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Love Shanghai snapshot off is not a bad thing

home page update is normal, no correction, can not change the keyword ranking, continue to work before, keywords also returned to normal and there is a small rise in rank. Personal feeling, love Shanghai temporary file >


three days later, the emergence of new situations, love Shanghai home snapshot, but there is a two page snapshot, the new correction for ten days, another page snapshot is the old station, keyword ranking dropped three to five range, online for answers, no relevant case (I like this for all estimation there should be no, so every few) connected in the blog and the two level domain three domain station, increase the number of articles published daily, and after three days, two days before the home page updated snapshot into the old snapshot disappear. One day, and updated the day before, until today, update the page snapshot every day, is the day before.


station was built two years ago, the business archives network belongs to the professional nature, a few words are in Shanghai and Google home page, IP is more stable, just when the station did not know what, in a small company called Zoomlion century purchased the domain name and website, the website operator was suddenly at the beginning of February shut down, open the site is only one page, suggesting less cost, contact the operator immediately after recovery, but love is all the same snapshot Shanghai was shut down by the background page, check the IP, was shut down for thirteen days. Mad —

love Shanghai, keywords have to the seventh page, second days again, have dozens of pages, love Shanghai website name in the fourth page, but no way, and the small dealers also didn’t what reason, but the data on the site is transfer out (for self-help) fortunately, the number is not too much. Local built a new station with the SS program, looking for a famous space to purchase independent IP space, custom 404 error page, the site will be uploaded to the space. (website name, title, description no change) during this period there are a few problems do not quite understand, and we hope to share: for two years, 1 domain name, should not be new, but love like Shanghai accept new sites, almost all of the pages are included, and then slowly pull hair.

2, released a new article, love Shanghai included at breakneck speed, half an hour, one hour, usually no longer than two hours is a snapshot released, this situation lasted four days.

love Shanghai home snapshot is updated daily, I also made every day a few articles, pseudo original majority, then add links in several blogs, also add the corresponding connection in the blog content, day three or so. Learn to love the Shanghai know to answer the questions, Add URL in answer, but this effect is not good, not through the so give up all. About a week after the completion of the new station, keyword ranking has a return to the home page seventh, another back to the second page first, feel should not what problem, but the love of Shanghai included began to slowly decrease, and the article also included no longer, then that love Shanghai may take this as the railway station

Network promotion novice how to find the topic to write original articles

forum to find the original, mainly includes two points: first, the fire is not very small forum, the spider included not many, not very hard, but in order to ranking, webmaster to original, this is very good, we can go directly to the small forum topic, reproduced to their own articles. How to find such a small forum, you know, the ranking is not high. Second, in the relevant users to find the most frequently asked questions, and then answer others into the system, the most simple is the 12345 column down, get an article.



QQ space article, spiders are not collected, while the QQ space is set to the original article, so we can collect QQ space article. Then modify the title, both two, their key plus QQ, the search space how? If I want to find the "3D movie" Search Search "3D site:qzone.qq贵族宝贝 movie" can, in QQ 贵族宝贝blog.soso贵族宝贝/ blog: so find out all the space is QQ.

recently and watch a video of the teacher Cardiff, feel benefit, in many other places are not mentioned in the video techniques, just mentioned, I have not seen in other places, heard. Then we can put these videos in your own words translated, absolutely original.

do not know whether we have such a habit, see more attractive news articles, just take a look at and then go straight to the comments, I have such a habit. Comments are generally not included in the search engine love, can collect more good reviews, write an article. If you do not have your own opinion, this method can also be used.


a lot of network promotion novice in network promotion blog after a period of time, will encounter this problem, beginning four passion, daily original, after their brains to want to have written finally run out of ideas, have no what can be written.

blog here refers to Sina, love Shanghai space non independent blog, according to my observation, the search engine is limited to these non independent blog included, and is not very timely, and now the search engine to reduce the weight of the blog, we can use this point to collect non popular blog.

2, finishing


1, to the forum for original

video recording

here, I share some of my direction to write original articles:

We all know that

3, QQ

many forums are mentioned, is that good English students can translate English site, English articles directly into the translation tool, then modify, improve.


English translationThis

Sad value what is the value of the website users these days

must have gone through the events of the month after 2017, and the world has made many important changes again and again.

but for the search engine, it seems that this industry is not very big waves, and even some bosses want to continue to expand the scale of search business. It seems that on this commercial road, the scale of business is increasing, is the fact really like


of course, there is no authoritative commercial data for such a problem, and there is no reasonable data to explain the problem.

aside from this question, does the value really exist from the specific user value of the website? Here are some of the following points for reference:


one. From big to small, sad

for the Internet has been developed for so many years, from a heart, to the world network of honeycomb pattern, to everyone has the opportunity, the world everywhere. Display the user’s information, photos, video, personal portrait, products, electricity providers, Digital Banking and so on, emerge in an endless stream.

each model has a wide variety of people and business value. This is something we each can not afford, but it is available.

is not and is because we each is limited, time is limited, life is limited, but all this only is not very good grasp the ocean sigh every inch of land, for the survival of the world, we can only play well here and now your job, this is what we and life is limited and not.

and that we live in this world of the Internet, everyone has a chance to show themselves to the world, and entrepreneurial opportunity from the Internet, from a computer and a mobile phone is enough to demonstrate their value to the world.

but for another group of friends who do web technology, the Internet is because there was so much influence and change all the time, users browse a variety of websites, video website, website design, website image, news consulting, film and television, variety shows, celebrity commentary, documentary, content of dry cargo, technical tutorials, learning materials and so on, is really too much, in such a large data, each of us can do only that the one thing.

so user value is very important, the value of the site is the same, although in this fierce competition era, every grain of rice is also sad growth, it is very important.


two. Value of data

After having all of these user data,

has to understand the value of these users.

the reason is that we need data from the web site, search engines, statistics, and other platforms, whether existing data or data that is happening, all of these data >

How to choose home textile stores

How to choose

investment home textile stores? Many people want to be able to tap the wealth of the industry, but in the location of the problem on a fall, to defeat in the end. If you don’t want to be the location problems, you need to learn the relevant business experience, good investment management business, that wealth is no longer difficult.

1. independent facade. Independent stores can allow franchisees in front of the store has a certain independent advertising space, franchisees can be through their own wisdom or experience for some publicity, promotion and other activities can play a small role.

2. peripheral purchasing power. Of course there is hope to join the textile, sales, profits, and store around the purchasing power is very important, if you do is high-end brand products, and the choice of the location surrounding consumers do love buy cheap products, it is certainly not appropriate, to give advice to the franchisee to have a certain understanding of the store around the purchasing power in the choice of location, but often the ability to purchase in the store costs will be higher.

3.: the flow of people flow determines the brand textile store revenue to a certain extent, the product is good, good service, no one in the shop is of no use, so in the choice of location, the franchisee also need the flow of people on this store around a simple statistics.

4.: what are the shops around the shops around the store, what industry, if your home textile stores opened in the shop nearby, is the advantage or disadvantage of large? These problems need to be aware of the franchisees.

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What is the need to pay attention to join the food and beverage project

Chinese economic growth speed, I think there Chinese and start-ups have a direct relationship, because many entrepreneurs, the relative investment investment projects will increase, while the economics tells us that investment is the economic growth of three cars in a car. Today, investors are more inclined to join the form of venture capital, such investment is not only more transparent investment funds, while making the whole process of entrepreneurship will not be too much trouble. But in the process of food and beverage business, the food and beverage to join the project need to pay attention to what?.

service factor

catering to join the project need to pay attention to what? Today’s consumers are eating out, not only no longer pay attention to eat, taste in food and beverage at the same time, good quality of service is indispensable, good service is the benign operation of the important point. At the same time for food and beverage to join the project, the more recommended is the best for the project to investigate the store, this will be more clear to see the strength of a project.

store landlord background

do not want to find a good store to sign a contract, but to understand the landlord of the store is the landlord or two real landlord, the landlord also need to conduct a preliminary understanding of the background. Food and beverage to join the project need to pay attention to what? In addition, once the successful negotiations, the signing of the contract must be signed in the contract on the real name.

store location evaluation

investigated in the same area of other similar food store performance, the preliminary estimate of time period, the store business and traffic but also on the price for their peers, after joining the commodity pricing. Food and beverage to join the project need to pay attention to what good lots, can do for their business to bring a very good business results.

Inventory of new business model

face the ever-changing life, increasing employment pressure, people’s way of entrepreneurship is also emerging in an endless stream: part time entrepreneurship, team entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship. These new business model to attract the eyes of countless entrepreneurs, to bring them not only a revelation, but also carrying a hope.

mode 1: network business

advantages: low threshold, low cost, low risk, flexible way, especially for the entry of the business entrepreneurs. Like Taobao, pat and other well-known C2C e-commerce platform, there are more perfect trading system, trading rules, payment methods and mature customer base, will also invest a lot of publicity costs each year.

reminder: for the first time to the online business people, prior to various research, selection of e-commerce platform is suitable for both their product features and provide higher traffic. In general, the way the Internet is more suitable to join, in the case of less investment shop, familiar with the rules of the game, relying on the development of mature e-commerce platform.

recommended groups: technical staff, returnees, college students, office workers.

mode 2: entrepreneurial team

advantage: as the saying goes, a gang of three men, a group of people together, set their respective advantages, joint venture, which the wisdom of crowds and energy, will be far greater than the individual.

reminder: create a team, the most important is to consider the complementarity between members of knowledge, resources, ability or technology, give full play to the advantages of personal knowledge and experience, this complementarity will contribute to strengthening mutual cooperation between team members. Generally speaking, the more reasonable the knowledge and ability structure of team members, the greater the success of team building.

recommended groups: returnees, technicians, students, staff.

mode 3: the concept of entrepreneurship

advantage: the concept of entrepreneurship has a magical effect of the particular itself is not able to perform wonders, a lot of resources to entrepreneurs, to get all kinds of resources through the unique creative.

recommended: people with strong sense of innovation but not a lot of money for entrepreneurs.

mode 4: join venture

Franchise franchisee is the key to understand the purchase

open clothing store is now a lot of young people want to start the idea of open clothing store procedures simple, business model is relatively easy to operate, but want to do well is not an easy thing. The opening of the clothing store purchasing skills to do a clothing store, in addition to have a good way to join the sale of clothing, the most critical thing is to understand the purchase. Clothing stores to join the business situation, with the positioning of the goods and the purchase of the eye is very relevant. To do a clothing store, in addition to have a good sales methods, the most critical thing is to understand the purchase.

Liquid wallpaper stores how to improve the performance of all

liquid wallpaper franchise operators if you want to successy sell products, how should we do? This is a lot of franchisees need to pay attention to a problem. If you are a novice, there are many problems do not understand the business, then you can pay close attention to the relevant business information, a lot of learning business knowledge, as soon as possible to master more practical skills.

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The business of the whole – Fu Chunjian

how to find a way out of their shops in the market, which is a serious problem in every shop owner. For Fu Chunjian, naturally has his business strategy. "Don’t quarrel with the customer, his publicity will have a negative impact on you. A customer is not satisfied, is tantamount to losing a customer base." This is the Jiangsu city of Huaian retail customers Fu Chunjian’s pet phrase".

pay the boss "cheap supermarket around the very good reputation, the business also made smooth. So, he is how to use the service to impress the customer’s heart, to win a good reputation? The boss told the author to tell such a story.

5 years ago, Lin boss’s retail store has just started when there is a requirement: all customers are not satisfied with the purchase, can be replaced at any time, or even a refund. One night, the opposite of a customer into the shop, he took a fancy to the induction cooker, after paying the money in a hurry to hold the goods home.

did not expect, the second day he gave the induction cooker to come back, because his wife is too expensive, and asked him to change the cheap. And to the third replacement, his wife said cheap, style is too old. In the course of contacts, there are views of old pay lover: "this is not to toss people! Give him a refund. I don’t do this business!"

so, the old man ran to his house to find out why. The result is that the customer’s lover also asked for the first time to buy back the style. Originally, the customer first to buy the electromagnetic oven home, because it’s too expensive, just buying a house, thrift lover is very angry, said he would not live, wasteful, unexpectedly quarrel with him one night now shelves, he did not mention the mood of this thing, come and go, but also is not love me.

understand things after, Xu boss sorry to say: "I did not expect a commodity, but to bring you two contradictions, really embarrassed. Just now manufacturers promotion of this product, we will become a home, hit 30 percent off in the original basis, put you optimistic about this product to send over, but I hope you don’t for the little things to."

has been very touched by the guilt of customers, things have finally come to an end.

but the impact of the whole event is not in the past. Originally, the customer surnamed Xu, director of a company’s logistics department, after that, they all unit personnel to purchase goods, director Xu to recommend they are not to mind taking the trouble: "you want to go to my house across the district" supermarket "to buy goods, they also have good service, quality assurance!" "Customer advocacy is the brand."

paid the boss to mention this matter is still very emotional, "since then, we have a lot of business is recommended by him

Sweet milk with foam handmade yogurt – net worth the investment to join

we all know that the cause of dessert, market demand, has been very large. The success of entrepreneurship choose to join the milk to foam pure handmade yogurt? Dessert industry leader, the small business optimization. If you join in the milk to foam pure handmade yogurt project, is also very exciting, come to the message bar!

dessert the profits of this industry is very large, we are still looking for dessert what project? Now you needn’t to examine all kinds of projects, incense milk with foam handmade yogurt to join the project is your best choice to get rich, selling products, selling pressure, total support department, wealth without hindrance.

for entrepreneurs, the high rate of return of pure handmade yogurt is a good project to join the project, and the fragrant milk is the best choice for the pure handmade yogurt entrepreneurs novice. Headquarters to assist clients to carry out on-the-spot investigation to find the store address, to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the building, merchants, customers, the fragrant milk data evaluation with foam handmade yogurt stores surrounding environment, traffic measurement, the effect of advertising, to evaluate the possibility of shop.

brand is a huge potential for development, want to make dessert industry bursting profits, choose investment with foam handmade incense milk yogurt. Fragrant milk to foam pure handmade yogurt, entrepreneurship projects, in order to ensure that the fragrant milk to foam pure unified image, store design by the headquarters to provide free drawings to join. Headquarters is also available to the fragrant milk to foam pure handmade yogurt franchisee product promotion manual, personnel recruitment and training manuals, shop promotion program.

to find a good project to join, always very bother. However, the choice to join the milk to foam pure handmade yogurt project, entrepreneurial worry free, happy shop. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the fragrant milk to foam pure handmade yogurt project, easy business without pressure. Easy to learn quickly, you are still hesitant what?