The new year should pay attention to the details of the internal web site optimization processing

needs to be very helpful, this is our treatment among second points, according to the main page keywords distribution thermal click adjustment, also need to constantly expand our main key resources, and occupied the main user focus on

! !The analysis for website data


station, for chain management, dead links, and so are the redirection we need to carefully track, and the need for changes in the treatment, we need long-term industry experience and a large number of data processing and analysis to some of the more subtle adjustment, in fact as long as the process continued many times, the site will change changes imperceptibly, still less.

!The operation optimization is the most about the content support maintenance of

we want to do, first need to collect and daily attention is the relevant search column, see the relevant search words that industry’s fastest rising, we need to capture the keywords dialectic. We need to love in the middle of Shanghai Google the drop-down bar and search first to find some many rely on the brush out of the word, the obvious challenge to the second is the need of vocabulary; look at those words are hot words a lot of people have been occupied, such as local long tail keywords and some of the definition of keywords is finally removed; the main theme of the site and not belonging to the key words, keywords rest is we need to keep the attention and demand. We need to use the auction tools, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon webmaster tools and Google webmaster tools to analysis, then leave the vocabulary on some of our need to deal with page

we usually talked about the optimization of the scheme are mainly within the chain management, content changes, theme planning, relatively large changes is the whole website! In 2012 to the end of the world, has not yet come, but as the search optimization between practitioners, should need to pay attention to this year for Shanghai Dragon, the station optimization important update and change according to changes in demand for the station is about the key words, page layout, theme and other details of

for details of station layout scheme, we establish a website, you should draw a sketch of the details for our site layout, the layout of the page processing are mainly about hot click event analysis, are processed in the search hotspot TAG tags; keywords station, search optimization for all employees in terms of Web site keywords is a relatively large changes, but we should think of the needs of the user can change the need to buy air conditioning fan, summer, winter heating demand is electric furnace and other needs, not only is seasonal, more subtle changes that we need to deal with the content above the theme collection; this, and the current unrest on real-time search, Sina micro-blog search volume continues to rise, and And the love of Shanghai Google also has begun to take action in real time search above, the user focus is changing all the time

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