Love Shanghai launched collective punishment against the domain name trading phenomenon


: first love Shanghai a move that what kind of attitude

algorithm 2 began on Scindapsus news site, the first step is to fight against the soft trading phenomenon, the second step is the two level domain name trading phenomenon, these news sites for the impact is relatively large, especially outstanding in many local news sites. I guess the big love Shanghai news site is not easily moved, for small and medium sized news sites, if pure trading in the two level domain name or directory, then Shanghai will set an example of love. Local news site is sure to face a reshuffle, as the news site operators, whether already has a psychological preparation, timely adjust to avoid the harm. Stop the sale of two level domain name, do not risk their lives, for those who intend to buy this link friends, presumably also should be some convergence, buy the same link risk is not small. Unless you have experience, otherwise I would advise you to be careful, not to joke about the customer’s site, of course, still can do experiments on

July 19th, love Shanghai official platform issued an announcement: the sale of two level domain name or directory for cheating will implicate the entire station statement this announcement means to combat the sale of the two level domain phenomenon, is the main target of some news sites, these sites often sell two domain name or directory, can be seen in the many webmaster forum, this phenomenon long-standing. In fact, this is a link, from version 2 to Scindapsus algorithm, love Shanghai combat link trading determination did not change. Recently, love Shanghai to spearhead the news sites, these sites sell soft, while sales of Links. Thought love Shanghai encounter this kind of situation may only be down right on the two level domain name or directory, or remove all included, but there is not much influence on the domain name, now love Shanghai launched a collective punishment. So the domain name will also agree to be punished, the punishment for this, I have some ideas, do not know if you have what view.

second: local news sites face a reshuffle of

for the love of Shanghai, hit the link trading phenomenon seems to have been urgent, love Shanghai’s move shows that such an attitude, Links sale, sale, all kinds of soft link hanging black chain phenomenon must be curbed, the formal industry website optimization time, want to cheat is tantamount to Dutch act. One type of Shanghai dragon thinking clearly cannot exist, practical starting from content, starting from the user is king, not much meaning of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum ranking website, don’t think about the love of Shanghai can’t catch me, this mentality is the lottery mentality, the risk is too great. Love Shanghai update algorithm, and the webmaster tools are constantly upgrading, love Shanghai to conduct a reshuffle of the webmaster or Shanghai dragon industry, cheating, spam links these will gradually vanish, the webmaster Shanghai had to rely on love life, pay more attention to the latest love Shanghai. In

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