in the past three years, in the field of local portals, there will be a batch of pioneers who have exceeded the ten million mark. At present, the main means to break the ice profit local portal site is:

·: Media: the use of media operations to dispel customer "informal" concerns, using media platforms and media tactics to deter and service customers. Case: 19 floor, long lane.

·: E-commerce: the inaccurate community traffic into accurate e-commerce traffic, the value of the extraction and transformation. Case: on wedding treasure, car treasure, Xiamen small fish flower married mall.

·: vertical: select the most valuable industry for vertical operation, establish independent channels in the portal.

The vertical operation of

comes from vertical web sites. For a long time, vertical sites on the income scale are among the local portal. However, the vertical operation of the following bottlenecks: managers of the site’s energy, talent reserves, fund-raising and so on. As a result, no one can cover all areas of the industry at once, and one of the principles we must keep in mind is: willing.

is willing to have the following principles:

one, do familiar industry

Being familiar with

means having information, resources and connections, which means that you are familiar with the rules of the food chain in your industry, making it easier to succeed or easier to avoid losses. We must combine the great ideals with the realities of entrepreneurship. Portals are primarily a business, and we must be more business to succeed. Do not separate the Internet from traditional industries. The Internet serves traditional industries and must follow the laws of the service industry.

two, do space industry,

good business is very hard, nothing must be a hoax. Since all have to work hard, why not choose more space for the development of the industry? What is the space? Space is the industry’s future size, expected life, expected revenue.

is currently suitable for local portal industry, several major industries have regional, local custom, online access to information, several attributes of offline consumption. These industries are very different from Taobao’s industry. I have on many occasions to help webmasters analyze: real estate, Home Furnishing, wedding, the car is the major industry in the field of "the fat", and the Dragon Lane founder Qian Yu pointed out: "the big industry income, small industry content". Although these formulas are not comprehensive, but for the start-up, it has undoubtedly played the role of navigation lights. The most likely choice for an early webmaster is to be a local gourmet and want to start earning. And countless cases tell us that the food industry in the capital city’s possible income scale is 2 million yuan.

three, a profitable industry,

input-output ratio is an important part of commercial projects. And many people often >

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