How to find the area of the target group

three, why am I so an idea.

for large range the target group, they find they often go to the forum, blog, micro-blog, WeChat there, but we set the area is small, can not form such a fixed population, and we go to the blog, micro-blog, WeChat to find the area of the target, so need to strong marketing ability, but we can’t do that. I think in the depression do not know what other methods can be close to the target group?

I in a square recently, do delivery service. I want to through the Internet, and it is a docking target group. Then I do not know how to do. According to the rules of the square within the office inside the staff, are my target customers through the network, how do I contact them? If the blog, micro-blog, WeChat, marketing ability is not so strong. Best of all, in the square inside people go to a place. That is the best situation, but there is no such a situation. Do not know if you have what merit?

is worth mentioning is that your content must be attractive, but also can retain them.

we can set a very fine area, such as a district office, CAD, Wanda Plaza, that there are a lot of local community group. Then use the keywords ranking, to find them. At this time, you need to have a carrier, or website or blog, or micro-blog. Keywords and optimization precision region. You can achieve this purpose.

keyword ranking ?We Conclusion:

now whether we do network promotion or, or to Shanghai Dragon Well, we know our target population where. For example, Sina, micro-blog, QQ is home to all the people. In 39, for example, health forum games have a place to attract attention to yourself. But a region of target groups, because the population is small, can not form their own scale, if we want to find them, their marketing than the country much easier. So, how do we find them?

two, in addition there are other methods in this

, Shanghai dragon to find their

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