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How to do the game website optimization

third, the extrapolation of construction, for each station are very important, not high quality to the chain for the website support force is not enough, and the chain can not only enhance the website brand word exposure rate, but also can bring a lot of traffic flow for the site, a site of life to carry on premise. At the same time also can put the latest information recently provided to users, so as to convey the information.

I through game keyword search, see the first 2 pages of the website, I shall not admire game website is still pretty good at doing optimization, not only the user experience is in place, and the optimization of doing well, remember I used to love playing games in the 4399 platform, and now many children also love playing on this platform. So how to optimize the game site, then with Li Jinguo together to explore.

first, optimize the game website, this is an important step in the station optimization, including website design, construction within the chain construction, the first is whether the design page design, home page, list page, content page is very important, to give people a structure clear site architecture (to clearly, at the same time) at this time also to consider how to do within the chain, the two step is closely linked, the next is the author of the article, mainly introduced about the game, the Raiders, experience and experience, while providing answers to these questions, in fact, is to focus on improving the user experience, not only to retain old customers, and constantly attract new customers.

I am about to introduce these, actually very good small details or to pay attention to, such as domain names, domain name space, which we all know how, and to achieve the optimal site code, as long as a little code is not a problem, then the background (for maintenance and operation the data analysis is very important), so the optimization of a website is not easy, perseverance, with a common attitude towards it.

recently encountered a friend (mainly through the network understanding), started to chat very understanding, to ask me about what kind of game behind the search engine optimization, the main cast me, I rarely play games, don’t answer, just know that I used to play in the school, Plants vs. Zombies nrburgring these first, ask me, I think this game how to operate it? At first I thought it is difficult to optimize, probably check the game some of the more famous website, all of a sudden I at a glance.

How should the station Optimization for the game site

second, soft marketing? In fact it’s marketing is not very strong, as long as you can provide game enthusiasts valuable content is enough, when the game enthusiasts have problems, as long as we provide a forum dedicated to solve the problem for him, so the user experience is very good, but also can improve the website retention time and page website page number.

Love why Shanghai included the chain deleted

this is the most important point, if you in the forum post or post quality is not high, not to mention search engines for you to delete, delete easily see the moderator. That some friends said: my content are original, some people see, why? If so, I can say that you are purely in order to send the chain and the chain! We don’t just see someone enough? Not enough! You this one your chain, this article also brings much benefit to your site, you need is to make the article can bring readers interaction and resonance, debate, this can become hot, essence, so your survival rate is high, the top is not afraid of

there is no doubt that the search engine’s database is very large, but it has a limit. So for the normal operation of the database, the database will clear some old, old far information. So our solution is also very simple, is to continuously update information, the old chain disappeared, new chain up, so it will not have influence on the weight of the website.

do the chain testing room is a very important work in the Shanghai dragon, which fully reflects your work. My colleagues including our own have encountered a phenomenon that I post this afternoon to search engine included, tomorrow or several days when testing how it does not exist? Why search engine delete our chain? I summarize the chain before me, delete the account for the vast majority of the the chain is in the forums, the following is not from this point to explain to you: love Shanghai why the chain included the deleted


forum, where the population is more concentrated, post every day but the amount included in the search engine beyond count, but some day, a cycle of the process, the search engine included the experience of post, must have the old posts go down; as they cut long nails, there are always new nail growth. How much is a collection of forum posts? It depends on the weight of BBS, search engines have a system of his own judgment to decide the weight and height of the forum. The high weight of the forum outside the chain of quality inventory is relatively high, but each forum will definitely appear to delete the phenomenon, this is not the end, so we have to do is, how to maintain the survival rate of long chain.

delete the chain is in the normal thing, but if large numbers were removed, they should consider is not his problem, I hope you don’t make the same mistake.


2. database search engine operation.

Relative to the ?

3. content quality.

persevere is invincible.

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1. delete posts as normal, persevere is really.

How to analyze the visitors to the site of the heat from the cold data



to see a website user experience is friendly, one of the most direct indicator is the user to stay on your site, assuming you are a visitor, if you go to a user friendly experience of the poor site, you can’t stop it. We can apply this method to the user to our site. As shown below:

every day we have to view the site in the statistical information flow of information and PV, but many owners just stay in the figures are rising, while ignoring another problem which reflected the. We can be reflected from these values in the site’s user friendly experience. First, our statistical tools generally be classified as an independent visitor flow data and new independent visitor data, we can use the two data check to check the number of users see the value of the two visit to our site, also can show the visitors to the site.

analysis of the difference from the old and new visitors

: a

three: from the site of the user retention rate of

analysis of data from the site may be one of the one thing many optimization personnel headache, because most people do not love the face of a bunch of numbers, but only our in-depth analysis of our data, we can truly understand the site conditions, the existing problems and find solutions. For example, independent visitors every site, source domain and so on are crucial information for the development of the site. Only some data analysis of this optimization strategy can make better. At the same time also can analyze the data analysis of site user friendly experience, visitors to the site and heat analysis. Then I will take three data on how to analyze user and heat on site.

can be found in our site today in total independent visitors is 7981, the number of new independent visitors is 3999. Two numerical difference not many 4000 values, that is to say our site has more than 4000 two return. We can say that visitors have a certain degree of heat to the site of our.

we can view the pages of the site visits, from the above we can see the site in a friendly user experience is still possible, because the residence time and some have had more than two minutes, of course, this is just individual pages, we need to analyze the average time to better comprehensive analysis of site users.

there is one of the most accessible to users and the site is the site of the back heat data rate. This data will directly reflect the site’s user friendly experience. If a site of the return rate is very high, then you can explain this site can be very good to attract users, let >

two: visitors stay in our site


Love Shanghai launched collective punishment against the domain name trading phenomenon


: first love Shanghai a move that what kind of attitude

algorithm 2 began on Scindapsus news site, the first step is to fight against the soft trading phenomenon, the second step is the two level domain name trading phenomenon, these news sites for the impact is relatively large, especially outstanding in many local news sites. I guess the big love Shanghai news site is not easily moved, for small and medium sized news sites, if pure trading in the two level domain name or directory, then Shanghai will set an example of love. Local news site is sure to face a reshuffle, as the news site operators, whether already has a psychological preparation, timely adjust to avoid the harm. Stop the sale of two level domain name, do not risk their lives, for those who intend to buy this link friends, presumably also should be some convergence, buy the same link risk is not small. Unless you have experience, otherwise I would advise you to be careful, not to joke about the customer’s site, of course, still can do experiments on

July 19th, love Shanghai official platform issued an announcement: the sale of two level domain name or directory for cheating will implicate the entire station statement this announcement means to combat the sale of the two level domain phenomenon, is the main target of some news sites, these sites often sell two domain name or directory, can be seen in the many webmaster forum, this phenomenon long-standing. In fact, this is a link, from version 2 to Scindapsus algorithm, love Shanghai combat link trading determination did not change. Recently, love Shanghai to spearhead the news sites, these sites sell soft, while sales of Links. Thought love Shanghai encounter this kind of situation may only be down right on the two level domain name or directory, or remove all included, but there is not much influence on the domain name, now love Shanghai launched a collective punishment. So the domain name will also agree to be punished, the punishment for this, I have some ideas, do not know if you have what view.

second: local news sites face a reshuffle of

for the love of Shanghai, hit the link trading phenomenon seems to have been urgent, love Shanghai’s move shows that such an attitude, Links sale, sale, all kinds of soft link hanging black chain phenomenon must be curbed, the formal industry website optimization time, want to cheat is tantamount to Dutch act. One type of Shanghai dragon thinking clearly cannot exist, practical starting from content, starting from the user is king, not much meaning of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum ranking website, don’t think about the love of Shanghai can’t catch me, this mentality is the lottery mentality, the risk is too great. Love Shanghai update algorithm, and the webmaster tools are constantly upgrading, love Shanghai to conduct a reshuffle of the webmaster or Shanghai dragon industry, cheating, spam links these will gradually vanish, the webmaster Shanghai had to rely on love life, pay more attention to the latest love Shanghai. In

The new year should pay attention to the details of the internal web site optimization processing

needs to be very helpful, this is our treatment among second points, according to the main page keywords distribution thermal click adjustment, also need to constantly expand our main key resources, and occupied the main user focus on

! !The analysis for website data


station, for chain management, dead links, and so are the redirection we need to carefully track, and the need for changes in the treatment, we need long-term industry experience and a large number of data processing and analysis to some of the more subtle adjustment, in fact as long as the process continued many times, the site will change changes imperceptibly, still less.

!The operation optimization is the most about the content support maintenance of

we want to do, first need to collect and daily attention is the relevant search column, see the relevant search words that industry’s fastest rising, we need to capture the keywords dialectic. We need to love in the middle of Shanghai Google the drop-down bar and search first to find some many rely on the brush out of the word, the obvious challenge to the second is the need of vocabulary; look at those words are hot words a lot of people have been occupied, such as local long tail keywords and some of the definition of keywords is finally removed; the main theme of the site and not belonging to the key words, keywords rest is we need to keep the attention and demand. We need to use the auction tools, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon webmaster tools and Google webmaster tools to analysis, then leave the vocabulary on some of our need to deal with page

we usually talked about the optimization of the scheme are mainly within the chain management, content changes, theme planning, relatively large changes is the whole website! In 2012 to the end of the world, has not yet come, but as the search optimization between practitioners, should need to pay attention to this year for Shanghai Dragon, the station optimization important update and change according to changes in demand for the station is about the key words, page layout, theme and other details of

for details of station layout scheme, we establish a website, you should draw a sketch of the details for our site layout, the layout of the page processing are mainly about hot click event analysis, are processed in the search hotspot TAG tags; keywords station, search optimization for all employees in terms of Web site keywords is a relatively large changes, but we should think of the needs of the user can change the need to buy air conditioning fan, summer, winter heating demand is electric furnace and other needs, not only is seasonal, more subtle changes that we need to deal with the content above the theme collection; this, and the current unrest on real-time search, Sina micro-blog search volume continues to rise, and And the love of Shanghai Google also has begun to take action in real time search above, the user focus is changing all the time

How to find the area of the target group

three, why am I so an idea.

for large range the target group, they find they often go to the forum, blog, micro-blog, WeChat there, but we set the area is small, can not form such a fixed population, and we go to the blog, micro-blog, WeChat to find the area of the target, so need to strong marketing ability, but we can’t do that. I think in the depression do not know what other methods can be close to the target group?

I in a square recently, do delivery service. I want to through the Internet, and it is a docking target group. Then I do not know how to do. According to the rules of the square within the office inside the staff, are my target customers through the network, how do I contact them? If the blog, micro-blog, WeChat, marketing ability is not so strong. Best of all, in the square inside people go to a place. That is the best situation, but there is no such a situation. Do not know if you have what merit?

is worth mentioning is that your content must be attractive, but also can retain them.

we can set a very fine area, such as a district office, CAD, Wanda Plaza, that there are a lot of local community group. Then use the keywords ranking, to find them. At this time, you need to have a carrier, or website or blog, or micro-blog. Keywords and optimization precision region. You can achieve this purpose.

keyword ranking ?We Conclusion:

now whether we do network promotion or, or to Shanghai Dragon Well, we know our target population where. For example, Sina, micro-blog, QQ is home to all the people. In 39, for example, health forum games have a place to attract attention to yourself. But a region of target groups, because the population is small, can not form their own scale, if we want to find them, their marketing than the country much easier. So, how do we find them?

two, in addition there are other methods in this

, Shanghai dragon to find their

is really a headache, have been thinking about this problem, hoping to get help. Please note: 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/dishitianwaimai

The website of Shanghai dragon like fighting a brave man

ancient battlefield war between the execution of the team is often a far greater role than tactics, empty talk is impossible to win the war. This is the website of Shanghai dragon, empty optimization well, the three days of fishing, two days, or give up halfway, so the website optimization will have good rankings who do not believe. Making a good website optimization strategy, we must insist on the implementation of it, to achieve the ultimate detail, strict demands on themselves, I believe that no keywords cannot overcome.

with the Shanghai dragon industry gradually mature, industry competition is more and more like the drama inside the hand to hand combat, challenging optimization technology is more and more big, no more than 2 years of experience and excellent, it is difficult in the Shanghai dragon industry survival, is now able to survive in Shanghai dragon industry basically is elite. The whole news network XIAO will share to become Shanghai dragon master must have the spirit of quality:

ER Shanghai dragon has amazing willpower

The success of

in the rapid development of electronic commerce and network today, Shanghai dragon industry competition is self-evident, has been difficult to like two years ago, a week two weeks can put a lot of keywords sitting on the front page, now do a general word may need two months, March and even more than half a year, the survival pressure is more and Shanghai dragon industry outsourcing the company is bigger, have selective do keywords, keywords many strong competition simply give up.

during the domestic civil war, the Kuomintang’s defeat to the Communist Party, in addition to the above said execution and not enough unity, the most important is the willpower is too weak, often when war is close, the spirit of the party’s advance will collapse. Shanghai Longfeng keywords the truth I optimized a lot, do basically are the industry’s top keywords, most of them are able to succeed first. In the process of personal learning website in Shanghai Longfeng, encountered many setbacks, a helpless, have doubted themselves, but often the last stand has a good result. In summary from the person, actually Shanghai Longfeng not everyone thought so simple, is not what some training institutions declared 7 days of the church but a process of martial arts cheats, long-term accumulation, long-term exploration.

to become the Shanghai dragon master must be confident

website Shanghai dragon must have superior execution

war, the warring parties before the generals will inspire the morale of both sides, mainly play a role to enhance self-confidence, but also we often say that the sword, even if the disparity in strength to a desperate fight, Shanghai dragon ER should have this quality. I remember NBA the greatest basketball star Michael. Jordan said a word "I succeed, because I never doubted myself, because of this self-confidence, that he made such a great success in sports. Shanghai dragon industry a lot of people like this, the website is not started feeling sorry, feel yourself optimization technique.

Love of Shanghai site instruction query page to upgrade Shanghai dragon Er help

site search command upgrade, this is an opportunity or a challenge to our Shanghai dragon it? This is obvious for the Shanghai dragon provides a simple website data analysis, from these data we can easily understand the information to our website. The upgrade to the Shanghai dragon site instruction page is our targeted to improve the site quality and meet the requirements of the search engine index. Now we have for this upgrade simple talk about love for us by Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er welfare.

through the screenshots we can easily find love Shanghai mainly in two aspects of the data for our website, the first is included diagnosis; second is the level of security. It should also play a key role is the security of a web site to a web site. Vulnerability detection, malicious code detection, tamper detection, fraud content detection, the four safety tips to the webmaster more convenient to understand their website security in the end? Or what is the problem? Convenient webmaster for security option to exclude website security issues. Here we provide the first love of the Shanghai issue is about the problems included, from diagnosis to understand the links included inside a web site. The diagnosis included include connectivity, robots ban, 404, included in the important page containing dead link. What is the connectivity? Grab my personal understanding is the link to the site, it should be related to the dominant factor is the problem of space server, if the server space is often not open, the connectivity rate as can be imagined. Robots ban also is the site of the robots set, if you are home robots shielding of the search engine, the 100% is absolutely banned. The remaining 404 important pages and containing links included in is better understood. This is not much of A.

! In recent days Shanghai

well, thank you for the concern, as a result of a simple analysis of the relationship between the time only for everyone, in the future may take a more complete version for everyone, please pay more attention to the micro enterprise force! (贵族宝贝cq570贵族宝贝/) original starting on the A5 net, please bring copyright

love Shanghai also recommend a lot of webmaster tools and webmaster information, especially on the right show page (as shown below). Love Shanghai so much work for our webmaster, is not hope the station to your site operating well, from what aspects of operation, how to operate, with sea made a detailed resource for everyone.

How to correctly select the Shanghai dragon company

under normal circumstances, the exclusion of those.

optimization 1, try to abandon the studio

5, ranking

if you are in Shanghai, or Beijing, then find the corresponding Shanghai dragon company, if it is relatively remote, try to find a local well-known company, after all, inter regional cooperation, the general people do not worry, but if you are in the network technology is not well developed in the city, it was suggested that

2, find a local company


this is the most intuitive optimization standard, not by selling mouth to blow, but see how technology for water, their rankings can best reflect, I always tell the client, if their rankings are based on the bidding in the front row, then the company can be completely abandoned, because now

‘s own rankings and the case is the most convincing, especially in your industry case, does not have to be exactly the same keywords, because many companies have a number of limitations to undertake for the same keywords. If not in the same industry, it would need to see whether the company

is not reliable, especially for some of the popular words, the competition is fierce, need to maintain every day, "tug of war", how could the promise has been ranked first in.

, 6 duty cycle

has done some keywords high degree of competition, if the case is some simple popular words, is unable to reflect the level of technology.

there are still a lot of people do not know the ranking of the lower right corner of the "promotion" two words represents what mean.

commitmentMost of the company’s commitment to

3, ranking itself

looking for big city Reliable Corp, or even spend some money, it is worth it, after all, buy at ease.

now Shanghai Longfeng technology developed areas, mainly in Shanghai, Beijing two city, many other places in Shanghai Longfeng, regional sites are the two city of Shanghai Longfeng company established.

I do not deny that there are many studios have a high level of people, but most of them are some shell companies, there is no good contract guarantee, many studio is not to sign any contracts. So if the words do not go up, ask for a refund if it is difficult.


optimization ranking, are noble baby or love Shanghai before ten, there are 8, 7 and so on, there are few commitments for the first second, the rules of search engine has been adjusted, there is no guarantee for 365 days, ranking every row in that position, this kind of commitment

casually search XX Shanghai dragon, can search a large number of search results, how to choose, which often become a problem for many customers, each company on the site are blowing very well, but the real strength is not much, Shanghai line lists the following several points, for reference:

shlf1314 AdSense will be updated to promote5 major reasons for the failure of Internet start-ups

thanks a lot of publishers for their support of the AdSense promotion program. I hope this adjustment will not cause any inconvenience to you. Thank you for your understanding.

Internet Co in the early entrepreneurs may be lucky enough to get a lot of unexplained income, income includes advertising revenue, and mixed business, and in most cases, the answer is to accept this model. In fact, this is a mistake because many failed Internet Co proved that none of them really built a long-term viable income model

the reason why we stopped AdSense referrals was that the product didn’t meet our expectations. So, in early January, the option to create AdSense referrals in your account will disappear, but the AdSense referral button that is already on your site is still valid. In the last week of the month, AdSense promotion will completely stop the conversion in the stop date before within 180 days after registration reached $$100, and the release of all payment retained users will produce $250 dollars to promote the release business promotion fee. Conversions completed after the stop date are not included in your account. So, after a month, it is recommended that you change the AdSense referral button on your website for other referrals.

, if your website is launching AdSense promotion, please note that the recent AdSense promotion plan will be adjusted.

that is to say, you don’t need a luxury office or an experienced Law Corporation and an overpriced consultant when you hire. You can keep your expenditure in line with your income by using a variety of financial software on the market.

1. bad balance sheet calculation. Failing and declining companies never produce an accurate financial statement that shows reasonable relationships between income and expenditure at any time. Too many startups spend their money before making money. You need to realize that people in learning to walk and then walk slowly before the small steps, you should learn to crawl.

2. has no revenue model. For Internet start-ups, the key question is "what is your income model?" this is a simple expression of how you imagine your company’s future source of income. What are your sources of income? How do you want to make money? Potential investors will ask this question. Potential employees, partners, and people who consider the company’s future finances will ask the same question.

tip: from the first day of business on financial figures, and never stop doing it until you earn enough money to hire a professional accounting and financial analysts for you to do it now. And you should also check them carefully on a regular basis.

Entrepreneur magazine staff and writer Ricci · Ming zhe Rich Mintzer interviewed dozens of Internet entrepreneurs, the Internet entrepreneur has proven successful, they have already figured out how to survive in the constantly changing market. In this edited excerpt, the author discusses five major reasons why some Internet companies have failed in the past, and you can learn from their mistakes.

in the new adjustment, for North America, Latin America and Japan, other countries and regions, including China, will stop AdSense referrals. Therefore, after adjustment, the shlf1314 recommendation in China’s AdWords will only be recommended by Firefox and two kinds of promotion.

when you spend money, you have to understand, yes, you may need a good team around you, but they need to trust the company and understand that there will always be some bad days.

before your company starts running, it’s worth knowing why so many Internet Co have fallen by the wayside. Here are 5 main reasons we’ve summed up:

doesn’t seem to be cancelled. The two main referrals are still there,

Editor’s note:

lead: We interviewed dozens of Internet entrepreneurs who proved themselves to be able to survive in the market. Here, for all entrepreneurs explain the five main reasons for Internet business failures.

by the way,