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Marilyn dessert to join the project

what is the most important food investors? Of course, is able to have an entrepreneurial project, the investment cost is low, their own bear. Earnings recovery is relatively fast. Some people say that this is simply a fond dream, but Xiaobian want to say is what can not say too absolute, such a project introduced today is such a project can meet the needs of investors — Marilyn dessert

dessert from the beginning, has been sought after by many consumers, many consumers love. Marilyn as Hong Kong dessert, in the mainland has been an unprecedented welcome. Marilyn not only has a delicious dessert, from Hongkong to introduce advanced cooking techniques, unique taste.

Marilyn dessert from Hongkong, Macao Egg Tart introduced the famous and much of the vast number of consumers. In the dessert industry, it is the first to put forward a new concept of healthy living, as long as people who have eaten Marilyn dessert do not want to eat other desserts, it can be seen how strong the temptation.

Marilyn refused hormone, flavor, high dessert oil material, with special ingredients for Manuka provides typical, delicious and healthy food for leisure dessert lovers. In 2010, Marilyn entered the mainland, has set up the friends of Penghu Cci Capital Ltd, with composite dessert ideas quickly open the mainland market


such a good project to join, now, is the national investment, Marilyn project investment is not high, fast returns, profit. Such a good project is of great interest to you. Moreover, you do not have to worry about technical problems, the company will send professional and technical personnel personally counseling you, easy to learn. At the same time, the company to provide investors with advanced equipment, so you can open a shop, shop can make money, what are you waiting for?

The importance of chain store culture

The construction and development of

enterprises cannot do without the corporate culture, corporate culture construction is to make people more happy and enjoy life, the development of human economy the ultimate purpose is to enable people to live a better life, in the development of the enterprise should not only pay attention to benefits, should pay attention to the construction of enterprise culture.

and the purpose of enterprise management also determines the ultimate goal of the construction of enterprise culture is to create a happy life for customers, investors and employees. In order to achieve the goal of satisfying the investors and employees, the enterprise should try its best to strive for the customer, satisfy the customer’s needs as far as possible, and provide the products and services that make the customers happy. It can be said that the success of the construction of enterprise culture has a direct impact on the overall work of the enterprise, the spirit of all members of the enterprise and the overall quality of the enterprise, behavior and core competitiveness.

see chain enterprise general development path: Technology – scale – enterprise culture, with the deepening of international competition, more and more enterprises is the development of the theme of positioning in the four words "implementation details," and the final performance of the enterprise brand image and reflect the value of the terminal stores, so be careful stores, the establishment of good stores is the primary task of the enterprise culture.


in store management, managers should take the initiative to respect the clerk, clerk, clerk, mobilize the understanding of care assistants in the first place, and strive to meet the needs of the clerk, clerk to respect the personality, pay attention to the realization of personal value, staff encourages innovation, improve the working and living environment. Unable to complete the task as the goal of management, and should pay close attention to people’s work as a key link of management, by adjusting the subject — human condition and enthusiasm, improve work quality and efficiency.

Rice cake selling point is not enough investment potential

delicious cake diners are hard to resist, and to win the rice cake features will set off a new upsurge of investment in the food and beverage industry. Both young and old love to eat, high nutritional value, on-site production, 100% fresh, suction eye bright points endless.


directly with rice made the birthday cake, can improve the practice of Japanese sushi to steamed rice, also can be directly mixed in ordinary glutinous rice steamed rice inside, increase the viscosity. Then add the ham, dried meat floss, peanuts and other materials used to Steamed Rice sandwich, die pressed into cake shape. You can choose decorative exquisite material Mashed Potato, egg yolk etc.. Small cake is fresh Penglai rice after soaking into rice milk, milk, tea, etc. in taro flavor steamed, taste very elastic.

market prospectsMaking

operational recommendations

features is always the focus delicacy, consumers and entrepreneurs focus on selling rice cake, taste enough, innovation, customers love, market sales. Entrepreneurs choose this new food and beverage project, must have earned.


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How to find a good lingerie store

now, a lot of female friends also embarked on the road to get rich, but the most profitable business women do? Lingerie shop, of course. But want to find a good underwear brand, to do what the shop before the preparatory work? Let’s take a look at it.



, market prospect

investment analysis

open this store, location should be chosen in a modern atmosphere area (city or district commercial building, occupation women and young women patronize the business area) is the ideal shop. Store does not need a lot of 10 square meters can be. The funds required to open a shop can be 30000-50000 yuan, the funds are mainly used for rental stores, interior decoration, procurement of underwear, working capital, as well as the cost of processing, etc.. What kind of woman to open the store to make money to open this store, gross margin will generally be more than 30%. If you can minimize the loss of procurement, commodity composition and customer needs, coupled with good location, reasonable operation, gross profit margin can rise to 40%, or even   50%.

business advice

Taobao shop to make big boss big money

? With the full arrival of the era of e-commerce, changed people’s way of life, love shopping homes will be able to buy goods so that consumers feel the convenience, then investors why not open the Taobao shop to accomplish their own dreams of wealth?

to publicize his home in Zhejiang city of Ling’an Province, pecan, Zhejiang and Anhui farmers city merchants who has recently been busy doing one thing: open shop. The most cattle to Ling’an tycoon Food Co., Ltd., they hired a large number of college students in the forest, in late September 2009 to more than and 20 days between October, out of the more than and 70 Taobao shops.


? A Taobao shop can make an ordinary people get rich this is not much of a secret, now the real case placed in front of you, whether the choice of investment depends on your choice!



How to open a community supermarket


is indeed a full range of products, rich products, however, after all, it is necessary to achieve a certain amount of traffic will have a super place. So, for many communities, more of a number of community supermarkets. But want to open a good community supermarket, also need us to do more work. So, how to open a community supermarket?

community supermarket is built at home, in the community, in the general area of less than 1000 square meters, the radius of 0.3 square kilometers, to the community as the main target, is a retail trade between supermarkets and convenience stores. Due to the unique "location" advantage, the community supermarket has a unique business advantages and characteristics.

if the small format is just the rise of the new star of the retail industry, community living supermarket is currently a positive momentum in the development of a heavy stock. It originated in the majority of the husband and wife grocery store, with the expansion of the community life, it is more convenient than the store ground gas, compared to the store closer to the home to small and convenient to win. However, how to live in the community to live their own style, get rid of the "small hypermarkets" and the old grocery store shadow, do their own STYLE?

supermarket before many friends are gorgeous, ingenuity small boutique supermarket Yetai attracted, but did not realize, not only new things is the only way out of the supermarket trends. Now I believe that local supermarket retail started, know more and pay attention to promoting the development of community and the supermarket, because this format can firmly grasp the local market resident consumers, are more likely to develop good regional brand reputation.

on the other hand, with the rapid rise of online shopping, the pattern of the original format of China’s physical retail stores appeared strong and weak translocation. Department stores and large supermarket these two large stores of the strong position of declining years of rule the roost in the retail sector aura faded. In contrast, the development of community stores, convenience stores is a thriving scene. Community stores, convenience stores to develop better, mainly because of the growing importance of community business and support. Therefore, based on the community’s development trend will be better life supermarket.

, however, this time, you need to find out, your supermarket is not a community life supermarket, there is no real implementation of the format of the form and image.


do convenient, home market?

geographical location of the advantages, convenience, determines the most important feature of the community supermarket, is able to meet the basic needs of the community residents, take the least road to buy the goods needed. The basic needs of life, the most frequent day to buy goods, is fresh fruits and vegetables. It is most closely related to the lives of community residents

Huaxi City College Students Entrepreneurial incubation base selected municipal base list

With the further advance of double

activities, regional business incubator function has also been improved. Guizhou District of Huaxi in the days before the students in Business Incubator in municipal incubation base, in the future will be more entrepreneurs to provide reasonable assistance.

Entrepreneurial base with

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Starbucks Haagen Dazs success and accurate brand positioning is not unrelated

catering market continues to develop, at the same time, exotic taste has become the mainstream. Today, the Chinese market is indeed undergoing great changes. Previously, as long as it is a foreign brand, or dressed in a foreign brand coat fake foreign devils can be in the Chinese market, unlimited expansion.

"third space" on people’s living space, Starbucks seems to have research. Howard · Schultz has expressed the corresponding space of Starbucks: People’s space is divided into families, offices and other places. The first space is home, the second space is the office.