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How to correctly select the Shanghai dragon company

under normal circumstances, the exclusion of those.

optimization 1, try to abandon the studio

5, ranking

if you are in Shanghai, or Beijing, then find the corresponding Shanghai dragon company, if it is relatively remote, try to find a local well-known company, after all, inter regional cooperation, the general people do not worry, but if you are in the network technology is not well developed in the city, it was suggested that

2, find a local company


this is the most intuitive optimization standard, not by selling mouth to blow, but see how technology for water, their rankings can best reflect, I always tell the client, if their rankings are based on the bidding in the front row, then the company can be completely abandoned, because now

‘s own rankings and the case is the most convincing, especially in your industry case, does not have to be exactly the same keywords, because many companies have a number of limitations to undertake for the same keywords. If not in the same industry, it would need to see whether the company

is not reliable, especially for some of the popular words, the competition is fierce, need to maintain every day, "tug of war", how could the promise has been ranked first in.

, 6 duty cycle

has done some keywords high degree of competition, if the case is some simple popular words, is unable to reflect the level of technology.

there are still a lot of people do not know the ranking of the lower right corner of the "promotion" two words represents what mean.

commitmentMost of the company’s commitment to

3, ranking itself

looking for big city Reliable Corp, or even spend some money, it is worth it, after all, buy at ease.

now Shanghai Longfeng technology developed areas, mainly in Shanghai, Beijing two city, many other places in Shanghai Longfeng, regional sites are the two city of Shanghai Longfeng company established.

I do not deny that there are many studios have a high level of people, but most of them are some shell companies, there is no good contract guarantee, many studio is not to sign any contracts. So if the words do not go up, ask for a refund if it is difficult.


optimization ranking, are noble baby or love Shanghai before ten, there are 8, 7 and so on, there are few commitments for the first second, the rules of search engine has been adjusted, there is no guarantee for 365 days, ranking every row in that position, this kind of commitment

casually search XX Shanghai dragon, can search a large number of search results, how to choose, which often become a problem for many customers, each company on the site are blowing very well, but the real strength is not much, Shanghai line lists the following several points, for reference:

The movie station doesn’t rely on search, the world wide video traffic exchange Alliance

see, this edition some netizens made a movie station, also read, all included home page, similar flow alliance. I recommend a brand new alliance.

world wide video traffic exchange alliance is a traffic exchange alliance specifically for movie stations, featuring

features: a flow of targeted, high quality; the union value to bring you the film flow, no other mixed flow. Bring your visitors directly to your movies or download, and the purpose is very clear. Differences with other traffic alliances: its


flow union generally only to the page flow to lead you to your registered, many webmaster of the site name was ambiguous, even pornography, headlines to bring you wide of the mark, to flow the utilization rate is low, many users have not hit

opened your page on the closed, in a word: poor quality of traffic.

two features: you do not need to carry out SEO, we only collect your title classification stills actor other information stills, not all of these make the acquisition, to you in the station IP times to make full use of, not immediately turned away (unless you stop it.


three features: is a professional online movie website search, as long as your page was collected, any of the members or the owners of the station search search are likely to bring you flow, how much depends on the flow included.

features four: the code can be customized, no damage to your site beautiful and user experience. Self modifying code, seamless link with your station layout and content, can be put on any site. Code content to keep up to date, the hottest topic, attention, click rate. Specific

please login to see the help information

features five: participate in the webmaster more, each webmaster income is bigger, the station is the flow of polymerization, and then according to each webmaster contribution rate, display opportunities, conveying flow.

special note:

1: this station will not deduct the amount, because this quantity can not store down, we also have not carried on the flow transaction. Buckle up to us also useless, and say, each from the webmaster search element has brought us valuable IP, and then buckle meaningless, not sincere, this station

system can not achieve the function of deduction. But for the excellent site and contribution rate of the site, the site will recommend display.

2: this station is a professional online movie website, also looking for cooperation in various online movie stations. The film is to search, you 100IP, I returned to 200IP you come to me to run. The spirit of shadow union search, and Trojan malicious click


station, the station cooperation. Web search alliance shadow when you stand, antecedents for above 100 IP, the shadow alliance by artificial search will be included. The shadow alliance search, a person

Some experience sharing on the website of the decoration industry

, no matter what kind of website you run, I believe that every webmaster is the ultimate goal of the station, which is to make the website realize the profit smoothly. Then, how to make the website (especially the industry website) to profit or its method should also be the focus of attention. Home decoration network is for a region or city, specifically for the owners of the region to provide Jiezhuang industry information, decoration knowledge, interior design, decoration companies and other information industry portal. Therefore, it should be counted as a branch of the industry website. The following I personally run a home improvement website, said personal experience and ideas:

1. Decoration bidding

this is also a relatively large profit margins decoration network: that is, the owners need to house decoration, decoration sites in the decoration of the tender information. Then, the owners through several home improvement companies offer to choose and compare, and ultimately determine one of the decoration company to cooperate. In this way, the website can be divided into cooperation with the decoration company, but it must be a prerequisite to ensure better service for the owners. Therefore, individuals here also suggest that the site must have an appointment decoration (bidding) function.

two. Content ads

content advertising refers to the customer (generally refers to the decoration companies and building materials, furniture business) on our website through the soft way to show the contents of the advertisements or information, such as the top, the color etc.. Such advertising requires the owners of the decoration site has a certain degree of trust, and user viscosity is relatively high, can complete the content of browsing. But generally new station is not easy to do this requirement.

three. Building materials group

as we all know: in the housing sales season, or large property opened, there will be many owners purchased housing, the need for decoration. And in the decoration process or decoration, will purchase a large number of decoration materials, household goods. Then there is a huge business opportunity, if the site can be the decoration of the housing owners are concentrated, and then negotiate prices with businesses. Then the price reduction will make owners benefit, building materials businesses, although small profits but the sales amount had increased sharply, businesses will never.

four. Picture ad

website picture advertising is also a common way of advertising, advertising effect is generally better than text advertising. But in order to enable customers to put such ads on our website, we must request the decoration site must have a certain reputation, or have a certain amount of user access. Otherwise, such advertising will not have any value, and customers will not be willing to pay even 10 fen for this kind of advertising.

five. Value added service

currently, some of the decoration sites are paid by value-added services. For example, some urban decoration website platform, decoration companies and furniture building materials manufacturers can register a company’s own home page. But to get more!

Beautiful say Xu Yirong do vertical category killer, with fast fashion beat Big Mac

from IT madman to fashion guru

in 2005, when Xu Yirong had just returned from the United States is smug, "when this call" spirit. In his own words, it was "Bai Fumei", graduating from Peking University and Standford, and being the youngest Band8 Engineer in IBM. At that time, his life was plain sailing, and he had hardly experienced any setback. Young shizaibide Xu Yirong, the business and the creation of zhuaxia. Zhuaxia is a RSS reader, in about four years later, zhuaxia sold watercress.

zhuaxia failed to give Xu Yirong a deep lesson, it is better to spend a year to choose a direction, then you can do 5 years, 10 years, rather than rush to pick a direction, do two years to change. During that time, Xu Yirong really realized what was called "desperation.".

in 2009, Xu Yirong chose the direction of women’s fashion industry in the direction of entrepreneurship. In Beijing blue harbor and a sister brain storm, Xu Yirong flash flash, put forward the idea of doing fashion shopping website, it has now beautiful said.


was blocked by Taobao, he ordered an employee to die, asking for a trading system to be made in the shortest possible time. Happily, just 14 days later, beauty said the independent trading system was on the line. This marks the completion of the beautiful, from shopping guide platform, to women’s fast fashion vertical electricity supplier changes. For beauty, this is a crucial step in epic.


talks about the experiences and lessons of the successful transformation of beauty, Xu Yirong mentioned the following points.

flow still water runs deep

Xu Yirong said in an interview, the most important business is your business direction must be based on a trend of entrepreneurship still water runs deep, Emmanuel could not be established in small smart. Not that you have an idea that looks smart, but you can start doing it.

according to Xu Yirong’s view, do not use your head to know, five years, ten years later, the girls wear clothes will be more and more attention to popular money, the future will be a 300 billion yuan market. You will know that Chinese people are becoming more and more healthy when they eat, and the means of travel will be more and more improved. This is the electricity supplier of the Red Sea in still water runs deep, the entrepreneur must flow, grasp the direction, because they are more vitality flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum opportunities.

to adapt to user needs to make professional

Xu Yirong believes that in this era, to comply with the needs of users, users upgrade to make professional consumption. You must know the products you sell.

The future of

is no longer the 8 million guangzhebangzi the uncle’s age. As long as the goods listed, the user can easily buy, you can sell. From 2010 to 2020, the era of rapid consumption in China, the pursuit of more users

How to find a beauty salon chain stores

beauty market fiery, want to open a beauty chain, it is necessary to find a good brand. A lot of people want to open a beauty salon, the investment will have a sense of confusion in the early stage, in the choice of the brand is also a lot of hesitation, beauty salon chain to choose what kind of brand? Today to teach you a few strokes.

1, brand awareness

see brand awareness, not just look at the ads, advertising can do with money, but what is the most famous reputation has reference significance, the terminal customer recognition of the brand, determines the sustainable management of the brand, brand and thus understand the local social awareness, help to choose the most suitable for their own brand. For example, domestic well-known brands, has a good market reputation, etc..

2, brand quality

What kind of brand

3, brand after-sales service

4, beauty salon management project

now beauty market there are many brands, in the face of big and small beauty salon chain brand, we are not also a little blind? In the end how to choose a good beauty brand to join it? Beauty salon in addition to the above several aspects of careful judgment, it is best to conduct field visits.


Fujian college students entrepreneurship support policies

Fujian college students entrepreneurship welfare policy. In view of the efficiency of the graduates to start their own businesses, the Fujian provincial government from the financial support, business premises and office space and other aspects of the policy has given great support. Fujian college students entrepreneurship can not only get 100 thousand yuan of financial support, but also enjoy the free use of office space for 3 years.

operating conditions relaxed

business premises to relax conditions, in addition to college graduates to apply for public rental housing and did not obtain full ownership of affordable housing, allow college graduates to start their own business enterprises established in accordance with the provisions of the family home, rent houses, other commercial housing, local government and ", various development zones, high-tech zones, investment the office park area; grid " such as residence or place of business registration.

college graduates engaged in self-employed, and in the business sector registered date within the two years after graduation, the registered in the business sector for three years from the date from the relevant registration, management and certification fees. College graduates in the graduation year, hold "unemployment registration certificate" engaged in self-employed, directly to the business location of the local tax authorities of the tax service hall window to apply for tax relief.

can get 100 thousand yuan of funds to support

provincial government to increase the arrangement of 5 million yuan each year for college graduates start to support entrepreneurship. College graduates to apply for venture capital projects, the review can be given within each of the 100 thousand yuan to start funding support. City level fiscal year to arrange special funds to support college graduates entrepreneurship projects.     college graduates self financing is insufficient, can be in accordance with the existing provisions of the application for small loans or other forms of small loan discount. College graduates apply for small loans (other forms of small loans or apply for discount), does not exceed the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan, the partnership and organized employment, may be appropriate to increase the loan amount according to the actual needs.

college graduates for the first time to start, to obtain business license or other business qualifications, and the normal operation of more than 6 months of tax paid by the local government to give a certain amount of a one-time subsidy. College graduates to start their own businesses and other personnel, and in accordance with the provisions of the social insurance premiums paid for more than 1 years, the number of employees can apply for a one-time venture to promote employment incentives.

free office space


province will set up a business incubator for college graduates, college graduates to give priority to the office to provide the venue for business and related business follow-up services. College graduates start their own businesses settled at all levels of political recommendation

Xining built the base of Tibetan Medicine Museum over 100

in Qinghai Province, if people are sick, there are some people of Tibetan medicine depends, this is our ancestors left us precious items, bring more advantages to people in Tibetan medicine will continue to promote the fit between the two exchanges, led to the development of local medical services, make more optimistic.

is reported that, in recent years, Xining city vigorously in Tibetan medicine preventive health care and rehabilitation services capacity building, promotion of Tibetan medicine services at the grassroots level, Chinese traditional medicine health service system disease "to further improve the Qinghai province’s 100% community health service centers, 90.1% township hospitals, 84.8% community health service stations, 75.2% village clinics to provide medical services in tibet. Cumulative built 275 Tibetan Medicine Museum, coverage of up to 63%.

Wang Dingbang said that in 2017, Qinghai province will further increase in Tibetan medicine specialist, key disciplines and key specialty construction, promote Tibetan medicine service ability of grass-roots promotion project, improve the Tibetan "zhiweibing" service system, and strive to achieve the basic construction in Tibetan Museum should cover the coverage.

Wang Dingbang said in Tibetan medicine should actively participate in the national "The Belt and Road" plan, to encourage the Tibetan medical institutions, the conditions of Tibetan medicine enterprises and scientific research institutes, universities and the society to carry out exchanges and cooperation in Tibetan medicine.

only the rising of health care reform, will let people feel the national policy support, let more people begin to pay attention to the product, to get people’s attention, to bring a new choice for people, but also help to improve the value of Tibetan medicine, Tibetan medicine research in Xining should promote the prevention of altitude sickness, disease, old age chronic diseases and infectious diseases, and promote the level of service in Tibetan medicine.

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