How to do the game website optimization

third, the extrapolation of construction, for each station are very important, not high quality to the chain for the website support force is not enough, and the chain can not only enhance the website brand word exposure rate, but also can bring a lot of traffic flow for the site, a site of life to carry on premise. At the same time also can put the latest information recently provided to users, so as to convey the information.

I through game keyword search, see the first 2 pages of the website, I shall not admire game website is still pretty good at doing optimization, not only the user experience is in place, and the optimization of doing well, remember I used to love playing games in the 4399 platform, and now many children also love playing on this platform. So how to optimize the game site, then with Li Jinguo together to explore.

first, optimize the game website, this is an important step in the station optimization, including website design, construction within the chain construction, the first is whether the design page design, home page, list page, content page is very important, to give people a structure clear site architecture (to clearly, at the same time) at this time also to consider how to do within the chain, the two step is closely linked, the next is the author of the article, mainly introduced about the game, the Raiders, experience and experience, while providing answers to these questions, in fact, is to focus on improving the user experience, not only to retain old customers, and constantly attract new customers.

I am about to introduce these, actually very good small details or to pay attention to, such as domain names, domain name space, which we all know how, and to achieve the optimal site code, as long as a little code is not a problem, then the background (for maintenance and operation the data analysis is very important), so the optimization of a website is not easy, perseverance, with a common attitude towards it.

recently encountered a friend (mainly through the network understanding), started to chat very understanding, to ask me about what kind of game behind the search engine optimization, the main cast me, I rarely play games, don’t answer, just know that I used to play in the school, Plants vs. Zombies nrburgring these first, ask me, I think this game how to operate it? At first I thought it is difficult to optimize, probably check the game some of the more famous website, all of a sudden I at a glance.

How should the station Optimization for the game site

second, soft marketing? In fact it’s marketing is not very strong, as long as you can provide game enthusiasts valuable content is enough, when the game enthusiasts have problems, as long as we provide a forum dedicated to solve the problem for him, so the user experience is very good, but also can improve the website retention time and page website page number.

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