How to analyze the visitors to the site of the heat from the cold data



to see a website user experience is friendly, one of the most direct indicator is the user to stay on your site, assuming you are a visitor, if you go to a user friendly experience of the poor site, you can’t stop it. We can apply this method to the user to our site. As shown below:

every day we have to view the site in the statistical information flow of information and PV, but many owners just stay in the figures are rising, while ignoring another problem which reflected the. We can be reflected from these values in the site’s user friendly experience. First, our statistical tools generally be classified as an independent visitor flow data and new independent visitor data, we can use the two data check to check the number of users see the value of the two visit to our site, also can show the visitors to the site.

analysis of the difference from the old and new visitors

: a

three: from the site of the user retention rate of

analysis of data from the site may be one of the one thing many optimization personnel headache, because most people do not love the face of a bunch of numbers, but only our in-depth analysis of our data, we can truly understand the site conditions, the existing problems and find solutions. For example, independent visitors every site, source domain and so on are crucial information for the development of the site. Only some data analysis of this optimization strategy can make better. At the same time also can analyze the data analysis of site user friendly experience, visitors to the site and heat analysis. Then I will take three data on how to analyze user and heat on site.

can be found in our site today in total independent visitors is 7981, the number of new independent visitors is 3999. Two numerical difference not many 4000 values, that is to say our site has more than 4000 two return. We can say that visitors have a certain degree of heat to the site of our.

we can view the pages of the site visits, from the above we can see the site in a friendly user experience is still possible, because the residence time and some have had more than two minutes, of course, this is just individual pages, we need to analyze the average time to better comprehensive analysis of site users.

there is one of the most accessible to users and the site is the site of the back heat data rate. This data will directly reflect the site’s user friendly experience. If a site of the return rate is very high, then you can explain this site can be very good to attract users, let >

two: visitors stay in our site


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