I horse note: traditional Booksellers in erosion and Internet appliances the reading to a groaning.after, but iron founder Shen Haobo think this is a good opportunity to upgrade the traditional booksellers, their content is likely to dominate more than 5 billion of the box office.

he created the motie book holding red in the moon, and many other popular writer Nanpai Sanshu, also has a "harem · such popular works" The Legend of Zhen Huan gains in the film market size. Now Haobo Shen intends to do a publisher in the offbeat, he was planning to make a movie, the first shot will be the current popular short stories "passing from your world" movie of the same name, is expected to be released next year — and this is just the beginning, the iron content industry into a diversified platform, only is Shen Haobo’s vision.

the following is "entrepreneurs" & I horse Shen Haobo finishing:

oral interview

good content, be patient, wait

publishing industry, ten years of gold, many people believe that the current publishing market is shrinking, I think the traditional publishing is far from shrinking time – good companies are living well, are still growing.

a total industry has done well, and has always done well, slow development, do not good will complain. But I did not see major changes, iron is also growing fast, this year is estimated to be about 10% increase over last year, and is lower in the number of varieties under the condition of publishing growth, so I don’t think what the publishing market atrophy.

although some factors will affect the industry, but also there will be other factors to offset this effect. For example, the development of the Internet, although eating your reading time, but the Internet publishing industry to provide a lot of content, numerous web writers began to be discovered, without the Internet is no "Ming Dynasty those things", "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "·"; stolen tomb notes "," Zhu Xian "these works, there is no when the moon, Yuan Tengfei, the writer Nanpai sanshu.

Internet took away some readers, and brought some readers. The same is true of the mobile Internet, such as WeChat, which erodes our reading time, but it also gives us new reading possibilities, and even fosters a lot of people’s reading habits. In the past, people who have read habits are certainly not as many as they are now. That is to say, everyone may have less time to read on average, but there are more people reading on the whole. These two factors are interactive, and it’s hard to say which side has the upper hand.

but the publishing industry has been slow in recent years. In recent years, the reason why there are so few as "Ming Dynasty those things" that tens of millions of best-selling books? I think that a number of best-selling books, the number of network great God, is concentrated in the past ten years, mainly in 2001 to 2010, this is the rapid development of the Internet in ten years, so a certain age. The creativity and imagination of countless young people

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