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The example analysis using borrow website title

, a reference to related industry momentum;

is the title of the site: the United States and the United States Mall: taobao贵族宝贝 Maymay fashion handbags, shopping zero risk, cash on delivery! Buy Meimei bag, go to mogujie贵族宝贝 and beauty to share. The first in the title to see the "taobao贵族宝贝", "mogujie贵族宝贝" and "beauty" of the three words, did not care how, that just to make the title more highlights, thought is the 3 words of the search index is particularly high. Check the love Shanghai ranking, see light suddenly, So that is what it is., have to admire robin.

site title is a website optimization key, in general the title of the site to highlight the theme of the site keywords, and distribution of 3-5 sites, set up to try not to change the total. Keywords home bearing is the main key of the site, in the choice to do more analysis, to select the appropriate words according to oneself of the site. If the site weight is high, can choose to love the Shanghai index is high, a little competition, if the site weight is too low, suggested some of the long tail word competition is not strong. To keep a few years, accumulated weight, modify the title is not a big problem, but do not easily modify the main keywords. Set the main keywords, it is important to grasp the frequency, or it will be very easy to cause the accumulation of keywords, love Shanghai "attention". I recently found a Shanghai Dragon strong B2C ShangCheng Railway Station, site title is a must. Look at the title, thinking about open and learned "containing" this trick. This station should be responsible for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng expert Robin, see.

from the website of Maymay can be found, women bag is an indispensable product, mogujie贵族宝贝 and beauty are women shopping sharing community, industry related. In the title is easily inserted into the "buy good bag, go to mogujie贵族宝贝 and beauty share", let users look more natural. If you add other industries, obviously does not resonate with the user, will make the title seems neither fish nor fowl.


, don’t forget to describe two title "this";

The main keywords

"this" is their own website, as the Maymay keyword is "Maymay, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States mall, Maymay mall, Meimei bag," in the title has 3 main keywords, the last sentence "buy Meimei bag, go to mogujie贵族宝贝 and beauty to share" >

from the ranking of this site can be seen in many highlights, such as "taobao贵族宝贝 bag", "mogujie贵族宝贝", "starry how", "beautiful", "taobao贵族宝贝 official website". And the website is not in direct contact, especially the index were more than 5W of mogujie贵族宝贝 and beauty, occasion by easy. But because Maymay itself weight is relatively high, so the words will have a little good ranking. Now according to its own ideas about how to "borrow"? Of course, taking advantage of the premise must be the site of the weight is high, the momentum is not to borrow or.

The trouble should end it love Shanghai anti spam with the Raiders helpless

in the case of "survival or death, this is a problem situation", some of this.

is known to all, the contents of "nonsense interspersed keywords" Shanghai dragon mass behavior will be intensified, showing a Xinghuoliaoyuan trend, because of the rapid development of the Internet, search engine rankings on commercial value, such as face break water, menacing various "ranked as the ranking of the so-called Shanghai dragon optimization content nonsense with keywords" spam, search engine (especially love Shanghai) technical limitations completely unmasked. All rely on search engine spam sending top appear repeatedly, which objectively stimulated the garbage content on the network spread — all without a core value, even the pseudo original content are too lazy to get the station run network, and easily search engine rankings on the top is proof in the search.

in fact, "Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders" is only once again repeated love Shanghai "search engine optimization guide 2" to "meaningless content with keywords" and "zero tolerance" attitude. One of the biggest bright spot is the requirement of many Web2.0 sites "watch their doors, manage their people, reject all sorts of content nonsense interspersed keywords" Shanghai dragon spam – this also implies that the future spam Web2.0 website, if not actively rectification, strengthen management, may have been in love with Shanghai right down even K station punishment.

As in the past to occupy the moral high ground to the release of

for 7 years, the search engine technology is not a qualitative leap, ZAC in 2005 "Shanghai Dragon: do you want this question in a white hat or a black hat" which have not been effectively resolved, and even a variety of cheating sites keywords in the search engines love Shanghai "always on top" high ranking also unceasingly strengthened this has become all the greatest confusion.

"and the black hat Shanghai dragon has a can not be denied that the argument is: you can’t assure full compliance with the rules of search engine, you can get a search engine to pay attention to the site in ten years. Who knows the algorithm search engine will make a big change in what time, so that tens of thousands of sites disappear from the search engine in the white hat

May 2nd, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform announced "Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders", immediately attracted a large number of Shanghai dragon ER and webmasters attention.

? "

Web2.0 anti spam with "love Shanghai Raiders", starting from the overall development of the entire Internet industry, the Internet in order to maintain a good ecological environment, to provide users a better search experience as the goal, therefore its release has certain guiding significance in theory, but also to get a webmaster ER, Shanghai dragon for their support; but it can be expected that the reality that "Big word seldom accompany great deed." of the so-called "detailed Raiders" really limited in curbing the Internet garbage information spread function.

Mou Changqing look at innovation in the form of advertising alliances

hasn’t written a blog for a week, and today we’re going to talk about the innovation of the format of the advertising League material. At present, there are three major domestic alliances, namely, Baidu alliance, Google alliance, and the other is the Taobao alliance. Among them, the Baidu alliance and Google alliance are mainly CPC advertising, and the Taobao alliance is mainly Taobao customers CPS advertising based, domestic very many small Adsense rely on Taobao customers survive.

, but no matter what kind of alliance, most of them are naked in the form of advertising pictures, so that users can see that it is advertising, more direct, click rate generally low. In addition, too much advertising will have an impact on the average user’s experience of browsing the site. If the ad can be combined with the content of the site is the most ideal, while users appreciate the content, but also realize the value of advertising. There are also many alliances in the direction of innovation, advertising and content combine together. Let users consume advertising when the user experience is better.

recently discovered that an ad for Taobao is interesting, appearing on some web sites in the form of a website channel. For example, the famous fashion magazine Mina, long lane community network, network girls are in use. There is a "girls shopping channel" Girls online, watching channel surface is some fine variety of pictorial content, is a fashion collocation introduces all kinds of beautiful pictures website, do not see what relevance and Taobao customers. See figure


girls network "girls shopping" channel home example:


then click on one of the popular movies, such as the latest movie "single men and women,"

see the following picture: click the details page to see the picture


doesn’t make any difference between the mouse and the usual stills, but it will be found if the mouse moves up. The star’s clothing in the figure also has links to recommend purchases, related to Taobao stores. This kind of picture can more effectively stimulate the user’s desire to buy, so an effective CPS order is generated. Through such content, shopping guide form, to find the user’s interest points, can greatly enhance the browsing user’s purchase rate.

see the following picture: the mouse moved to the post pictorial effect.


started. I thought it was a new feature by the Taobao coalition, but I didn’t find it on the official website. Later, from the webmaster who did this form of advertising that was a target for Taobao customers shopping guide content alliance. For the owners to provide quality free guide material, their advantage is the maintenance of a professional team, and does not participate in any money into Taobao by direct payment to the owners, they only focus on improving the conversion rate to buy Taobao. That is, the webmaster using their material, without any impact. To >

Service is critical, seven problems need to be solved in group buying industry



if you buy some of the industry can do a good job in these businesses, then foothold is very easy. White pine

recently on the Jingdong news about this two, a new logo Jingdong (Tmall for dogs); two is the Jingdong this year will be the price war to war service.

last year, and some friends talked about the issue of price war, I was from the ancient businessman Hu Xueyan’s words "true price two price, not really! This is taken when Hu Xueyan was also in the competitor’s price when attacking strategy, the emphasis is the


appears to be more stable in group purchase industry today, every group purchase website service will be crucial, this service trillion market in local if well 100 billion is not a problem! From their own experience, so before the group purchase group purchase long time contact and analysis, if the group purchase industry can have some businesses to do the following then, based on the problem is not easy to dominate.

1, group purchase without invoice problem.


practitioners, listen to the internal mentioned invoice, company for business staff, if businesses have to provide the invoice invoice, invoice price can not provide should provide the group purchase price of the invoice, even if there is no invoice. But in fact, this way, almost all businesses have no invoices, and we think carefully, should be able to understand. In the course of time as the group purchase has become the unspoken rule no invoice, but the fact is the whole industry for the group purchase this issue has been in suspense! If the invoice may touch the interests of business leading group purchase site interests, but first you got a lot of reputation, and the catering industry tax rate of 5%, which is 5% businesses can assume after all, now the group purchase prices are not so low, businesses still have a large profit space.

2, buy back at any time and expired refund problems.

in early 2011, the U.S. group withdrew from the expired retreat, although some industry was condemned, but gained a large number of users, but to date, the group purchase refund issue is still a problem! All the group purchase website did a refund, but how many really do? Refund issue in the end is the business problem or group purchase website, the refund is really so difficult? A lot of goods many website labeling is not refundable, rarely marked refund, but not refund the money actually as before, is to group purchase website pocket, but at the same time also hurt their own development, in this sense do good comments. If the expiration date is reluctant, it will be reasonable to withdraw at any time. I may have no money for various reasons. I want a refund. And this time, there is no settlement for the group buying websites and merchants

The website revision must do matters


many of our webmaster optimized sites are more than one or two, works more than one or two copies, each in a job, a possible takeover is new or may do the optimization of the old station, in order to cater to the changing rules of the various search engines, each station optimization is not long the same, each over a station will be in accordance with their own experience, to make some modifications to the site for the old station an optimized, may make some adjustments to the title, keywords, or do the layout adjustment for single page. But for a new stage, without considering the SEO optimization factors, but Baidu has been included, the problem is that many pages have the same title, keywords, and some do not even have the title, keywords, description and distribution, not to mention the page keywords, to do SEO optimization, to cater to the search engine ranking rules there is a great chance to change, to do the whole website.

we often hear some webmaster do website to the website, after waiting for a Baidu update website in search engine performance decline line inside, not only is not ranked, even included has been decreasing, is stopped before the snapshot. So busy with analysis of its reasons, missed the time and can not reach the effect, the loss outweighs the gain. In fact, for the website revision, some undesirable factors excluded, is to avoid ranking decline and included greatly reduced. How to avoid the following, will be based on personal experience to analyze.

I changed my job recently took over the 4 months of a new station, Baidu included snapshot is 100, within three days, the site is not static, no ranking, a vantage point is the site of PR is 4, it is very effective to exchange links, although Google has pulled out China, but the tiger died. In his former glory. The website has not done any SEO optimization, each page without keywords, description, only a company name as title. Internal links are not. Analysis of these factors, and ultimately decided to make a revision of the site. Web site to edit the page, upload, snapshot immediately update every other day, the next round of Baidu update, the site a few key words directly to the third page. And very stable, included also rose very quickly. For this site revision, I summarized as follows:

1, the revision of the page, it is best not to remove the original content, we revised the page is a lot of landscaping, add some content, but you can hide some of the original content. Hidden content does not contain keyword stack, do not worry, hidden content will be judged as cheating by search engines.

2, title changes, the new title contains the original title content, but you can add other keywords as the title content.

3, do 301 turn, many sites have not done optimization, without WWW site than with WWW site right important high, this easily lead to weight dispersed, ranking sometimes back, and sometimes by the front.

4, >

Shaanxi over 5 of individual business loans issued to migrant workers

now has a good business environment because many of the rural areas, there are some migrant workers returning entrepreneurship, at this time, local governments actively provide help for them in Shaanxi super personal business loans to 5 migrant workers.

in July this year, the provincial government issued "on the implementation of the views of" services for migrant workers to work in the province, clearly established the leading group of migrant workers. The primary duties of the leadership team, organize the formulation and major policies, review the work of migrant workers, migrant workers work supervision and inspection organizations, municipalities and departments related to the implementation of the policy and task completion, co-ordination to resolve key and difficult problems in the implementation of the policy.

In fact, for some


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Promotional proposals for home textile stores

home textile stores to do promotional activities must be set to the holiday, the market, to set its own characteristics, many businesses do promotional activities are not a good solution, the blind implementation activities lead to income is not ideal, do not know where the problem is, the following analysis of hope can help you.

1, promotional discounts to heart. Home textile store promotions, there must be special items and discounts. And to the special offer in a more prominent position, which is a means of store management. Can make the product has the temptation to weaken the customer’s resistance. Good grasp of women’s consumer psychology, to stand out in the promotion.

2, promotional themes to be clear, to be creative. With the festival features, promotional activities to create this atmosphere, so that consumers feel the warm atmosphere, consumers are now spending by "feeling", this warm promotions is easy to touch consumers to weak nerves.

3, gift. For the textile products dealers, and Home Furnishing life supporting some decorative fabric, DIY and other accessories, relatively cheap and good will love buy textile products to customers, this is also the largest Home Furnishing concept in a certain degree of fit.

home textile store promotional activities need to take into account a number of programs, even discounted activities, but also to consider how it is more attractive, you can get more profit for the store. The above tips will help you to help you succeed.

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Why is it more and more difficult to operate Teahouse

although the tea has always been a favorite drink of Chinese people, however, if it is now operating tea, business is not hot. China’s coffee consumption is growing at an annual rate of 15% in the next 10 years, according to a survey. But in the tea industry of "teahouse", "teahouse" operation is difficult, in several large chain brand known as "Qiantangcharen" have been closed. A person who operates a teahouse told reporters that the majority of traditional tea shops are relying on other industries in the hard support, can not be profitable."

positioning aging, difficult to attract young people

reporter visited Wuxi several teahouse found their common ground, or in suburban scenic area, or living in residential areas, from the familiar, the main members, rarely "passerby", the passenger can not be guaranteed. Due to the problem of rent, the traditional teahouse in the downtown area is difficult to survive, it will be defined as a kind of different from the "coffee shop" non mainstream consumption.

"teahouse is naturally defined as the older age of the crowd, will be a number of young people like tea outside the door." For many years the gold business teahouse told reporters the society of chemistry. Gold is a society of chemistry 80 merchants in Lihu Lake runs a antique teahouse. "When the weather is good, there will be some exercise public outing in tea, usually mainly rely on the support of vip." She told reporters, surrounded by a group of young friends like tea, but look at Wuxi, and there is no suitable for young people teahouse. A lot of tea because of operational difficulties, barely support, from hardware to culture are difficult to attract the pursuit of refined, petty bourgeois young people."

blind diversification, lack of professionals

face the crisis of survival, many businesses began to consider the diversification of business models, played a sideline. In addition to the tea sales, tea, tea sales agent. Some businesses will also be a combination of tea and dining, and even the introduction of chess and other recreational activities. To a certain extent, the development of diversification can make tea out of trouble, but it is easy to cause homogenization. The industry believes that the teahouse must not have any features, otherwise the result is bound to be no feature, compared with other industries, tea business needs more features selling points.

can be a business class teahouse teahouse, is the place for business negotiations, to provide a communication channel for the people; can also be cultural entertainment and leisure teahouse, is the general public entertainment places; at the same time can also be kind of tea tea, tea tea loving people in here, the research of the tea ceremony, is interested in attracting the tea; also can is characteristic of the teahouse, such as the study of Ancient Chinese Literature Search as the theme of the teahouse.

on the survival crisis teahouse, the industry believes that the business model is too monotonous, can not attract a large number of

The bad habit of hindering business success

entrepreneurial process, we should pay attention to cultivate the right habits, to prevent the success of some of the bad habits of entrepreneurial success, then in the process of entrepreneurship, which bad habits tend to hinder the success of the business? Let’s take a look at it!

in the entrepreneurial process, when the enterprise benefit gradually, entrepreneurs can not blindly expand the scale of operations, and should pay attention to and properly handle the capital budget, forecast, material, personnel and related elements of the coordination and management problems. If these problems are not fully prepared, high-speed growth can only bring a huge risk.

How to open a community supermarket


is indeed a full range of products, rich products, however, after all, it is necessary to achieve a certain amount of traffic will have a super place. So, for many communities, more of a number of community supermarkets. But want to open a good community supermarket, also need us to do more work. So, how to open a community supermarket?

community supermarket is built at home, in the community, in the general area of less than 1000 square meters, the radius of 0.3 square kilometers, to the community as the main target, is a retail trade between supermarkets and convenience stores. Due to the unique "location" advantage, the community supermarket has a unique business advantages and characteristics.

if the small format is just the rise of the new star of the retail industry, community living supermarket is currently a positive momentum in the development of a heavy stock. It originated in the majority of the husband and wife grocery store, with the expansion of the community life, it is more convenient than the store ground gas, compared to the store closer to the home to small and convenient to win. However, how to live in the community to live their own style, get rid of the "small hypermarkets" and the old grocery store shadow, do their own STYLE?

supermarket before many friends are gorgeous, ingenuity small boutique supermarket Yetai attracted, but did not realize, not only new things is the only way out of the supermarket trends. Now I believe that local supermarket retail started, know more and pay attention to promoting the development of community and the supermarket, because this format can firmly grasp the local market resident consumers, are more likely to develop good regional brand reputation.

on the other hand, with the rapid rise of online shopping, the pattern of the original format of China’s physical retail stores appeared strong and weak translocation. Department stores and large supermarket these two large stores of the strong position of declining years of rule the roost in the retail sector aura faded. In contrast, the development of community stores, convenience stores is a thriving scene. Community stores, convenience stores to develop better, mainly because of the growing importance of community business and support. Therefore, based on the community’s development trend will be better life supermarket.

, however, this time, you need to find out, your supermarket is not a community life supermarket, there is no real implementation of the format of the form and image.


do convenient, home market?

geographical location of the advantages, convenience, determines the most important feature of the community supermarket, is able to meet the basic needs of the community residents, take the least road to buy the goods needed. The basic needs of life, the most frequent day to buy goods, is fresh fruits and vegetables. It is most closely related to the lives of community residents