Internet is accelerating and iteration, this change every day and all the time, affect our behavior to every household who have a WeChat, this fusion power in virtually faster.

then, for a large number of new webmaster and many old webmaster, how can the website survive in 2017?


this problem, I’m afraid for the new webmaster more care about such topics, after all, for the old driver, this seems to be no problem.

why? What’s the difference between them? Or what’s the magic,


one. Amazing leopard

we all know that the leopard is the land of the fastest, every hour can run hundreds of kilometers, but there is such a high speed, there is a very fast heart rate, if the leopard ran for several hours, the consequences will be very serious, will immediately die, this is terrible. This is like some new webmaster, like this kind of magic leopard, in fact, most of the webmaster may be so short time, very magical.

and the old drivers had insight into the future, changes in the market, the old driver who does not stop the change, you know.


two. The survival of


so what should I do in 2017,


for this website with both PC and mobile platforms, whether it is business or personal, are all want to make the chance of survival through the website, but in fact, most friends are wrong, in earlier years we can through the website to survive, and even made their fortune, since 2014-2016 during this period, the outbreak of the site, site weight fast, what kind of website are also easy in those years, but with the passage of time, now the site of competition more and more, increasing the threshold. The difficulty becomes more and more natural.

How does

do that,


1. research force

this is what study? Understand, so in what force? The key breakthrough is your products, services, content, change from the content of these trace, although they have been said that bad, that is a lot of enterprises or individuals in fact, product development, service quality, the quality of the content. Didn’t do enough research, if can delve into the 70% that is also good, in fact most of study from four to 50%, but these are not what competitive. So, how do you do real research,


2. optimization force

for the website, if the nature of things done enough as a product or service is already on the market can be favored by the users of words, such as website optimization, mobile optimization, APP optimization, these are the needs of enterprises with the corresponding optimization of talent, even if a universal, so many talent reserve is also possible, is to "

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