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The website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to grasp the details of what

As the most important carrier of

network marketing website, how to combine the website and search engine, with the development of the times, Shanghai dragon China has gradually entered the market, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to and strengthen the application of Shanghai dragon, rational use of Shanghai dragon can be more fully demonstrated to the web information search engine the results page, to Shanghai dragon must do better, to diagnose the site stage, fully understand the current situation of Shanghai dragon. So in the diagnosis of the site of Shanghai dragon needs to grasp what index? The website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to grasp the details of what


1, the host detection

3, master their own web site overall weight

for the website started at the beginning of the operation, considering the application of Shanghai dragon, must be the basic function of the site is perfect, especially the production of 404 pages, making bread crumbs navigation, site map sitemap.xml and the perfection of the limitations of the robots.txt are the basic work belongs to the Shanghai dragon er, need to be well prepared. In order to experience both users and search engines. Not only that, must also make diagnosis of the stage, in many cases because of their own negligence leading to the site in the search engine to show poor, especially the structure of the website exists many wrong link or robots.txt file is set incorrectly, the overall situation will be more or less affected the site, so it is necessary to stage the basic diagnosis the function, if it is found that the problem should be handled in a timely manner, rather than the problem has led to consequences, for it.

site of Shanghai Longfeng must grasp and analysis for each stage, many in Shanghai Longfeng indexes especially to grasp the change trend and included index, changes of external chain quantity and quality, must grasp the traffic changes, especially the independent IP, page PV, when these changes should be, "

on the site at the beginning of the construction, in the host selection must consider the performance problem, which is directly related to the user browsing the web loading speed, the better the performance of the host, the user opens the "faster, this experience also will increase, but also to strengthen the efficiency of Shanghai dragon. In order to further improve the page loading speed, can also accelerate do more quickly by CDN, and we must control the size of the page in the web design process, and reduce the storage of redundant code. Love is Shanghai webmaster tools recommended by the merger of CSS, combined with JS, compressed images, improved by Gzip technology. Not only that, the host in the use of the process will inevitably be a fault, if not timely processing of Shanghai dragon impact on the site, so the site began operating in need time monitoring, once found the problem timely treatment.

diagnosis ?

3 and the stage of the basic functions of the

The stability of


Webmaster experience single page game website on how to make Shanghai Longfeng

third, as far as possible with comments: a multi page web site allows users to trust this is not an easy thing, but the single page would be even more. The objective evaluation so we must try to add third party, although sometimes the evaluation is not completely objective truth, but better than nothing. Many customers are vulnerable to comment on the influence of some products, temporarily do not want to buy, if there are a lot of praise, so users may also purchase. For single page game stand, want the user to download, also need to work on the user comment

Since !Flash images and

is a single page, or game site, then there will be three obvious characteristics. The first is not regularly updated articles; then there will be a long tail, means must rely on target keywords; finally the characteristics of the more favorable, is the goal of many users. For these three characteristics, I from three aspects of their own ideas.

fourth, have to say: the single page website are usually larger, often also can use pictures and flash, so we should consider the web page open speed. Try to picture processing and optimization, flash can be better not to use. These are not friendly to search engine. Pictures to add ALT attribute. Some of the pictures link without words nofollow attributes, help to improve the overall weight.

first, reasonable positioning target keywords: because it is a single page, so there will only be a key for us to use 2~3. These words can be a little hot, also can be the degree of competition is not big but has a long tail word search volume. The website is a web page, according to a two keyword or keywords to flow, in addition to a large number of long tail keywords. But a lot of single page of the game but can’t stand, the target word selection is particularly important.

some time ago, a friend asked me a single page web site should be how to promote the game, the first impression in my mind think of Taobao, because a lot of Taobao is the guest single page, but the promotion game website and Taobao of the guest was different. Today is a share and all their games for a single page station should do some thinking of Shanghai dragon, we hope to help. If have a wrong place, also hope.

fifth, the construction of the external links: single page game station is usually not easy to do Links, we can be achieved through the purchase link. Although we do not push.

page second, reasonable layout: we see a lot of single page sales website are long, but also more beautiful, because a lot of pictures and words into, so the layout should be particularly clear, the product features to explain. The general layout is divided into three parts, it is the product of some media reports, the middle part is the detailed product function, the lower part is the user order information. A very popular L-carnitine, many are single page, page layout is very beautiful, we can learn a lot from.

Effect of the 301 jump to love Shanghai ranking

for example, www.abc贵族宝贝 do 301 jump to the www.def贵族宝贝 domain name in the address bar, then we enter www.abc贵族宝贝 then will jump directly as a result of www.def贵族宝贝. If the same in Shanghai to search www.abc贵族宝贝 related domain name records, such as www.abc贵族宝贝/xyz.html, so also will jump to www.def.>

second, the 301 jump between different domains, the contrast, the first case is more complicated, when some sites and K or need to change the time domain name is for cheating, in order to avoid the loss of the original users so we need to do a 301 redirect between different domain name. The result is that the time domain search, jump directly to a web site in addition to the above, between different domain name domain name 301 redirect must ensure that the point is the two site architecture is the same, that is to say the domain structure can be displayed in the Shanghai in search of love to the query can jump after the domain name, so that the original old domain user access can automatically jump to the existing structure of the domain name to.

first, simple two level domain name and domain name of a jump, when this jump is the result of the direct input of two level domain name, the page will jump to the top level domain name. For example: xx贵族宝贝 redirect to www.xx贵族宝贝, then we enter xx贵族宝贝 when a direct jump to the address www.xx贵族宝贝. This role is to give the user a hint that www.xx贵族宝贝 is the web page, if xx贵族宝贝 and www.xx贵族宝贝 are bound to the same site above, in Shanghai love the search results will appear in the two address, whether or not to do a 301 redirect is the same search results, not the 301 redirect the weights assigned to the www.xx贵族宝贝 above xx贵族宝贝.

we will meet the 301 jump in the rankings site of the Shanghai dragon of the problem, there are a lot of people are not clear 301 jump represents what it means for a website, that is to say when we search for a domain name to jump directly to a domain name in the. And the jump is different, just jump the jump page, which is more than 301 and jump and the weights of the transfer, directly after the jump to 301 domain names above by weight assignment before the domain name 301.

is an explanation of the 301 theories above, and many of the so-called Shanghai Longfeng professionals also think transfer can help the weight of the website, but in practical application, 301 can play the role of the transfer of real weight? 301 redirect is divided into several cases, played in the following the role is not the same.

10 ways to keep attention on the website of the

website to create a consistent layout, main navigation, navigation, content and in a similar way to lay the whole website graphics, so that your users will not get lost in the direction of your site, they want to find the information content can be a convenient way. Take the time to set up a comprehensive navigation, so that users can through 1 to 2 clicks to reach where they want to go, for a large number of websites, the use of trace paths, allowing users to easily go back to the previous page.


video can be in many ways can participate in the user. It can be a display of your products or services, from the customer recommendation, create training videos, video or video podcast for purpose of the whole process is to let the user know the company, understand the product service intention.

3, add a

2, create a user friendly web site structure

7, use pictures and photos

capture your audience, has a professional design, use a color scheme, flowing naturally, do not be too harsh to the eyes, use of appealing icons, buttons, mobile phone and image, to help your site, an important part of the audience.


posted content on your website, regularly update the blog, this will be beneficial to your target audience, and contribute to the establishment of brand value and trust, let people comment on your blog, to attract people to participate in the discussion to blog.

1, create a pleasing design

4, add video


has recently been playing micro-blog, most pleased to see an increase in the number of fans, see the most reluctant to focus on a number of increase in the number of fans but has been stagnant, even reduced, for Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, most want to see is that people should pay attention to the website, how to improve the


5, design is readily available to "free"

don’t just have a web text, use some high quality images and pictures can make your site look more attractive.

who don’t love free stuff, but also love each consumer can find high quality and inexpensive things, so from the user consumer psychology analysis, free things is good, but it will be easy to get things seem to be unsatisfactory, so in the process of setting free sales time, let the user know after some "setbacks" to enjoy to "free" treatment, such as the need to answer a question, or need to be involved in a comment.

6, a compelling call to action

make sure your mobile phone is clear, concise, lead your users to you want to let them go, for example, you have a new product quotation, timely call and lead the user to that place.

Love Shanghai not synchronous data to update the ranking slow

also is slow and will be beyond our competitors, this is very frustrating, but you see my words are the first that is because competitors are not very strong, if you are a very popular keywords, your website data love Shanghai is not updated, you think of competitors in advance, and you are standing still, this naturally you will soon be beyond the competitors. Here you may ask, how to avoid this situation, so this is something special, only a small part of the site there will be such a problem, such as my blog could keep up with the frequent article to modify related keywords. In fact, as long as you are a normal website does not cause the snapshot backward, basically does not appear such as my blog this situation, if there are special circumstances, that is not what we can control, that is the love of Shanghai’s own problems, we can not change. "

do not open around the Shanghai dragon love in Shanghai China website. No matter what the reason, in Chinese love Shanghai is the undisputed leader, more than 70 percent of the market share. But say the truth love or love the server of Shanghai Shanghai technology with the noble baby is not a grade. I believe we are not opposed to all of the above, the result is more direct than noble baby love Shanghai included slow, slow update than aristocratic baby. With a period of time since the Shanghai sex optimization sum up some rules, a lot of people know, but do not pay attention, so now say I believe we have this feeling, that is your web page snapshot is obviously the next day, but make you depressed, but when you search website keywords is not the home page snapshot (look at the picture)

red ranking website, then may be greater than the normal site slower, on my website as an example, I used to do this is not Shanghai dragon training keywords, now do, remember to change the title of the 232 (of love Shanghai). After an update came to 180, when the third update of the 92 row. Last night should be love Shanghai has ranked big update, do not know if you are not feeling. I was not from several new rankings ranking, ranking the ranking, the harvest is not small. From the 8 station data, yesterday night love Shanghai is definitely the ranking of big update this blog, but I have no action. Love is the Shanghai data synchronization, not on my website update, so my website has kept its original ranking, believe in a few days, Shanghai will be updated to love. It also ranked will be updated, that is what I said at the ranking will slow.

If you are a

you see, my home page snapshot is obviously the next day, but I search my main keywords is October 9th, when the situation in the love of Shanghai 520 earthquake in June after the business circle the game is most prominent. I want to talk about this situation will bring what kind of harm to the site.

I love the mule Shanghai dragon ER in the end but also misguided long

a few simple examples, many small and medium-sized site footer are piled with home key link, is the so-called secondary navigation, the navigation is much, there is no effect, there is no reaction, not analysis, most people even thought of, a lot of people are see others do, he will follow. In the end there is no effect, stand in the angle of SE I think, ZAC is also mentioned in the book of the links in the footer of the stack keywords is the reason a lot of website drop right, I say no authoritative experts say enough authority.

estimates the title of this writing to be N many people criticize to fly out, but the current domestic situation is indeed a lower level of Shanghai dragon ER has been some so-called "master" to mislead.

there are many examples, here is not to say, after all this is not to say that what is misdirected, just want to say learning Shanghai dragon there is a better and more correct, not only for others to tell you that.

there are a lot of people say the new web page snapshot of the higher ranking, which I cannot understand, explain the new snapshot of your site update frequency fast, often update, spiders will every day to crawl, don’t say spiders more, also have an impact on the ranking? I know, just a spider responsible for the page crawl into the index library, ranking is analysis of other programs. So what are the benefits of the new snapshot ranking? What was not directly linked, but there is still a new snapshot of the indirect effects of, that are updated every day, more content, more chain in the website, the ranking is better, and the update of the contents, collection number, traffic will be more high. There are corresponding with photos, not long-term update sites will cause the site to drop right even by the K, this does not make sense to say don’t know is coming out from where, but this is really misleading a lot of people, a lot of people to your site will not be K not be right down, every day very hard to update website mentioned or, to observe, or change an angle to analysis object, such examples can be observed too much, I saw a lot of long-term not update the site still maintained a good ranking.

but there are too many training institutions in Shanghai Longfeng learning materials and more and more cheap, there are few people willing to analyze problems, basically all is the parrot, a veteran and novice combat experience, Shanghai dragon is all eyes and ears.

imagine, if not so much Shanghai, learning materials, training institutions not so much, then how to learn Shanghai dragon? We should all know, the easiest way is to observe the search rankings, then the amount of data for analysis. Or standing on the SE point of view to analyze the possible ranking rules, and then to verify the rules by observing their website or practice, if according to the ideas and methods to study Shanghai dragon, is certainly a very right way.

The website Links this matter


does not agree with the owners of small claims, but it causes some disturbing thoughts, after all the small website optimization work is still in accordance with the conventional way of doing, the sites are in to a good development trend, and what did not appear abnormal, so short and ignore the so-called new love Shanghai algorithm. The webmaster reminder, let Xiaobian reflect the importance Links how much, is not really missing what love Shanghai algorithm does not know

as a webmaster, Links website is an indispensable part of the optimization work. Recently, a fellow small webmaster looking for a suitable site to contact the friends of the chain, the chain did not change, to such a word I stay "love Shanghai watch chain? No use, do content!" is the site of the Links this matter?

Links does not matter, what to do should continue to do. Although the content of the website and the user experience is the site optimization when the service is urgent, but the chain must not be ignored, but in this regard, the webmaster can exchange ideas about it can bring effect. Before the chain webmaster may just put it as the way to enhance the site weight and ranking, and now it really worth far more than these, or has risen to promote the conversion level. Especially in the mobile search are reflected in the more obvious, to promote the development of the mobile Internet, more and more users are accustomed to search in the mobile terminal to find the needed information, and the search precision is much higher than the PC end user search, O2O transformation and love Shanghai in the layout of the high-profile commercial search the future, more to optimize work not only in obtaining the purpose of ranking. Therefore, in the chain of.

In order to verify the

chain is important, small deliberately ventured a chain on the site right down signs of website content remains unchanged, after several days of observation, indeed, follow the site is down right, keywords ranking continuous down, seeing this, immediately removed the chain, a few days after the ranking actually restore. Therefore, Links power is strong, which will bring influence can not be ignored. On the contrary, although when a chain weight transfer quality when the site is not so obvious, but the effect is gradual, said it was not for action is wrong, at least to help the site is still worthy of recognition.

so, to re-examine the optimization of a website, website optimization undoubtedly always include the station outside the station, and one of the station optimization work still contains a chain this, although we all thought love Shanghai to cancel the referer function is a blow to foreign chain, but this does not mean that the site no longer need the chain but, this is a warning to the chain of garbage. When you cannot judge a chain is the chain of garbage, it is less as a wonderful, relative to the chain chain work, whether the quality is relatively easy to determine, obviously Links becomes the focus of the chain, how can we say Links not important?


Three goods Shanghai Longfeng Er the failure of personality

?Comparison of

pay for a few months, directly to what is not said, you know, is a monkey please, responsible for the teacher and to give money, money money is willful willful. People poor, natural and rich phase.


Original address: 贵族宝贝xin4jie贵族宝贝/sikao/2665.html

1. class Shanghai dragon

has the same three flow Shanghai Dragon technology, but the experience of success and failure, and use the skills to understand it, there have been successful cases, can get business, and can make achievements, Jane Shanghai Longfeng thought ability can let customers love this half alive, one hundred in a.

above only, of Shanghai Longfeng does not make the final explanation. For only thinking. Thanks for watching。

2. second Shanghai dragon

Shanghai Longfeng stream Why

of Shanghai dragon thought of a class, it is not the inflow of technology, has the ability, dare to play and dare to cross, dare to scold, see what is a not death, curse without dirty, listen to don’t believe, but still secretly learned, with the customer communication can take business, is not the result, finally he became Shanghai’s lowest level of dragon staff, but most have turned into offbeat experts, but still suffer from personality and ability.


said three flow of goods, meaning only say these Shanghai dragon Er cannot succeed, and get no results, but which means you probably understand a lot, but how to understand

is a set of Internet users, communication and dissemination, production and manufacture of an order of the interactive platform, as a Shanghai dragon Er, also became a kind of communication with the producer, today for Jane Shanghai Longfeng not talk good, just not good, the three goods flow characteristics of Shanghai dragon Er the.


Er unlike other industries Shanghai Longfeng single technology, learned a few months can quickly grasp, Shanghai dragon is a comprehensive technology, great flexibility, as to why say, you know, please do not understand the others thought the past of Shanghai dragon here don’t do too much explain.

Shanghai as a dragon Er, with a full range of knowledge and skills, do not recognize the three flow level, have a first-class technology, but in a second operation ability, let the customer once lost patience, and ultimately the customer to draw a line, and the other is money business a junction, then loaded to force into a money making skills.


The website server was implicated lead down the right to share the experience

the second article is also specialized editing department is responsible for updating, are generally pseudo original and original, the chain is our own hair, although the quality is not high, but not mass, what should be no problem. So we should not cause the mass collection.

server I>

finally left only Links, I see a past, they found that the site is very normal, included snapshot, PR, and I did not drop right before the site almost did not drop right phenomenon.

first site layout, title, H1 tags are their own doing, for the long-term development of the site, and I do not stack keywords, hidden links such as cheating. There should not be a problem.

for 2 weeks, but in order to solve the right things down has no time, my site is a Lianyungang andrology hospital here, do not advertise. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday three days after coming back, just open the super manager, found the website more than 2000 less, keywords ranking mostly fall into the 4-10 page, flew to the SITE home page, also dropped to the fifth page, feel the day is dark, before the Mid Autumn Festival keywords are on the home page, some in the top 3, also included more than 5000, now not so much, it may be to round. But now there is no time to think of this, we should make clear the reason, performance, obviously the website is down right now, and all the companies during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, did not do what should not operate ah, think impassability, is only a step by step analysis of the site, what went wrong.

Wanted to write this article on

query tool which input web server IP in the webmaster, see three web servers, I also know there are three, the number of yes, but seem to have found a is not the same as before, at the same, but the title is not the same, I remember the last time that the title is what looks like tea station now, a girl lonely net, I see a big fire, obviously there should be a problem, I’ll open it tools to view the site, was not included, what the ranking didn’t obviously, the website is K, and I was dragged into the another site server.

think, only the domain name or domain name space problem, I know, afraid to buy used or punished the domain name, I used to have seriously checked, out of this, that is the problem of space, this is the problem I fear most, but the trouble is trouble, but no way only the face of the.

Look at the

here I wonder, not only the general right down several reasons for it, since it is not, what would it be, no way, only on the FTP to download the study site log, found that everything is normal, only on the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday of the search engine spiders is not how to are not included, almost any page. The site is obviously suddenly be right down, no one horse, no code has been modified.

To find the effective method of high quality of the chain platform

in the face of more and more people understand some knowledge, Shanghai dragon face towards the classified information platform more and more charging mode. The construction of the chain is more and more difficult, we share about some of the chain method since today I hand the chain long time up to, hope can learn from each other.

, a Shanghai love that platform. Now most people know that love Shanghai platform is very difficult to do outside the chain, so the product quality from the chain of love Shanghai’s needless to say, everyone knows. Method for treatment of Shanghai love platform to do the chain, in fact it is not difficult to. First we need a three grade love Shanghai know account, how to reach level three? There are two methods, the first to answer a question, increase experience. Second, I love the Shanghai library, a level Four account a few days can be realized by sex in Shanghai library. At this time we have to answer a question you can directly add URL, it should be noted, regardless of how much an account to do a website within 24 hours can only do 2 chain. One will not work, otherwise will be blocked. Perhaps the early discovery can send a lot, but a few days, you will find your site how fat are not made out, there must be paid attention to. Although the day two is not much, but think about a year later, the more than 700 love Shanghai know the chain, what effect will not say.


forum. Now the BBS and forum moderators, know the Shanghai dragon this thing, whether we invented the chain, or anchor text, as long as they see the post on this forum outside of a chain brought a lot of trouble. Here I explain my practice, according to its website search type love Shanghai. For example, I was kind of women’s health website, I search in the love of Shanghai: Women’s health by phpwind or by phpwind health home. Find the corresponding plate as the anchor text of the chain, such as the general section of the chain of small, quality is no doubt. Not recommended discuz forum, why? Because of the PHPwind forum to do the anchor text of the chain like discuz with obvious underline, hidden very well. Do you know the anchor text chain in the forum non advertising area is very easy to delete, for the PHPwind forum, we add a [color=#333333] attribute in the anchor text of the chain, after the release of the article, if not checked is hard to see the chain, which also has a little need to pay attention to matters is an account day also cannot too much, too much. "

website optimization, we all know the words "content is king, the chain for the emperor". The content of the site and add this optimization done to us, to grasp the basic knowledge of the search engine, this is not what is difficult. However, a website to grow up the most important part of another: the construction of the chain, we will optimize the level of staff is divided into various grades and ranks.