with the portal site on the popularity of home life, people have small and large portal sites are closely connected, we live in a lot of first-hand information in addition to get through the press, TV media, media is mainly through the website. The comprehensive portal has been increasingly saturated, basically monopolized by Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other large integrated portal, is more obvious vertical local portal advantage is also very promising, even in the direct guiding resources has been more than some of the large comprehensive portal role.

Compared with the comprehensive gateway,

regional portal has its own specificity and uniqueness, which is largely divorced from the complexity and universality of the information of the integrated portal. To a great extent, we can call this kind of local web portal a vertical type of local portal. Mainly because of the focus of attention of the local portal website is relatively simple, mainly concentrated in one or several aspects, with stronger pertinence and effectiveness of large integrated information portal.

, and local portal also has regional characteristics that comprehensive portals do not have. Local portal website will according to the local economic and cultural characteristics, combining various elements closely related with people’s daily life, the website for the media, to carry out various kinds of unique online and offline activities, to the local economy and culture to other countries. And this is also a very promising and practical aspect of vertical portals. The comprehensive portal in the traditional sense in most cases is only as a medium, the other in various parts of the information integrated into the information show in front of the user, while the vertical local portal site in addition to the relevant information of the various regions of the integration of the push to local users, but also has a collection of local economy culture and tourism information push to the rest of the country in various parts of the function.

We can see the recent

ylmf’s officially launched 769.com (Dongguan area portal) is a type of vertical portals, economic characteristics and a great feature of the portal is based on local Dongguan and set up the type of industry portal, an example of this is the typical combination of economic the development of the local characteristics of Dongguan. If we look slightly and the development of Dongguan’s industrial structure, then the wind efforts to build 769.com local vertical industry portal that will be not at all surprising.

From the establishment of 769.com

for this point of view, we can directly see the prospects for the development of vertical portals and local space. The reason is very simple, ylmf are done, you can say no value? Of course, this is every company development strategy is different, not necessarily that other companies will pay attention to the local portal sites, which have been established in the local portal site, but we have reason to believe that the wind open this precedent > 769.com

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