Month: November 2017

  • Love Shanghai more and more on the site within the chain

    then. We start from the website content relevance, I was the editor station of a hospital, can be said to be more or less understanding of the content of hospital station. To tell the truth, the hospital website just on-line update quantity is relatively large, we compiled four people per day 30 articles, all the pseudo original, each person assigned two columns on the distribution of disease, column page write, we are also much to each big hospital website copy and paste the modification the contents of each station can be said that the hospital does not allow nor not related to the content of the page, the site is all about the main key diseases subjects to write, such as this station is a gynecological station, so the content of all gynecological diseases related sites. You can see if you don’t believe, this correlation is justified. The other is the envy of the said hospital station mostly station group strategy, according to the thought of anorectal, gynecology, Department of ENT and other subjects respectively, then there is a station master station is the hospital’s official website, the power is not big. read more

  • On the optimization of the website do not let the road very careful on

                as for Shanghai dragon optimization into the fierce competition, it is difficult to rely solely on the primary key again to enhance the development of space website. Even if a large site remains the same, from the user perspective but more important is the long tail keywords. Using the concept of Many a little make a mickle. to fight a long tail competition game. The importance of the long tail word long tail under the effect is remarkable. If the long tail word do very well, for example: if a word has 10 IP, if the one thousand long tail word can bring tens of thousands of IP, as can be imagined if things go on like this accumulation continue to bring traffic is very considerable. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon, so the traffic is more stable, unless the search engine on your hair, otherwise it will affect the small range of flow rate adjustment will not be too big. Who can use the long tail words better capture traffic, is actually who can grasp the users’ search habits, accurate understanding of the user’s search for content, humanization of the layout of the word long tail is undoubtedly the most stable way to improve traffic, because the search engine is more and more towards the development of humanity. From the initial stack keywords, can flow, now gradually towards intelligent, can be. read more