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Stone Ji crack site optimization program code



Heading label is also called the H label, the HTML language in a total of six kinds of size heading label is a label "HTML emphasizes on the text of the title, to tag < h1> < h2> < h3> < h6> definition header six different text size tags, the essence is to show the content structure. A total of six words, from big to small, which shows the importance of the decline, also is to reduce weight. The H tag directly tell the user, "that part is important, which is not so important. H tag guide search engine, "which is an important content. To search engines, < h> the main significance is to tell the search engine of the label is a text or title that is the subject, emphasize, weight h tag will be higher than Strong. The title tag (H1-H6) is an important place by the keywords, the label should include the most important keywords in the text, pointed out that the noble baby algorithm, < and < h> /h>; direct header text, some more than in other parts of the article have more important significance, but the main Title too easy to use adverse effects are used to modify the page, is the title of the page, the title of the article, < h1> Central Department of the main keywords. < h1> as close as possible to the in HTML < body> tag, the closer the better, so that the search engine’s fastest taste theme.

3. website

1. site code to the standard

Delete redundant code labels Each

2. focus, use the H

this is a WWW standard. Now the Web2.0 standard has been out in Henan last year the owners meeting, Shanghai engineers love to this problem once explained. Don’t write website code size (Web1.0 mixed mixed case), with all lowercase, according to the standard way to show the future search engine, search engine will be more and more strict, we write the code of the website should be standard.

website is built by the program, a web program is directly related to the promotion of the site later. General in the website before the parts design, how to design the website more perfect, more perfect site layout.

programmers have the habit of writing code, sometimes according to their willingness to write code, sometimes there will be some extra code, like this can the brief is simple, convenient spiders letter >


in the Web1.0 era, there are many websites on the writing is not very standard. When the site definition should pay attention to the standard, for example:

The depth of excavation using keywords bring traffic

for example input "Australia" in the word of love and love of Shanghai index, Shanghai related search will appear in the "Australian National University" and "Australia" Australia "Australia" tourism "and other related key words. Then use the "Australian National University" as the extension of the long tail word, such as: Australian National University, the Australian National University that school is better. The technique can also be used to expand the other long tail keywords. The best word to the long tail word appears 3~4 key words in the article.

index in Shanghai mining the long tail keywords love

said the noble baby is humanization, which I also identify. When the input keywords in the noble baby keyword tool box, keyword prompt keywords will according to the key input of all people search, and choose from the low level of competition, and the monthly search volume is high, preserved as the extension of the long tail word.

, thank you!

love Shanghai mining the long tail word

1, using the We

2, using the noble baby keyword tool mining the long tail keywords

if a website’s core keywords choose the words, and a keyword ranking is good, every day can bring hundreds of thousands of traffic to your site. So if the depth of mining, and each key words are made of a passage, the flow is obviously. And the long tail keywords can be obtained from: Shanghai love index, noble baby keyword tool, love Shanghai, love Shanghai related search drop-down box etc.. The idsem team Wang Yapeng to explain one by one the depth of mining, the article bring traffic.

3, the love of Shanghai mining the long tail word

4, the use of

the method expands the long tail keywords, will bring some long-term use of soft flow. The above by the idsem team of Wang Yapeng’s original, reproduced please leave the copyright from Australia Chinese network students: 贵族宝贝idaus贵族宝贝/blog-6-92.html,

drop-down box

in the search keywords, search relevant keywords will appear at the bottom of the love of Shanghai, from the mining of value, in accordance with the above method to expand the long tail keywords.

in Shanghai love input box input "Australia", the search term Australia Australia visa fees, and Australia conditions the word love Shanghai in the drop-down box, select the long tail word can be extended to write articles, and to each of the long tail word extension does not less with 10 articles, role of monopoly key words.

The optimization share several important factors that affect the weights of the website

: first the stability of website space. The stability of the web server, this is the effect of spider visit the website and user experience one of the most important factors is the key to update the site, every day I will regularly, because if the server factors cause a spider to visit a site in a fixed time period can appear every three five similar problems will undoubtedly affect the site in the degree of trust of the search engine spider, reduce the access frequency and number, similarly, excellent websites tend to have their own loyal customers, often downtime will greatly affect the user experience, reduce our loyal users of the web of trust degree, this combination will undoubtedly affect our website in search engine the performance and affect the weight of our web site.

second: the quality of Links. Now many sites especially new sites to find more Links, often the size of all, no matter what others would like to exchange the station as long as I accept, I suggest, although the new weight is relatively low, and the quality of the site may be temporarily Gao Quanzhonggao exchange connection is a little difficult, but we do not be discouraged, first of all, do their own website optimization and update our website weight and website snapshot slowly grow up, this is the foundation, to continue efforts to our website ranking after trying to find friendship connection, I think this time will be a little easier. Secondly, when exchange links to pay attention to the correlation site connected, as far as possible and our web site exchange site connection, because the correlation factors also affect one of our website weight and key factors ranked last, to remind you to regularly check their website links, site downtime problems should be promptly met each other and if the other Party Adsense communication, we removed the malicious connection, we communicate clear reason and webmaster, see if the problem on us, friendly communication solution, if it is more malicious out our connection, we should also not hesitate this time, regularly check the site friendship connection can reduce the impact on our friendship connection the weights of the website for the first time, the two aspects of the friendship connection should be no big problem what The.

as everyone knows, website optimization ranking process, there are many factors affecting the weights of the website, I share with you today is to do their own efforts can do and can do some daily factor that can influence the weights of the website and share with you, although these factors are all familiar with, but whether it can be done. Do let it play its should play effect, is worth pondering and understanding of things, I own a website operation in the process of optimizing maintenance and improve the site ranking in some of the basic methods of website weight and operational details and everybody to share. Good gossip short continued, we enter today’s theme, discuss basic factors affecting the weights of the website.

third: website content quality. The higher the content of the site is search engine included, the possibility is bigger, the website included on the basic of the next day received.

sh419, Robin Li and 90 talk about jobs 80 graduation into the system sad!Dark horse alliance 07 Comm


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

settlement period is: 07 years in December 1st, -12 31.

the member who has not issued a copy of the ID card, please send the copy to zym@heima8’s mailbox as soon as possible.

sh419 products pay for the time: 15-20



please check your account. If you have any questions or no payment, please contact our customer service staff.

, Tencent, October 23rd, sh419 chairman and CEO Robin Li visited Nanjing University on the evening of October 21st, and conducted a technical and career dialogue at the South Grand stadium with more than 3500 students.

in addition to the idea of 90 jobs, Robin Li in the dialogue also share some of sh419’s progress in the field of artificial intelligence. He mentioned sh419 brain, sh419Eye and other artificial intelligence products, these two products are based on large data resources, when used can effectively deal with massive data, quickly return processing results.

per month

December dark horse Union Commission has been fully paid, please check members.

Abstract Robin Li said that after many 80 graduates have entered the system, "this is a very unreasonable phenomenon."".

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://union.heima8

thank you for your support for the dark horse alliance,


wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

however, when it comes to the post 90s career perspective, Robin Li’s attitude has changed. He said that the current social environment is changing, after 90, not so many people want to go to an official.

no receipt of the current account, please check whether your registered identity card and cardholder consistent, if inconsistent, please contact us. At the same time, the background registration telephone number is wrong, the member also please after correcting the information contact us.

Robin Li said that these products are sh419 accumulated over the past few years, technical achievements, the future with the progress of computer science and development, similar products and peripheral facilities will be more and more perfect.


other products pay for 20-25


per month

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

members of the League:

dark horse League

weekly payment: pay $500 per week before Friday. The month is less than 500 yuan, but the full 50 yuan is payable on the 4th week of the week.

"this generation has more opportunities to move into the business world, into an age where you can really rely on free competition and compete with market forces for your ability to judge your contribution. In these times, your innovations will certainly exceed those of the last generation, so you’re lucky you have lots of opportunities."

Robin Li said that in the past, after 80 graduates, many people have chosen to take the civil service exam, resulting in the best graduates have entered the system, "this is a very unreasonable phenomenon."". "If the most intelligent and excellent people in this society are in the system, how can the creative power of this society be brought into play?"

The Internet Map the universe that reflects the virtual side of the InternetWhy most grassroots webm


two, a large number of grassroots webmaster, competitive


the global Internet is a phenomenon of technological civilization, and its extraordinary complexity is more than anything created in the past. Essentially, what we are dealing with is huge amounts of completely unstructured information. The Internet Map tries to look at the structure behind the network, measure its enormous size, and try hard to explain what it does not know by statistics.

is why we can find these interesting contrasts from the graph because Enikeev structured the results of the network. That’s what he was doing with the map:


The Internet Map Enikeev how to draw? Get a suitable mathematical model from Daniel Tunkelang paper, obtained from NVIDIA’s Lars Nyland, Mark Harris and Jan Prins three co authored papers.

, is always working in the other rules, bound by the

, for example, the domestic SNS website, micro-blog’s development is very rapid, traffic has exceeded everyone, happy, watercress:

, we shared the "real Internet" – a large network of wires and networks. Now share the virtual side of the Internet, a vast universe of infinite universes.

is always a finger over but a fist.

in this picture, the different colors of the "Star" represents a different country site, yellow represents the lower left corner of the China site, blue represents the Middle American website, the dark blue represents Germany’s website, the red represents Russia’s website and so on.

diagram also reflects an interesting fact that hao123 traffic is still very large and that many users are still using it.


The Before

, someone described the network by 3D graphics. Enikeev is not going to follow his predecessors, but instead of turning every site into a different size, the planet is paved on a flat surface. The size of the site is determined by its traffic.

large number of this point is sure, look at what the webmaster website, do a little known ranking will enter the 4 digit, the number of visible team. The search engine before 3 pages where you go to several places, and advertising their own products, what are the impassable station, we grassroots webmaster can list of their famous and some

if you dig this map carefully, you’ll find some interesting contrasts.

, a Russian programmer, Ruslan Enikeev, in order to explore the universe, has drawn a large and beautiful "galaxy map", including the 350000 largest web sites. The name of the project is The Internet Map.

domestic four major portals, Tencent network traffic is actually the largest:

be sure, now most main source of grassroots webmaster flow is the search engine, but also their own union advertising revenue. The search engine is like a chicken farmer, we grassroots webmaster’s like they raised a chicken. They give us a small amount of feed to maintain our life, most have to rely on our own to find bugs, finally had to return their eggs. Sometimes I eat too much, too fat, just off K. If we are to act as they from first to last in the formulation of the rules of the game, turn a circle are in for their service work. To give you flow, you eat, you give me the advertisement, lay eggs, let you grow up one day, and one day old. And what are the brand benefit of large sites, like the pheasant into Phoenix, can fly, do not have to be in by farmers to broader constraints, looking for a place to eat.

three, the weak is our greatest weakness


is a hierarchical society, so is the site. Grassroots webmaster like farmers, farm income mainly depends on the force, not to sell the original processed food money. The portal and vertical websites which is a large manufacturer of packaging and processing production, by segment, sell high. Now Chinese grassroots webmaster can be said to be many, but the real money is scanty. Most of them are relying on advertising alliance which maintain a meager income, can sell monthly are rarely, even sold monthly advertising, where to go or not, remove the server costs, living expenses and other mixed fee, can earn money with a general workers almost, although working comfortable, but they worry more than tired. This is the grassroots webmaster want to break the present situation, but always very weak and afraid to retreat, nothing to lose too much. A group of people helpless, so helpless life, every day to do the same thing in the repeated, site traffic and revenue is not to rise, not bad. Days fly, people are getting old, slowly lost the fight, lost their health, lost the direction. All of a sudden feel people live is very slim, very passive, there are countless times to get out of this strange circle, but always jump out. Here’s a brief grassroots webmaster why not to earn money:


Under the economic crisis, determined to do a good job

did a year ago, a forum that is Google Adsense crazy time, therefore seize the last put a small amount of money, and later because of the strict control of the forum, spatial instability and other factors were forced to close, hard long forum now forgotten where.

a year ago, I have a strong curiosity on the stock into the stock market, it is also a crazy time, the stock rose every day, feel the money so easy, why do stand so hard hard? I never thought a fall, more or more reluctant to sell it until the 2000 evil human nature! To cruel experience from the flesh, 6000 points to 2000 points, I feel a lot of.

is also a year ago, fascinated by the domain name, had to spend 30 dollars to the domain name auction sold 800, a piece of money to pick up the domain name bought 200, feeling very profits, but God is not always patronize me, the previous high positions as too much, after all the way down some varieties also decline half,

also heavy losses!

economic crisis, the iron and steel plant losses, though we pay no less, but there is a sense of crisis, may one day become unemployed, so I have to work hard to make money, although a long time do not stand but also has been concerned about the station network, everybody said the local website has a promising future, I also want to to follow the trend, in the domain name city not to lower prices to buy thecrush of domain name

a month ago I bought my QQ connection with a website, the website I have half a year are not management too, check the PR results for 4, so that the connection can also sell to make money, I connected to 5 yuan / month the price of the sale, should be connected to the PR4 website forum the lowest price, monthly income is more than 300, the economic crisis I have seen in a new direction, so I decided to make a stand, selling links, advertise, or promising. Today, the Jilin forum is officially on the line, and no matter how difficult it may be, I will stick to it. Spring is coming,


Policy analysis the judgment and search method of high quality friendship link

now, a lot of SEOER value highly quality external links (mainly friendship links), and there are a lot of buying and selling links. Here’s what you think of high quality external links and how to look for them. About high quality links, we can in Baidu or webmaster class BBS (such as webmaster nets) find a lot of related articles, draw on the master of high quality links is how to judge.

I judge the quality of the link (mainly refers to the link) method (others talked about a lot, but basically their own experience):

1, content and their site correlation. (content related web links are better than links that are not related to content high PR sites), and personal views do the same.

2, site snapshot update speed, including Baidu, Google, of course, look at which search engine.

3, industry visibility.

4, observe the domain name and website on-line time.

5, the other side of the site export quantity, export site quality.

6, website content quality, content update cycle. (the quality of the web sites that most of the content is collected will never be very good.)

7, does the site code conform to the W3C standard?.

8, how about the user experience?.

9, the other site in search engine performance?.

10, server stability.

is more than ten own several exchange links most commonly considered, of course, many now use some contemptible means to defraud the Links also many (mainly in the search engine code and user browsing code) is not discussed here. Here’s how to find high quality links:

1, the worker wants to be good at it, must first benefit the device. Suggest new site, do not take out, looking for old station change, website editor or administrator is not a fool. Of course, you can find friends, but you don’t have to have them in every industry, so I don’t think my interpersonal relationship is within my consideration. To build a new site to site content, links, keywords optimization, user experience is good, when Baidu and Google all included, it is best to wait until after the PR update (usually a content relatively good internal links, perfect site will reach 3) in GG PR is updated to exchange with others, can to find the PR3 PR5 website, as long as your site quality is good, the general administrator will want to link with you.

2, take the initiative to find potential new sites (the same type of site). This is my one of the commonly used methods, such as many new sites in the beginning of the establishment of the search engine you can find, but in the search engine’s performance is not good, this is the weight of the website is not enough, then you can have their own analysis and judgment of the site after the judge mistakes (oh, this ability will have SEOER. >).

Thief site development status and survival

thief site and ordinary web site, there is no big difference, if you don’t carefully observe, will be blindfolded. No database, no editing, only a few pages, this is the thief site features. Its biggest feature is "stealing" – the content on the web is not provided by your server, but stolen from someone else’s Web site in real time.

has a friend sent me a web site, I opened a look, Goodfellas, and a powerful search engine was born! My friend said to me, "look at the product, what can we do?" when work is busy, I first joined the favorites. When you wait for work to open again, try to search for a keyword and find that its search results have many pages. Intuition let me at the same time in Baidu search for this keyword, the two search results should be exactly the same, originally, this is a thief site.

some friends often confuse gathering with thieves, and here I want to make a few more sentences to clarify the concept. Acquisition requirements, the webmaster prepared the database, content source, and then use the acquisition process to capture the data, insert their own database. With these data, the webmaster can "in the heart of grain, the heart is not panic". And the thief site is not so complex, the server requirements are low. It is a real-time analysis of the site, when sending a request to the server, the server to transmit the request according to a certain format conversion, and then request the target site, finally to obtain the data analysis, generate a page of your site. When this process takes time, we don’t usually think of it as a "thief site".

The biggest weakness of the

thief site is its real-time analysis. Once the target site changes, the page HTML code has changed, the thief site can not get the data correctly, thus affecting the normal operation of the site. Fortunately, the thief master familiar with the road, they are looking at their website every day, always able to find their mistakes in time. Here, do not rule out some webmaster to do a guardian program, once the target site revision, give yourself a reminder of what.

because of this weakness, we almost do not believe that the thief site! I and friends (including QQ and friends in the discussion site) the thief, they generally held the same view, can play, but absolutely no future. I think that no matter what you do, you can do better with your heart. Although the thief site limited by technical characteristics, the webmaster can work hard in other places, in order to reduce their own shortcomings. Here are some of my points of view.

first, the fault tolerance mechanism is a top priority for a thief site. In the target site revision of the first time, the thief webmaster should take what the emergency mechanism?. As I mentioned above, a program monitor is more reliable.

secondly, don’t put your eggs in one basket. The thief site is best able to get information from at least two target sites, and because two sites have little chance of revision at the same time, the thief stops

What did SEO bring me

I was a secondary school students, but also access to the Internet in recent years, because of the need to work every day to find information on the Internet in the network above, many is because I heard many stories of the wealth of networks, this has been lost and confused why sigh, I couldn’t find the entrance door of wealth, lamented the fate of why so unfair to me…… Now I am also a webmaster, real grassroots webmaster, I do not lead to the large flow, every site of IP is not much, but I really on the network Amoy to their first pot of gold, although not much, but I think at least is in the right direction, share. You can make your valuable comments.

1. contact SEO

had heard the garbage station can make money, let others website advertising, general words can make a thousand pieces, though not many, but I can not as hard as general day tired and each month also took the meager wages, but he will not do what ah, HTML, ASP and the domain name space, static and dynamic, these nouns are said to me is a new concept, because I majored in electrical and electronic, understand not tight, I can learn, do not know what we can ask Baidu, Baidu is my best teacher, what is the space domain, is a what is the Internet online service to help me answer is very clear, very expensive space domain, specifically what is forgotten, and anyway, in the Baidu search above, of course is in the front row on the first page Last, this is certainly not my personal habits, many people are accustomed to this, or why not do Baidu promotion on page second? The space domain is then energy-saving forum administrator to help me solve a guy, very warm-hearted, now we are good friends now, this forum is not known the name of the site, he took no time to get the tube. This was all right, but I still can’t do a website, or on Baidu search, what DW learned two days tired, after all I don’t get this stuff from two days, learn simple personal home page or you can toss half out, complete or toss out…… I learned later that CMS might have been designed for a lot of people like me…… Immediately tidy up the content of what the station is up, but in the vast sea and how people visit, let many people visit? Let a lot of people to the point of advertising? The chance to know the three letters SEO in stationmaster net, at that time also know a person: Qiu Shi, Baidu a search is called search engine optimization,

heard that it can do

2. learn SEO

SEO can get traffic, people may have this point of advertising, generated a lot of interest, interest is very important, so hard to find such as the SEO beginner, SEO entry, SEO advanced, and at the same time that Hu Baojie, Qiu Shida, stone, misty splendor and Wang Tong (in alphabetical order.) later on Baidu search SEO in the first row of SEO station, SEO must be >

Website design analysis no scroll bar page screen jitter phenomenon

lets the front end design help out the page, on-line test discovered that between the page switching appears the screen jitter phenomenon. Why hasn’t this compatibility problem been solved yet? But looking closely, it’s not a compatibility issue. It’s the problem of a page without scrolling. Ask front end design for solution, say no way to solve.

can’t help it. I have to search for it by myself. I believe that these things are not a problem, there must be a solution. Here’s the way I find it. Don’t laugh.

scroll bar? Look at the right side of the page. Do you notice that the students who use the Win windows operating system are not unfamiliar with the scroll bar?.

scroll bars generally appear when more than one screen is displayed. No more than one screen, generally no scroll bar appears by default.

screen jitter occurs precisely because the human eye has a distinct perception of the same page area. For example, the navigation part, usually a general head navigation station. The navigation between the two pages is partially misplaced and the 1 pixels are clearly perceived.

situation 1: the page has no scroll bar

friend network management page has 5 labels, but the switch process found almost every tab below, and navigation spacing is not the same. Wonderful flowers.

there are only 2 distinct screenshots, as follows:


friend network – looking for friends


friend network – address book

in this case, the horizontal tabs are unified with the head spacing. One pixel is neither less nor more.

case two: there are no scroll bars in the page,

page 1 has no scroll bar, and page 2 has scroll bars. There is no dislocation in the 2 pages. But only when the page is switched, the head navigation jitter occurs. The scroll bar shown on page 2 moves 15 pixels to the left.

look at your friend’s web page as follows:


friend network – no scroll bar,


friend network – with scroll bars

look, the distance from the right side of the red line is clearly offset to the left.

Google search only found the interactive design of Web scroll bars, but I didn’t talk about this phenomenon. Fortunately, in knowing about the Baidu MUX member MoonMonster, he gave me an answer

, this is the browser design problem at this stage, if you want to simply solve, you can customize a scroll bar that appears on your website