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Only typing rookie, also built a web site

, I’m an absolute newbie. I didn’t even know the website, the backstage, the domain name a month ago. Don’t laugh, a month later, today I have established their own websites, which can really let the classmates envy the one! (here for my website: Joan seven entertainment network advertisement management here you can register for free lifetime membership in VIP published articles, show your talent or promote your website and so on I want to go. ) the website just started building and needs everybody’s support!


well, here to talk about my experience of the site. The old bird fly rookie,


site should have a domain name first, in December I registered a domain name, is CN, when the figure is cheap as long as 3 yuan. Who knows an Internet remediation action can put people miserable! Now Gesanchaiwu to submit the audit data, faint. Many webmaster friends have sold CN, so remind to when the webmaster friends, buy domain name, buy a COM on thirty or forty dollars is not expensive, also not all day governance worry. The best first want to buy a domain name site name, and then according to the website domain name or English like Larry, so easy to remember you.

then there must be a space, I began to spend 40 dollars to buy a 100M ASP space, began a few days later. More and more slowly, the site opened like a snail, sometimes even open! I realized that what is called " no good cheap goods " then a friend told! I just started to take the website: free space with a certain scale, and other sites to buy space, now I apply for a free space, the speed is not fast but very stable, very famous. Here is not to say which is, so as to avoid advertising too much, interested in my website to leave a message.

now the domain name of the website, space is done, just as you bought a rough room, the total visit some furniture. I use the laoY article management procedures, direct download, upload can be used, it is suitable for rookie like me. And I also added the official discussion groups, there are problems in the group of friends will support! Of course, the source code of the website a lot and now are free of charge, there are a lot of use Baidu Search


website, this is built, how to imagine than simple! This is just a little experience of the author, here and share with you, welcome everyone to exchange experience)

(original, by Joan seven entertainment network station A5 starting. Reprinted please indicate the source)

Thief site development status and survival

thief site and ordinary web site, there is no big difference, if you don’t carefully observe, will be blindfolded. No database, no editing, only a few pages, this is the thief site features. Its biggest feature is "stealing" – the content on the web is not provided by your server, but stolen from someone else’s Web site in real time.

has a friend sent me a web site, I opened a look, Goodfellas, and a powerful search engine was born! My friend said to me, "look at the product, what can we do?" when work is busy, I first joined the favorites. When you wait for work to open again, try to search for a keyword and find that its search results have many pages. Intuition let me at the same time in Baidu search for this keyword, the two search results should be exactly the same, originally, this is a thief site.

some friends often confuse gathering with thieves, and here I want to make a few more sentences to clarify the concept. Acquisition requirements, the webmaster prepared the database, content source, and then use the acquisition process to capture the data, insert their own database. With these data, the webmaster can "in the heart of grain, the heart is not panic". And the thief site is not so complex, the server requirements are low. It is a real-time analysis of the site, when sending a request to the server, the server to transmit the request according to a certain format conversion, and then request the target site, finally to obtain the data analysis, generate a page of your site. When this process takes time, we don’t usually think of it as a "thief site".

The biggest weakness of the

thief site is its real-time analysis. Once the target site changes, the page HTML code has changed, the thief site can not get the data correctly, thus affecting the normal operation of the site. Fortunately, the thief master familiar with the road, they are looking at their website every day, always able to find their mistakes in time. Here, do not rule out some webmaster to do a guardian program, once the target site revision, give yourself a reminder of what.

because of this weakness, we almost do not believe that the thief site! I and friends (including QQ and friends in the discussion site) the thief, they generally held the same view, can play, but absolutely no future. I think that no matter what you do, you can do better with your heart. Although the thief site limited by technical characteristics, the webmaster can work hard in other places, in order to reduce their own shortcomings. Here are some of my points of view.

first, the fault tolerance mechanism is a top priority for a thief site. In the target site revision of the first time, the thief webmaster should take what the emergency mechanism?. As I mentioned above, a program monitor is more reliable.

secondly, don’t put your eggs in one basket. The thief site is best able to get information from at least two target sites, and because two sites have little chance of revision at the same time, the thief stops

The winter of the independent blog is coming. Are you ready

since the incident involving Google, I have a hunch that China’s independent blog site will be ready for the early winter. Recently, the Cixi vocational high school called "touch milk door" incident, in a short period of time, "touch milk door video download" and so on, posted around the text. Think of what happened before, "pornographic door", "cucumber door", "sea woman" what, are obviously involved in the restricted area of bad information. Today, as the country has stepped up its crackdown on Internet pornography, as a special case of lone community, I am now convinced that the winter of an independent blog site will come early.

Internet pornography bad information has been flooding the situation, and out of control. Whether it is foreign websites or domestic websites, there is a great deal of yellow information in varying degrees. Increase the crackdown on these bad information, and make great efforts to punish the Internet ecological environment, but also the children a clean, pollution-free network environment, is the aspiration of every ordinary chinese. However, the current situation in the country to punish Internet pornography bad information, in fact, has formed a "cat and mouse" hide and seek game. You’re forbidden to search for "son" here, and I’m searching for "mother" again. Today, Google is banned from overseas web search in China, and tomorrow everyone will go to to search for the information they want. The cat and mouse game pattern, independent blog because of relatively loose environmental audit, the objective being can escape regulatory gaps, if coupled with the blog author’s subjective intent, then, a large number of bad information will miraculously appeared in the independent blog site.

in the Internet ‘s "gate" incident, although Google, China and Baidu have adopted obvious manual intervention policies on these sensitive words, but still can not avoid the spread of such pornographic information. Therefore, if not their own independent bloggers do stand behavior of the strict requirements, carry out regular criticism and self-criticism, will put herself in danger: the state will pay more attention to this group, at the appropriate time at that time, will be the most independent blog site of the cold winter, no temperature.

so I remind the independent blogger to be ready for this time. For independent bloggers, this is not necessarily a bad thing, because even in a real world, we have to follow the law and morality. It would be a very wrong practice, if only to hide behind the screen, to show contempt and luck for the dignity of the law, and the consequences would be serious.

this article originates from ALENG’s Blog

Talking about how to draw soft material

how to write a high quality of soft Wen is every webmaster headache? As a webmaster in addition to most things outside the station every day is busy writing articles, promotion, SEO, flow, Wangzhuan, do stand experience, write these articles not only for the purpose of communication is to think of a more a role of soft, promote their own websites, website to bring more the chain and flow. But not every webmaster can do a lot of ideas, even when the help. Most of the webmaster actually do stand a set, but writing articles will not flatter.

write soft text, first of all need to have a solid writing skills, this needless to say. There are some natural factors in writing, but most of them need to be written and practiced. Qinnengbuzhuo, long-term insist on writing, writing will improve. Take myself, learn to write a soft Wen, often staring at a computer screen, a frown, do not know how to organize language, how to make sentences. Later, the article written more, and also improve a lot of writing, so write soft Wen must write more, practice more.

write soft text, light, good writing is also not good. Text is only the carrier of the thought of the article, where does the idea come from, the material drawn from the article and the author’s point of view. Therefore, how to draw material is the key to writing soft wen. When you write up, and have good material, thinking naturally will become active, the quality of soft Wen up, the submission of the audit pass rate and reprint rate will also increase a lot. A soft Wen, first want to do people love to see, feel can from your soft Wen learned useful point of view. If the soft text is too soft, all links, and no readability, then it can only be a garbage article, not only can not bring you the chain, but will make you feel disgusted.

then, how should I write the soft material drawn? Perhaps the webmaster will say every day is work, do stand, the article every day to write, can take the materials are taken, really don’t know how to draw material. In fact, otherwise, as long as the idea of letting go, the soft drawn material there are still many ways. Webmaster writing soft material, roughly is three aspects:

one, webmaster related. Is from the station to do with the station in the relevant materials. For example, do station experience, promotion experience, SEO technology sharing, and so on, and then bring your own web site. But now, like A5, Chinaz, laggards, there are too many related articles, many titles and content are not similar, that is, repetition. There are very few articles with new ideas and new content. This kind of soft Wen is the number of more, in order to in the vast article of the sea by others attention is not an easy thing,

two, Internet related. Adsense group rooted in the Internet, can not do without the internet. Internet news and important events are also closely related to webmasters. Always pay attention to the Internet, the Internet news event is the webmaster soft Wen writing second major sources. Such as the recent attention of the computer pre installed green dam – season Escort software event, it has been widespread concern of the webmaster, the incident to make a fuss about the soft Wen is also very much.


Service is critical, seven problems need to be solved in group buying industry



if you buy some of the industry can do a good job in these businesses, then foothold is very easy. White pine

recently on the Jingdong news about this two, a new logo Jingdong (Tmall for dogs); two is the Jingdong this year will be the price war to war service.

last year, and some friends talked about the issue of price war, I was from the ancient businessman Hu Xueyan’s words "true price two price, not really! This is taken when Hu Xueyan was also in the competitor’s price when attacking strategy, the emphasis is the


appears to be more stable in group purchase industry today, every group purchase website service will be crucial, this service trillion market in local if well 100 billion is not a problem! From their own experience, so before the group purchase group purchase long time contact and analysis, if the group purchase industry can have some businesses to do the following then, based on the problem is not easy to dominate.

1, group purchase without invoice problem.


practitioners, listen to the internal mentioned invoice, company for business staff, if businesses have to provide the invoice invoice, invoice price can not provide should provide the group purchase price of the invoice, even if there is no invoice. But in fact, this way, almost all businesses have no invoices, and we think carefully, should be able to understand. In the course of time as the group purchase has become the unspoken rule no invoice, but the fact is the whole industry for the group purchase this issue has been in suspense! If the invoice may touch the interests of business leading group purchase site interests, but first you got a lot of reputation, and the catering industry tax rate of 5%, which is 5% businesses can assume after all, now the group purchase prices are not so low, businesses still have a large profit space.

2, buy back at any time and expired refund problems.

in early 2011, the U.S. group withdrew from the expired retreat, although some industry was condemned, but gained a large number of users, but to date, the group purchase refund issue is still a problem! All the group purchase website did a refund, but how many really do? Refund issue in the end is the business problem or group purchase website, the refund is really so difficult? A lot of goods many website labeling is not refundable, rarely marked refund, but not refund the money actually as before, is to group purchase website pocket, but at the same time also hurt their own development, in this sense do good comments. If the expiration date is reluctant, it will be reasonable to withdraw at any time. I may have no money for various reasons. I want a refund. And this time, there is no settlement for the group buying websites and merchants

Open shop is not so simple, not so difficult

Taobao double 11

last year created a new record of 19 billion 100 million yuan, let people have a new definition for the online shopping market, and the market by increasing the impact of ground shop, many brand is also brewing in the ground into the network, in the hope that the broader market share. Therefore, the future of the shop space unlimited vast, also known as the future of the sunrise industry.

recently I saw a news, a school that students learn the professional e-commerce, in class I start Taobao shop business, one of the big 3 students monthly income reached 6 thousand yuan, this is less, a monthly income of over million students. I laughed to the news, because in my analysis of more than a year of experience, this news is obviously a little exaggeration, the so-called e-commerce professional students learn the theoretical knowledge, and think through part-time to complete the open shop process, can also achieve high incomes, must have the condition is: abundant capital, has a dedicated team, put more time. Electricity supplier is a very hard to force the industry, the work of more than ten hours a day is normal, and at the beginning of its establishment, there is no flow source as a support, it is difficult to start. If it’s a college student who spends one or two hours a day on a part-time job, the monthly income is over $10000, just outside the industry. Our shop recruit a professional e-commerce who is responsible for the operation in the last year, two months later, his boss ", the reason is very simple, the operating mode is not of great help for the operation of the shop.

so you want to do online, is not so easy, just look at others like to earn a lot, but in fact there are statistics show that in the open shop business, can make money only nearly 20% of the base, many people still pay tuition, if not prepared before in Taobao, failure is not in the minority. To put in a good state of mind, long-term plans, and gradually learn how to operate, it is not so difficult to do online shop.

our Tmall store has been operating since 2011, and it has been 2 years since, but as far as the current situation is concerned, we have not yet achieved the goal of profit. When it was the worst of last year, it was the hardest time to sell only one item a day. At that time, we held a marketing conference, and we all made our own opinions. Some people think that we should study the "seven" such a brand shop, take the price promotion war will hurt the brand effect, is not conducive to the development of the latter. Some people think that should start from localization marketing, after doing the local market, slowly radiation to the national market. At that time, a local online store seemed to have better sales figures than others, and some felt that we should learn from other people’s practices. But the boss insists on strategy is through the data in the short term, only a baby from zero data into 1 of the time, we can talk back from 1 to 10, no sales data as a support, the brand can only be a dream, a slogan. Because the store hasn’t been solved yet

How can the site survive in 2017

Internet is accelerating and iteration, this change every day and all the time, affect our behavior to every household who have a WeChat, this fusion power in virtually faster.

then, for a large number of new webmaster and many old webmaster, how can the website survive in 2017?


this problem, I’m afraid for the new webmaster more care about such topics, after all, for the old driver, this seems to be no problem.

why? What’s the difference between them? Or what’s the magic,


one. Amazing leopard

we all know that the leopard is the land of the fastest, every hour can run hundreds of kilometers, but there is such a high speed, there is a very fast heart rate, if the leopard ran for several hours, the consequences will be very serious, will immediately die, this is terrible. This is like some new webmaster, like this kind of magic leopard, in fact, most of the webmaster may be so short time, very magical.

and the old drivers had insight into the future, changes in the market, the old driver who does not stop the change, you know.


two. The survival of


so what should I do in 2017,


for this website with both PC and mobile platforms, whether it is business or personal, are all want to make the chance of survival through the website, but in fact, most friends are wrong, in earlier years we can through the website to survive, and even made their fortune, since 2014-2016 during this period, the outbreak of the site, site weight fast, what kind of website are also easy in those years, but with the passage of time, now the site of competition more and more, increasing the threshold. The difficulty becomes more and more natural.

How does

do that,


1. research force

this is what study? Understand, so in what force? The key breakthrough is your products, services, content, change from the content of these trace, although they have been said that bad, that is a lot of enterprises or individuals in fact, product development, service quality, the quality of the content. Didn’t do enough research, if can delve into the 70% that is also good, in fact most of study from four to 50%, but these are not what competitive. So, how do you do real research,


2. optimization force

for the website, if the nature of things done enough as a product or service is already on the market can be favored by the users of words, such as website optimization, mobile optimization, APP optimization, these are the needs of enterprises with the corresponding optimization of talent, even if a universal, so many talent reserve is also possible, is to "

Local portal choose industry must remember willing two words

in the past three years, in the field of local portals, there will be a batch of pioneers who have exceeded the ten million mark. At present, the main means to break the ice profit local portal site is:

·: Media: the use of media operations to dispel customer "informal" concerns, using media platforms and media tactics to deter and service customers. Case: 19 floor, long lane.

·: E-commerce: the inaccurate community traffic into accurate e-commerce traffic, the value of the extraction and transformation. Case: on wedding treasure, car treasure, Xiamen small fish flower married mall.

·: vertical: select the most valuable industry for vertical operation, establish independent channels in the portal.

The vertical operation of

comes from vertical web sites. For a long time, vertical sites on the income scale are among the local portal. However, the vertical operation of the following bottlenecks: managers of the site’s energy, talent reserves, fund-raising and so on. As a result, no one can cover all areas of the industry at once, and one of the principles we must keep in mind is: willing.

is willing to have the following principles:

one, do familiar industry

Being familiar with

means having information, resources and connections, which means that you are familiar with the rules of the food chain in your industry, making it easier to succeed or easier to avoid losses. We must combine the great ideals with the realities of entrepreneurship. Portals are primarily a business, and we must be more business to succeed. Do not separate the Internet from traditional industries. The Internet serves traditional industries and must follow the laws of the service industry.

two, do space industry,

good business is very hard, nothing must be a hoax. Since all have to work hard, why not choose more space for the development of the industry? What is the space? Space is the industry’s future size, expected life, expected revenue.

is currently suitable for local portal industry, several major industries have regional, local custom, online access to information, several attributes of offline consumption. These industries are very different from Taobao’s industry. I have on many occasions to help webmasters analyze: real estate, Home Furnishing, wedding, the car is the major industry in the field of "the fat", and the Dragon Lane founder Qian Yu pointed out: "the big industry income, small industry content". Although these formulas are not comprehensive, but for the start-up, it has undoubtedly played the role of navigation lights. The most likely choice for an early webmaster is to be a local gourmet and want to start earning. And countless cases tell us that the food industry in the capital city’s possible income scale is 2 million yuan.

three, a profitable industry,

input-output ratio is an important part of commercial projects. And many people often >

Industry portal or into the Internet next Nuggets point

2015 "double eleven" to 91 billion 200 million yuan turnover perfect ending, as a marketing feast of Tmall e-commerce platform, "double eleven" from the amount of the transaction has shocked the world, in the double eleven Eve, Premier Li Keqiang also asked people to put power to "Ma Yunwen!", at the beginning of this year, Li Keqiang the prime minister made the "Internet plus", Tmall as the electricity supplier industry big boss, trading volume is amazing, so for other industries, if you do the Internet promotion, also can give birth to miracle, of course it needs to have the platform out of Ma – figure, and all the different industry, website marketing in different ways, but a little there is no doubt that the Internet in any industry, do the first position, the future of unlimited



for traditional businesses, the Internet in Internet marketing, always can not find a sense of belonging, and because the electricity supplier, they all have their own inherent circle, if the enterprise can find their own industry, to show themselves in the large-scale industry website, many people are optimistic about the industry is the industry portal website as the industry field, the goal of the website users is the industry in the supply chain enterprise customers and individual buyers. And relatively open electronic business platform, this belongs to a "circle" platform, but at present, some of the successful industry websites generally have production, supply and sale of integrated functions. However, some industry websites in the promotion process, there are still some problems.

question 1, website column and product classification settings unreasonable.

a lot of industry websites too prominent news, in the home show are some industry news, the news for the target users, the value is not special, their focus is more product information and price. Comparison and news portals, news is a selling point, and industry website, product selling, some industry portal use news portal layout, so it is bound to most of the content is the final product page on the final page, this is not some of the ins and outs of the inverted


question two, real-time information can not be included

is the largest in the industry Web site feature is to allow enterprises to release product information, business marketing information in different ways, different periods of time, especially in the Yellow Pages site of product information is particularly prominent, because just modify the title or constantly repeat the cloth industry website in order to meet the needs of the enterprise, may take information display on a rolling way in the home, because the site directory and page structure design is not reasonable, will make the information quickly, quickly disappeared from the home page page, can not be included, thus affecting the weight to the site.

problem three, over reliance on search engines

many industry websites over pursuit of content, but ignore the sense of hierarchy. In the case of Taobao, Taobao early commodity in a disordered state, the user is no in search of goods, ".

Earn money by buying and selling websites

every day browsing the Internet on the website of every hue, do you also want to have an exclusive network, can not only have their own space, but also to make money through the website, it is good, but if you do not understand what words, set up a website to make money can be said to be very difficult. So we can also buy other website directly, which is commonly known as the website business, through the direct purchase mode has a good site, don’t trouble to worry about building their own website, traffic get tedious chores, lucky, the website can be directly profitable, even if shoot two hawks with one arrow. What does the website have a problem, can also be directly sold to others, it is a safe way to make money.

trading site

there are many domestic transactions website, is also the largest A5 transactions above, every day there are many website transaction information, but can be said to be to pay attention to the identification of dragons and fishes jumbled together, and if you want to buy English station, the largest website on the foreign trading station flippa, most of the above website is of good quality of course, if the price is more expensive, if you can return it, nature can also be taken into account.


found a good website, or a need to experience things, after all, there are businesses where there is fraud, so site transactions, there are many belong to the special batch station, through the brush flow, forgery proof of income etc., to create a good site of illusion, and then sold to want to buy a a website is looking forward to make money trading novice, should pay attention to carefully identify, after all, if a site can really profit per month, stable cash flow, no one wants to sell, most of them have a variety of problems, some owners will hurry to sell, no problem, such as webmaster because of their own reasons do not want to go, and some can not be shot, such as a web site for cheating by K, or because of copyright issues can not operate, this belongs to the buy site taboo When trading, you should carefully check the reasons for the sale of the site. Also check the site rankings, included, as well as traffic sources, to distinguish whether the brush out of the illusion.


bought a website, should also be careful operation, if the site is promising, it can keep it, if you don’t want it, can be sold directly, also want to optimize a website, do rankings, add some traffic, can sell a better price. If your site do not want to do, you can also direct the sale, to pay attention to the negotiation skills, advantages to talk about their website, as well as the development prospect of the profitability of the website, the website less defects, most importantly, think one can convince others to sell the reason why they speak clearly sell your own website.


website trading should be called a big investment, but profitable business, if you buy >