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Inventory in December last year Google conducted 30 search quality improvement

+1 button is a tool for Google to provide users with the favor of the Google search results for. Now, only when the user has been staying in a result, the button will appear. The results have been or this button, the user can see.

also improved the selection of Web links or search results in the link algorithm, browse the web to help users better. Google said that this can be improved and the search area, more information to appear in search results.


in the face of an antitrust investigation of the Federal Trade Commission to its core business, Google made a disclosure of these changes. The European Commission also were considered to Google.

in December last year, Google made 30 improvements to its search engine, including search, +1 and Google search button on the picture of the upgrade time.


also improved the real-time prediction search software in japan. The company said: "for the use of non Latin characters in language, many users will use the query input method editor special. This improvement can better deal with the Japanese Google real-time search query."

, Google has always been cautious. In November the company began to detail its search engine changes to make the algorithm more transparent.

the company has again raised the contents of the fragment. This function allows Web experts to mark the content, in order to improve its relevance in search engine.

Google Google

provides a better infrastructure for automatic algorithm. Automatically complete the search user in the search, a letter to enter, even without typing a letter can automatically match the search term.

search engine providers of image search signal quality of the landing page fine-tuning, in order to improve the correlation of image results, while also providing better search for spam detection.

also improved the search results for music lovers.


this is a very important point, because Google instant search to rely on faster search speed, which will also bring more searches.

For the improvement of search engine

The website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to grasp the details of what

As the most important carrier of

network marketing website, how to combine the website and search engine, with the development of the times, Shanghai dragon China has gradually entered the market, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to and strengthen the application of Shanghai dragon, rational use of Shanghai dragon can be more fully demonstrated to the web information search engine the results page, to Shanghai dragon must do better, to diagnose the site stage, fully understand the current situation of Shanghai dragon. So in the diagnosis of the site of Shanghai dragon needs to grasp what index? The website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to grasp the details of what


1, the host detection

3, master their own web site overall weight

for the website started at the beginning of the operation, considering the application of Shanghai dragon, must be the basic function of the site is perfect, especially the production of 404 pages, making bread crumbs navigation, site map sitemap.xml and the perfection of the limitations of the robots.txt are the basic work belongs to the Shanghai dragon er, need to be well prepared. In order to experience both users and search engines. Not only that, must also make diagnosis of the stage, in many cases because of their own negligence leading to the site in the search engine to show poor, especially the structure of the website exists many wrong link or robots.txt file is set incorrectly, the overall situation will be more or less affected the site, so it is necessary to stage the basic diagnosis the function, if it is found that the problem should be handled in a timely manner, rather than the problem has led to consequences, for it.

site of Shanghai Longfeng must grasp and analysis for each stage, many in Shanghai Longfeng indexes especially to grasp the change trend and included index, changes of external chain quantity and quality, must grasp the traffic changes, especially the independent IP, page PV, when these changes should be, "

on the site at the beginning of the construction, in the host selection must consider the performance problem, which is directly related to the user browsing the web loading speed, the better the performance of the host, the user opens the "faster, this experience also will increase, but also to strengthen the efficiency of Shanghai dragon. In order to further improve the page loading speed, can also accelerate do more quickly by CDN, and we must control the size of the page in the web design process, and reduce the storage of redundant code. Love is Shanghai webmaster tools recommended by the merger of CSS, combined with JS, compressed images, improved by Gzip technology. Not only that, the host in the use of the process will inevitably be a fault, if not timely processing of Shanghai dragon impact on the site, so the site began operating in need time monitoring, once found the problem timely treatment.

diagnosis ?

3 and the stage of the basic functions of the

The stability of


With the long tail theory, a App worth $100 million for six monthsAnn publisher, dignified and impos

judge a "content exit" is good or bad, not to see the results of its hot information search, but to see the unpopular information access. Search for hot information on current search engines, portals, and navigation, and display pretty much the same results

September 11th, phoenix new media announced a $6 million acquisition of 8.75% shares of information; November 7th, phoenix new media once again to $8 million 500 thousand holdings of information a 8.5% stake. By this estimate, "one point information" is up to $100 million!

network is a content aggregation, for users, from the multitude information efficiently and quickly find the information they need, need fast channel". So, navigation, search engines, news portals…… Based on this core demand, we have created ten years of prosperity in the Internet PC era.


as long as the above three points, almost any previously seemingly very low demand products, as long as there are sold, it will be bought. These demand and low sales of products share the market share, even more than the mainstream product market share.

on Adsenser from shlf1314 Adsense shlf1314 Adsense large area blocked cheating on the site to start, but to also ban from talking about cheating

I do not know the concept of

 Human impact

: refers to the webmaster by human factors influence the user clicks, including many reasons, such as publishing initiatives, providing extra incentives to click to click, the most simple and direct way is indicated in the advertisement by: click advertising and sponsorship or support us etc.


PC Internet dividend has been done, the mobile Internet to become mainstream is inevitable, but the Internet as the essence of content aggregation unchanged. So, come to a conclusion: in the mobile Internet era, the content from the PC is transferred to the mobile terminal platform, need to transfer, content aggregation and distribution, this is the bonus and opportunities of mobile Internet entrepreneurship. A little information, it is seize this opportunity, the rapid rise.

grabbed the "long tail" of the Internet,

1. merchandise storage, circulation, exhibition sites and channels are wide enough;

in the first half of 2013, the "mobile Internet trends report" shows: the tablet computer and mobile Internet devices per long Internet using intelligent mobile phone and, for the first time more than PC, PC and Internet users to migrate to the mobile terminal trend continued strong.

2. commodity production costs are very low, so that individuals can carry out production;

from the formal on-line promotion to the value of 100 million U. S. dollars, just over half a year, the rapid rise of information, what is behind the secret?

a little information founder Zheng Zhaohui, will be a little information equivalent to the news client is not accurate: "a bit of information, is based on the mobile terminal, the search engine into the recommendation engine in the engine, is a combination of search and personalized recommendation."

3. goods are sold at a very low cost so that individuals can sell;

‘s little information is to capture the long tail of Internet content". What is "long tail",

The key to ?

‘s long tail theory is a theory that emerges from the Internet Age:

DDOS attack and prevention method of Web site

recently a well-known domestic community suffered hacker attacks, a huge loss in the present market environment, not only some well-known sites, some enterprises sites frequently suffer from all kinds of intentional or unintentional attacks, the author had taught himself network security for a period of time, now the basic principle and basic method of attack against the website like that at all, if the master of hope.

site attack steps

1, website attacks generally refers to the attack of DDOS (distributed denial of service attack), first need to find a weapon, one can’t make bricks without straw. Now more popular DDOS tools, there are many, such as puppets, zombies, Fengyun, madman and so on, although the version is different, but the effect is not very different.

  (DDOS attack tool 1)

  (DDOS attack tool two)

  (DDOS attack tool three)

  (DDOS attack tool four)

2, found the appropriate DDOS attack tool, and then set up the DDOS tool client. The first application for the DNS domain name, domain name is usually use Microsoft (public network and there is a difference), 192, 127, 10 and the beginning of the IP as the network address, network mapping network port can be on-line required. Apply to the domain name, update your current public network IP up, and then restart the computer after each update, unless you are a static IP.

3, generate DDOS Trojan server waiting for broiler line. (hint: a chicken is a computer that has been controlled by someone else)

You can buy

broilers (market price is 1 cents / / day), can you catch the chicken chicken, commonly used method is the Trojan server made web Trojan, and let others access, or other site permissions, a call web Trojan code into it on his website, that the landing the website Trojan virus in. Remember, to do to avoid killing trojans. (tip: free anti-virus software is not to detect the virus, not free antivirus ")

three computer room website, 10-100 broilers can get

second rate computer room web site, 100-1000 broilers can get

first class computer room website, 1000-10000 broilers can handle

(in a April 21st attack on CNN, a hacker alliance used 60 thousand broilers)

How does

protect against cyber attacks


method is able to prevent 100% DDOS attack, the attacker if the attack site, the site is much larger than his resources to have this ability, as long as we understand DDOS, active defense, still can alleviate, offset >

How to choose a good tea shop to join the brand

along with the people living consumption changes in diet, diet drinks, leisure into modern highly sought after, the tea beverage market on the upgrade, and sales of tea beverage is very considerable. In this context of rapid consumption, milk tea industry investment has become a hot. So how to choose a good tea shop to open milk tea brand, mainly to see two points:

first, open milk tea shop to join the brand to look at the strength of green tea headquarters

venture capital must first examine the specific strength of tea brand headquarters, the ability to support the store, management capabilities and the ability to respond to problems. Look at the brand, whether in your store image design, the choice of the shop address, the provision of equipment and services, and many other content, there is no complete support standards. Have a strong strength of milk tea to join the brand can provide you with better service security, for you to shop after the problems encountered and difficulties to do a good job.

different franchise brands have different positioning. In the higher consumption of the city to be aimed at the high-end market, two or three city can do mid-range or low-end market, entrepreneurs must first find and choose their own brands according to their own economic strength and actual conditions.

second, open milk tea shop to join the brand to look at the history of tea brand

in fact, in general, entrepreneurs must first consider is the milk tea to join the brand with entrepreneurial history, background and the development of various stages of the situation. For some of the brands in terms of joining, from his initial stage of entrepreneurship, the development stage of the medium-term, gradually stabilized after the maturity stage.

in different stages of the store he manages the means and methods are different. At the same time, the problems and market conditions are different. At present, the development of milk tea drinks is very rapid, do a good brand can be joined to make money easily.

beverage industry, the rise of the tea shop is a good investment options, began to face the market so many brands of tea, which is a better choice to join the brand? This is the beginning of many social entrepreneurs want to do the most concerned about the core issues. The above summary of the opening of the milk tea shop to join the brand needs to investigate the two points of tea, I hope you can choose the right to join the brand to provide a little help.

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Angelababy fear of losing money to make bold investment

star investment is not what new things, but for the past few years on various topics and made public eye Angelababy, is really a lot of fresh attempt, also refresh the public on the understanding of the topic of the queen, the smart star closer to business.

electricity supplier shares

Angelababy’s effort to appearance, really let the ocean terminal advertising is more eye-catching, and the advertisement is the most attractive, in addition to baby’s lovely smile, is the " I am Ocean Pier Star shareholders " advertising language.

Angelababy: from the topic actress to investment goddess

and among investors, the venture capital fund was established by the Angelababy "AB  Capital" more like a "ambassador" identity, although "AB  Capital" did not disclose the specific amount of investment to the outside world, but from baby to potential state ocean terminal appearance, endorsement of the prospect of the visible, Angelababy the electricity supplier is very promising. Ocean pier CEO had blue waves, said: 2017 we will enter a stable phase, the fastest in 2018 can be listed." By then, investors Angelababy also upgraded to shareholders of listed companies.

juice fasting investment

Can also be able to sell soy milk entrepreneurial venture

referred to soy milk, people will feel that it is an ordinary breakfast, but who can not think, is that it seems that the humble milk to change the fate of a person. Rely on soybean milk to achieve their own business plan, then her entrepreneurial process is what kind of?

Before the

2010 in September, the city of Changyi in the street girl Yao Na and all the students are busy looking for work, is full of confusion in their future, in 2008 after graduating from Weifang health school, she had a lot of work, but has not found their ideal place. From the beginning of September 1, 2010, she put a table from the sale of soybean milk, and strive to study, pay attention to brand protection, with just 15 months time to earn the first pot of gold in life, income of nearly one million yuan.

after drifting after

seize the opportunity

Yao Na later, sales of plastic, sold in the sales office building. During this period, she talked about her boyfriend, handsome boy, kind. Two young people have the idea to discuss, decided to put a stall outside the work. Did not have a few days, earned four hundred or five hundred yuan, Yao Na put the stall son turned out. During that time, my heart is not the end, I think the future is very slim." Yao Na said.

2010 summer, Yao Na and boyfriend to do business in Ji’nan cousin’s home to play. One morning, customers buy them Soybean Milk drink, Yao Na drink with good taste, at noon on the day to sell Soybean Milk Tandian Beitou, after the conversation, she learned that this is the grain Soybean Milk.

2015 what to sell Christmas

today is Christmas, for the public, this is a good day for the party, for entrepreneurs, this is a good time to collect money for both individual shops, stalls or stalls, shopping malls, people are planning to make money at christmas.

What money selling Christmas

What money selling Christmas

Christmas holiday arrangement, of course, the protagonist Christmas trees. Christmas trees are generally used for the purpose of the party, tend to focus on procurement, so the wholesale shop is more suitable for the sale of Christmas trees, stall may not sell well.

What money selling Christmas

What money selling Christmas

What money selling Christmas

some festivals or naughty small items used is also very popular, sticks, luminous stickers, colored wigs, hair, beard, witch Santa Claus Christmas mask, rabbit ears, animal claws, beat, cold fireworks, flash flowers are.

What money selling Christmas

What money selling Christmas

on Christmas day to seize the opportunity to start business, in fact, selling something must be enough features, so that it can attract more consumers. Small series recommended for your goods worth recommending

Hangzhou city public duty

speaking of urban management, people think the inspectors truculent and unreasonable, in fact we do not know, inspectors also have the gentle side. Hangzhou urban management is on duty? The State Council issued the "implementation of the system of administrative law enforcement system of public law enforcement records the whole process of major law enforcement legal decision audit system pilot work plan", which refers to "law enforcement activities involving personal freedom, life and health, major property rights.

for the increase in the number of undocumented vendors after the Spring Festival, on the same day, Yu Jie and his colleagues to carry out special rectification around the farm market undocumented business conduct.

morning street farmers market, a lot of people coming and going, mostly to buy food uncle aunt and office workers. A man dressed in pied sixty granny pushing a tricycle at the roadside selling vegetables, see the inspectors came, the old man turned to leave the cart, or by the inspectors were caught.

"we are Xihu District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau of Xixi Squadron, you are suspected of operating without a license, please follow us to the squadron to deal with." I saw the big step forward, said the side of the law enforcement certificate to the old man, while opening the law enforcement wear on the left shoulder. Practitioners 6 years, he can almost every second sentenced to a variety of illegal circumstances, undocumented business is one of the fastest identified.

however, let Yu Jie and other inspectors accidentally, the old man suddenly began to shake violently, and has been waved, said he could not communicate with the law enforcement team.

so, a misleading picture emerged: four or five inspectors around an old man selling vegetables, the elderly face pain. In fact, the inspectors on the spot on the proposal to take the old man to the hospital, was rejected. So he can only pour a cup of water from the nearby stores, while giving the old man to remind her to cool the drink, as well as the inspectors borrowed a plastic chair, so that the elderly sit down and rest.

saw the scene in our text, do you have a good impression of urban management? They are the founders of our city civilization, more often at the expense of their own to protect the interests of small traders. If we can continue, it can be predicted that with the further deepening of the reform of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement system in Zhejiang, the difficult points of urban management will be better solved.

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Silver opened stores location

silver jewelry stores, how to select a suitable location? We observe through the market, you will know the location of such shops may be the case, but the franchisee should also be combined with their own reality, to do a good job site, otherwise, it is easy to walk into the wrong. Xiao Bian provides a few reference, so that franchisees can easily start business.

in the same district, silver opened stores, the location may exist at various levels of shops, shops will be looking for the "silver fortress" repair point at which. Grasp the "key point", is a community site complete success of the final goal.

after the first rim city community economy, we should choose, competition and development of the community with the detailed evaluation, here we put these three dimensions can be understood as a product of community service demand, a community service product supply, but also the future of supply and demand.

Open Silver stores location with the channel development and acquisition of city economy, population, social development planning information, data and information in order to have a macro level understanding of the situation in the region, this understanding is not only the location, will have a positive effect on the future of the store business sales promotion. But we know that to obtain accurate data in the region, we must use statistical yearbook. Or a larger sample, a wide range of social surveys and consumer surveys.

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