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this is the most important point, if you in the forum post or post quality is not high, not to mention search engines for you to delete, delete easily see the moderator. That some friends said: my content are original, some people see, why? If so, I can say that you are purely in order to send the chain and the chain! We don’t just see someone enough? Not enough! You this one your chain, this article also brings much benefit to your site, you need is to make the article can bring readers interaction and resonance, debate, this can become hot, essence, so your survival rate is high, the top is not afraid of

there is no doubt that the search engine’s database is very large, but it has a limit. So for the normal operation of the database, the database will clear some old, old far information. So our solution is also very simple, is to continuously update information, the old chain disappeared, new chain up, so it will not have influence on the weight of the website.

do the chain testing room is a very important work in the Shanghai dragon, which fully reflects your work. My colleagues including our own have encountered a phenomenon that I post this afternoon to search engine included, tomorrow or several days when testing how it does not exist? Why search engine delete our chain? I summarize the chain before me, delete the account for the vast majority of the the chain is in the forums, the following is not from this point to explain to you: love Shanghai why the chain included the deleted


forum, where the population is more concentrated, post every day but the amount included in the search engine beyond count, but some day, a cycle of the process, the search engine included the experience of post, must have the old posts go down; as they cut long nails, there are always new nail growth. How much is a collection of forum posts? It depends on the weight of BBS, search engines have a system of his own judgment to decide the weight and height of the forum. The high weight of the forum outside the chain of quality inventory is relatively high, but each forum will definitely appear to delete the phenomenon, this is not the end, so we have to do is, how to maintain the survival rate of long chain.

delete the chain is in the normal thing, but if large numbers were removed, they should consider is not his problem, I hope you don’t make the same mistake.


2. database search engine operation.

Relative to the ?

3. content quality.

persevere is invincible.

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1. delete posts as normal, persevere is really.

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