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The importance of high quality content on the weights of the website


third, attract the user’s eye

second, useful to the user

believe that every webmaster of the site weights are very concerned about it, and hope that their website can get a high weight, after all, the higher the weight, so the share in the search engine component is greater, the more favorable for ranking, ranking the better, get high quality traffic. In this clip flow and the nobility under the environment, the importance of self-evident flow. What is the weight? In a nutshell is a site of authority and importance.

some people think that as long as the original articles together is the original, yes, this is the original, but please think about the original read? Although the original can deceive to spiders, but don’t underestimate those elite who love Shanghai, you think of them you can also think, did not think they would help you think of. Guangzhou Shanghai dragon that love Shanghai reckon the user’s browsing time will be recorded. Think about it, if it is an out of order the users stay time is certainly very short, then love Shanghai will determine the quality of this article according to the time factor, so this is not a good website, do well will fall right and even love Shanghai. Therefore, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon believes that if the original is difficult to write, then write pseudo original. Guangzhou Shanghai dragon on the understanding of the original artifacts is, look at the people, and then put their own understanding, and other aspects of language to write again, love Shanghai cannot understand Chinese intelligence, estimate the great.

human psychology has a curious mood in time. "

first, the readability of the content of

write out is to let users see, if the user is not what, then it is not necessary to leave. Most users use search engines to find information, also is to find useful things for yourself, so the articles to be useful to the user, but also to be true. Therefore, in some relatively strong professional website, the content of the authority and authenticity is very important.

with love Shanghai search algorithm update speed is more and more frequent, now generally feel webmaster optimization has become more and more difficult. But please think, what is the purpose of love Shanghai update algorithm? Guangzhou Shanghai dragon is estimated to improve the user experience, reduce user search time cost and pay attention to the original. Love Shanghai original content of high quality has been a great score calculation. Therefore, to improve the site’s weight, so the fundamental purpose is to enhance the quality of the content of the web site. So what is a high quality original content? The Guangzhou Shanghai dragon elephant and talk about.

is so important that how the weight in the process of Web site optimization should pay attention to what aspect to enhance the site’s weight? Now, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon and we explore the promotion website weight one of the most important aspects of high quality content.

Secret porn pseudo two Sunzhao website profit!Paying employees to quit, Zappos’s recipe for success

declined to reprint!

1, in order to avoid malicious registration, please enter the mobile phone to verify the true identity, without charge, only after authentication;

to sell a shoe website, 5 years ago, the annual turnover of only $70 million, this year will exceed 1 billion, a HARVARD BUSINESS ONLINE William C. Taylor prepared by the plan revealed the secret of success zappos.

1, naked chat


I saw a story about naked chat on a XX website. It was called "free to watch" for thirty seconds, free registration, and satisfaction.

well, there are some methods of porn scam, hope everyone to learn. At the same time, I hope you can expand from this to how to do their own station, how to use the user’s psychological curiosity to get large flow, but do not do illegal things.

2, induce

enters the registration page and provides two registration methods:

Zappos’s reputation has exceeded the plan itself, in fact, the Zappos performance in the market makes me feel have nothing to say, Robert John Ed in his blog, said in a paper published in redmarketer, the article said, the secret of Zappos’s success is that the concept of customer service into each the customer, every transaction, every moment.

2, your IP has been recorded, and now send the XXX link to your thirty friends, you will automatically register.

I love love to study, what others do, in this case I found pornographic websites including pseudo porn two way of making money of course more than two, now revealed to everyone, let everyone know that porn sites inside, in order to avoid the net people cheated!

, try the psychology of holding, registered, and then choose to see, but also really video, but the video is widely circulated online.

there are a lot of companies, they have popular products and price rising fast, but can only succeed in the short term, while the zappos is completely different, they were 5 years ago. The annual sales of $70 million, will reach 1 billion this year. Zappos sells shoes, handbags and other products via the Internet. They deliver goods quickly and customers can return it for free. The company has a fanatical pursuit of services. They are not only satisfying to customers, they are fascinated by them.

if you choose the first mobile phone, of course will be deducted from the money, second, gave him the publicity, among the thirty friends to someone with a mobile phone registered will naturally make money, no registration, website traffic up, but also extended in a circular manner.

in the full of cold customer service era, Zappos in customer service enthusiasm so that they rise above the common herd they have been in the recruitment of new employees, and after several weeks of intensive training, the call center of new employees is pay an extra $1000 to make them active and resign, get the money is deemed not up to the requirements of Zappos, Zappos said, these newly recruited employees only 10% will get the final Offer.

in another of my articles, I also mentioned the induction of this keyword. Some web pages are designed to be identical to those that have been closed, allowing outsiders to take a look at it! Hurry up and register, OK, trap, basically a IP, he can make a few bucks and see what’s going on:

if it is the most common Internet users, their ability to judge is very see, see this, really believe that, but will go to register, oh, money is so cheated.

Share WAP soft tour advertising experience

currently, WAP advertising market is filled with a variety of large and small, different types of advertising products, including: SP class, SP class video chargeback chargeback games and software, pure entertainment games and mobile phone software, click on the information sharing and the contents of several. The variety of advertisement type, make a few stationmaster, especially new stationmaster, the advertisement type that chooses to throw is to feel confused. Here, MMC alliance and you Adsense share WAP advertising experience, hope to help you maximize the greatest benefit.

many new owners came to us for help, saying that the previous ads were poor and miserable. Stationmaster one, do not know how to choose the advertisement that suits his website, two is complaining alliance buckle amount is serious (in fact, most League has been wronged). The forum, the flying alliance negative message, scared, some inexperienced new Adsense satuijiupao. In fact, the effect of advertising is not good, perhaps the choice of inappropriate advertising types, failed to cater to user preferences. Secondly, improper delivery methods lead to the loss of effective users.

MMC here to introduce two turn loss to profitability case, think the webmaster better advertising, provide some reference:

1. do not eyebrows beard, to be precise to lock users

some time ago, MMC launched an arc search game advertising products, the product is relatively simple puzzle text games. At first, to the major entertainment, game WAP station Adsense advertising, but the effect is strong, poor. Later summarized and analyzed the reasons, and found that the game, entertainment site users of the game entertainment is relatively high pursuit, focusing on the game quality, manipulation, interactive. The arc search game is relatively static casual word games, obviously unable to meet the user needs of these sites. So MMC changed the strategy and recommended the product to some online reading sites and put them on their game channels. The effect is obvious, and the number of hits and downloads has risen sharply, because most of the users who like to read like simple games, and the word games are their first choice. Such a strategy aimed at the user base allows webmasters and allies to win both. Therefore, MMC suggested that the owners in the choice of advertising products, must have a clear understanding of their own website group preference and advertisement content characteristics, identify the similarities between the two, so the delivery can get better profit effect.

The use of 2.

flexible delivery method, greatly enhanced

MMC in the "fantasy I era" of this product in the early days, encountered such a problem: put on the software class website to do, the effect is mediocre. Summing up the reasons, the same lies in the user group does not correspond. Software users demand is relatively high, the fantasy I era to meet the popular entertainment Mobile Games products, the main products are not for the screen users of the class, so the error on the professional game station, even in the face of the user, but also are not too big effect. Subsequently, for better promotion, direct use of quality >

With two entrepreneurial quality allows you to complete the entrepreneurial dream

in this everyone started to become rich, you rely on what can stand out among the many investors to become a dark horse? The following small series will give you some suggestions about entrepreneurs should have the quality.

  in the era of knowledge and economic times, if you have a poor quality on the one hand, it will affect the survival and development of enterprises, so every entrepreneur is not easy. Every entrepreneur is the pursuit of profit, but entrepreneurs can not be mercenary.

Select some of the skills of high-end clothing agent

now has a lot of entrepreneurs choose the agent of high-end clothing, entrepreneurs should pay attention to the skills and methods, to be able to gain more peace of mind, to do high-end clothing business, is very important to master appropriate methods and techniques, with a look!

although high-end clothing store is selling agent is the domestic brand clothing product, but the product must have certain quality, but also must choose the factories that quality is very good and the style of fashion apparel products in the choice of goods, can not use some clothing product quality is not good, otherwise it will make consumers do not trust the feeling, then consumers will never return high-end clothing shops. Now you can go to look at the daily operation of the clerk to pay attention to the situation!

College students how to come up with good entrepreneurial projects

countries for college students entrepreneurship is a strong support, but also introduced a variety of preferential policies, but also does have a lot of college students embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. However, despite the current business environment is very good, but the real college students to start a good project is very small. In the final analysis, or the issue of innovation. So, how do students come up with good entrepreneurial projects? Let’s analyze it together.

national public record space emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, this is a good phenomenon, because the need for a double bearing platform. At the same time, this should allow us to have a sense of urgency, so much of the public space, excellent entrepreneurial projects did not appear as a blowout, which is why? Why now college students can not get a good venture? This is the social needs, but also the responsibility of College students.

so how to cultivate the innovation ability of college students? Our children from kindergarten to high school is a lack of things, is the cultivation of imagination, which is the most missing Chinese students, often around the change of mind, lack of ideas.

Ma had said that in the past to fight memory, the future imagination. This requires the university education of college students from the classroom, starting from the innovation platform, so that students with innovative ability, entrepreneurial skills, with hatching ability, and thus help to double the times, become the main force.

innovation should be a course, throughout the life of students learning. So, the Northeastern University will decompose into the "three hit", namely: creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, first let the students have the idea, on the principle of combining theory and practice, the creative development of the elective courses, pay attention to the cultivation of innovative methods and skills.

so, colleges and universities should train students to find problems, or solve the problem? The first problem to be solved is that entrepreneurship can not be narrow, to understand the business, to provide innovative ideas in the work, the development of patented products, etc.. Innovation, entrepreneurial skills, schools should be the direction of training. It is not suitable for college graduates to start their own business.

for example, a college student in the school innovation and entrepreneurial base to do a robot entrepreneurial projects, the successful formation of their own entrepreneurial team. However, after graduation, he chose to work in a world 500 companies in Shanghai, and has worked in the market, R & D and other departments, and even served as head of the department.

now, two years later, he returned to school campus, to build their own entrepreneurial team…… Entrepreneurship is certainly a painful process, ups and downs, not looking for a job so stable, so before deciding to start a business, college students need appropriate exercise, need to exercise how to solve problems.

Greengrocer success secret is what the whole

fruit can add vitamins, home also often buy fruit, fruit business is also very good, is an industry worth considering, people love to eat fruit now, many entrepreneurs see the fruit market prospect is good, choose the fruit shop to open yourself, to help you succeed, management to succeed, what is the secret?

has 1 successful fruit shop business secret theme display

theme exhibition, is to create a scene in the stores, the theme and connotation of certain, so that customers have a sense of novelty, out of the ordinary, fruit join imperceptibly condemnation, so that consumers are more willing to enjoy the freedom of choice and let more vitality, fruit supermarket.

The specific division of the theme of

according to the actual situation of site, environment, season and to taste the best area and the most abundant nutrition; elderly and children; when the season and season; this week sales champion this week and the most affordable price area etc..

fruit shop business success have secret 2 fresh principles

fruit in the sales area before the exhibition, must carry out quality inspection, to ensure that all shelves of fruit in line with the standards of good quality, reflect the fruit of the "fresh" purpose. Join fruit once found rotten, deteriorated fruit, the first time to pick out, so as not to affect the sales.

has 3 successful fruit shop business secret plump principle

fruit to be plentiful, goods, play a role in attracting customers, goods prices flat, and resolutely put an end to shortage, less goods.

has 4 fruit shop success secret color collocation principle

fruits are rich in color, bright color, proper combination and display color collocation, can y reflect the richness and variability of fruit, not only to the customer, good to hear or see the changing of freshness, and promotional display of fruit better, this is the skill of the fruit display. Such as: purple grapes, red apples, golden orange, green pear collocation together will produce a riot of colours color effect.

The successful operation of

has 5 fruit shop secret loss prevention principle

fruit must consider the characteristics of different items in the display, select the correct methods, display props, temperature, or due to improper display caused by the loss. Peach is afraid of pressure and easy to heat, so the display can not be stacked; Apple has effect on the ripening of bananas, kiwi fruit and other fruits together easily lead to excessive deterioration.

fruit display area must be proportional to turnover. If the ratio is too large, then recommend

A fashion popular cool slip Skating

in our lives, the pressure gradually increased today, we have to learn to release the pressure, the pressure into power. So, to choose the cool skate skating? For entrepreneurial franchisees, no doubt, is a very good opportunity!

skating is fashion personality entertainment of countless young consumers are more favored, believe that entrepreneurial investors to open a shop will be in the personality of skating, huge market gains more considerable wealth. Cool skating skating easy to attract the attention of consumers, for countless consumers to bring more fun, and in the market by the consumers are welcome and support.

cool slip family is worth investors to start skating and good investment projects, believe in the market development and the performance is not let venture investors disappointed. Cool ice skating is a good choice to start a business, choose to invest in such a brand project, the market prospect is good, you can let people start fast, fortune faster. Now the headquarters for venture capitalists who have prepared more support and help, so that entrepreneurs who have a wealth of wealth dream more reliable protection.

The best choice for

Suzhou high tech Zone to add two municipal business incubator carrier

in order to create a superior entrepreneurial environment, local governments have to create a business incubator base. Since this year, to strengthen the construction of business incubator carrier, to further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, high tech District People Club Bureau through multiple visits, careful research, to guide the streets of Shishan to build autonomous Huimin business incubators, build Xushuguan town of socialization of college students entrepreneurship incubator. Recently, the two bases were identified by the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of human resources and social entrepreneurship incubator model base in Suzhou and entrepreneurial incubator base for the high-tech zone, adding two municipal incubator.

The incubation, guidance, support and nurture incubator

streets of Shishan Huimin entrepreneurship major service in the home service industry in small and medium enterprises in the growth stage of entrepreneurship, supporting effective services and facilities, transformation and regulation of the home service industry standards, promote the healthy and orderly development of domestic service agencies to make a positive contribution to promote the achievement of domestic service enterprises.

at present, the streets of Shishan Huimin independent business incubator base area of 3000 square meters, in the incubation of enterprises in 25. Is to the range of encouraging college students to carry out practical activities, entrepreneurial venture platform advocates a service for college students entrepreneurship of university students, enhance students’ practical ability of enterprise and set up the Xushuguan town of socialization of college students entrepreneurship incubator. At present, the incubator base site area of 500 square meters Xushuguan town of socialization of college students entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial students for the entrepreneurial skills training and practical exercises, 12 enterprises in incubation.

in recent years, high tech Zone is committed to creating all kinds of business incubator carrier, 2008 after relying on the local traditional industries and actively create regional characteristics (traditional) business brand; through the cooperation between government and enterprises, science and Technology Park, and Bo Kang technology business incubator, Suzhou hi tech Innovation Service Center to implement the "capital + entrepreneurship + professional service" business incubator model, providing funds, resources, information and other assistance for college students, successy hatched a large number of college student entrepreneurs.

also construct a college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship "benefits" platform; through the street school cooperation, the town of Lake Street and Suzhou Academy of fine arts cooperation opened embroidery college classes, training a number of sets of technology and management ability as one of the embroidery embroidered mother, embroidery descendant of this traditional industry; through yuandigezuo, Wang Tong Street Guide Hengtang chamber of Commerce, the elite club for economic and Trade College Kanaya to provide employment and entrepreneurship practice base, incubators, encourage and support students start their own businesses.

because of such a preferential business policy, but from the road of business to help more and more entrepreneurs go on smoothly. Up to now, a total of high-tech incubator incubator business success of a total of more than 2000 enterprises, with more than 33 people moving jobs.


Shenyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau enterprises hope to complete the electronic registration w

2016 June, the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry hopes to be able to complete the work of the electricity supplier registration, electricity providers to win the recognition of electronic work. Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau start "I promise you to supervise the activities, to open the whole of society to optimize the services window and promote open government, accelerate market access, encourage entrepreneurship, help the development of enterprises such as 9 commitments, and 117 social supervisors awarded.

to create a "service oriented business", for a period of time, Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to "broaden access, service quality, approval speed, enhance the quality of ideas, adhere to the problem oriented, reinforce supervision and inspection, to all kinds of problems found, timely notification ordered rectification.

requirements of the entire system of 358 registered window staff, not allowed to say no, all certificates; since January 1st, the first in the northeast to implement individual industrial and commercial households, individual proprietorship enterprise real-time registration mode…… A series of pragmatic initiatives to make positive changes in the style of cadres, the market vitality further release. In the first two months of this year, the city added a total of all types of market players, an increase of 13 thousand and 400 over the same period last year, a total of 39.5%.

according to reports, this year, Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau will continue to deepen reform, using advanced experience for reference, bold exploration, take a number of innovative initiatives to break the long-standing "restrictions and fetters", make the enterprise registration more convenient, more intelligent supervision.

in accordance with the plan, is expected in June, Shenyang will be the implementation of electronic business registration. By then, the implementation of online applications, online acceptance, online audit, online publicity, online hair and electronic business license issued by the work, do not need to go to the hall.

at the same time, the implementation of enterprise name registration system reform, open enterprise name matching query online, not involving pre-approval of the project enterprise, cancel the pre approved link name, the name of the enterprise to maximize the release of resources for enterprise registration, save time, improve efficiency.

is worth mentioning is that Shenyang will also learn from advanced experience, the use of bank outlets and distribution of the advantages of bank agency business registration, the rural and remote areas for industrial and commercial registration more convenient.

wants to better accomplish the electronic business registration, the need for strong support from all sectors of society, so that more people are concerned, in the wisdom of supervision, the construction of smart business supervision service system in Shenyang City, the establishment of credit information publicity, online monitoring, supervision command in the implementation and supervision of retained traces of the four platforms. To achieve real-time capture, illegal clues analysis, case investigation, task to the entire online operation, make the handling more transparent and open.

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