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How to do the game website optimization

third, the extrapolation of construction, for each station are very important, not high quality to the chain for the website support force is not enough, and the chain can not only enhance the website brand word exposure rate, but also can bring a lot of traffic flow for the site, a site of life to carry on premise. At the same time also can put the latest information recently provided to users, so as to convey the information.

I through game keyword search, see the first 2 pages of the website, I shall not admire game website is still pretty good at doing optimization, not only the user experience is in place, and the optimization of doing well, remember I used to love playing games in the 4399 platform, and now many children also love playing on this platform. So how to optimize the game site, then with Li Jinguo together to explore.

first, optimize the game website, this is an important step in the station optimization, including website design, construction within the chain construction, the first is whether the design page design, home page, list page, content page is very important, to give people a structure clear site architecture (to clearly, at the same time) at this time also to consider how to do within the chain, the two step is closely linked, the next is the author of the article, mainly introduced about the game, the Raiders, experience and experience, while providing answers to these questions, in fact, is to focus on improving the user experience, not only to retain old customers, and constantly attract new customers.

I am about to introduce these, actually very good small details or to pay attention to, such as domain names, domain name space, which we all know how, and to achieve the optimal site code, as long as a little code is not a problem, then the background (for maintenance and operation the data analysis is very important), so the optimization of a website is not easy, perseverance, with a common attitude towards it.

recently encountered a friend (mainly through the network understanding), started to chat very understanding, to ask me about what kind of game behind the search engine optimization, the main cast me, I rarely play games, don’t answer, just know that I used to play in the school, Plants vs. Zombies nrburgring these first, ask me, I think this game how to operate it? At first I thought it is difficult to optimize, probably check the game some of the more famous website, all of a sudden I at a glance.

How should the station Optimization for the game site

second, soft marketing? In fact it’s marketing is not very strong, as long as you can provide game enthusiasts valuable content is enough, when the game enthusiasts have problems, as long as we provide a forum dedicated to solve the problem for him, so the user experience is very good, but also can improve the website retention time and page website page number.

Degree valley planning hype sh419 Post Bar articleWebmaster, are you a boss or a part-time worker

up to now, 99% of the webmaster, Ali’s mother, shlf1314, sh419, or their alliance is rich Note: that is the meaning of the boss, relatively simple, but it is important for our webmaster will choose so few fairly reputable. Ali mother said to give us poor dad’s webmaster call, and finally there is no movement can understand, after all, the horse is a person. Take my side of the webmaster, "advertising costs are not good to earn", this is not to say humble words. Ali mother’s technical fees ah, web site unusual title, sh419 buttons are known, but many people still have to do their advertising. Depend on others, that there is no bow! Hey, although shlf1314 good reputation, we also admit this. But after all, you can’t hang on a tree. let’s say that the United States is now in financial crisis what else can we do? No, do you guys feel bored, but there’s no way?. Now let me talk about how I feel about GG:

                                              & nbsp;;                     the degree of speculation sh419 Post Bar valley planning report

58admin these days will be the scene to teach you how to use activities to hype their own station, I hope you begin to pay attention to: 58admin hype valley.

later in order to make up for the regret not the first   I registered   of valley planning; the degree of optimization of   is not through the valley;     estimation does not have what problem; this is also named to my website right.

key points to remember: the name to officer like   don’t be too AD  combined with their own web site   for the future search foundation     and   before work every day; work top   so   naturally you go ahead   a day to 100IP no problem;

now has a tough time at shlf1314, whose shares have plummeted and the company has begun global layoffs. Adsense full-time and part-time webmaster should remember not to offend the boss, do not try to cheat, do not try to find loopholes in the boss, do not make meaningless sacrifices. Can not have a stain, even if only once.

a year ago, my website Guangdong DJ Dance Network GG AD finally passed the audit, was awarded the account, that is to say I agree with the "part-time" status, and then burn the midnight oil for the GG service, although hard, but also willing to. After half a year, GG finally recognized my efforts, spending, and took the boss from California, the United States sent banknotes, did not sleep for a few days, that mood ah, really indescribable. After a period of time, I slowly felt GG’s money was too little, and I had to use my brain. The final result can be imagined, GG this boss eyes how rub sand, I can no longer work for him.

My efforts by

yes, we are working for GG, originally do Adsense is wanted to be my own boss, still working for others, if you are at home every day is full, if you are using the spare time that I was shlf1314 Adsense part-time, part-time, a hard, and then suffer a big part of the reckless with greed.

about me to sh419, mother working story, please pay attention to: webmaster Q>

shlf1314 Adsense stationed in the Chinese market for three years, its high cost performance, in the station quite prestigious, advertising alliance is the best choice. China does not know how many webmaster in GG ad services, in fact, said plainly, "we are working for GG."".

Dark horse koala treasure products stop delivery noticeCurrent status of making money on personal we

more League information is available: http://top.admin5/u

1. current profitability is not obvious, some advertising alliance comments
2.. Specific advertising skills, coping style and
3. the way of future development, website Qiantu
was prepared to this period made audio programs, find audio conversion software was broke, talked for a few minutes, the sound output a blank. Lost is the same now webmaster friends, work flow, money is a blank.
    first talk about the current situation of the domestic league, both the SP alliance or other alliances are very unsatisfactory, but we still need to do, walk, 7town and 91ivr A8 recently recommended that good results, you can also see more information alliance, http://u.admin5  is not a particularly good union just enough to earn fees, server space. But all of the alliance, suggest webmaster don’t give up, all the ads are taken down to do something, why not do: advertising now traffic is lost, we can look at their own statistics, every day more than 50% of all new traffic, such as your 10 thousand IP website, for a year, every day there are 50% 5000ip that is new, equal to one year leaving the real user 10000-5000, so, as the more loss of flow in the advertisement, earn a little cash better.
      talk about shlf1314 Adsense, the common reaction of price is very low, it should be, when all of the alliance of the recession, GG not thriving, so in accordance with the laws of the market, GG, has also strengthened the ban re accreditation account, suggest you have wronged, give them the mail as soon as possible.
  Asian friends, many people are asking, why start to see your more than $50, has been shown to pay, and then change into 0.1 levels, solemnly tell you whether you level how, mainland readers here, is this level, there is no payment to the proportion of all owners, people are the same, $0.1-0.3, think again, this ratio is a good, free registration of a 1 RMB.
  search alliance, sh419 search into the future may become the mainstream in
  lianmeng  this is the 265 alliance, they will become the mainstream in 2007 turned out. For this, we will wait and see.

2, specific League skills, >


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

members of the League:

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://union.heima8

data settlement date is: November 28, 2007 morning.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

thank you for your support,


! !

koala products are out of line today, please put the advertising Adsense to remove the code, update the alliance other products.

How do I make Laijibaiwan through the networkI the Amoy little takeaway requests explicit through fo

scouring spot in 2013 December to test the water takeaway business, in 2014 January reached 100 thousand single day orders peak, this figure is hungry with a single day, 80 thousand single peak basically flat. In the takeaway business, this push speed gave a little bit of confidence in Amoy, in the Amoy point inside, we also think that this is almost impossible task.

the first pot of gold: the bubble dollar

2, 98 years in March, joined the first Chinese Network – China yellow pages Ma Yun company, salesman, domain name registration: 2000 yuan 2 page 10 thousand, ha ha, the main customers for foreign trade companies, because China Internet companies are few, so obviously after the Internet

backed Ali group, plus the current food just, Amoy little hope to the localization of food demand aggregation, hatching more from scratch, from small to large Chinese restaurant brand, similar to the Internet today the original retail brand based on the same.


mobile food consumption frequency greater than the frequency of consumption of mobile shopping, food consumption frequency was higher than the meal consumption frequency, Amoy little in 2014 the most important strategy is through the delivery and store scheduled to two business line, at all costs, the catering industry chain through.

, let’s get a running account:

Five hundred million consumption data

this also allows us to rethink, if dismantling the 100 thousand single, in fact, just a little bit of opening of the north, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other major cities contributed. If a rough estimate of each city, the average single volume in more than ten thousand single, but whether the single volume in which city, compared with the real takeaway market, the proportion is very small, even negligible. This shows that the takeaway just need to be very large, Amoy point in the takeaway can do space is very large.

, including food and beverage, including local consumer data more abundant than shopping data / multidimensional, from the perspective of big data, Ali’s strategic significance is self-evident.

retail so, catering is also true.

so how to meet such a big demand, relying on the platform resources of Ali group and 500 million of the consumer data >


then began to value and review the takeaway. In contrast, the market is very fragmented, each region just to be in the consumer population is very concentrated, with undergraduate and CBD business people, mainly in the low-end takeaway, but has not been a good platform to provide and meet this demand, no big platform to lead.

4 and March 99, participated in the construction of Ningbo information network

started at the end of 7 and 99, as a part-time editor of ChinaByte, earning about 500 yuan per month,

talks about food and drink, he thinks of an interesting past. Held by Ali group in the 2010 Conference on network operators, South Beauty Group Chairman Zhang Lan has spluttered reviewed the business history of South beauty. She said that after returning entrepreneurship has studied Chinese, each cuisine is selected hundred dishes taste of Sichuan, because consumer groups and consumption frequency in the probability of survival, may be greater.

3, 98 December, transferred to the Ningbo Municipal Planning Commission, responsible for looking for financial information online from

6, 99 years in August, set up second personal website: Chinese network that is, who is the most cool site navigation, a week to the "Ningbo Evening News" written, recommended weekly 2 websites, and their own site to advertise, about IP500. Earned about $2000.

explicit the takeaway demand

1, 97 years, learned to access the Internet, access to the Ministry of labor Internet operator qualification certificate, the exam is the use of Netscape browser, E-mail transceiver, at that time the number of Internet users in the country less than 600 thousand

5, 99 years in May, established the first personal website: the mysteries of women, with sexual content, daily visits more than 1000IP, 8000pageviews, the main form of publicity: spam, advertising effect is extremely remarkable, that time is in accordance with the CPM billing, is how much money every 1000 times of exposure, generally thousands of exposure of $1 2 dollars, each page can be placed a lot of advertising, the advertising company is trustworthy, the mystery woman made me $more than 10 thousand in advertising, mainly from cj befree and Jin Rui agent.

8, in early 2000, established a website will win Securities: Securities biying, the main form of publicity: cn99 forum, mailing list, advertising chain, daily visits to 5000IP, fm365 was named one of the 3 major securities website China. This is the statistics of Taiji chains, textclick/viewmain.asp, name=>?

signature: many of my friends asked me about the money thing, are very curious, this is how the money I earned, I would say today. In general, few people will open family history, because this period China is very special, the various factors leading to 90% history is the history of crime, I a little exception, is relatively clean, but I have been punished in the early business about one hundred thousand. Ha ha, first from the first pot of gold talk about,  

indeed, so far, the Chinese food and beverage brand is still very small, can be successful chain operation is less, because the restaurant has always been difficult to get rid of localization curse.

Rookie webmaster from utterly ignorant of utterly ignorant of the wise remark of an experienced pers

I am a rookie, although I have been promoting for some time, but for the station is completely a rookie. Officially because in China’s industrial competitive intelligence network to do promotion, contact many webmaster, just sprouted his idea of site. Can not own technology, do not know how to build the station,


long inquiry, long Baidu, and then know, the original simple site is to buy a domain name, buy a space, the next program, modify, and then placed in space just fine. But I didn’t understand the technology, and later I heard that the independent blog was relatively simple, and then decided to build an independent blog. That’s the goal. What I love most is basketball, and then I’m going to make a blog about basketball.

went on to buy the domain name, the domain name to buy a small fork in the road, the first to buy the domain name back to find one less letter, and then again to buy, just throw 35 yuan, alas! Buy domain name space and don’t know what to do, do not know to analysis, do not know to record. Slowly understand, after parsing, filed for submission. Finally, the next program will not change to find people, find a few people, because it is not a dedicated station, they are not very clear what I need, how to change. Later, in constant questioning, constantly Baidu finally changed a general. Finally, I also do not understand to upload, upload, but the brothers in the group are very generous, sacrifice their time step by step. Teach me, upload after a look dumbfounded, Chuan is not modify the previous. Then began to modify. But fortunately, the hard work is not in vain, 7-29 night 21 points, my child after untold hardships finally born. The first time is very hard, very difficult, from the beginning to buy domain names to now more than 1 months, but still can not print the joy of the heart.

Here to talk about the experience of

experience, perhaps we all understand, but to think of the utterly ignorant of the rookie, still want to give you some advice, first we should have what elements are needed to understand the system, what steps do not like me, like a fly without head, don’t know how to die. Second, buy a domain name from the same domain, so that domain name resolution will be much easier. I was looking for the space business to help me resolve the domain name, she didn’t know the domain background is so complex, and they are completely different; third, usually with some webmaster, no matter what everyone is willing to help. If I hadn’t had the help of my friends, I wouldn’t have been able to give birth to a difficult baby.

Why is the

from the front to the utterly ignorant of utterly ignorant of? One refers to the site before the utterly ignorant of the station after an utterly ignorant of, utterly ignorant of is because I understand that after this promotion and business also need a lot of things to learn.

anyway, it’s a lot easier to get out of the way and make other stops later. Before, the vast number of webmaster always complain bitter, and now finally realized the meaning of bitter word. Again, I hope the majority of webmaster support my tough child

Qingdao college students entrepreneurial elite BEST plan selected a number of entrepreneurial Awards

an endless stream of college students entrepreneurship competition staged in various places, improve the ability of the players to practice understanding. Recently, the Qingdao college students entrepreneurial elite BEST program named a number of outstanding entrepreneurial projects.

in "to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation", the Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship education achievements gradually. The event, to stimulate the entrepreneurial intentions of students, ignited the enthusiasm of students and entrepreneurial dreams, boost the college’s entrepreneurial atmosphere, further exploring the new ideas of college employment guidance.

2016 is coming soon, with the increasingly strong entrepreneurial atmosphere in the community, there will be more students embark on the road of entrepreneurship. College employment guidance should also keep pace with the times, to cultivate students’ practical ability, support its to take charge as chief of.

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Home improvement pipe ten brands list

as a home improvement needs, people in the selection of water pipes will naturally choose a better quality, therefore, the nature of the industry also needs to have a more comprehensive understanding of the brand. Home improvement pipe ten brands as the representative of the water industry brand, there will be different, then home improvement water pipe brand list of the top ten brands? Next we’ll look at.

home improvement plumbing ten brands list of the golden German water pipe

Jinde plumbing industry, very well-known, is China’s 500 most valuable brands. Located in the German steel pipe industry group’s company, as a high-tech enterprises in Liaoning Province, the brand has a number of sales outlets, sales are very impressive, is the top ten brands of home improvement plumbing list.

home improvement pipe ten brands list of love – poly poly water pipe


– poly pipe is Elken Shanghai new building materials Co., Ltd. brand, the company with advanced production technology and rich experience, products are environmental certification mark, plastic pipe as the national standard one unit, the product has been well received by the market and consumers are welcome.

home ten brands list of the water pipes


pipe is Weixing Weixing Group Co. Ltd. brand, founded in 1976, has a long history, at present, the company has grown into Chinese 500 private enterprises, brands have high visibility in the home water industry, has won the Chinese: brand, A Well-Known Trademark in China, industry famous brands, ten brands of water home a number of enterprises, brand reputation, its strength as can be imagined.

home improvement pipe ten brands of Taurus angle pipe

Wuhan Jinniu Economic Development Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the new plastic pipe set technology, liquid crystal display with high-end series of optical films and graphene polymer functional polymer technology research and development, production and sales of private high-tech enterprises. At the same time, the company has always been concerned about the development trend of the national industry, the energy saving, environmental protection, high-tech as the company’s development direction.

home improvement pipe ten brands list of the day Feng Shui

Foshan RiFeng Enterprise Co. Ltd. was founded in 1996, is an outstanding representative of new pipeline leading global brands, emerging brands of bathroom industry, products include water supply, drainage, heating, gas, casing, solar, bathroom and other fields. Foshan Feng Feng Enterprise Co., Ltd., the ten major brands of pipes, the national key high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province

Three key elements of good milk bar

spring and summer season, a variety of beverage shops began to enter the hot season. Milk bar is one of the more popular entrepreneurial projects, you want to let it operate a good milk, the following three points need to pay attention to.

1, clean and clean store

2, rich and diverse store products

a milk bar to operate well, continue to appeal to customers, then the store product is rich is not a key factor, if a store a year’s product is so few, consumers will soon lose interest in your shop, no good product no, the new product updates, customers will soon be lost, so for a milk bar, must often introduce new products to attract and retain customers, not to mention other store competition.

3, flexible and diverse store operations

to store up, make your store feeling every day with an energy and People are hurrying to and fro., popular, so the store management method is the key, a lot of methods to engage in activities in store, for example a week to come up with a day set membership date, the membership day member to store consumer discount. Make a monthly discount on a fixed date. Membership discount. Holiday promotions. Gift giving activities. Members birthday activities, etc.. Too many ways. See if you want to. Do not do.

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Which diseases are prone to flooding

although the future will have significant rainfall, however in the middle of this stage of the weather improved, because the whole environment health status is very poor, while the temperature very high, so many diseases very easily spread disease. Therefore, whether we are individuals, or government agencies, as well as medical institutions, need to do a good job of prevention, but also need to do a variety of preparations.

after the flood, various living facilities have been destroyed, poor sanitation, sewage, manure, garbage can lead to management, mosquitoes and flies, rodents breeding, coupled with the current season is caused by bacteria active mosquito breeding and intestinal disease, many began to invade the human body.

good post disaster epidemic has four kinds: one is the intestinal infectious diseases, such as cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid and paratyphoid; two is a zoonotic and natural infectious diseases, such as leptospirosis, epidemic hemorrhagic fever; three is infectious disease. Such as Japanese encephalitis, malaria.

four is a contagious disease, such as conjunctivitis, dermatitis maceration ("beriberi", "rotten crotch"). Five is the parasitic diseases such as schistosomiasis; in addition, also easily lead to accidental injury, such as drowning, electric shock, heat stroke, trauma, insect bite, sting and snake bites; foodborne diseases and food poisoning, but also should pay attention to prevention.

2016 years, the natural environment is very bad, if we want to live safely, it is necessary to do a good job of a variety of related prevention. If you do not have to be killed in the heavy rain, but after the storm after the safety of life is threatened, which undoubtedly outweigh the benefits. Therefore, these small series of these diseases also need people to attach importance to.

Hong Ming joined the biology towards a better future wealth

beautiful career is often a very business choice. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice Hong Ming biological project, is a very wise choice!

while life is normal people, but good care and prevention is still very useful, Hong Ming biological has anti-aging effects, can be directly absorbed by the body quickly, involved in the regulation of human cells to prevent The new supersedes the old. process, the aging process is the necessary raw materials for skin care cosmetics and health products.

face the most afraid of melanin, accumulated into a stain, so that women have trouble. Hong Ming biological, has a strong effect of reducing the role of melanin in the skin, dilute and prevent the formation of melanin, significantly increase the skin’s ability to keep warm water, reduce the aging of the skin surface cells, maintaining youthful white face.

do you know? Hong Ming creatures can also know free radicals oh! Free radicals are harmful compounds produced in the oxidation reaction of the body, which have strong oxidizing properties, and can damage the tissues and cells. Biological enzyme is recognized as a special scavenger of oxygen free radicals both at home and abroad.

Hong Ming biological? Beauty market has been hot. Entrepreneurs choose to join Hong Ming biological projects, the shop will fire. So, what are you hesitating about? What about Hong Ming? Not only for consumers to bring beauty, but also to bring their own beautiful cause!