has a movie called "curiosity killed the cat". The plot of the movie is about curiosity and suspicion, which lead to many stories. Some things may not be seeing, believing that what is seen may not be true, but may be confused by appearances. But the use of human curiosity to do articles often can do wonders to, in the network promotion is better.

This is the two day of

, Baidu Post Bar and a popular post "Jia Junpeng your mother calling you home for dinner, this post did not seem exaggerated what ah, but because it is the most common natural characteristics, attracted a large number of hits. "Jia Junpeng" this could be a real name, "mother calling you home for dinner" is commonplace, it is like asking you "1+1=?" this issue, because too simple, people often dare not answer, and full of curiosity. If this is not interested in speculation, the post may not think this post will be so fire, because it can not imagine the curiosity of Internet users so strong.

from July 16th at 10:59 in the morning post so far, there have been more than 180 thousand replies, this number is still increasing, the content is all kinds of replies, "in other Jia Junpeng to ID the most funny, like Jia family drama.

17, who wrote of "world of Warcraft Post Bar Jia Junpeng is home to eat human flesh search meaning open service" the article said, a senior game player of Warcraft analysis, this sentence may have deeper meaning, "Jia Junpeng =" World of Warcraft, "your mother" = wow club now NetEase, appeared in the "Jia Junpeng thread" Dad Dad "Jia Junpeng lover" ID, respectively, and World of Warcraft’s former club Blizzard ninth city. As for the "Jia Junpeng the laws", is actually the other online games.

if this is intended to be speculation, there is no doubt that this is successful, but this analysis has not yet been accepted by the majority of the audience, the interpretation is rather farfetched. As for the "Jia Junpeng" this post who is the initiator of evil, it is not known, the judge can only wait for the time to identify the matter, waiting to come out one day.

we treat this post as a farce, but we should look at the essence through the phenomenon and draw inferences about this speculation. Adsense nets admin5.com membership quickly wrote "lwbing": from Jia Junpeng ‘day popular network network promotion ", the article said that the promotion is very successful, the platform such as the Internet, created a miracle. I believe that the reason why this post fire up, take advantage of the three characteristics.

1 Internet users’ curiosity

this is the post is "the first to eat crabs", the first use of such a way to speculation, real name + the most common language, causing a sensation effect. Users often travel track on the Internet, the network has become accustomed to the funny novel, occasionally a homely, close to life post, all of a sudden can cause people’s curiosity. Hearing this sentence is like a neighbor

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