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College students how to come up with good entrepreneurial projects

countries for college students entrepreneurship is a strong support, but also introduced a variety of preferential policies, but also does have a lot of college students embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. However, despite the current business environment is very good, but the real college students to start a good project is very small. In the final analysis, or the issue of innovation. So, how do students come up with good entrepreneurial projects? Let’s analyze it together.

national public record space emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, this is a good phenomenon, because the need for a double bearing platform. At the same time, this should allow us to have a sense of urgency, so much of the public space, excellent entrepreneurial projects did not appear as a blowout, which is why? Why now college students can not get a good venture? This is the social needs, but also the responsibility of College students.

so how to cultivate the innovation ability of college students? Our children from kindergarten to high school is a lack of things, is the cultivation of imagination, which is the most missing Chinese students, often around the change of mind, lack of ideas.

Ma had said that in the past to fight memory, the future imagination. This requires the university education of college students from the classroom, starting from the innovation platform, so that students with innovative ability, entrepreneurial skills, with hatching ability, and thus help to double the times, become the main force.

innovation should be a course, throughout the life of students learning. So, the Northeastern University will decompose into the "three hit", namely: creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, first let the students have the idea, on the principle of combining theory and practice, the creative development of the elective courses, pay attention to the cultivation of innovative methods and skills.

so, colleges and universities should train students to find problems, or solve the problem? The first problem to be solved is that entrepreneurship can not be narrow, to understand the business, to provide innovative ideas in the work, the development of patented products, etc.. Innovation, entrepreneurial skills, schools should be the direction of training. It is not suitable for college graduates to start their own business.

for example, a college student in the school innovation and entrepreneurial base to do a robot entrepreneurial projects, the successful formation of their own entrepreneurial team. However, after graduation, he chose to work in a world 500 companies in Shanghai, and has worked in the market, R & D and other departments, and even served as head of the department.

now, two years later, he returned to school campus, to build their own entrepreneurial team…… Entrepreneurship is certainly a painful process, ups and downs, not looking for a job so stable, so before deciding to start a business, college students need appropriate exercise, need to exercise how to solve problems.

Can also be able to sell soy milk entrepreneurial venture

referred to soy milk, people will feel that it is an ordinary breakfast, but who can not think, is that it seems that the humble milk to change the fate of a person. Rely on soybean milk to achieve their own business plan, then her entrepreneurial process is what kind of?

Before the

2010 in September, the city of Changyi in the street girl Yao Na and all the students are busy looking for work, is full of confusion in their future, in 2008 after graduating from Weifang health school, she had a lot of work, but has not found their ideal place. From the beginning of September 1, 2010, she put a table from the sale of soybean milk, and strive to study, pay attention to brand protection, with just 15 months time to earn the first pot of gold in life, income of nearly one million yuan.

after drifting after

seize the opportunity

Yao Na later, sales of plastic, sold in the sales office building. During this period, she talked about her boyfriend, handsome boy, kind. Two young people have the idea to discuss, decided to put a stall outside the work. Did not have a few days, earned four hundred or five hundred yuan, Yao Na put the stall son turned out. During that time, my heart is not the end, I think the future is very slim." Yao Na said.

2010 summer, Yao Na and boyfriend to do business in Ji’nan cousin’s home to play. One morning, customers buy them Soybean Milk drink, Yao Na drink with good taste, at noon on the day to sell Soybean Milk Tandian Beitou, after the conversation, she learned that this is the grain Soybean Milk.

Election on the commodity retail business can also be popular in rural areas

economic capacity and consumption habits, as well as the constraints of population and other factors, resulting in rural retail business is often very difficult to promote. In fact, rural retail business, not Tandaqiuquan to selling products daily. However, for some of the higher consumption structure, relatively relatively active shopping district, retail customers can appropriately extend the product line, adjust the structure.

that is to say, in order to manage the rural small shops, the idea must be flexible, can not be conservative. Why? Consumers in rural areas will change with the change of seasons and festivals, and fluctuate greatly. For example, the busy period, everybody can return goods sales peak rush in the harvest to plant crops, will follow; and holiday sales will be increased. For example, the Spring Festival, outside the work, work, will return home to celebrate the festival, which also brought sales, sales growth. But no matter how to say, rural people’s consumption concept is relatively conservative, or to some famous brand and best-selling brand, to prevent the backlog of funds and goods.

first, sales volume, turnover of goods to be large. Rural retail customers in the selection of goods must pay attention to two points: one is the price to be suitable, there is a point to be economically applicable, its brand must be familiar to everyone. In the usual reserve process, for some large sales, turnover of goods to increase the amount of inventory.

we all know that sugar, tobacco and alcohol is a big commodity for daily sales. In particular, cigarettes, there are a lot of brands, but for rural customers, usually selling that is a few brands. Therefore, there must be a certain amount of cigarette reserves, in the reserve skills, you can take the "real estate + brand" approach. It is based on the real estate smoke, with a strong brand of foreign reserves as supply should be controlled within ten days for a sales cycle, also is a one-time into the goods to sell enough for ten days, due to the variable gap.

secondly, the sales volume is small, slow turnover of goods to small. Some sales of smaller, usually at home also need to market OTC products, we must control the inventory, to the spirit of concise way, can not play fast and loose. Because of the limited conditions of rural retail stores, to prevent future trouble. Personally think that rural shops in the first time is best not to cultivate new products. This is an absolute relationship with the concept of consumption in rural areas, rural people are generally buying some of them more familiar with the brand.

of course, in the course of the entire store business, in fact, there will be more attention to the problem. For example, rural retail customers have to remember that is to resist temptation. Now, some consumers have a low degree of recognition of the brand will take a substantial discount or profit sharing activities, some retail customers will be tempted by the immediate interests, the results tend to become a heart disease". Why businessmen will engage in promotion and profit sharing ah? Because nobody bought it. No matter how big the profits are, no one buys it

Catering industry how to do crisis public relations

food and beverage industry, especially large chains such as KFC, McDonald’s, once broke the food quality problems, is a huge market crisis, how to do public relations crisis is particularly important, today Xiaobian take you to discuss how to carry out the catering industry crisis public relations.

, a sincere apology, ease consumer sentiment

"attitude determines destiny", the event of a crisis, this sentence is true. In dealing with the crisis, attitude is the most important. The first time the voice and responsibility of all doubt can not bear down, can not talk ambiguously, ambiguous attitude, can not speed slow, and then come up with the most responsible attitude and the fact that the action quickly and make the processing of events. In fact, after a lot of crisis events, the media and the audience and even the victim is not very concerned about the event itself, but more concerned about the attitude of the responsible person. Apathy, arrogance, and other attitude will only increase the public’s anger, the incident itself a serious amplification.

1. official stance to apologize for the first time to stand up

in the speed of information dissemination developed today, must be the first time in the matter worse apology issued a letter of apology, to the official attitude, this fully shows the company’s high sense of responsibility and concern.

2. held a press conference, the leaders publicly apologized


2013 in April, the online burst Nongfushangquan production standard problem, and Nongfushangquan occurred nearly a month after the event was held a press conference to clarify, in the crisis, the first time to give accurate response to almost is the iron rule, farmer spring in the early stage of reaction and it is worth mentioning, not to seize the opportunity to clarify. Back and support the spirit of good practice good lines to the speech, I have no interest in the audience. The real and brutal result is: the farmer spring has passed through the Beijing bottled water market, the economic benefits and the enterprise reputation both damage.

two, focus on communication, to clarify the facts of

contradictions are mostly from lack of communication, a lot of things as long as the appropriate communication will be resolved smoothly. Communication is one of the most essential tasks when a crisis occurs.

1. communicate with victims


Beijing University of medicine graduate students to start a business to eat a crab

of the Peking University students after graduation seems to love the unusual way to go, and even go to the butcher’s. Liu Ankun, a graduate student at the University of Peking University, also chose to drop out of school and start a business to eat crab.

and the same crab from afar and Beijing crab restaurant in Ceylon Liu Ankun. Xinjiang born Liu Ankun entered the Peking University School of medicine in 2008, in 2012 served as chairman of the student union of Peking University Health Science Center, the same year, won the Chinese the opportunity to successfully enter the postgraduate study.


in the fourth grade Liu Ankun University, the school organized a "raise the flag, go with the party, on the way, learn history" to Tibet to participate in social practice project. "I am from Xinjiang, and I want to go to some places where I am not very good in social practice, such as Tibet and Yunnan. Then went to Tibet to do a research project as the background, Peking University Alumni, so I know Wang Jianhao brother, he was responsible for some of the reception work, we hit it off."   Liu Ankun says.

2015 what to sell Christmas

today is Christmas, for the public, this is a good day for the party, for entrepreneurs, this is a good time to collect money for both individual shops, stalls or stalls, shopping malls, people are planning to make money at christmas.

What money selling Christmas

What money selling Christmas

Christmas holiday arrangement, of course, the protagonist Christmas trees. Christmas trees are generally used for the purpose of the party, tend to focus on procurement, so the wholesale shop is more suitable for the sale of Christmas trees, stall may not sell well.

What money selling Christmas

What money selling Christmas

What money selling Christmas

some festivals or naughty small items used is also very popular, sticks, luminous stickers, colored wigs, hair, beard, witch Santa Claus Christmas mask, rabbit ears, animal claws, beat, cold fireworks, flash flowers are.

What money selling Christmas

What money selling Christmas

on Christmas day to seize the opportunity to start business, in fact, selling something must be enough features, so that it can attract more consumers. Small series recommended for your goods worth recommending

The ice cream franchise market Unlimited Business Opportunities

now, with the people’s living standard continues to improve, many people are more and more demand for dessert, ice cream has always been the best-selling items, in many brands, ME.E delicious ice cream that people can not resist, a lot of people are fond of ME.E ice cream, entrepreneurs choose to join the ME.E ice cream, can create a wealth of life.

ME.E ice cream

ME.E ice cream with a genuine taste delicious, so sweet taste in the tongue slowly into the heart. A ME.E, sugary love. ME.E ice cream headquarters to join the customer service for the purpose, integrity management, to adapt to market trends, the main health food ice cream, with another drink, snacks, desserts, afternoon tea and other diversified taste. So that consumers do not have to run around for a variety of food. ME.E ice cream has ten magic series, fancy ice cream, ice cream cakes, ice hockey, sundaes, magic cone, storm water, cold ice cream, bubble tea, ice lolly, cool frappuccino.

snow Karen ice cream

snow Karen ice cream franchise brands to provide customers with the characteristics of delicious ice cream, material stress, strict selection of raw materials, to ensure that green organic harmless, the production process to ensure that the sterile, to ensure the quality of green health. The main innovation of science and art, not only do not eat fat, also very nutritious, how can not attract? No matter in the business circle, snack street, pedestrian street, near the school, residential areas, parks, amusement parks, attractions, railway stations, ports and so on can you think of the place, business is booming, rich taste, unique design, so that every consumer love Karen snow ice cream, the supreme achievements of his fortune.

romantic love ice cream

romantic love ice cream in the "compound management model, a new type in addition to the main theme of a series of romantic love ice cream ice cream products, on this basis, with desserts, pastries, beverages, snacks and other delicacy, completely subvert the traditional ice cream stores a single product line, the fashion beauty and romantic lovers, women, children, the elderly, business people, white-collar petty audience catch! It is no exaggeration to say that the equivalent of Italian ice cream shop, Taiwan tea shop, icy cool drink shop, Fresh Juice coffee shops, dessert, homemade yogurt shop, Taiwan snack, fried mutton roast shop eight stores combined a romantic love to open a franchise store.

Taiwan ice time

ice time fresh ice cream tea is a variety of delicious diversified delicious ice cream shop, drinks and other characteristics of everything delicious, enjoy a station. Fresh tea ice cream ice cream to redefine the meaning of excellence in taste and style, won the favorite diner. Over the years with a number of media

Analysis of the reasons for the failure of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

is now more and more students go on the road of entrepreneurship, but for the lack of social experience and young entrepreneurs, young is the advantage and disadvantage, as to the present college students’ Entrepreneurship entrepreneurship shop, a lot of people, but the real success of entrepreneurship shop do not all can do for the booming business. The failure case of improper operation and other various reasons a few. Summing up the failure of college students entrepreneurship shop, there are two key points:

college students to join the first venture capital problems

capital is a lot of calls and then join matters did not sound the graduates of the first problem, college students entrepreneurship shop most of the funds are provided by the parents, but really have the courage to let the children out of business are not many parents. Parents’ ideas are: to find a job to do it, a good point of stability, entrepreneurship is too hard, and therefore will not provide funding to the graduates. Many graduates had to listen to their parents told honestly find a job working in this 1000 people, about half of all for this reason not to join below. In fact, the first is to solve the problem of communication and parents get their approval to let them feel that you are a strength and courage of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship also do the mental preparation, at the same time, their parents do not have the money for college students’ Entrepreneurship loan is also helpful.

lack of social skills to join venture

college students do poineering work shop before you open the store first you need to store location in addition to the industrial and commercial tax department needs some business license and license this is also the main reason for the bad students. Don’t know how to deal with the landlord, if the transfer of stores, how to talk about the transfer fee, industry and commerce, the tax department to do to get a license to go process, many students are finding it hard to cope, you best advice to you is to ask to have store of relatives and friends, you will also give you the best process guidance patience, don’t be afraid of trouble, insist on college students can open their own stores.

food and beverage market is hot, but also let more and more students choose to catering business, despite the various problems although the shop plan more but as long as the store opened the best business shop are generally entrepreneurship shop, because they have a better understanding of the tastes of young people, in the marketing and store this activity will do better. Business is not bad.

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Join the good music stars Chinese and Western fast food hamburger how – net

in our life, there is always a demand for fast food. How about the Chinese and Western fast food? Excellent quality, the best choice for successful business. To join the good music star Hamburg Chinese and Western fast food items, open a good star of their own Chinese and Western fast-food burger franchise shop is to earn!

what is the basic necessities of food and clothing since ancient times, the broad market prospect of fast food industry has attracted more and more attention. Chinese and Western fast food is the best in the fast food industry. Over the years, the Chinese and Western fast food burger fast food with its excellent service to win the market recognition. Next, the small series specially arranged on some of the good music star Hamburg Chinese and Western fast food information to facilitate the understanding of those interested in.

Hamburg is from the west to choose good music star delicacy, Hamburg, Chinese and Western fast food in recent years has been Chinese people’s favorite, has a unique taste, and fast, it is to meet the modern pace of life, so the market response is very good! Good music star burger is a superior brand in the industry.

good music stars Chinese and Western fast food hamburgers here can not only enjoy good music star signs hamburgers are delicious, there are many other delicacy collocation, let consumers have more delicious! Good music star brand mainly engaged in hamburgers, fried chicken, chicken, pizza and fries, ice cream, and Egg Tart ice, milkshakes, Smoothie, Chinese fried rice and stew packages, juice tea and other fast food delicacy.

like a good star Hamburg Chinese and Western fast food such delicious, is the first step in our successful business. If you join the good music star Hamburg Chinese and Western fast food items, is also a very exciting. So why hesitate? It’s true that it’s time to act!

Analysis of the six advantages of the old duck duck

health has now become a recognized philosophy of life, in order to cater to this consumer demand, all walks of life in their products are injected into the health and wellness elements. The transformation of the catering industry is also very concerned about this aspect. Take the Qin old Roasted Duck burst, the main raw material is Roasted Duck explosion Qin old duck, dozens of precious Chinese medicine, can promote digestion, appetite, strong gluten, beauty beauty, anti-aging effect.

The main features of

are: Roasted Duck Qin third burst by dozens of precious Chinese medicine carefully material, scientific formula, timing of curing, high temperature and high pressure, burst roasted, fragrant (hundreds of meters can not Xiangpiao! Site visits, on-site tasting, disguising!), delicious, crisp outside, tender, crisp and refreshing after eating, Xiaoshi gas, spleen appetizer, strong gluten, beauty beauty, anti-aging performance, welcomed by the vast number of consumers.

Qin three old duck to join the advantages of

advantage: since Chinese after entering into WTO, Chinese brand awareness is growing, the international business community, in general, McDonald’s, Carrefour, small to 71 convenience stores, wall’s ice cream, these brands are popular. In today’s society, if there is no brand products, it is difficult to imagine how it is to enter the market, how to meet the consumer, how to establish its market position. No brand, there is no credibility, there is no quality assurance, of course, there is no fixed consumer groups, there is no future. "Old three old duck" strong chain brand advantage, with reference to the international franchise model standards, to establish its leading position in China’s green food, especially the roast duck industry. Qin third burst Roasted Duck "spent a lot of strong three-dimensional propaganda in the major portals, the" Qin third explosion Roasted Duck "known to every family, even woman and children all know," rain ", popular.

two: "Qin old Roasted Duck burst through dozens of selected ingredients, the Roast Chicken Roasted Duck golden color fragrance, taste crisp and tender, feed into meat, fragrant entrance into the heart, the odd fragrant food, after the nose bone in the aroma, sweet, after eating addiction, lead a person to endless aftertastes, is bracing hungry eat," Qin third burst Roasted Duck "is by virtue of its charming taste, great affinity for consumers, quickly formed the habit of consumption, eat a memorable, back door

advantage three: "Qin old three burst roast duck" can achieve the market, towns, streets and other comprehensive marketing, rapid penetration, with a natural market expansion. Both to the commercial downtown, markets, schools, hospitals, tourist attractions, residential areas around the set up shop in the street, or shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, computer city, theaters, airports, terminal stations and various professional market and any stores opened in the "shop" or "store cabinet" both fixed shop, also can choose some roast car push mobile business, extremely convenient, too wonderful for words.