thief site and ordinary web site, there is no big difference, if you don’t carefully observe, will be blindfolded. No database, no editing, only a few pages, this is the thief site features. Its biggest feature is "stealing" – the content on the web is not provided by your server, but stolen from someone else’s Web site in real time.

has a friend sent me a web site, I opened a look, Goodfellas, and a powerful search engine was born! My friend said to me, "look at the product, what can we do?" when work is busy, I first joined the favorites. When you wait for work to open again, try to search for a keyword and find that its search results have many pages. Intuition let me at the same time in Baidu search for this keyword, the two search results should be exactly the same, originally, this is a thief site.

some friends often confuse gathering with thieves, and here I want to make a few more sentences to clarify the concept. Acquisition requirements, the webmaster prepared the database, content source, and then use the acquisition process to capture the data, insert their own database. With these data, the webmaster can "in the heart of grain, the heart is not panic". And the thief site is not so complex, the server requirements are low. It is a real-time analysis of the site, when sending a request to the server, the server to transmit the request according to a certain format conversion, and then request the target site, finally to obtain the data analysis, generate a page of your site. When this process takes time, we don’t usually think of it as a "thief site".

The biggest weakness of the

thief site is its real-time analysis. Once the target site changes, the page HTML code has changed, the thief site can not get the data correctly, thus affecting the normal operation of the site. Fortunately, the thief master familiar with the road, they are looking at their website every day, always able to find their mistakes in time. Here, do not rule out some webmaster to do a guardian program, once the target site revision, give yourself a reminder of what.

because of this weakness, we almost do not believe that the thief site! I and friends (including QQ and friends in the discussion site) the thief, they generally held the same view, can play, but absolutely no future. I think that no matter what you do, you can do better with your heart. Although the thief site limited by technical characteristics, the webmaster can work hard in other places, in order to reduce their own shortcomings. Here are some of my points of view.

first, the fault tolerance mechanism is a top priority for a thief site. In the target site revision of the first time, the thief webmaster should take what the emergency mechanism?. As I mentioned above, a program monitor is more reliable.

secondly, don’t put your eggs in one basket. The thief site is best able to get information from at least two target sites, and because two sites have little chance of revision at the same time, the thief stops

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