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Shanghai Longfeng entry must see those things about Shanghai and the Phoenix Hotel


6. title.The name

due to limited funds, in order to reduce the pressure, so to find the wife website editor and customer service. My wife never graduated from junior high school, is absolutely illiterate, not to mention the Shanghai dragon in this class. I compared to Shanghai dragon is simple to understand, so as the wife started mentor.


and his wife before communication, I understand: if the direct and direct wife said in the chain, the chain, the weight of the anchor text, these are pure cast pearls before swine. And if love directly to the Shanghai encyclopedia put these nouns to the degree of cultural interpretation, wife, absolutely cannot read. After I think, will be used the following Shanghai Dragon Hotel nouns to related things to his wife one by one interpretation:

5. in the chain, the chain, Links, anchor text

4. IP, PV

explained: the visibility of the hotel.

at the beginning of the year I created a website, ticket sales of similar e-commerce website agent properties. This is something I was planning for more than a year, and friends wanted to operate independently, then due to the reasons of forming funds etc.. Finally relying on the old company’s strengths, share resources, facade and other business trip to my

IP: how many customers come to the hotel; PV: how many trips to the hotel.


explained: the content of the website is equivalent to a restaurant like. Original content is equivalent to the hotel’s exclusive specialty.

, a website was launched, the content of some common content, some original content. In the website submitted to the search engine, the spider will come.


will connect more relevant content, if the terminology used is: Shanghai dragon

interpretation: spider equivalent to diners, equivalent to the hotel website. The spider crawling site and grab the equivalent of a hotel for diners to feel good, sit down and eat a la carte.

: a small chain of advertising dishes in the hotel proper places; the chain: a customer to tell you the dishes in this restaurant tastes good, called on everyone to this restaurant; Links: Sichuan and Hunan, Sichuan and Hot pot shops are placed advertising, recommend customers to his home taste; anchor text: direct recommend customers to eat what kind of food.


7. web site open speed

The content of the website



3. website weight

explained: simple words can be likened to the hotel would soon give customers serving, of course taking into account other factors, the analogy is not necessarily very appropriate.

relationship and website


1. spider (crawler)

Yang Wenjian how do I earn $10000 per month four7 questions for an entrepreneur’s money

financing rivers and lakes have never lacked legends. You may have heard of a lot of 5 minutes, 20 million Restroom fix fix investor miraculous legend, even you decide to venture is subject to these legends stimulation. But what I want to say is that the legend is only legend forever. One minute on the stage takes ten years. You only see the bright side of him, without seeing his hard work behind the scenes.

my sister and sister network uses a single line space, and many members react too slowly to me. Later understand, just know the reason, they are all Netcom users, and mine is Telecom single line space, in order to solve this problem, I am looking for a IDC server.

no need, reading rich life. If you think this article is written well, please reprint the collection to read the next time, reprinted, annotated author Yang Wenjian :251022543 and source Yang Wenjian network marketing >


play money, is to make money from the money, to spend money, you should be equal to anything money. Only in this way, you can be considered a qualified CEO entrepreneurs, or investing in people’s eyes, you’re obviously not a qualified CEO, is looking for opportunities to be a more appropriate shuaishouzhanggui.

my forum uses the DISCUZ forum, because in order to communicate the needs of communication, I also added a large number of related group. Inadvertently found a network name called the first sharing network, and later I called him song ge. At that time, he was also very mentally retarded. He saw that he was the first sharing network in the country. So I added him consulting, after consulting in Taiyuan and I know he is a city, and his space is four line space, telecom, Netcom, Railcom, China Unicom four line intelligent access, I bought it in his room.

The so-called

after the start, you have to solve is how to go to financing, but to establish their own business model, want to know what I want to do what a thing, and can solve a question of what people of this thing. You have to think about it, first convince yourself, then visit investors and tell your wonderful stories.

this reminds me of my free website diagnosis, I am kind to help others, because it is free, everyone does not cherish. Again, let me think of my this "I am how to earn 10000 dollars a month", because it is free, we are not serious to see. I should not the sale price to be continued?. The next set of passive aspect to earn a pot of gold

1 Q: how do you pay from the VC pocket?

2 Q: how do you pay from the user’s pocket?

takes money out of the VC pocket and only makes you have a nice start. If you want to be happy, you have to learn to pay from the pockets of your users. The problem is solved and you’ll never be kicked out of the capital. You’ll always be the boss of your own company.

1, did your product really find the user’s pain point?

, now, go back to the bottom and ask yourself the following 7 questions to perfect the 7 things that an entrepreneur has to do with money.

the user is God, God also support your dreams. But if you want to take money from their pockets and let them support you, you have to have real skills.

no matter how smart, noble, and elegant you are, as an entrepreneur, you can’t avoid the fact that the top priority for business companies is to make money and make money. Therefore, entrepreneurs must learn to play with money.

really is the most expensive, if he had persuaded me to give him 200 dollars for the agency fee, I think through this agency to earn back the 200 dollars, then certainly by mass promotion, so I can earn me a year earlier in the first pot of gold network. Song elder brother is a kind hearted want to help me, so free agent to me, but I did not do it. If he had insisted that I pay 200 dollars to my agency, I would like to have two kinds of cases, the first song brother: I feel this person is not a good stuff, always want to earn my money I do not. Second: I paid 200 yuan agent fees, and then through what he said "" mass do.

‘s true skill is your product. It’s the right thing to decide if you can pay from the user’s pocket. Now ask yourself two questions:

at the same time, I do not know the relevant knowledge, and I am not confident enough. To get the agency has not yet acted, and later I have proved through practice that he said group mass promotion is a very effective way of promotion.

The secret of

financing is definitely a technical activity, but this technology is not complicated. Investors pay attention but it’s only a few core elements: 1, what is your business model, to solve the problem, how to make money; 2, the size of the market, is the space to imagine you in this matter in the market; 3, the core team is what you do with this expert in something.

, these three things are settled. Maybe 5 minutes, and 20 million will happen to you tomorrow.

because he is in the same city, and he knows more than I do. I often ask him this question, I asked him what is currently on the network to make money, that you represent my space is very good ah. He said that agents generally have to pay 200 of the agency fees, because I and a city, so free of charge to my agent platform. Then tell me, to group promotion is a good way. At that time I thought, I was not stupid, want to become a free labor force to promote products for him, he earned differential profits.

Zeng Wei talk about the advantages and disadvantages of personal webmaster


With the development of the network of

is ignored, engaged in this industry more and more people, individual stationmaster is also increasing, personal station looks is a form to fight a lone battle team, though power is relatively weak, but a lot of people earn a lot of money, as one of my friends began to engage in their own website from 08 now, every month in the online collection of more than 30 thousand stable, accumulation of technology, experience and contacts is also very wide, is a grassroots webmaster, can also have a "rich" life.

There are a lot of

personal webmaster, a mix of good mixing of the change is helpless driven to distraction, a part-time job, a variety of forms, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Shanghai Association of policy networks to talk about personal webmaster (only some personal point of view):

one, personal Adsense advantage:

1, personal webmaster no system, quite free

system with respect to the regulations of the company, it is the freedom of individual stationmaster, strict requirements in general now network companies have a time, don’t be late for work, work can not leave early, sometimes even had to work overtime in accordance with the business; and personal webmaster is said to myself, can completely according to their own habits to arrange. It is not arranged, such as night until two or three in the morning, the morning to sleep until ten o’clock that night, some personal webmaster can let oneself quiet down to work, this is a personal webmaster have the advantage.

2, order optimization, talk about the whole family is

work in the company to pick up the list, also need according to the provisions of the company, with a single to a few percent of the smoke, a careful think very worthwhile, if connected to a single twenty percent cut, it is very worthwhile; and individual stationmaster meet a single full cost belong to you, now whether or SEO website optimization and promotion, prices are relatively high, the profit is relatively large, with few list you can make yourself too easily, another advantage of this is the personal webmaster.

two, personal Adsense deficiencies:

1, no team support, very limited strength,

personal power again how powerful but also fight a team, like playing basketball, a strong team and there is no way to get the championship; individual webmaster have this weakness from the site to optimize each link to do by yourself, every article, every chain must their own hands to send, it will feel very tired, but the effect is poor, after all, a genius for 24 hours, eating and sleeping are removed, can not do what thing, once the site right down, you have a secretly depressed, struggling.

2, single order optimization, poor trust, blocking multiple

as a network company, customers see, after all, have the strength, after all, reliable, they are for

How can the site survive in 2017

Internet is accelerating and iteration, this change every day and all the time, affect our behavior to every household who have a WeChat, this fusion power in virtually faster.

then, for a large number of new webmaster and many old webmaster, how can the website survive in 2017?


this problem, I’m afraid for the new webmaster more care about such topics, after all, for the old driver, this seems to be no problem.

why? What’s the difference between them? Or what’s the magic,


one. Amazing leopard

we all know that the leopard is the land of the fastest, every hour can run hundreds of kilometers, but there is such a high speed, there is a very fast heart rate, if the leopard ran for several hours, the consequences will be very serious, will immediately die, this is terrible. This is like some new webmaster, like this kind of magic leopard, in fact, most of the webmaster may be so short time, very magical.

and the old drivers had insight into the future, changes in the market, the old driver who does not stop the change, you know.


two. The survival of


so what should I do in 2017,


for this website with both PC and mobile platforms, whether it is business or personal, are all want to make the chance of survival through the website, but in fact, most friends are wrong, in earlier years we can through the website to survive, and even made their fortune, since 2014-2016 during this period, the outbreak of the site, site weight fast, what kind of website are also easy in those years, but with the passage of time, now the site of competition more and more, increasing the threshold. The difficulty becomes more and more natural.

How does

do that,


1. research force

this is what study? Understand, so in what force? The key breakthrough is your products, services, content, change from the content of these trace, although they have been said that bad, that is a lot of enterprises or individuals in fact, product development, service quality, the quality of the content. Didn’t do enough research, if can delve into the 70% that is also good, in fact most of study from four to 50%, but these are not what competitive. So, how do you do real research,


2. optimization force

for the website, if the nature of things done enough as a product or service is already on the market can be favored by the users of words, such as website optimization, mobile optimization, APP optimization, these are the needs of enterprises with the corresponding optimization of talent, even if a universal, so many talent reserve is also possible, is to "

I make a summary of English Websites

did a few English stations, including successes and failures, and made a summary today,

English station is indeed more profitable than Chinese station

is the first obvious is more advertising only accept English station, there are a lot of advertising tend to put advertising in the English station, that is to say English station will be able to choose more advertising, can make more money.

is also the price, advertisement price is the market changes with advertisers to the changes, the main market is Europe and the United States English station and other economically developed countries and regions, the advertiser’s competition is more fierce, so the advertising price is usually higher than the advertising, a few times or even several times.

English station is more difficult than Chinese station

, whether it is for English or not understand English webmaster, do an English station is more difficult. The English stands are more competitive than the Chinese stations, because the competition among advertisers is so fierce, so the publisher’s competition is very fierce. There are hundreds of competitors in any type of site. It’s hard to make an English stand and do it well.

The biggest problem of

China English face is the webmaster do stand, and relatively pay attention to news and other information content copyright, if a copy or acquisition way to get content very easily to complain, this will be the advertising and search engine punishment. Then the flow, although many webmaster optimization Chinese station more powerful, but in using search engines for English site traffic and found inadequate, search engine optimization, the gap is not small in different languages.

of course, there is also a good job. The publisher has a few stationmaster forum from Guangdong, through the Google search engine optimization will be a lot of popular keywords are ranked at the very top, actually this station does not do English station and diverted to provide optimal service and you can have a good income. What’s more, their experience can not be duplicated, and such people are few and far between.

for those who don’t understand English at all, I suggest that we should find something more meaningful to do. There is no better suggestion than that.

Google Adsense high unit price keywords

can stimulate the webmaster to do English station or online circulation of English keywords list, when the novice see click, there are more than a dozen or tens of dollars of income, will be desperate to practice. In addition, there are also many online detractors who claim all day in each big forum he earned click through dozens of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, with some people can find that people are usually by showing off to meet their own vanity, or create a atmosphere to sell his collection to the English data.

, if you’re crazy about high priced English keywords, you’d better register an Google Adwords account to experience it

The top ten entrepreneurial projects favored by women were the following five

entrepreneurship regardless of men and women, but some projects are more suitable for women to do. So in the previous survey found that, in general, women prefer the top ten entrepreneurial projects are the following five:

Color Gallery flower mud mud to make paintings are called flower painting, has been very popular in foreign countries, the domestic has just started. If you are in the vicinity of the school or open a flower mud Gallery, aimed at students doing business quasi money. Investment: total investment of 2600 yuan. Among them: the rent 500 yuan / month, banners of $40, shelves of $60, the table of 5 yuan, the chair of the 30 yuan, a simple renovation fee of $100, a license fee of $20, raw materials, 1200 yuan, 300 yuan. Marketing methods: divided into mud sales of finished products, their own production and sales of raw materials in 3 parts. If the finished painting, and mounted on the frame, according to the price of its core frame, 15 cm × 20 cm, 20 cm; × 25 cm, 30 cm × 40 cm; three kinds of specifications, charges 20 yuan each, 30 yuan and 50 yuan; if the student made, charges 10 yuan, 30 each yuan; if not loaded frame, charges 5 yuan, 8 yuan, 15 yuan; the sale of single flower mud bottle (30 grams) 2-3 yuan, also have a net profit of $1-2. Item four:

Outdoor advertising Ma’anshan increased regulation

in our daily lives, large and small advertising everywhere, which, to a certain extent, help enterprises play a certain role in publicity, but the image of the city as a whole is very harmful. Outdoor advertising is an important part of urban environmental landscape, outdoor advertising is good, help beautify the city appearance, enhance the image of the city, improper settings, it will damage the image of the city.

this year, the city urban management department combined to create a civilized city, Ying seized the twenty-eighth Li Bai Poetry Festival, 2016 cross strait fair electronic key activities, intensify supervision of all types of outdoor advertising signs, and create a healthy, clean and beautiful city in the visual environment.

city urban management department combined with routine inspections, strengthening the city entrance outdoor advertising signs supervision, timely update the worn advertising images, real-time tracking of coordination and supervision of the property unit centralized public advocacy advertising content; at the same time, to carry out centralized rectification action, timely cleaning, broken mess hanging sorting chaos group door signage, wall advertising, roof large advertising, has clear sparkle Avenue, Jiuhua Road, Huo India road and other sections of the damaged picture advertising and go about 900 square meters, to investigate and punish illegal under construction at the door 8.

Ma’anshan outdoor advertising regulation, not only conducive to the beauty of the city, but also to allow reasonable competition between enterprises to form a virtuous. In addition, the roof of large billboards Mopai, of which more than administrative licensing terms, there are security risks on top of the big, according to the property that the classification of mail delivery way issued a rectification notice, and urge rectification. Overdue rectification, will be removed according to law.

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The ice cream franchise market Unlimited Business Opportunities

now, with the people’s living standard continues to improve, many people are more and more demand for dessert, ice cream has always been the best-selling items, in many brands, ME.E delicious ice cream that people can not resist, a lot of people are fond of ME.E ice cream, entrepreneurs choose to join the ME.E ice cream, can create a wealth of life.

ME.E ice cream

ME.E ice cream with a genuine taste delicious, so sweet taste in the tongue slowly into the heart. A ME.E, sugary love. ME.E ice cream headquarters to join the customer service for the purpose, integrity management, to adapt to market trends, the main health food ice cream, with another drink, snacks, desserts, afternoon tea and other diversified taste. So that consumers do not have to run around for a variety of food. ME.E ice cream has ten magic series, fancy ice cream, ice cream cakes, ice hockey, sundaes, magic cone, storm water, cold ice cream, bubble tea, ice lolly, cool frappuccino.

snow Karen ice cream

snow Karen ice cream franchise brands to provide customers with the characteristics of delicious ice cream, material stress, strict selection of raw materials, to ensure that green organic harmless, the production process to ensure that the sterile, to ensure the quality of green health. The main innovation of science and art, not only do not eat fat, also very nutritious, how can not attract? No matter in the business circle, snack street, pedestrian street, near the school, residential areas, parks, amusement parks, attractions, railway stations, ports and so on can you think of the place, business is booming, rich taste, unique design, so that every consumer love Karen snow ice cream, the supreme achievements of his fortune.

romantic love ice cream

romantic love ice cream in the "compound management model, a new type in addition to the main theme of a series of romantic love ice cream ice cream products, on this basis, with desserts, pastries, beverages, snacks and other delicacy, completely subvert the traditional ice cream stores a single product line, the fashion beauty and romantic lovers, women, children, the elderly, business people, white-collar petty audience catch! It is no exaggeration to say that the equivalent of Italian ice cream shop, Taiwan tea shop, icy cool drink shop, Fresh Juice coffee shops, dessert, homemade yogurt shop, Taiwan snack, fried mutton roast shop eight stores combined a romantic love to open a franchise store.

Taiwan ice time

ice time fresh ice cream tea is a variety of delicious diversified delicious ice cream shop, drinks and other characteristics of everything delicious, enjoy a station. Fresh tea ice cream ice cream to redefine the meaning of excellence in taste and style, won the favorite diner. Over the years with a number of media

Xiangba Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang join is very reliable choice for all

for the string of delicious food to join the project, has been very much concern. In fact, the choice of business to join the shangpa Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang, is very good. An open their own kingdom shangpa Chuanchuan Xiang stores, good market opportunities, entrepreneurs need not worry!

shangpa Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang joined? Shangpa Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang is a virtue of word-of-mouth won wide known special snack shop. Xiangba Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang innovation launched its unique health and ecological health characteristics of delicacy, shangpa Kingdom string flavor have a unique style, its natural, green, nutrition, delicious food, a stop chopsticks praise. Now investors join the shangpa Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang naturally with its influence and reputation by rapid locking consumers recognized, to create more revenue.

joined the shop at the beginning of the headquarters for each investor will give support. Headquarters franchisee everywhere for the sake, from every detail for the franchisee to consider how to reduce the cost of investment, from the decoration to the opening toward the right track, there are professionals to guide, each tiny link will not join their consideration, let franchisees in the management process more worry.

small business how to choose to join the shangpa Kingdom Chuanchuan Xiang? Worthy of trust. In the food and beverage market, the food market, very hot, very hot. If you join the shangpa kingdom of Chuanchuan Xiang project, is also very exciting. Act up! Realize our wonderful life!