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The chain site how to do better

1, guide the spider crawling on the site. The site for each of the chain equivalent to the spider on the site entrance, entrance to the site more spiders more ways, more conducive to the content of the website is the spider crawling.

? ?

website ranking and the role of the chain can not be ignored, even before reading an article, a move to eat Shanghai dragon ranking, one is refers to a large number of the chain. Although some exaggeration, or some role in. But in the Internet often see some sites outside the chain is very large, the site does not have good rankings; but some websites outside the chain of small amounts, and similar problems still ranked the forefront? Then the web site outside of the chain how to send good effects? By the author to explain in detail:

3, increase site traffic entrance, make website advertising. Advertising, the chain is equivalent to the reality of life in the road advertising, television advertising, bus advertising, multi-faceted advertising, let more users know the website, search site, increase site traffic.

2, the high quality of soft link. Soft writing is to become a good Shanghai dragon Er skills required. No words are not afraid of nothing, never mind to write, write more does not matter. Is the need to adhere to, is hands-on, is trying to do. Every good writing people, are from a soft white down. To do, actually also not so difficult. Fly sale has a studio website chain is the high quality of soft links, reproduced in amount, and therefore made some Chi >

2, the chain will help enhance the website weight, especially outside the chain of some high weight website, some Links exchange, is very helpful to enhance the website weight, so as to improve the site keywords ranking indirectly.

effect is good?

third, enter the web page can solve the needs of users, by users of the site click again.

second, link nature, induced by users directly into the.

how to send the chain

1, learn to find resources, the accumulation of resources, or to establish their own resources. Find resources refers to find some website industry and its related high weight can send the chain site, can be used to analyze competitors to find out the high quality of the chain is located, you can buy some high forum account resources etc.. The accumulation of resources requires effective archiving, statistics, protection. Not over time the account password forgot, account stolen and so on some mistakes. The establishment of resources, can raise their own blogs, can even raise their own websites, raise some high weight website column, etc..

first, certainly need to be loved in Shanghai grab, best anchor text set to vote on the website.

fourth high weight link site, in high weight site to leave the chain so on the weights of the website promotion is very helpful.

why do the chain

first understand what is outside the chain of high quality

To explain the case of personal reflections and site failure

website to do quickly done, in fact, not what to do, in fact, Shanghai dragon that, once finalized, insist on doing. So, I started to write the news, the quality was okay, but wrote half a month, it included the one or two, but also included are after several days before.

… After the

meeting, the person in charge of the FTP website, web site background, what are my hair, I also made some relevant information. Open the site, very tall feeling, larger HD, cool animation, all kinds of JS effects, "MP4 and so on, these rankings with half dime? Spent about two days, the site back and forth, both inside and outside of it, and then with the responsible person said that the website needs revision of



what? In the news section of the home page to add, add Links, add a site map, add all kinds of labels, add page hyperlink, the use of the use of nofollow nofollow, in short, Shanghai dragon can do, do all the basic. Finally determine the site title down, the other not what it is, the rest of the friends of the chain, the chain, the article.

website this is not possible, because the website style allows customers have identified the customers to this effect. Anyway, no matter what you say, this website, you can say some fine-tuning, but generally remain unchanged. No way, I can only adjust the current site.

this time came to an Internet company, website is really cool, see my eyes are spent, responsible person asked me this website two keywords: how long does it take you to do, I say, two months. Two months is not just these two words, the original related keywords will also make up, and the two words, I am particularly confident.

now do a lot of people say that ranking is very difficult, but I feel very simple. The boss asked me, how long can the key row up? I asked him what conditions is about us any information, or a URL to our website above, he said it. He may feel that it may be difficult, finally I do, the words I did about three days, today issued second days included, included after the row in the second page, the second day, I added some links on this page, send some outside the chain, the third day morning to the first page, but time is not too long, after all this keyword or a certain index. The third day I still send some chain, has made some adjustments, the keyword ranking has not changed much, until the fifth day, love Shanghai search on the first page, the 5 is the chain I made, one is the website ranking, the rest did not care, love Shanghai is my first website, do first, this will do. Very simple!!! Slowly, I feel the ranking is very simple, it is not difficult to.

Tutorial image optimization techniques of Shanghai Phoenix the most easily overlooked


in addition to image search can be found in the website pictures, if some popular keywords, Shanghai love can also be displayed on the search results page, greatly increase website traffic. Search, "wedding" in Shanghai, the results page first appeared in Shanghai love image search, the user is a beautiful picture attracted, opening the appreciation, and then enter the picture in the website.

following a case: Figure 2 shows a wedding photography website, web site from top to bottom by the beautiful pictures and Flash, big red. Very happy. Although the picture is very beautiful, but the text information in the picture, Falsh, search engine can not read. Then, the web search engine, without any content, if you want to do in Shanghai Longfeng, optimize the key still has some difficulty, then you need to optimize the picture (Note: if the site is all pictures, you need revision, add text plate).

2There are a lot of pictures of the

(1) search engine is able to identify the meaning of picture, easier to grab, to find the picture in picture search, bring more traffic to the site. As shown in Figure 3, I love Shanghai in search of Shanghai dragon image search (贵族宝贝 zf贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon) can see Shanghai dragon know photo source site.

1, the optimization of the picture


Optimization of

beautiful pictures of people watching increase the beauty, but good to hear or see, if the site is mostly pictures, but not after optimization, it will affect the search engine rankings, will lose a lot of traffic. Because the picture search engine cannot be properly identified, no matter what the picture content, even if it is a beauty (such as Liu Yifei, Fan Bingbing, etc.), it is difficult to attract search engine grab. Therefore, image optimization is an important part in Shanghai dragon.

(2) ALT in the attribute of the picture can melt keyword, increase keyword density, can improve the keywords ranking.

The benefits of


love Shanghai stressed in the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" in Shanghai, love can only read the text, temporarily unable to deal with Flash, pictures and other non text content, as shown in figure 1.

website, not every picture needs to be optimized, according to the pictures can make the search engine optimization, identification, capture >

if your website picture is more, the need for site important pictures of optimization, the most simple way is to add the alt attribute for the picture (text), is a name for each picture, tell the search engine pictures, so the search engines will be able to read the content of the picture.

which pictures in the website,

The website server was implicated lead down the right to share the experience

the second article is also specialized editing department is responsible for updating, are generally pseudo original and original, the chain is our own hair, although the quality is not high, but not mass, what should be no problem. So we should not cause the mass collection.

server I>

finally left only Links, I see a past, they found that the site is very normal, included snapshot, PR, and I did not drop right before the site almost did not drop right phenomenon.

first site layout, title, H1 tags are their own doing, for the long-term development of the site, and I do not stack keywords, hidden links such as cheating. There should not be a problem.

for 2 weeks, but in order to solve the right things down has no time, my site is a Lianyungang andrology hospital here, do not advertise. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday three days after coming back, just open the super manager, found the website more than 2000 less, keywords ranking mostly fall into the 4-10 page, flew to the SITE home page, also dropped to the fifth page, feel the day is dark, before the Mid Autumn Festival keywords are on the home page, some in the top 3, also included more than 5000, now not so much, it may be to round. But now there is no time to think of this, we should make clear the reason, performance, obviously the website is down right now, and all the companies during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, did not do what should not operate ah, think impassability, is only a step by step analysis of the site, what went wrong.

Wanted to write this article on

query tool which input web server IP in the webmaster, see three web servers, I also know there are three, the number of yes, but seem to have found a is not the same as before, at the same, but the title is not the same, I remember the last time that the title is what looks like tea station now, a girl lonely net, I see a big fire, obviously there should be a problem, I’ll open it tools to view the site, was not included, what the ranking didn’t obviously, the website is K, and I was dragged into the another site server.

think, only the domain name or domain name space problem, I know, afraid to buy used or punished the domain name, I used to have seriously checked, out of this, that is the problem of space, this is the problem I fear most, but the trouble is trouble, but no way only the face of the.

Look at the

here I wonder, not only the general right down several reasons for it, since it is not, what would it be, no way, only on the FTP to download the study site log, found that everything is normal, only on the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday of the search engine spiders is not how to are not included, almost any page. The site is obviously suddenly be right down, no one horse, no code has been modified.

Top 10 ways to improve your website’s profitabilityPulse two advertisers stop throwing

      7, and other electronic magazine publishers or other web sites to exchange content. This is a powerful and effective way to set up links to other target sites.

notice: GLOBE7, EGG products suspended from November 1st to promote

      8, ensure that your customers can get your product at all times. If you have to delay delivery, your customer may eventually cancel their order.

      4; analyze all your promotions. Focus on what works, and discard the ineffective ones. You can’t waste your precious time.

due to GLOBE7, EGG product upgrades, advertisers notice, since November 1st, the above two products suspended promotion.

please replace the code in a timely manner, so as not to affect your earnings.

      9; use directories on your web site so people can browse easily. Most people are pressed for time, so try to use lists, brief introductions, essays, and so on.

      6; if your banner ads fail to improve the click through rate of the site, you can also use text links. People do not ignore text links as much as they ignore slogans.

League address:

      2; use pop-up windows or ads on your website. They attract the attention of web visitors because they are jumping up and down in front of people.

"buying and selling fund network" broadcast pop-up ads separately, suspended promotion

      3; buy online business books, e-books, private web sites, members, and so on. Learn as much about the promotional ideas of all new websites as possible.

      1; advertise your web site with live slogans; call for action. You have to grab people’s attention and let them click on your website.

this article comes from: webmaster net www.admin5 detailed reference: admin5/article/20071029/60322.shtml

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

      10; add a message board or chat room on your website. If people like these things, they will regularly visit your site to participate.

receive advertisers notice, from now on, "sale fund network" broadcast pop-up ad separately, suspended promotion.

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      5; get as much benefit from each site visitor as possible. Ask them to order your e – magazine, participate in your message board, register on the website, and so on.

Earn money by buying and selling websites

every day browsing the Internet on the website of every hue, do you also want to have an exclusive network, can not only have their own space, but also to make money through the website, it is good, but if you do not understand what words, set up a website to make money can be said to be very difficult. So we can also buy other website directly, which is commonly known as the website business, through the direct purchase mode has a good site, don’t trouble to worry about building their own website, traffic get tedious chores, lucky, the website can be directly profitable, even if shoot two hawks with one arrow. What does the website have a problem, can also be directly sold to others, it is a safe way to make money.

trading site

there are many domestic transactions website, is also the largest A5 transactions above, every day there are many website transaction information, but can be said to be to pay attention to the identification of dragons and fishes jumbled together, and if you want to buy English station, the largest website on the foreign trading station flippa, most of the above website is of good quality of course, if the price is more expensive, if you can return it, nature can also be taken into account.


found a good website, or a need to experience things, after all, there are businesses where there is fraud, so site transactions, there are many belong to the special batch station, through the brush flow, forgery proof of income etc., to create a good site of illusion, and then sold to want to buy a a website is looking forward to make money trading novice, should pay attention to carefully identify, after all, if a site can really profit per month, stable cash flow, no one wants to sell, most of them have a variety of problems, some owners will hurry to sell, no problem, such as webmaster because of their own reasons do not want to go, and some can not be shot, such as a web site for cheating by K, or because of copyright issues can not operate, this belongs to the buy site taboo When trading, you should carefully check the reasons for the sale of the site. Also check the site rankings, included, as well as traffic sources, to distinguish whether the brush out of the illusion.


bought a website, should also be careful operation, if the site is promising, it can keep it, if you don’t want it, can be sold directly, also want to optimize a website, do rankings, add some traffic, can sell a better price. If your site do not want to do, you can also direct the sale, to pay attention to the negotiation skills, advantages to talk about their website, as well as the development prospect of the profitability of the website, the website less defects, most importantly, think one can convince others to sell the reason why they speak clearly sell your own website.


website trading should be called a big investment, but profitable business, if you buy >

Ningbo culture again heating

What is the help of the

Ningbo, it is understood that it is the largest business in modern China, in the process of China’s industrial and commercial development has a very important role in promoting. Obviously, the cultural origin of the Ningbo entrepreneurs. Over the past few years, Ningbo entrepreneurial enthusiasm is still unabated, so that the economic performance is no longer a minority.

in "double" boom, the local government has given high attention and support to the "Chinese dream" business competition. The launching ceremony, deputy director of the Ningbo high tech Zone, Zhou Jianwei said: "the Ningbo national high tech Zone (new material science and technology city) of Ningbo city as the pioneering innovation and entrepreneurship, Zhejiang province science and technology innovation as the main platform, construction and training has been committed to innovation and Entrepreneurship Education platform," the actual needs of Chinese dream "entrepreneurship competition not only with high-tech zones to vigorously develop the service industry, innovation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, will also play an important role in promoting the business incubator of high-tech zones to specialization, marketization and industrialization play."

to start the ceremony, three entrepreneurs also shows Ningbo people born with vision and business acumen. Bar entertainment social platform hey, sports information social platform Kai Ning Sports, innovative environmental protection project wings technology so that the presence of entrepreneurs, investors eyes. Positive entropy Angel Bay founder Zhao Zhijiang of "Chinese dream" entrepreneurship competition Ningbo division entrepreneurs looking forward to: "positive entropy will be highly combined with" Chinese dream "contest theme, providing a intellectual investment and three aspects of support for entrepreneurs. Positive entropy ready to invest 5 million yuan investment fund for the Ningbo division outstanding entrepreneurial projects."

"Chinese dream" entrepreneurship contest organizing committee official said, Ningbo businessmen have always advocated common prosperity together, helping each other, so before the formation of the "Ningbo Gang" culture. "China dream" entrepreneurship contest is based on the convergence of multi resources to help entrepreneurs the fundamental purpose of success, I would like to see the "Ningbo venture to help" in the contest platform to show.

Successful experience in joining coffee brands

there are a lot of people have a bourgeois philosophy of life, at the same time, there are a lot of people like to go to the cafe to drink coffee, coffee shop business is now on the market can be said to be getting better and better, so, what is the secret of success to join the brand of coffee?

: case analysisThe success of

and now the coffee franchise industry is uneven, there are many dragons and fishes jumbled together, the brand is the cry up wine and sell vinegar, to do some work to get money coffee merchants name.

to join the coffee is certainly making money, of course, want to make money is not wrong, El coffee shop is the most direct purpose is to this. The profitability of the coffee shop is not the size of the store in the operating capacity and management capabilities. With a right attitude to the analysis of judgment, hard work is the foundation of your success, Passion, Product (People), Personal (personalized) and products ().

El coffee is commonplace and rely on big to small, respect for employees, consumers believe that the product shape around the passion, honesty win profit for a business recommendation

Rabbit sister Deng Min harvest at home 200 thousand annual profit

when the entrepreneurial policies to rural areas, the majority of people in the rural areas can be achieved at the doorstep entrepreneurial dream. The name "rabbit sister" Deng Min on the doorstep entrepreneurial success, life becomes more exciting.

"these Rex let me realize the doorstep of employment, find the opportunity to the color of life." Recently, in Xiang He Dian Xiang Teng Tatuyangzhi cooperatives Village of Huaibin County, Taiwan, responsible person Deng Min told reporters. In the Deng Min farm, I saw a row of rabbit houses neatly arranged, white fur of Rex is charmingly naive, twisted a stout body chewing vegetables.

5 years ago, Deng Min has been working outside, but as the child grew up to go to school, his father was old, able to work at home became her greatest desire. In 2011, the introduction of a friend, Deng Min decided to return to business, took out years of savings hands to build a farm.

mentioned in the future, Deng Min passion: "I plan in his hometown to create their own brand and the rabbit, deep processing of fur, trousers, boots made of rabbit rabbit like products. At the same time, the establishment of cooperatives, to attract more farmers to join the Rex, in accordance with the "professional cooperatives + base + farmers" mode of farming, driven by common entrepreneurial wealth."

The importance of

Long term development of education and training to do the details of what


does not progress would be backward, the society will be eliminated, want to have a space for one person you have to keep learning, so as to adapt to the society, only to become an all-round talent, will not be eliminated by the society, therefore, learn enterprise managers to become the necessities and propeller. As more and more education and training institutions in a timely manner to. So, how can the cause of education and training to develop? What details should be done?

1, company positioning: clear what they do? The market environment is different, different stages of development, different positioning training company should the person, namely, to find a suitable way to go, can not copy, not "across the board", the traditional act should be flexible, the inventory of their resources, to find out their strengths and weaknesses, develop their own core competitiveness "kill", a way to.

2, the operation of the company: how to develop customer management? The customer is not only the God of enterprise, is the lifeline of the enterprise, therefore, business is always leading and core enterprises, how to develop and manage the customer is the essence of enterprise operation. First of all, you should have a sales team, rather than guanggansiling their Dancing Solo, to help lead this team, from professional selling skills, improve the comprehensive quality of communication in all aspects, because you sell knowledge is invisible product, not a machine, refrigerator, washing machine, requirements for sales the quality of personnel is relatively high. Second, how to develop new customers. Once again, customer management issues.

3, brand building: to build the core competitiveness of enterprises is the competition between the brand competition, each industry is the case, including corporate products and brand products, such as spleen. How to enhance brand awareness, reputation, credibility, enhance their core strengths is an important issue, with a unique core competitiveness, in order to live better in the market.

education and training institutions to set up a good image in the minds of the masses need not expect a few months days and months multiplying, and several activities, several advertisements can put up the brand, but in a time of training, a matter of accumulation, bit by bit, every word and action, every act and every move, enterprises should carefully do every thing, set up 100 years of brand awareness, careful management, good practice, in order to make the "immortal".

education is of vital importance, especially in our country is the priority among priorities of the problem, want to engage in this business, the market prospect is very good, education and training institutions is a knowledge intensive place, is a person only times out of place. In front of the education and training of enterprise only is always in the industry, and continue to attract new ideas, concepts, can have the best training program, the best training courses, with more students, so as to better develop.