integrated podcast CC, and find a few videos to the CC podcast, and add data to their website, oh, fun. Isn’t this the kind of video that I can get on my own cell phone? Is it not a break to collect other people’s stuff? That makes me more confident of Marx.

although I’m a man who doesn’t know how to do a website, >

Site operations page stay time and site stay time detailed

1. How is the page stay time and the site stay time calculated?

assumes that the user has visited the home page of the site (Home). The analysis tool marked the visitor as a Visit, and then the visitor went through two other pages (Page2 and Page3), and then he left your website. As shown in the following picture:


what we want to know is:


Tp = time spent on a page

Ts = total time spent on this site

if this user starts to visit the website from 10:00:


for Page2, the access time is 10:05-10:01, that is, 4 minutes.

then, the visitor came to the Page3 page and found that the page was not able to meet his needs, or that the content he was looking for was already found on the Page3 page. Then, the next thing is to leave.


so, what the visitor in Page3 for how long? Because the user does not know the specific Page3 departure time, we will not be able to calculate what visitors stayed long in the Page3. Therefore, the web analytics program does not know how much time the visitor spends on the last page of the site. #p# subtitle #e#

below shows the access time for each page, web site analysis tool, and Statistics:


Tp (Home) = 1 minutes

Tp (Page2) = 4 minutes

Tp (Page3) = N/A

Ts = 5 minutes.

is easy to see from the above data, such data is not reasonable, because you don’t know how many visitors spend is on the last page of the time, so the website analysis tools give you time statistics are generally less than the actual residence time on the site.

The accuracy of

site residence time is related to jump out rate and withdrawal rate. The greater the jump out rate and the exit rate, the less accurate the average residence time.

What’s the use of

two, page retention time, or site stay time?

if the page stay time and site stay time simply show out >

Industry portal or into the Internet next Nuggets point

2015 "double eleven" to 91 billion 200 million yuan turnover perfect ending, as a marketing feast of Tmall e-commerce platform, "double eleven" from the amount of the transaction has shocked the world, in the double eleven Eve, Premier Li Keqiang also asked people to put power to "Ma Yunwen!", at the beginning of this year, Li Keqiang the prime minister made the "Internet plus", Tmall as the electricity supplier industry big boss, trading volume is amazing, so for other industries, if you do the Internet promotion, also can give birth to miracle, of course it needs to have the platform out of Ma – figure, and all the different industry, website marketing in different ways, but a little there is no doubt that the Internet in any industry, do the first position, the future of unlimited



for traditional businesses, the Internet in Internet marketing, always can not find a sense of belonging, and because the electricity supplier, they all have their own inherent circle, if the enterprise can find their own industry, to show themselves in the large-scale industry website, many people are optimistic about the industry is the industry portal website as the industry field, the goal of the website users is the industry in the supply chain enterprise customers and individual buyers. And relatively open electronic business platform, this belongs to a "circle" platform, but at present, some of the successful industry websites generally have production, supply and sale of integrated functions. However, some industry websites in the promotion process, there are still some problems.

question 1, website column and product classification settings unreasonable.

a lot of industry websites too prominent news, in the home show are some industry news, the news for the target users, the value is not special, their focus is more product information and price. Comparison and news portals, news is a selling point, and industry website, product selling, some industry portal use news portal layout, so it is bound to most of the content is the final product page on the final page, this is not some of the ins and outs of the inverted


question two, real-time information can not be included

is the largest in the industry Web site feature is to allow enterprises to release product information, business marketing information in different ways, different periods of time, especially in the Yellow Pages site of product information is particularly prominent, because just modify the title or constantly repeat the cloth industry website in order to meet the needs of the enterprise, may take information display on a rolling way in the home, because the site directory and page structure design is not reasonable, will make the information quickly, quickly disappeared from the home page page, can not be included, thus affecting the weight to the site.

problem three, over reliance on search engines

many industry websites over pursuit of content, but ignore the sense of hierarchy. In the case of Taobao, Taobao early commodity in a disordered state, the user is no in search of goods, ".

Talk about some details about my Taobao promotion website

June 19, 2009, my Taobao guest promotion website – Taobao women’s Mall ( formally launched. Some of the details from the preparation to the on-line process, it is necessary to make a note here, in case after forgetting:

Alibaba CEO Ma blocked Taobao after Baidu included, Taobao has been to decide on what path to follow their concerns, but also try to find the answer, the mom in a community soon, Ali mother Tao officially changed its name to Taobao, and the transformation of Ali Mama its webmaster community to Taobao customers, develop Taobao customers.

this time, have a preliminary understanding of Taobao, after Taobao blocked Baidu, to the customer through Taobao third party form, from Baidu to get traffic, then we can see that Ma is really a cunning guy.

Ali mother community name Dai Renguang, black humor, known as "black", a senior moderator and programmer, had been responsible for Ali mother "webmaster information", has made outstanding contributions to the development of Ali mother community. In Ali mother community to Taobao customers in transition, but also feel very sad to shake, he has paid most of the sweat of the plate will be rectification. After the overall transformation of the mother community, he is responsible for "Amoy station exchange" this section, the group gathered a large group of Taobao customers to promote friends.

he also built a website to promote Taobao customers, and created the day into 3500 yuan in history, Ali mother community rolled up a world which is not difficult to do webmaster "discussion, a" shit "from its creation has become a popular language circle. Another of his nickname "black million" for Ali mother community evident to anyone.

China personal webmaster used to click on paid advertising form, for the transaction after obtaining the commission does not immediately accept, this is a problem of perception, as a personal webmaster, I think you can try. After all, there are a lot of Taobao promotion webmaster do, and some are pretty good.

last week, met a Foshan Master Mr. Peng Youling, recently in painstaking research, Taobao customers to promote program production, program presentation was very professional, atmosphere, beautiful, so a simplified version of the program to him, feeling after use a lot of inconvenience to upload. That friend’s upgrade version in July can be officially pushed out, the demo read, very good, you can add goods and information, and can form independent pages, convenient search engine included.

salute all the programmers, programmers actually work very hard, the Ling a person doing a team work, to make a round the clock program. After the program upgrade, the site will have a great change. Finally, welcome to my "Taobao women’s Mall". If you have Taobao stores and goods, you can also check in my website and log in to your products. >

How to do a good job on the Internet

online quote how to do it? How to let your customers see your offer is reliable? How to make customers believe that their offer! How to make an online quote objectively? Please go into this problem together with Xiao bian.

1. if the other side is a large customer, his purchasing power is strong, you may be appropriate to price a little higher, otherwise low.

2. if the customer is very familiar with the product and price, I suggest you use the "comparison method", in the negotiation with him, peer advantage, highlight your product’s shortcomings, prices can be close to the price, from the beginning of "catch" guests.

3. if the customer more straightforward character, love you not bargain with the circle, you’d better start raising their hands, lest the offer price put him away.

4. if the customer is not very familiar with the product, you will introduce some of the use of the product and the advantages of the price may wish to quote a little higher.

5. if some customers on prices are particularly sensitive to every penny to fight, and he is very fancy your product, you must have enough patience, play a game of "psychological warfare" with the guests, the guests asked or to figure out what the target price, with their price to compare how big is the gap. For example, his target price is 12 yuan, and you can afford the price is 13 yuan, you are the best at 14 yuan, you can be divided into several steps to go out, let more, let a guest see hope, then let a step decrease, do not step, but at every step, let the guests slowly tasted the sweetness, see hope, but through hard work, let the guests have a final win feeling.

How much does the wedding dress shop join How decoration

wedding franchise fee? How to decorate? With a great prospect for development of the wedding dress shop in the modern life, more and more people choose a good wedding brands to join the business, to look at the cost of joining and decoration design brand wedding dress shop to do

!A wedding brand stores

all in violation of the principles of beauty and behavior will make the "wedding beauty" greatly reduced, or even lost do not reflect. Without the United States, the image does not exist, will lose the basis for survival, let alone talk about the development of! Therefore, we must keep in mind the basic operation principle of "selling is selling the image of the wedding", all operations must shop from the "beauty" principle, firmly establish and maintain the standard of "beauty" only in this way, we can shop in the cruel and fierce competition in the market to find themselves out of the ordinary "beauty", it may grow, from one victory to another victory!

to investment to join the wedding dress shop? Wedding shop to join the introduction of the trust that you also have some understanding, low – risk investment will be able to make money this small entrepreneurial projects, what are you waiting for? Quick action.

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