, I’m an absolute newbie. I didn’t even know the website, the backstage, the domain name a month ago. Don’t laugh, a month later, today I have established their own websites, which can really let the classmates envy the one! (here for my website: Joan seven entertainment network advertisement management here you can register for free lifetime membership in VIP published articles, show your talent or promote your website and so on I want to go. ) the website just started building and needs everybody’s support!


well, here to talk about my experience of the site. The old bird fly rookie,


site should have a domain name first, in December I registered a domain name, is CN, when the figure is cheap as long as 3 yuan. Who knows an Internet remediation action can put people miserable! Now Gesanchaiwu to submit the audit data, faint. Many webmaster friends have sold CN, so remind to when the webmaster friends, buy domain name, buy a COM on thirty or forty dollars is not expensive, also not all day governance worry. The best first want to buy a domain name site name, and then according to the website domain name or English like Larry, so easy to remember you.

then there must be a space, I began to spend 40 dollars to buy a 100M ASP space, began a few days later. More and more slowly, the site opened like a snail, sometimes even open! I realized that what is called " no good cheap goods " then a friend told! I just started to take the website: free space with a certain scale, and other sites to buy space, now I apply for a free space, the speed is not fast but very stable, very famous. Here is not to say which is, so as to avoid advertising too much, interested in my website to leave a message.

now the domain name of the website, space is done, just as you bought a rough room, the total visit some furniture. I use the laoY article management procedures, direct download, upload can be used, it is suitable for rookie like me. And I also added the official discussion groups, there are problems in the group of friends will support! Of course, the source code of the website a lot and now are free of charge, there are a lot of use Baidu Search


website, this is built, how to imagine than simple! This is just a little experience of the author, here and share with you, welcome everyone to exchange experience)

(original, by Joan seven entertainment network www.qiongqw.cn station A5 starting. Reprinted please indicate the source)

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