Love of Shanghai site instruction query page to upgrade Shanghai dragon Er help

site search command upgrade, this is an opportunity or a challenge to our Shanghai dragon it? This is obvious for the Shanghai dragon provides a simple website data analysis, from these data we can easily understand the information to our website. The upgrade to the Shanghai dragon site instruction page is our targeted to improve the site quality and meet the requirements of the search engine index. Now we have for this upgrade simple talk about love for us by Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er welfare.

through the screenshots we can easily find love Shanghai mainly in two aspects of the data for our website, the first is included diagnosis; second is the level of security. It should also play a key role is the security of a web site to a web site. Vulnerability detection, malicious code detection, tamper detection, fraud content detection, the four safety tips to the webmaster more convenient to understand their website security in the end? Or what is the problem? Convenient webmaster for security option to exclude website security issues. Here we provide the first love of the Shanghai issue is about the problems included, from diagnosis to understand the links included inside a web site. The diagnosis included include connectivity, robots ban, 404, included in the important page containing dead link. What is the connectivity? Grab my personal understanding is the link to the site, it should be related to the dominant factor is the problem of space server, if the server space is often not open, the connectivity rate as can be imagined. Robots ban also is the site of the robots set, if you are home robots shielding of the search engine, the 100% is absolutely banned. The remaining 404 important pages and containing links included in is better understood. This is not much of A.

! In recent days Shanghai

well, thank you for the concern, as a result of a simple analysis of the relationship between the time only for everyone, in the future may take a more complete version for everyone, please pay more attention to the micro enterprise force! (贵族宝贝cq570贵族宝贝/) original starting on the A5 net, please bring copyright

love Shanghai also recommend a lot of webmaster tools and webmaster information, especially on the right show page (as shown below). Love Shanghai so much work for our webmaster, is not hope the station to your site operating well, from what aspects of operation, how to operate, with sea made a detailed resource for everyone.

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