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Love why Shanghai included the chain deleted

this is the most important point, if you in the forum post or post quality is not high, not to mention search engines for you to delete, delete easily see the moderator. That some friends said: my content are original, some people see, why? If so, I can say that you are purely in order to send the chain and the chain! We don’t just see someone enough? Not enough! You this one your chain, this article also brings much benefit to your site, you need is to make the article can bring readers interaction and resonance, debate, this can become hot, essence, so your survival rate is high, the top is not afraid of

there is no doubt that the search engine’s database is very large, but it has a limit. So for the normal operation of the database, the database will clear some old, old far information. So our solution is also very simple, is to continuously update information, the old chain disappeared, new chain up, so it will not have influence on the weight of the website.

do the chain testing room is a very important work in the Shanghai dragon, which fully reflects your work. My colleagues including our own have encountered a phenomenon that I post this afternoon to search engine included, tomorrow or several days when testing how it does not exist? Why search engine delete our chain? I summarize the chain before me, delete the account for the vast majority of the the chain is in the forums, the following is not from this point to explain to you: love Shanghai why the chain included the deleted


forum, where the population is more concentrated, post every day but the amount included in the search engine beyond count, but some day, a cycle of the process, the search engine included the experience of post, must have the old posts go down; as they cut long nails, there are always new nail growth. How much is a collection of forum posts? It depends on the weight of BBS, search engines have a system of his own judgment to decide the weight and height of the forum. The high weight of the forum outside the chain of quality inventory is relatively high, but each forum will definitely appear to delete the phenomenon, this is not the end, so we have to do is, how to maintain the survival rate of long chain.

delete the chain is in the normal thing, but if large numbers were removed, they should consider is not his problem, I hope you don’t make the same mistake.


2. database search engine operation.

Relative to the ?

3. content quality.

persevere is invincible.

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1. delete posts as normal, persevere is really.

The new year should pay attention to the details of the internal web site optimization processing

needs to be very helpful, this is our treatment among second points, according to the main page keywords distribution thermal click adjustment, also need to constantly expand our main key resources, and occupied the main user focus on

! !The analysis for website data


station, for chain management, dead links, and so are the redirection we need to carefully track, and the need for changes in the treatment, we need long-term industry experience and a large number of data processing and analysis to some of the more subtle adjustment, in fact as long as the process continued many times, the site will change changes imperceptibly, still less.

!The operation optimization is the most about the content support maintenance of

we want to do, first need to collect and daily attention is the relevant search column, see the relevant search words that industry’s fastest rising, we need to capture the keywords dialectic. We need to love in the middle of Shanghai Google the drop-down bar and search first to find some many rely on the brush out of the word, the obvious challenge to the second is the need of vocabulary; look at those words are hot words a lot of people have been occupied, such as local long tail keywords and some of the definition of keywords is finally removed; the main theme of the site and not belonging to the key words, keywords rest is we need to keep the attention and demand. We need to use the auction tools, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon webmaster tools and Google webmaster tools to analysis, then leave the vocabulary on some of our need to deal with page

we usually talked about the optimization of the scheme are mainly within the chain management, content changes, theme planning, relatively large changes is the whole website! In 2012 to the end of the world, has not yet come, but as the search optimization between practitioners, should need to pay attention to this year for Shanghai Dragon, the station optimization important update and change according to changes in demand for the station is about the key words, page layout, theme and other details of

for details of station layout scheme, we establish a website, you should draw a sketch of the details for our site layout, the layout of the page processing are mainly about hot click event analysis, are processed in the search hotspot TAG tags; keywords station, search optimization for all employees in terms of Web site keywords is a relatively large changes, but we should think of the needs of the user can change the need to buy air conditioning fan, summer, winter heating demand is electric furnace and other needs, not only is seasonal, more subtle changes that we need to deal with the content above the theme collection; this, and the current unrest on real-time search, Sina micro-blog search volume continues to rise, and And the love of Shanghai Google also has begun to take action in real time search above, the user focus is changing all the time

shlf1314 AdSense will be updated to promote5 major reasons for the failure of Internet start-ups

thanks a lot of publishers for their support of the AdSense promotion program. I hope this adjustment will not cause any inconvenience to you. Thank you for your understanding.

Internet Co in the early entrepreneurs may be lucky enough to get a lot of unexplained income, income includes advertising revenue, and mixed business, and in most cases, the answer is to accept this model. In fact, this is a mistake because many failed Internet Co proved that none of them really built a long-term viable income model

the reason why we stopped AdSense referrals was that the product didn’t meet our expectations. So, in early January, the option to create AdSense referrals in your account will disappear, but the AdSense referral button that is already on your site is still valid. In the last week of the month, AdSense promotion will completely stop the conversion in the stop date before within 180 days after registration reached $$100, and the release of all payment retained users will produce $250 dollars to promote the release business promotion fee. Conversions completed after the stop date are not included in your account. So, after a month, it is recommended that you change the AdSense referral button on your website for other referrals.

, if your website is launching AdSense promotion, please note that the recent AdSense promotion plan will be adjusted.

that is to say, you don’t need a luxury office or an experienced Law Corporation and an overpriced consultant when you hire. You can keep your expenditure in line with your income by using a variety of financial software on the market.

1. bad balance sheet calculation. Failing and declining companies never produce an accurate financial statement that shows reasonable relationships between income and expenditure at any time. Too many startups spend their money before making money. You need to realize that people in learning to walk and then walk slowly before the small steps, you should learn to crawl.

2. has no revenue model. For Internet start-ups, the key question is "what is your income model?" this is a simple expression of how you imagine your company’s future source of income. What are your sources of income? How do you want to make money? Potential investors will ask this question. Potential employees, partners, and people who consider the company’s future finances will ask the same question.

tip: from the first day of business on financial figures, and never stop doing it until you earn enough money to hire a professional accounting and financial analysts for you to do it now. And you should also check them carefully on a regular basis.

Entrepreneur magazine staff and writer Ricci · Ming zhe Rich Mintzer interviewed dozens of Internet entrepreneurs, the Internet entrepreneur has proven successful, they have already figured out how to survive in the constantly changing market. In this edited excerpt, the author discusses five major reasons why some Internet companies have failed in the past, and you can learn from their mistakes.

in the new adjustment, for North America, Latin America and Japan, other countries and regions, including China, will stop AdSense referrals. Therefore, after adjustment, the shlf1314 recommendation in China’s AdWords will only be recommended by Firefox and two kinds of promotion.

when you spend money, you have to understand, yes, you may need a good team around you, but they need to trust the company and understand that there will always be some bad days.

before your company starts running, it’s worth knowing why so many Internet Co have fallen by the wayside. Here are 5 main reasons we’ve summed up:

doesn’t seem to be cancelled. The two main referrals are still there,

Editor’s note:

lead: We interviewed dozens of Internet entrepreneurs who proved themselves to be able to survive in the market. Here, for all entrepreneurs explain the five main reasons for Internet business failures.

by the way,

Shanghai Dragon 3 era forum outside the chain of how to do

correlation forums, using code to find your own website and relevant forum, with the name of the site as a user name registration, the head set to the website logo. A lot of relevant forums are not directly linked, and some is also affected by the "impact" forum signature love Shanghai Lee on the quality of the chain can be cancelled, some related to the theme of the site quality posts and pictures, a picture of great domain watermarking;

Shanghai dragon

signature, the signature effect is not big, often helpless before use. But can’t connect with high weight forum, to increase the chain included the use of signature; promotion of soft paper cannot be sent, send your theme posts with signature;

4, fill in the personal data page links, set up personal information will be home in this column, fill in the URL, high quality posts to attract users, the user can click to view your personal information, it is possible for you to sites of interest, are likely to bring about the conversion rate.

2, not related forums, the individual is not recommended in the relevant forums or for the promotion, a small amount of. The blow blow algorithm that, I do not know in the forum to promote the case concerns how to. The original post links is normal, Scindapsus algorithm 2 announced, let the webmaster can not send soft promotion posts. For example, associated with the Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng forum post and link;

3 era, users.

3, the use of

chain promotion methods, such as soft, forum, blog etc.. Shanghai dragon 2 times also known as the chain for the emperor of the times, the webmaster as long as continue to increase the number of the chain can enhance the website ranking. Even some companies specialize in the recruitment to the Commissioner of the chain chain, external links into the more the better idea spread like wildfire, later played out a Shanghai dragon chain group tools. From the on-line Scindapsus algorithm, the chain hit low quality, the station temporarily at a loss. The forum with link reply, signature, post links effect is not great, leading to the owners feel the forum is to promote in vain, wasting time. The forum outside the chain effect is not significant but soft, high quality soft writing is difficult, and not all the webmaster can manage. Forum to promote not only simple, long post links to survive and influence.

?A lot of

forum chain is still adhere to the

How to do

Promotion ForumIn 1,

love Shanghai algorithm emerge in an endless stream update, many webmaster think Shanghai Longfeng has come to a dead end. In fact, the search engine optimization is not dead but has entered a new era: to improve the user experience as the goal of optimization. The original content and high quality of the chain is the most direct impact factors of the website rankings, but also an important reason for the increase of user experience. Many algorithms in combat, how to improve the quality of the website chain?? BBS promotion need to dig what new skills in order to double location, can please the search engine, and can meet the needs of users of


The analysis of the construction of the chain wheel chain skill

, the chain wheel wheel is a link in the website, but also a carrier, we all links are established in the round track points, such as bokee贵族宝贝, as shown in the figure, iResearch, gold online, Sina blog, is a stage of the chain wheel the wheel, then derive a new term: "track"

the most basic chain wheel


, 1 wheel



many friends put forward before the article on the forum outside the chain of the post, finally give you the attachment is bright and dry cargo of writing, speaking, webmasters are easy to produce visual fatigue, so I spent a little time to sort out some pictures that can be more easily accepted.

3, link address that it is easy to understand, the link address is released in the round in the address, it is these link based unit consists of a series of large and complex chain wheel.

As shown in figure

wheel chain is imported from abroad, English name is Link Wheels and Shanghai dragon, the chain wheel at home and not to promote universal, only large companies in the domestic use, so many nouns are not confirmed, then the author analyze with their own understanding to everyone, consists of several necessary wheel structure the chain wheel, rail, link address.

well, gossip less Xu, first look at the wheel of the chain case before I have to customers to do.

then we will change from simple to deep to understand some of the conventional way of chain wheel.

2, we can see from the track of words meaning, structure links track means in a round, a little here refers to the note is the embodiment of the track is basically composed of super chain based units to achieve, through the test, the plain text does not become the basic unit to form the chain wheel track.

analysis of the construction of the chain of skills of the "forum" the chain "(贵族宝贝jingainian贵族宝贝/zhanzhang/jingyan/97.html) after the launch, many friends hope that I can continue to share some knowledge and skills related to the chain, the chain type actually exist is clear to everyone, everyone used to nothing more than a blog, forum, and Links Wikipedia, message board, classification of information, everyone can do outside the chain, but when the relevant skills, many webmaster is not familiar with, so this article to talk about the author approved a chain of many forms:" the chain wheel "




How to promote learning in the InternetGanji CEO Yang Haoyong borrow money from business twice snatc

in June 2004, the Silicon Valley has a lot of people in the business, they have influence in the United States I also eager to find someone to borrow 100 thousand dollars, but the parents that I want to come back to business, they are strongly opposed, worried: if things don’t make money also lost how to do? At that time the domestic salary is not so high, I can find the monthly salary of about twenty thousand of the work, in that case, I also have 100 thousand dollars for several years! And will not come into this industry. But look, my desire is very urgent. My parents give me a suggestion: let me wait for 6 months to have a look and see if I really want to do it.

I am the SARS that year’s University, rural children, until the university that year before the first contact with the Internet, the next four years, chat, games, movies, novels, the most important is the Internet to harvest in my life is the most precious time for four years. Not just me, the dormitory that several time to play games than the buddy class time is long, until the year of graduation, a friend asked me what is PPT, I am one Leng, the boy a slap in the ass "what do you know, do not know the pain".

technical background of CEO is not very talkative, but obviously Yang Chung do not belong to the class, he is easy-going, frank and unassuming, recalling the entrepreneurial process over the last 5 years, a few degrees ganji Yang is always subtle snatched from the jaws of death, tone, but the listener can feel the thrilling clear, a life-and-death matter.

Leo I, from the bones, there are restless factors. When I was a undergraduate, I joined a few students to contract the school cinema. When I was a graduate student at HKUST, I also worked as a book agent for new oriental. In 1997, a lot of people paid a thousand dollars a month, and I was able to make ten thousand bucks a month.

at that time my idea was to copy Craigslist, the nation’s largest classified information website, into China, similar to the BB> without pre login


borrows $100 thousand

Most of the

is such a simple mind, let the young people hesitate to return in the winter of 2004, with a hitherto unknown passion to join in the Internet business in the tide, just one week of time, fix company registration, office rental, staff recruitment and other matters, and a late startup employee program, riding a bicycle around Beijing university campus, around the dormitory flyers…… So there was the "go to market", the largest and most active local life information portal in china.

Yang Haoyong, Ganji CEO

I believe it’s not just me. Today, for most college students, games, chat, movies, novels are the most important functions of the Internet in their lives. Although there are many motivated young people want to make good use of the Internet, but there is ambition no determination to the majority, open the computer, want to learn something, think for a long time, opened, watch movies, play games, the day passed, still did not expect something; not easy to broaden the point of view, Sina open look, look, look at sports, gossip news, and some jokes, and half a day in the past. Turn off the computer, the aspirant youth immediately regretted, leaving a sentence, rely on.

know what PPT, I just woke up and down into the Internet information ocean, learn nutrition, although not a long time, I deeply realized that the Internet brings great changes in my. I was a bit confused I do not know the future of college students, and unable to extricate themselves addicted to the game, long house in the dormitory and often fail the exam, but all this in a website I once entered and changed, I read a story, or a word that hurts me, my crazy reading a Chicken Soup for the soul of the article, I gradually found himself has never been to establish their own values, think about life, think of their own way, since then, I have been revising their values, to make up for the past so many years of confusion, ignorance and destruction. I think there is only one person to find their own direction, find the life they want to experience, to find their own to arrive at a post, in order to better grasp their own life, in order to better plan the future. After graduating from college, I quit the game, landing stealth default, domestic drama has rarely looked at online novel, has become the past, I try to collect data, learning programming, web design, English learning, learning, learning, business planning, social science, Health Sciences, and even learn singing, cooking I drive, etc., to enrich themselves, of course, pay a return, I now have their own website, I passed the qualification, actuarial exams, also gain their love and career, by the way.

During the period of

from 2001 to 2004, Yang Haoyong has worked for a number of high-tech companies located in the Silicon Valley, was the core of the development of network security equipment company in the world’s largest Juniper Networks as system experts, have a steady and not too tired to work, with a high salary…… It can be imagined that if he stayed abroad, Yang’s future life would be very comfortable, but he chose to go back to China to start his own business. Yang Haoyong said frankly, "when you’re abroad, you plan to come back later. Then you just want to go out and have a look at it, learn something, and come back and do something yourself."."


President Xi came to power after the proposed learning Daxing wind, I think for young people carrying the hope for the future of the motherland is the time to wake up, to re-examine the Internet plays a role in our life, it should be our tool of changing the world, we should not let it become a fun partner.

Love Shanghai search optimization guide to reading about some misunderstanding in Shanghai Longfeng


please indicate the original articles reprinted from the Jia Xuelong blog, the address: 贵族宝贝jiaxuelong贵族宝贝/post/sousuoyouhuazhinan.html

page by PHP, ASP, JSP and other programming language made ", method is very simple, see the URL suffix can be. I have read many articles, said dynamic page search engine and is not conducive to grasping voice is very common. But here, love Shanghai finally gave the correct statement: dynamic URL has no effect on the normal search engine. But the dynamic page must pay attention to the norms of the characters in a URL, or may be not normal included. (below)

two, dynamic pages not optimize said

The so-called dynamic Conclusion:

in Shanghai Longfeng field there are a lot of people under the pretext of Shanghai Dragon Master "to profiteering, love Shanghai is perhaps in order to rectify the search engine optimization industry climate and atmosphere, reduce the happening of deception. Finally the artificial intervention in a number of Shanghai dragon Related words, and launched the official version of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon tutorial – "love Shanghai search optimization guide". After I download the browser, find the official to view and optimization theory, we usually call against

through the "love Shanghai optimization guide" (pictured above) we can see that love Shanghai to evaluate a site and give a good ranking, and the user experience of the website are closely related, every word is user as a starting point, highlighting the importance of the site structure for the UEO and the Shanghai dragon. Now a lot of Web site optimization personnel have neglected this point, only know that "content is king, the chain for the emperor," desperately pseudo original and the hair of the chain, the site’s audience is the user, do not optimize the user experience even if there are no more traffic is wasted, only blindly cater to know and do not know alternative the effect is only bound to the anti.

search engine and Shanghai dragon are complementary to each other, the two are indispensable, we must operate as Shanghai dragon Er site in the search engine in the regulations, provide valuable content for users at the same time to achieve a win-win situation! From the bottom off, one day will be the pinnacle of success.


, a good user experience for the site optimization (UEO), user oriented website construction

The update algorithm, search engine chain construction regulation

four, the chain strength is high, but the correlation is not

three, the link increased faster than the industry average of

we often say, do, the first thing to consider is, user experience, and then is the search engine, because a lot of user behavior, may affect search rankings. The recent search engine update algorithm, some search engine optimization methods of punishment, in fact, does not affect the user experience, just too much about the search engine. Q pig inventory for you, the algorithm updates the stalls, which may cause the search engine optimization techniques of the punishment, the chain construction scheme, are gradually being eliminated, in the website optimization process, try not to use.

as a qualified website optimization personnel, the chain number, need more quality, the increase of the chain speed, in the reasonable range of industries.

, a commercial word for the anchor text is too high proportion of

two, text links and blog links from high

analysis: text links and too many search engines will think there is suspicion of link. Link to maintain diversity, several common forms include links, text links, URL links, text URL, common links are released, blogs, forums, friends of the chain, the class SNS recommendation in social networking sites.

analysis: increase the chain step by step, especially now, love Shanghai to crack down on cheating in the chain, the initial stage for the website construction of the chain, every day to several dozen, can increase slowly. Some website optimization personnel, may be very good at making the link bait, in the short term, the increase of the chain speed will have a quantum leap, website traffic at the beginning of may also increase quickly, then there is no then..

so, we are in the process of the construction of the chain, the anchor text can be diversified, more use of website brand word as the anchor text, because this is more in line with the user’s habits recommended.

analysis: as we all know, the higher the weight of the chain website, after the link to our website, on the right.

analysis: the so-called commercial terms, refers to the keywords with commercial property is very strong, the majority of the commodity words. For example, selling clothes, selling shoes, silk prices and so on, no matter is constructed, chain, or the construction of the chain, in commercial terms for the anchor text proportion is too high, will be suspected of anchor text cheating, optimization traces too obvious.

judge the chain cheating one article mentioned how to love Shanghai, the best of the chain, the user is spontaneous, add links to related websites. How, what a user, you may share a link, every time is to use the "silk", "what brand of silk is good" and other words as anchor text, one or two times better, every time is to use these words as anchor text, will feel suspicious search engine keywords suspected of cheating the probability will increase.

10 ways to keep attention on the website of the

website to create a consistent layout, main navigation, navigation, content and in a similar way to lay the whole website graphics, so that your users will not get lost in the direction of your site, they want to find the information content can be a convenient way. Take the time to set up a comprehensive navigation, so that users can through 1 to 2 clicks to reach where they want to go, for a large number of websites, the use of trace paths, allowing users to easily go back to the previous page.


video can be in many ways can participate in the user. It can be a display of your products or services, from the customer recommendation, create training videos, video or video podcast for purpose of the whole process is to let the user know the company, understand the product service intention.

3, add a

2, create a user friendly web site structure

7, use pictures and photos

capture your audience, has a professional design, use a color scheme, flowing naturally, do not be too harsh to the eyes, use of appealing icons, buttons, mobile phone and image, to help your site, an important part of the audience.


posted content on your website, regularly update the blog, this will be beneficial to your target audience, and contribute to the establishment of brand value and trust, let people comment on your blog, to attract people to participate in the discussion to blog.

1, create a pleasing design

4, add video


has recently been playing micro-blog, most pleased to see an increase in the number of fans, see the most reluctant to focus on a number of increase in the number of fans but has been stagnant, even reduced, for Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, most want to see is that people should pay attention to the website, how to improve the


5, design is readily available to "free"

don’t just have a web text, use some high quality images and pictures can make your site look more attractive.

who don’t love free stuff, but also love each consumer can find high quality and inexpensive things, so from the user consumer psychology analysis, free things is good, but it will be easy to get things seem to be unsatisfactory, so in the process of setting free sales time, let the user know after some "setbacks" to enjoy to "free" treatment, such as the need to answer a question, or need to be involved in a comment.

6, a compelling call to action

make sure your mobile phone is clear, concise, lead your users to you want to let them go, for example, you have a new product quotation, timely call and lead the user to that place.

The true chapter in writing how to make the original fly farther


in search engine optimization, the original article can win search engine review a smile". Even a higher originality site, even if not to do site promotion, ranking will be very good. But in this way, the original value can not be fully exploited. Therefore, there are many webmaster willing to content to contribute to share, but the same contribution, and some articles will be transferred to a mess, but there are still some articles are buried without interest. The same article, competition is what? Who can get the best popularity at the same time, click and reprint, then who can win the user access to search engines?. Let’s follow the binary into today’s topic: how to make the original "fly" far away!


1: the topic of the article positioning

good article, the reason why it is frequently clicked and reprinted, the first point is that there is a "attractive enough" topic". Every day in the Internet, big things and small things happen, so there is no lack of any difficult topics. But how to choose the article on the topic of positioning, on top of this, and not too many people can do precise positioning. There are many examples of this, and the most practical topic is, why is there a part of the article will be published after the pursuit of all the people have been reprinted, the reason is to seize the location of the event.

The mood of people most influence what event

in the Internet, pay attention to livelihood topic related industries, so what is the love, or to pull, few people go to see those music topic "up none of my business". A good writer will grasp this point and start working on it. On the first point, summed up in one word: psychological research! Every time someone broke, "I do not engage in education, but the monthly income of over 10000," the ministry that something XXX, why it always works can win the high click, reprint? Simply said, is to seize the the people’s psychological


two: the punchline

reading, reading questions, reading newspapers, reading questions, there is no good topic, even if the content of the construction of the magnificent, endless, and finally difficult to dig out too much attention. Therefore, the title takes the effect of "clicking on the words" or "higher impact" than "content" because the title is the essence of an article. In the original, not the title of the party, but even if it doesn’t win the title of the party, to win the applause, booing flow. Of course, we don’t encourage the title party,

how to do the original content punchline? First, follow a few rules of the article said, it can point out the brightest one:

1, UB partly concealed title, including but not exposed. There is no doubt that the hazy feeling can arouse human desires. A glance at an article makes a person see the subject, and how many people do not see it unless it is something that is really valuable to them. I insist: "no objection to premarital cohabitation of young people, such as