How to do the game website optimization

third, the extrapolation of construction, for each station are very important, not high quality to the chain for the website support force is not enough, and the chain can not only enhance the website brand word exposure rate, but also can bring a lot of traffic flow for the site, a site of life to carry on premise. At the same time also can put the latest information recently provided to users, so as to convey the information.

I through game keyword search, see the first 2 pages of the website, I shall not admire game website is still pretty good at doing optimization, not only the user experience is in place, and the optimization of doing well, remember I used to love playing games in the 4399 platform, and now many children also love playing on this platform. So how to optimize the game site, then with Li Jinguo together to explore. read more

Love why Shanghai included the chain deleted

this is the most important point, if you in the forum post or post quality is not high, not to mention search engines for you to delete, delete easily see the moderator. That some friends said: my content are original, some people see, why? If so, I can say that you are purely in order to send the chain and the chain! We don’t just see someone enough? Not enough! You this one your chain, this article also brings much benefit to your site, you need is to make the article can bring readers interaction and resonance, debate, this can become hot, essence, so your survival rate is high, the top is not afraid of read more

How to analyze the visitors to the site of the heat from the cold data


to see a website user experience is friendly, one of the most direct indicator is the user to stay on your site, assuming you are a visitor, if you go to a user friendly experience of the poor site, you can’t stop it. We can apply this method to the user to our site. As shown below:

every day we have to view the site in the statistical information flow of information and PV, but many owners just stay in the figures are rising, while ignoring another problem which reflected the. We can be reflected from these values in the site’s user friendly experience. First, our statistical tools generally be classified as an independent visitor flow data and new independent visitor data, we can use the two data check to check the number of users see the value of the two visit to our site, also can show the visitors to the site. read more

Love Shanghai launched collective punishment against the domain name trading phenomenon


: first love Shanghai a move that what kind of attitude

algorithm 2 began on Scindapsus news site, the first step is to fight against the soft trading phenomenon, the second step is the two level domain name trading phenomenon, these news sites for the impact is relatively large, especially outstanding in many local news sites. I guess the big love Shanghai news site is not easily moved, for small and medium sized news sites, if pure trading in the two level domain name or directory, then Shanghai will set an example of love. Local news site is sure to face a reshuffle, as the news site operators, whether already has a psychological preparation, timely adjust to avoid the harm. Stop the sale of two level domain name, do not risk their lives, for those who intend to buy this link friends, presumably also should be some convergence, buy the same link risk is not small. Unless you have experience, otherwise I would advise you to be careful, not to joke about the customer’s site, of course, still can do experiments on read more

The new year should pay attention to the details of the internal web site optimization processing

needs to be very helpful, this is our treatment among second points, according to the main page keywords distribution thermal click adjustment, also need to constantly expand our main key resources, and occupied the main user focus on

! !The analysis for website data


station, for chain management, dead links, and so are the redirection we need to carefully track, and the need for changes in the treatment, we need long-term industry experience and a large number of data processing and analysis to some of the more subtle adjustment, in fact as long as the process continued many times, the site will change changes imperceptibly, still less. read more

How to find the area of the target group

three, why am I so an idea.

for large range the target group, they find they often go to the forum, blog, micro-blog, WeChat there, but we set the area is small, can not form such a fixed population, and we go to the blog, micro-blog, WeChat to find the area of the target, so need to strong marketing ability, but we can’t do that. I think in the depression do not know what other methods can be close to the target group?

I in a square recently, do delivery service. I want to through the Internet, and it is a docking target group. Then I do not know how to do. According to the rules of the square within the office inside the staff, are my target customers through the network, how do I contact them? If the blog, micro-blog, WeChat, marketing ability is not so strong. Best of all, in the square inside people go to a place. That is the best situation, but there is no such a situation. Do not know if you have what merit? read more

The website of Shanghai dragon like fighting a brave man

ancient battlefield war between the execution of the team is often a far greater role than tactics, empty talk is impossible to win the war. This is the website of Shanghai dragon, empty optimization well, the three days of fishing, two days, or give up halfway, so the website optimization will have good rankings who do not believe. Making a good website optimization strategy, we must insist on the implementation of it, to achieve the ultimate detail, strict demands on themselves, I believe that no keywords cannot overcome. read more

Love of Shanghai site instruction query page to upgrade Shanghai dragon Er help

site search command upgrade, this is an opportunity or a challenge to our Shanghai dragon it? This is obvious for the Shanghai dragon provides a simple website data analysis, from these data we can easily understand the information to our website. The upgrade to the Shanghai dragon site instruction page is our targeted to improve the site quality and meet the requirements of the search engine index. Now we have for this upgrade simple talk about love for us by Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er welfare. read more

How to correctly select the Shanghai dragon company

under normal circumstances, the exclusion of those.

optimization 1, try to abandon the studio

5, ranking

if you are in Shanghai, or Beijing, then find the corresponding Shanghai dragon company, if it is relatively remote, try to find a local well-known company, after all, inter regional cooperation, the general people do not worry, but if you are in the network technology is not well developed in the city, it was suggested that

2, find a local company


this is the most intuitive optimization standard, not by selling mouth to blow, but see how technology for water, their rankings can best reflect, I always tell the client, if their rankings are based on the bidding in the front row, then the company can be completely abandoned, because now read more

shlf1314 AdSense will be updated to promote5 major reasons for the failure of nternet start ups

thanks a lot of publishers for their support of the AdSense promotion program. I hope this adjustment will not cause any inconvenience to you. Thank you for your understanding.

Internet Co in the early entrepreneurs may be lucky enough to get a lot of unexplained income, income includes advertising revenue, and mixed business, and in most cases, the answer is to accept this model. In fact, this is a mistake because many failed Internet Co proved that none of them really built a long-term viable income model read more

Stone Ji crack site optimization program code


Heading label is also called the H label, the HTML language in a total of six kinds of size heading label is a label "HTML emphasizes on the text of the title, to tag < h1> < h2> < h3> < h6> definition header six different text size tags, the essence is to show the content structure. A total of six words, from big to small, which shows the importance of the decline, also is to reduce weight. The H tag directly tell the user, "that part is important, which is not so important. H tag guide search engine, "which is an important content. To search engines, < h> the main significance is to tell the search engine of the label is a text or title that is the subject, emphasize, weight h tag will be higher than Strong. The title tag (H1-H6) is an important place by the keywords, the label should include the most important keywords in the text, pointed out that the noble baby algorithm, < and < h> /h>; direct header text, some more than in other parts of the article have more important significance, but the main Title too easy to use adverse effects are used to modify the page, is the title of the page, the title of the article, < h1> Central Department of the main keywords. < h1> as close as possible to the in HTML < body> tag, the closer the better, so that the search engine’s fastest taste theme. read more

Shanghai dragon Handan blind imitation optimization eliminate is affected

: a blind imitation of tangible atheistic

every success must have this side of it or in millions of new in order to be different, such as how to torrent sites: hao123 year talent shows itself? The success comes from convenient, no one was on the field, he was successful. And later appeared in countless similar sites, but there are a few can really do it? Even do also need strong financial backing to do security.

on the other hand, some owners really make a stand in the heart, want to behave with high quality development in quantity, but not according to the impetuous heart. At the sight of others after the success they want to imitate to make a stand, but if can imitate and succeed, how will your turn? Even if the copy structure is still not the development of the core. Innovation is the mainstream of the times, not only to innovation by imitating to succeed, is always with the others behind, and how to appear vividly in read more

Shanghai Dragon 3 era forum outside the chain of how to do

correlation forums, using code to find your own website and relevant forum, with the name of the site as a user name registration, the head set to the website logo. A lot of relevant forums are not directly linked, and some is also affected by the "impact" forum signature love Shanghai Lee on the quality of the chain can be cancelled, some related to the theme of the site quality posts and pictures, a picture of great domain watermarking;

Shanghai dragon

signature, the signature effect is not big, often helpless before use. But can’t connect with high weight forum, to increase the chain included the use of signature; promotion of soft paper cannot be sent, send your theme posts with signature; read more

Shanghai dragon is not short of why experts say so

, will go to read Lu Songsong’s blog every day, read an article can write some experience, summarize some experience, but in the last two years more and less loose brother blog update, a daily habit of opening his blog, see is some Adsense cast manuscript, feel like watching the news every day as seen after it is turned, not what substantive things can be learned, Lu Songsong still imperceptibly into the blog webmasters to post promotion platform, unlike other platforms is the strict examination, the quality of soft soft, loose hope brother not to see these after I started. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services replacing the head of the menace from the rear

rapid increase keyword ranking

fast promotion website weight

Shanghai dragon

website after A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, can make your site more accord with search engine habits, outside the chain, allowing you to use less time and money, the rapid increase in the keyword ranking. We all know the importance of the chain for the website ranking, and the construction of the chain and require a lot of time, and time is money, but Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services can solve your concerns in this regard. read more

Some practical skills summary of Shanghai Longfeng station optimization


, using the HTML structure

two, spend more time on the Title label

We all know that

keyword appears in the page is better before

Three, the

Title tag is equivalent to writing our title, write the title of the article and the most important premise, the search engine is very important for the Title tag at present, and love Shanghai support Title length longer than ever before, can only display in front of the ellipsis text, it can also display the ellipsis. I suggest that the Title label should be put before the main keyword, followed by some long tail keywords used to assist the main keywords, keyword segmentation also suggested "|" symbol segmentation, for example: if the page is relevant and the beauty of knowledge, so the title as "| beauty beauty knowledge skills | how to learn the beauty –XXX beauty network". read more

Shanghai 2 after the release of love green baskets how should we choose to release the soft

although the wolf has come, but we do not need to complete panic, after all this is soft release of the 5 typical examples in Shanghai love green baskets 2 algorithm given can be seen, you need to deal with seriously soft release. Honest, honest also love Shanghai, you only do the sincere love, Shanghai will naturally feel, now I make a analysis:

so that we do not need to panic love Shanghai luluo algorithm 2, just to be honest to the love of Shanghai will recognize you.

July 1st love Shanghai launched green baskets, algorithm 2, focus on the soft chain. Since the love of Shanghai shield forum signature, message forum outside the chain, the chain SNS community after a major move. We want to promote the website to find the chain resources have brought great challenges. read more

Small and medium sized enterprises how to deal with the love of Shanghai bidding adjustment strategy

advertising is only four, the entrance flow competitive degree bigger, but the back transformed competitors are reduced. Because the original flow by more than 10 up, now only 4 home competition. Once in the flow entrance, results are likely to be better than before. So it’s important to concern at this time to enter the page keywords marketing force

: in the case of limited funds, instead of spending more money to promote a number of pages, average flow rate; as focusing on the promotion of a page. We can first focus on one category, a profit model, with a single page promotion, concentrate on open up the entire system. read more

Sogou search super Tsuburi from the inside is more close to the people

account login system + WeChat public search platform, more down to earth

has more than 600 million users of WeChat is undoubtedly the biggest social platform, the most attractive to young people. Through the cooperation with the WeChat platform, WeChat Sogou search exclusive on-line public platform, success in the general search in the "breakthrough", becoming the only one full search platform. At the same time through the analysis of user needs, the relevant information be arranged one by one, to better meet the needs of diverse users search, Sogou search makes the difference advantage will further strengthen. read more

Shanghai dragon is a life long learning technology

Internet is one of the world’s fastest growing industry all the changes in the industry, especially the development of the search engine is very rapid in recent years. We chose Shanghai dragon in this industry, you have to keep the industry changes along, the slightest mistake could be left behind". Remember the last time I share with you the "Shanghai dragon is a never-ending road". So in this industry Shanghai dragon learning is a never-ending road. Remember the past, often with friends say, Shanghai dragon is a constantly changing technology. Is a technology live. Before the work is color, color is a dead, learned to never forget, never out of date. Today you use black and white grey will be transferred, after ten years of black and white or grey dead that is equal to, I said. But the search engine is not the case, a year ago and now the algorithm may have very different, not to mention ten years. I believe the future will change faster. I said so much just want to warn you of Shanghai dragon is a life-long learning technology, there may not be the day that you achieve success and win recognition as long as you are, in this industry, you have to keep learning. I see a lot of friends take a stand up optimization thought his practice into Shanghai dragon, then relax down. But lax is the biggest crisis. Since I do Shanghai dragon had a strong sense of urgency, and hope that we can have this kind of consciousness, that is to learn. May be some friends will ask how to learn read more