How to correctly select the Shanghai dragon company

under normal circumstances, the exclusion of those.

optimization 1, try to abandon the studio

5, ranking

if you are in Shanghai, or Beijing, then find the corresponding Shanghai dragon company, if it is relatively remote, try to find a local well-known company, after all, inter regional cooperation, the general people do not worry, but if you are in the network technology is not well developed in the city, it was suggested that

2, find a local company


this is the most intuitive optimization standard, not by selling mouth to blow, but see how technology for water, their rankings can best reflect, I always tell the client, if their rankings are based on the bidding in the front row, then the company can be completely abandoned, because now

‘s own rankings and the case is the most convincing, especially in your industry case, does not have to be exactly the same keywords, because many companies have a number of limitations to undertake for the same keywords. If not in the same industry, it would need to see whether the company

is not reliable, especially for some of the popular words, the competition is fierce, need to maintain every day, "tug of war", how could the promise has been ranked first in.

, 6 duty cycle

has done some keywords high degree of competition, if the case is some simple popular words, is unable to reflect the level of technology.

there are still a lot of people do not know the ranking of the lower right corner of the "promotion" two words represents what mean.

commitmentMost of the company’s commitment to

3, ranking itself

looking for big city Reliable Corp, or even spend some money, it is worth it, after all, buy at ease.

now Shanghai Longfeng technology developed areas, mainly in Shanghai, Beijing two city, many other places in Shanghai Longfeng, regional sites are the two city of Shanghai Longfeng company established.

I do not deny that there are many studios have a high level of people, but most of them are some shell companies, there is no good contract guarantee, many studio is not to sign any contracts. So if the words do not go up, ask for a refund if it is difficult.


optimization ranking, are noble baby or love Shanghai before ten, there are 8, 7 and so on, there are few commitments for the first second, the rules of search engine has been adjusted, there is no guarantee for 365 days, ranking every row in that position, this kind of commitment

casually search XX Shanghai dragon, can search a large number of search results, how to choose, which often become a problem for many customers, each company on the site are blowing very well, but the real strength is not much, Shanghai line lists the following several points, for reference:

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